ipv6 ‘washing’

So you have heard of green washing – meet ipv6 washing – the zoo has partial ipv6 so the brown thing should say 6 but instead says 4.  Ipv6 is not easy and a work in progress but at least the monkey house has some ipv6.

I laughed the more you know it gets cringeworthy fast and how dare you not use ipv6.

ipv6 in the wild now.

Since enabling ipv6 its been interesting to see who uses what as i wonder about.   The mainstream media seem glued to ipv4, and sites like wordpress and amazon have not taken the plunge.

I guess journalists also dont care that ipv6 cannot get there  fake  news (my blog) natively.

Overall i have no problems unless the site has an configured ipv6 thing on but nobody is at home on ipv6.

Big firms (not amazon) seem to have it, webhosters are spotty with ipv6 so its not really here in a big way yet for the mainstream.

The zoo has ipv6 servers finally working but that is another days posting.

αδιάκριτος and bad geoip

The monkey house changed isp and  expected some probing and i was surprised that this greek, Russian user beat the chinese.

1424 GR ,

They where logged and reported and really deserve an honourable mention here.

Since my geoip is out of date it also throws a lot of other users out of being correct.

1400 + attempts is impressive.

thou shalt not change ip address – your friends at google and silicon valley.


THE TEN COMMANDMENTS, Charlton Heston, 1956

The monkey house changed isp and google had a hissy fit that we did. My reasons have something to do with ipv6 and i am running out of options.

The move is best a topic for another day but a cache issue meant i wiped my browser data it did not work and then later did despite me not doing anything.

I was kind stuck by it – but google took much offence at this clearing of cookies and changing isp.   Everybody seems upset that the monkey house moved but if you want the next great thing you got to move.

I guess those two things made us an new prospect and any data held by google is now deemed bad and not trustworthy to sell others.

Anyhow there are probably odd issues and that thing to  configure since that changed but the assumption appears to be the ip address is something they base a lot of decisions off.

While my cache was not the end of the world to loose googles reaction to that was perhaps more revealing.

More hiccups with ipv6 routers, isps and other roadbocks

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Attempt 2 at this (my blog) was still a disaster but in my defence had routed ip, alas the lan bit of the router was still rtc1918  jailed.

So i have opted for a ubiquity (my blog) router and a modem (bridge [my blog]) cross your fingers.  I know the router can do ipv6 and the modem has ipv6 things in theory.

Having got this nightmare to work browsing things i cannot route servers in ipv6, i can setup apache and see the site on the zoo’s internal lan but the isp decided to filter port 80 and others making there ipv6 fucking useless.

The zoo is migrating to a new  isp and this makes ipv6  a horrid nightmare.

street urchins

I am running out of isps and with the pervert pass * coming in soon its probably a good idea to switch or i will have to vpn most of the zoo but lets not get ahead of issues.

Social media is also awful for ipv6 implementer but then with faithful Hillary Clinton acolytes (my blog) in California censoring the web clearly ipv6 is best left to them.

*another reason to not vote conservative or labour

My favourite African country for email and handbags

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Is Zimbabwe (my blog) and they are trying to send email after all the internet is kind of censored (my blog) there and occasionally turned off  after all it keeps Graces gucci handbag collection (my blog) a mystery.

Even the wildlife lovers at godaddy have a history there.

Being last i  always notice them*, so how did they do.
2 ZW ,
2 ZW ,
2 ZW ,

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using xbl.spamhaus.org;
554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using xbl.spamhaus.org;
554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using bl.spamcop.net; Blocked

gucci grace

Not too well.   Well we all know what there trying to spam (my blog).

Try harder Robert & Grace.

I always look forward to email from zimbabwe and you should too.

Why the zoo has disabled firefox upgrades and why you should too

social justice warrior

Firefox recently rejected an extension for political reasons not technical ones for discsenter.   Then it decided to stop apps being loaded unless they approved it.

That is censorship

You may not like disscenter but why stop there – run an advert blocker, it could be next..   Does your dictionary have words sjw’s or npc’s do not like – they might be gone.

Memes might be troublesome to firefox clearly an open internet is  not  something firefox want.

So think about another browser and do not send data to mozilla via firefox  and disable those browser upgrades.