i hate this bind command for being an absolute know it all and  arsewipe when it comes to its conf file rights a little like opendkim.

OK yes it has its uses but the number of piss off till next month cron jobs i  lose through this is irritating.

Oh well.

definitive not spam from salescrawler honest.

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Sounds like it


It has brothers and sisters to Guess[x] – guess the email ? err lets see

User unknown in local recipient table;

Oh dear – Guessing means its spam.

Want to email the zoo – dont use salescrawler and email sparticus.

I would like to guess that if your reading this post your name is Bob.   Comment below if i guessed your name wrong maybe i am better at guessing names than them.

social media for normal people

As an urbane ape who does not do a lot of social media* to start with i do wonder if the twitters and reddit’s of this world really matter and only if your a blue communist check mark[my blog]  is social media  worhtwhile.

Social media has a small number of whack jobs and loons say





So the thinking is odd and with one of those an ambassador for social media somehow i think that california has lost the plot and since most social media sites have yet to make money ideologically it seems they cannot and if they did high taxes would soon hurt them and cause them to move to a low tax region.

I think the new social media sites will soon begin to drown out the old and these sites will become things  once remembered like friends reunited provided these special people dont collapse the new sites but i am sure wiser people also know that influencer and other terms associated with this area are a little tainted.

*not this blog

the hong kong secret policemans ball

wenlock a policeman

Tin foil hats time.

AS/Land: 9269 (HKBN-AS-AP Hong Kong Broadband Network Ltd., HK) / HK
Count: 136
AS/Land: 10103 (HKBN-AS-AP HK Broadband Network Ltd., HK) / HK
Count: 239
AS/Land: 135377 (UHGL-AS-AP UCloud (HK) Holdings Group Limited, HK) /
Count: 189
AS/Land: 135377 (UHGL-AS-AP UCloud (HK) Holdings Group Limited, HK) /
Count: 213
AS/Land: 9381 (HKBNES-AS-AP HKBN Enterprise Solutions HK Limited, HK) / HK
Count: 234
AS/Land: 58411 (GTDCL-HK Unit A-E, 13/F, Golden Sun Centre, HK) /
Count: 16
AS/Land: 4760 (HKTIMS-AP HKT Limited, HK) / HK
Count: 270

winnie the pooh for some

It looks like hong kong is the new gateway for chinese ‘hacking’.   That is just small percentage of the hk  ip addresses probing the zoo recently.

The moral is dont trust hong kong traffic.


non voodoo caa records in bind9

Really gay and corrupt

Nothing to do with flying but tls certificates [my blog] anyhow i discovered that debian [my blog] now supports these records by providing the more up to date bind release so you do not have to

zoo.	IN	TYPE257	\# 8 000569737375653B

but text

zoo. 38400 IN CAA 0 iodef “mailto:abuse@zoo.”
zoo.net. 38400 IN CAA 0 issue “letsencrypt.org”

now works.

Anyhow type 257 records still work and one day i will convert them to the more readable text format into the zone file in the voodoo zones that have them.

Since most people have never heard of a caa record its kind of a good place to stop this nonsense.

exim bdat

I see the danger but in our exim internal mailers on debian

chunking_advertise_hosts =

does not do anything, in fact it tells exim to not even start.

Confused.  Rather happy exim is not the zoo’s primary mailer, since postfix tells bdat to piss off and have a data keyword instead i’m cool with the message.

The word of the day is tried.

further .top tld whack a mole

Well in this [my blog] has a flaw that all the traffic seen skirted round the mail server with out reverse dns entries – cool and made it easy to block.

Then the ip range changed and so the domains reported no reverse dns match – cool i still work with that too. Its a good sign of the problems with .top tld.

Changing the odd awk and removing newlines mean it now blocks in progress changes for top domains.

I like mole bashing which works on other tlds if required in the future.