The paradox of cavemen selling art

I wrote a geoip script (my blog) and if you mess about with various log formats it works with many output logs since they all differ to a certain extent and so i ran it aganust our email server.

So i got curious and wondered what Afghanistan was sending….

/smtpd[*]: connect from unknown[]
policyd-spf[*]: Neutral; identity=mailfrom; client-ip=; helo=[]; envelope-from=*; receiver=thezoo
/smtpd[*]: NOQUEUE: reject: RCPT from unknown[]: 554 5.7.1 Service unavailable; Client host [] blocked using;; from=.215.18; from=<*> to=<*> to=<thezoo> proto=ESMTP helo=<[]>
/smtpd[*]: disconnect from unknown[]

No idea but Afganistan selling art sounds wrong based on this (my blog).  I am sure the domain owner would not be welcome in Kabul. -
 H # 263, Shora Street 4, Cart e 3, Kabul Kabul

This ‘Freedom’ seems wasted on Islamic believers, However i guess it might be drugs or something deemed moral after all it been already flagged as spam its certainly not bacon.

The moral to this story do not use godaddy (my blog) who our cavemen are using for a false identity.

Youtube’s Rupert Murdoch (or Murdoch family) problem

Youtube apparently has an extremism ‘problem’ and our friend Rupert (my blog) has been using his employees to do his corporate dirty work for him at the wall street journal rather then they report news.

I suppose that means no redundancies for the moment but when a newspaper failed to do its job then it will mean the same result down the line.

Despite the many social justice warriors trying to ‘save’ social media via censorship and who also do not see Islam as a problem – i mean why should women drive cars is a great start point they forget that youtube is a mirror on society or our friends from Saudi Arabia.

in this (wikipedia) – take these poll findings about islam in the uk

On religious issues a poll reported that 36% of 16- to 24-year-olds believe if a Muslim converts to another religion they should be punished by death, compared to 19% of 55+ year old Muslims

This extremism thing is quite a mainsteam held view.  More ?

28% who would prefer to live under sharia law. 61% of respondents agreed with the statement that homosexuality is wrong and should be illegal

This is interesting as since  these are things youtube’s and twitters sjw’s feel happy to ignore in there ‘safe space’.  Rupert Murdoch may cover war zones in Syria / Iraq but it seems that people cannot.  Eg his adverting (failing) is safe, but i somehow doubt your average ‘peaceful’ islam person would be up for Murdoch news unless it takes down a business competitor for comrade Rupert,

I don’t use you tube but i would not advertise in a Murdoch publication either.   It also appears that the ‘reporter’ for the wall street journal would also be classed as an extremist with his racist and jew hating jokes according to his twitter feed failing the sjw test somewhere.  A conflict of interest between him and his s/o working for disney (who buys advertising from murdoch) is also an issue.

If you own shares in news international your screwing your yourselves economically your giving money to Murdoch rather than a dividend.

While you tube probably has ‘hate’ speech – why is it that Murdoch calls what is ok and not ok to report on?  Do you mirror society or not.

As i am not muslim – why is it ok for many of them to have anti western values – why not move to Saudi Arabia ? after all no women drivers there.

Social Justice warriors (ala twitters trust and safety council and the like) seem to give islam a free pass so i argue that they screwed both twitter and youtube with the complicit help of google and twitter.

I feel sorry for the content creators who ‘work’ at what price youtube say it will pay – maybe they buy a domain name and hosting after all youtube might be convenient but its not the only way.

Its not my problem if saudi arabian thinkers do not see adverts for exeutive cars – but when you see it dont blame them blame the islamic communities whom tolerate 33% views, sjw’s (or fgm is ok) and the billionaire.

All done.

hidden justice

Anjem Choudary

Anjem Choudary before  ISIS supporter

I know that Anjem Choudary who is a vile scumbag by the opinion of many* was arrested some time ago but the msm failed to report on progress as a spoken word provocateur rather than one with a weapon (my blog).

Then three weeks after passing sentence the media then contritely report that he is guilty.

My problem is the lack of news, not the verdict or sentence for i came to the same conclusion too (a case of when) then why not report it.

In other good news recently  it was reported that one of the Daesh brides (my blog) was blown up at least that was reported quickly by the media.


The religous hate crime that was not a hate crime – because..

AsadShahEarlier in the year a shopkeeper Asad Shah in scotland was hacked to death. Although the victim was minority oppressed sect of islam even in tolerant Pakistan (my blog) and the attacker a majority herd thinker of peaceful islam this was deemed not a hate attack despite driving several hours from Bradford (my blog)  to specifically do comrade Shah in for being the wrong sort, according to our lords and masters.

That seems a narrow minded definition of a hate crime but since its a peaceful religion i suppose that’s business as usual.  I wonder why muslim’s cannot commit hate crime or is that stupid question.

intolerant islam proved once more

MohammadTurbanBombOmar Mateen is yet another ‘tolerant’ muslim who cannot handle western life. The good news is he proves islam is retarded by his actions and they speak louder than words.

As a bonus he was an employee of g4s (my blog) who had the security contract for the Olympic games in 2012.

the new threat from islamic militancy, Jason Burke

I created is and igot a medal

I created is and i got a medal

isbn: 9781847923479 is an author of security theatre stuff and documents the rise of is which is the wrong sort of freedom according to the Bushes and Paul  Bremer (my blog) who transformed Iraq into is land or a state in need of correcting so vote Jeb (my blog) as #jebcanfixit with awarding another medal* for Mr Bremer.

Mr Bremer is of course ignored in the book for being a paragon of all that is wrong after all terror sells books like this despite it being his errors. Fingers are pointed at the usual bogeyman and the Egyptians if you go back to the beginning.

The book rehashes his old security books and the stuff post 2014 is scant although it correctly identifies Saudi Arabia as a top location for recruitment and funding of is

Men get more attention than women and if you keep  up with the news as badly as i do then nothing here strikes me as earth shattering new.

1/5 bananas

*a recent twitter thing when i scheduled this


The seaside home

seasideThe seaside home is an iffy prospect with islam invading europe or islam trying to kill you on the beach.  Closer to home ocean rising means that beach front property could be valueless and that looks likely with sea defences a low priority unless you live in Japan.

I am told that a once one million pound plus property was for sale for three hundred thousand, albeit minus much of its ‘garden’ which is now a salt water swimming pool.

It’s not just here – Florida is dissolving due to its geology, and on the west coast suffers from the san andreas fault, which have been topics of films* where las vegas is the next beach.

Ironically with Saudi Arabia entering the beach front market it seems that the bikini clad male will be the only eye candy your see. Its a crazy world mind you if they insist on females going out in sheets perhaps that’s for the best.

I would not want to be selling seaside property anywhere with those enlarging salt water swimming pools.

*a superhero and a spy come to mind.  – to win a prize of a used banana skin comment with one below. – collect from the zoo

Heretic, Ayaan Hirsi Ali

isbn: 9780082333933 is an author i have read before (my blog) although i have skipped a few of her books.

This is an interesting question as many in the left see radical islam as ok although being a lesbian women’s studies university professional might well be at odds with Daesh reasoning on the other side. Saudi arabia does not have a Synchronized swimming team of any gender

So how do you ‘modernise’ cavemen since as that is racist to leftwing ideals you have to be a native with death threats to point out the situation – death threats included.

Islam is very retarded and this book points out five simple things that might make it modern life tolerant, although with Saudis and Kuwait funding is since there is not a lot different between saudi arabia and Daesh ‘thinking’ the reasoning is there although they might not like it when they turn and attack.


death to bananas

This is a long term project after all islam is parroted by its followers, not aspirational but who knows if blow yourself up things will be brilliant is an odd logic but Ali thinks that it might reform although power corrupts and reform is a threat to all who have power.

5/5 mindless zombies well worth a read

Violated: a shocking and harrowing survival story from the notorious Rotherham abuse scandal , Sarah Wilson


ambassadors of child sex

isbn: 9780008141264 by Sarah Wilson sounds the sort of thing i have to read after here (my blog) and ask some questions.  Despite it being daily mail friendly or a best seller in chav circles.

Class might come into the post as it did with the hogwarts ‘missing’ kids (my blog).  Another stark contrast is why Megan Stammers [now Williams] (my blog) was treated very differently.

In the age long ago* when policewomen blogged (my blog) not all are equal and if your a habitual one then that might explain part of the contrast but not all if others in civil servant land intentionally dont do stuff to protect children either for reasons of incompetence or being called racist.

So with some background and the assumption that this will not be reviewed in the guardian lets start.

It begins with poverty, an interesting family and a heart condition not before long school is something of a chore with some added expulsions (my blog), and drinking ‘homebrew’ alcohol** and drugs by twelve.

After a few encounters with the police she was written off and being that this might be perceived as racist – nobody in the majority elected labour party gave a stuff either despite colourful language being shouted in the street by locals and hints by both mp’s and stories in the the press later..

lalalaInterestingly enough the data protection act which is a thoroughly useless law and department (my blog) gets an outing when the police refused to look at 177 asian ‘johns’ i suppose i could use the word paedophiles as well

Anyhow what this says about muslim integration or ‘british Pakistani’ multicultural life (my blog) is something for the politicians to think about although they wont but will complain about right wing parties which um is absolutely nothing to do with them or the decisions they made.

Expect an alcohol and drugs binge, one hot race issue potato, and death from muslim honor so Rotherham has it all.

An easy read (no hard words) and straight from the horses mouth 3/5 bananas

* before acpo said they could not, ** non branded