I hate dental vets

headacheBananas unwillingly visited the dentist which looks more like a solicitors / money lender than a dentist and was again asked for my details – i kind of lost my cool within two minutes after thinking of information leaks and spam.

Anyhow its a waste of whole morning as i grin at the dentist for approximately  two minutes before he tells me to piss off because i don’t have problems.  although the sad state of past dentistry does appear to annoy the current vet.

Then something breaks in the dental hygienists and i loose it.   This is the dental hygienists problem – I decline there services.

Office365 retards at Microsoft who cannot check for dmarc,spf and dkim..

Satya Nadella is thick

Oh dear Microsoft [microshit] Makes me continually wonder why anybody thinks microshir is a ‘business’ platform.

We do not use Microsoft products and have very decent email servers which Microcrap and Satya Nadella dont care about probably because its linux and not giving them any money.

The email from microcrap ended up in marked as spam, undeleivered  and not in plain text.

X-Spam-Flag: YES

X-Spam-Score: 9.613

X-Spam-Status: Yes, score=9.61

If it was an email i sent i would find another supplier that used a real server rather than continue with microsofts shenanigans.

So if your too fucking lazy to check spf, dkim, dmarc, mta-srs and cannot do ipv6 then offiice365 is not real platform for anything.

Well done that retard at Microsoft who decided to not check anything.

Systemd intoleraant (may contain nuts, or factory where nuts are processed)

So the zoo used a unused ip address for a new thing, i did not update a couple of cron jobs and systemd bitterly complained to the extent that one service would not load and so turned off all listeners

apachectl[*]: (99)Cannot assign requested address: AH00072: make_sock: could not bind to address x:y
apachectl[*]: no listening sockets available, shutting down

So having fixed the underlying issue to get apache working i had to bring down all our public interfaces just to satisfy systemd.

Fucking shit software

Another systemd example issue is that if login to my server systemd still keeps open processes even after i logout (i am not root)

Yet another is our postgresql cron job which is the only way to get posgresql  to start.

24 hours with windows 10 – i want to puke


In this (my blog) i had  a guest pc in need of help.  So is windows 10 good well no as i  reinstalled it and was shocked by it. Please note i use linux daily for over ten years so microshit is quite alien to me

To summarise.

  1. no ipv6 assigned address  (we have it giving out addresses on the monkey houses lan)
  2. reboot reboot reboot loops
  3. SLOW

not your average bsd developers

The privacy aspect is scary type in install firefox and Microsoft try to dissuade you from even visiting mozilla.org. I guess i was using bing instead of google.  are these idiots scared of non crao software

Un-opting from adverts on the pc was another freaky thing i did that twice after the install and then the service pack to fix all the shit coding errors made by them felt unnecessary but something only a scummy company would do – after all  you do trust microsoft do you not and i may have changed my minds in eight hours since i said no i did not trust them first time round.  We do not pay for facebook but you do buy Microsoft windows 10 if you get my point.

I was perplexed by the lack of ipv6 my blog) on the client something else not ready for use it seems but is ok on linux. and more modern andriod phones

Fifty or so reboots seemed also a red flag about shit coding.  Hell if i install a new kernel and reboot linux more than once a month i wonder about things, linix reboot about three times during an install last time i did it

The thing naturally came with a demo of office – i installed libre office and firefox so not particularly competition friendly these folks at Microcrap.

As to autodetecting printers it failed to do that as well

However it as an aged pc works abet slowly but since microsoft forced windows 10 onto this pc criticisms of slowness are best directed at them rather than hp or the end users (not me).


Windows 10 seems more an advert for bad practice and internal selling than useable when it cannot get a ipv6 address so not really a modern operating system.

Oh dear what where they thinking.

Weeks have passed and so far i have not had to interact with any crap microsoft software and it is great   If you use windows 10 please tell me why in the comments

useless andriod tips *#9900# for example.

The tip above does not work and is probably one of many tips that only work on specific handsets.   This makes android unlocking (my blog) and features hard to guess.

It makes android an useless ecosystem full of folklore like tales i  believe *#666# makes satan appear.

It would be nice f these things where documented properly opposed to press next page on a crappy website or youtube video by a user who clearly has no competence with android as a whole..

Andriod seems is plagued by retard ‘experts’ especially in India. many web pages seem to be adverts for phones so make its content void.

I could rant at length but feel no desire to continue if you do think of yourself as an andriod guru pack it in.

more fun with telephones and dect versions

We apparently now have Caller id (my blog) on our pots (not a kitchen stove pot) phone line here in the monkey house.  This was discovered as the various versions and brands of phones recently started to show this feature after the oldest slave handset died from old age or obsolescence after  being deregistered and sent to ewaste heaven (my blog).

Now all of the base stations now show it which is plain weird.

As i hate phones it seems that Frankenstein protocols or versions of dect do work together but limit all the handsets despite being on various bases

Interesting but as they work the wonders of dect is not something i can get worked up about. being proprietary as well as being easy government certified for spying on.

I am sure there is one person (my blog) who might know but since they work i am not sure if this feature is a benefit or annoyance.  Annoyance is the gut feeling here with the missed calls message.

dead female poets and sjw reviewers

I hate poetry (my blog) and in my nation state i would have poets shot, not because of it but they write it.

Imagine my non surprise when the letters of dead poet which are unread by billions gets called out by a sjw newspaper reviewer for being some kind of new outrage.

I have only read two authors letters Philip K Dick‘s, and George Orwell (both my blog) as an avid reader of many authors i am not bothered to not have read others letters as they did not interest me or they still be alive.

So letter reading [part of the literary executer job] is something of limited audience. However since it is an sjw subject poetry i just shows how thick and stupid social justice warriors are..


the darkening age, catherine nixey

papist fab! and gay

isbn: 97815509312325 details the thugs of the christian world. far from being enlightened we meet Shenoute, the original Greek destroyers of the elgin marbles, Mark, Luke and every bodies favourite Deuteronomy.

Saint Chrysotom (john to this book burning friends)  is also credited with helping the nazis to burn books of more recent time begins the tales of the destruction of roman and greek culture.

Although your average gay catholic bishop probably wont be mentioning them as pillars of the faith.

It proves that both christian and islam faiths are insecure and through violence there will is got.  So to call either as enlightened is wrong.  Mind you it might be fun to watch Shenoute and Obrien (my blog) fight to the death.

4/5 bananas.