Missing Zimbabwe

Zimbabwean dominatrix s&m with south african model

A while ago i wrote about them (my blog) and all of a sudden the crap traffic i still monitor stopped from this bastion of one party rule.  Since.zw is the bottom of the list of country codes its hard to not miss.

It seems a repressive place, mind you when mrs president (version two dictator for life) can beat up a ‘pretty’ south african model the normal rules do not apply.

Mind you it is one way to spot a dictatorship can they send email or even ‘try’ too.

I don’t particularly want crap traffic but it is one way to detect dictators for life and Bob Parsons likes it (my blog) then that too speaks volumes.

dmarc retard for September is latinnewsmail.us

It is a bit early since it is still september but this is clearly an exceptional case which deserves this special award.

the domain  latinnewsmail . us apparently sent something to the zoo (could have been spam) , its mail handler did not like the standard opendmarc attachment rejected as

eforward3.registrar-servers.com[] said: 550 We do not accept
.zip attachments here. (in reply to end of DATA command)

So if your thinking of using registrar-servers.com clearly your an retard as to the domain well they also deserve to be associated with retards since they setup the email aggregate@latinnewsmail.us to be sent to that address.  The good news is that latinnewsmail . us wont be getting any more dmarc email from the zoo despite them requesting it.

I pass on just to show that the clueless seem to have found dmarc and what could possibly go wrong.

I like spotting idiots wth dmarc

the email firstname.lastname.191 problem

lets poison the gin

The monkey house got a leaflet and the email address had a numeric number on the end it looked amateurish but it is a big problem for many email providers.

Although i do understand since email is beyond most hosting firms and isp’s these days that the user.192 syndrome is to be expected.

Try using an android phone without a gmail thing and this problem will soon crop when you ‘request’ one.

.win tld

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Bananas was reading the mail logs one morning when a .win domain caught our attention for being deened spam. I was sure it was but knowing where it was i unzipped and read it in console.

.win is for

There is a vast array of global online gaming opportunities to suit all tastes. The new .WIN generic Top Level Domain (TLD) contains online gaming resources

no i did not know that either.

But the email was for spamming life insurance and more html than text.

The moral was .win tld is very deserving of its spam rating.


secondhand busses – too much email fun

metz bus

You may remember the zoo’s secondhand bus email address (my blog) which is advertised if you scalp something but does not work although it looks genuine.

Well it is still active as which is in Metz, France (at time of writing)  had a serous go at trying to send the zoo something about second hand buses.  If you bought that list of spammer leads then you made me laugh and fulfilled my desire to see what a public transport bus in Metz looks like.  Pink!

The whois is a bit sparse but e-cgpn.com seem to be an isp.  I am amused and pleased to see idiots exist.

Do you like to see what a bus looks like worldwide – you know what you have to do and your regional bus brand might be featured.


Yara rules

trippy cow

Having upgraded to stretch (my blog) i discovered that i could now use yara rules since yara is now packaged.

The zoo’s config was lacking directories and the this-andthat or that_something meant i had to create some new directories but it appears after a day or so i will have extra strings to inspect in inbound messages.

Yara rules are distributed but not widely advertised so i might be missing some important files but it is nice to have the extra functionality for the future..

intolerant spf – good

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I had a domain with ‘lazy’ spf, which was not up the standards of other zoo domain names. Specifying some extra parameters seems to have sorted the issue which was ok and then was not very recently.  I still like dmarc (my blog).

Time passing agrees that the email servers like the extra parameters.

The sorry state of email servers



The zoo does not use gmail in any form, our main zoo email is hosted elsewhere, however a quick scan of mail log shows that too many companies use google to do email.

So to break email all you would have to do is break google and all hell would break loose on the internet.

The zoo sends email to where it is told it should be sent to so if hosting companies cannot do email and be more interested in poor servers using http instead that is not my problem and people (and the companies) all end up in the same place then a picture of how crap your average hosting company is easily put together.

I distrust google not for being good but the mass laziness they encourage in others (yes you reader). Our website and email should work regardless of whatever might be happening at google.

Not my problem, told you so.

2017 targetted whois spam

well there was n bomb and ….

The zoo’s (plus zoo1 -3) domain owner account is not handled by the zoo, but a separate email system that i do not control. Just in case things go apocalyptic.

So i do get some spam

I login about once a week and clear the crap which strangely appears to be supermarket vouchers and i doubt these ‘organisations’ pay out and they are data phishing scams of which the monkey house has no interest in discovering and probably need a facebook thing that i do not have – most things need facebook if its scammy/marketing.

I never look at them except at the brand names being ripped off – why would a discount German based supermarket be offering more money off on its ‘low’ prices*.

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Anyhow its very boring compared to the crap Robert Soloway (my blog) sent and who i helped play a part in his downfall.

Anyhow since role accounts are hosted by us and they get no spam it is good way to judge our email system. ssl confirmations and other stuff do get through.

*an exercise left to the reader to figure out

Sogo webmail lethargy

mehIs part of gandi* update and its buzzwordy with a zeg demo (my blog) and various distro install methods – even i had google what zeg was.

I did not have most requirements its very 64bit – and so it failed to compile.

*not the indian