where are the ipv6 email relay testers and sasl [password] bots

guess who this person is

Where are they, it seems only ipv4 people do them.  Sure it is early days and most people are using a big email provider and maybe ipv6 if they have a more modern mobile phone.

Its rather nice ipv6 if quiet compared to ipv4.

In fact nobody seems to use ipv6 and yes we do send and receive ipv6 mail unless your nerdy or a few specific internet behemoths .

ipv6 on postfix

Works, although it does feel a little incoherent setup wise it [] sometimes required and not required, and having access to reverse dns means i can mail google in ipv6, your experience might be different (not here) than the zoo’s

Don’t forget about spf records

Being ipv6 is very mostly silicon valley based (not amazon) i was surprised that some try and abuse ipv6 and the domain name system

Domain unknown senders

Although we do see them trying this from ipv4 too

No damage was done and the ipv6 and ipv4 protocol matched the fake domain.

Ipv6 accounts for 25% of dns traffic and not many ipv6 mx entries so 1% of email traffic unless you email gmail all the time.

back to opendmarc reporting

Covered here and there (both my blog) with ipv6 i decided to have another go at reporting with extra hosts available with ipv6.

I kept the importer running even if reports where not being sent but with ipv6 and ipv4 mail servers dmarc reporting remains stubbornly ipv4 based.

Not all is well with dmarc reporting and auto responders with spam getting sent to dmarc inboxes and bar the big providers nobody seems to take dmarc reporting seriously.

Oh well

My favourite African country for email and handbags

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Is Zimbabwe (my blog) and they are trying to send email after all the internet is kind of censored (my blog) there and occasionally turned off  after all it keeps Graces gucci handbag collection (my blog) a mystery.

Even the wildlife lovers at godaddy have a history there.

Being last i  always notice them*, so how did they do.
2 ZW ,
2 ZW ,
2 ZW ,

554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using xbl.spamhaus.org;
554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using xbl.spamhaus.org;
554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using bl.spamcop.net; Blocked

gucci grace

Not too well.   Well we all know what there trying to spam (my blog).

Try harder Robert & Grace.

I always look forward to email from zimbabwe and you should too.

bizarro cable tv email servers (back to reverse dns)

Quiet why did our outbound router need a reverse dns entry ? to send email to a shit consumer grade isp selling tv , it  (the router) does not send email and the mail hosts (plural) do have reverse dns.

Cable tv companies hate email.

Anyhow that is a reason why you do not your isp’s email (my blog) – should you need another reason.

I made a dns record and got a ptr to it so i wonder what other stupid bullshit they think you need to send email.

Anyhow stupid is as stupid does (not here) in cable tv land is that correct Mr Branson*.

*who cannot run a train franchise, or space company as well.

google mail everywhere ‘sigh’ an european commision problem – lol

I like email servers but notice that everybody appears to rely on google. Sure they have a url like brainylondonzooapes.tld and also a gmail address rather than use brainylondonzooapes.tld.  Oh well.

Newspapers** also use google for email so it is not unthinkable that if you bring down google then email would be in a very sorry state.   It is kind of ironic that the European union thinks anybody with a gmail account is a sock puppet. for google   Its a shame they have not heard of the zebras (my blog*)

Cloud email has its dangers for instance australian traffic can be forced to be decrypted something our msm comrades don’t seem to mind about after all nobody spies on the journalists do they.

I know why i use google since if used my isp’s email if i leave it is a barrier to entry thus defeating competition strategy in economics ,  I am quite sure any criticism of the eu (my blog) would mean they could soon also call my email domain here in the zoo  and isp email a sock puppet too.

Apparently email must have a country code in (my blog) and how dare you use an non eu domain to email the european union.   I knew it i must be an employee of an american internet giant****

european parliament retard

I know why europe is not an internet powerhouse the politicians hate it. Yes there are isps but google is american.  I mean how dare the eu allow nokia to be sold to the american’s and force us to use android or that cult of religion phones.

Its rather odd also that no decent email service is designed  and operated in the eu too.

All mobile phone users must be sock puppets as well on that eu logic.  Mind you us plebs not in control must be idiots by not using an eu made phone and operating system***.

How dare you criticise the eu i mean you must be a idiot (not here)

but had become mindless zombies hypnotized by an insidious Google campaign

*which was suspended **newspaper firms hate google.  *** do not exist *** it must be true, it has to be true.