an imaginary racism, islamophobia and guilt, Pascal Bruckner

isbn: 9781509530649 is a french author who wisely points out that making religion a protected class means they become anti sementic and non pluralistic

Rowanda‘s civil war (my blog) can be argued was made worse by governments designated as tutis or hutos – resulted in lots of dead people.

The left has this problem and seeks to blame victims of terrorism for getting killed.   Myths like arabs cannot be anti semitic and are also debunked and anti women make the lefts position untenable.

Nothing particularly new here. Worth a read.

5/5 bananas



Islamic Imans who people trafficked – perhaps not the paragons of virtue they supposed to be.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

From the bbc (not here – expect bbc retcons expect to use wayback machines)

A French court has sentenced an imam to two years in prison for helping migrants try to cross the English Channel in inflatable boats.

The 39-year-old Iranian national was accused of arranging several crossings from northern France to England.

A 29-year-old Senegalese man who attended the mosque where the imam preaches also stood trial.

imam,  has not been named in French media,

The men admitted providing six or seven dinghies after they were arrested in April, French newspaper Le Figaro reported.

I think that says a lot  after all sex with children (my blog) and selling drugs and anti homosexual (bbc not here) just shows its ok to tolerate such things and if an iman can do it why not anybody else.

My little suicide bomber star wars toy now with new ak47 accessory (Shamima Begum)

it appears that Shamima Begum (my blog) was issued an ak47 assault rifle and worked for Deash which the sjw journalists failed to mention preferring to think she was a willing ‘comfort/sex worker’ for terrorists i read in the daily rowandian yester’day.

If ‘she’ was a star wars figurine in sjw disney/lucasfilm no doubt she come with a big gun. eg:

Shamima Begum star wars action figure

After all the force is female and as star wars toys are at least 70% off (my blog) when i looked yesterday** it is certainly safe to state Disney made sjw action figures .  If only females, muslims and sjw’s’ bought them.  Which it seems they did not.

I wonder how good she (Begum) is with the ak47 in real life.   She sounds like the perfect kind of New Zealand citizen (my blog).

I would also like to remind you all i am at least two films ‘behind’* and have not been in a cinema for a very long time.   Anyhow that is enough for today.

*eg not something i will pay for. **no i did buy any – disney shareholders be aware

Death of a warlord, and deash.

Jerah – means warlord (my blog).   Since islanic society  seems unable to maintain life (my blog) or even innovate i think the death of a warlord is probably a good thing.   After all living in the fifth century is not as enlightened.

While some might feel ‘sorry’ i t gives an idea of Shamima Begum’s radicalism and still should be judged for the name is a good indication that the terrorist sympathies still exist.

My little suicide bomber

Having killed one (my blog) it appears that Shamima Begum pictured right is still alive that is the picture the bbc refuse to use.  The islamists at the bbc like the more ‘western’ pictures of her before adventures in the land of Deash (my blog) which like global warming has since evaporated.

Even the bbc cannot deny the lack of regret in this terrorist supporter who they think is a victim for some reason.

I do not think playing female card works in this aspect, after all islam does not respect womens freedom and so must also be assumed guilty of abetting and aiding terrorists through a choice made after all nobody forced them to do that this clearly was a choice .

Its kind of weird that multiculturalism is ok with terrorists if you think about it

Islam’s female crime problem affecting retail shops [not an ‘issue’ yet]

Would you rob an old disabled female in a wheelchair ? in an indoor retail shop well dressed in burkas * gangs of females are robbing i guess easy targets.

Its been told to us that the police regard this as a victimless crime.  Sounds familiar (my blog)

wenlock a policeman

Anyhow with the retail parks (my blog) complaining about lackluster business ala nobody buys from us…  it shall be interesting to see quite how this is not the problem but all amazon’s fault after all that disabled woman was certainly going to give it to thieves only anyhow, that’s good policeman logic and works also for the queen of charity shops (my blog).

queen of the charity shops mary portas

Here is what happens  and how i know – 1 gets robbed as well as the wheelchair woman, 1 phones 2, 2 relays this exponentially.  you get the idea.  The burka is the ideal disguise .  Well officer I got mugged by a tent certainly has a that must be racist, or code for this wont make me policeman of the year.

I think this says a lot about society and considering we apes are way down the pyramid and still know about this via the bush telegraph.

Think about it.

Anyhow i know and now you also know.

*not really a fashion garment

Exit Afghanistan (or lets blame norway today even though they left)

imdb tt3218890 from 2013 is a documentary about handing back (my blog) Afghanistan to its ‘tolerant’ locals*

It features the Norwegians leaving some place i have never heard of or never wish to visit it and the handover to ‘crack’ trained Afghan troops.

Step one by afgans was to whine about the norwiegian base, and the supplies they left [continued below], step two was to audit the stuff as it seems to indicate that what was left was being sold to the taliban by the soldiers from afganistan.

The afgan troops then did not do what norway did when there  – patrol and they stayed in the nice base they criticised and did not protect the locals while the taliban blew up locals for visiting the mosque.  At least the soldiers where safe.

The Norwegians where also blamed for the loss of employment in the town – so the argument that afganistan is best left to afgans seems wrong as they could not run a sweet shop or provide employment.

It seems the Afgans cannot take responsibility and blame everybody but themselves however there all grade a* muslims . – quite how stealing what the norway army supplies left for  afgans to continue  is Norways fault is an open question and sure they must be guilty of that too.

So since afgans dont need help why should anybody help them after all its a paradise for bomb makers.

The level of irony is amazing 5/5 bananas.

Well i learned something.

*not really

Tommy Robinson may have a point


You may dislike him (my blog) but it seems he is right more times than wrong.  The fact that the police and politicians (my blog)  along the left wing news media don’t like it proves something is rather wrong with multiculturalism.

I could bore you with previous examples (my blog) but see little point after all comic book covers (my blog) are way more important than what goes on and might be tactility deemed approved by both police and politicians.

I am sure that i was not supposed (yes you as well) to notice this and so we can all reflect on stuff that goes on.

a sinner in mecca,Parvez Sharma

isbn:9781044643374 may also be a film but a film even i have never heard of which gives you an indication of the censorship in the msm and the bbc after all some minorities are not safe for reporting or they shit gold bricks.

Anyhow with glowing distaste from both Iran and Saudi Arabia in reviews and no bbc coverage you have an inkling of the thing and so it seemed worth a read.   After all no gay muslims exist.- although ‘straight’ sexual deviancy (my blog) is well known in islam.  Another matter the bbc would not report upon.

This is not a well written book but details the hate and association radical islam gets from Mecca as a place that all islam goes too which was built by the bin-ladins (my blog) modelled on disney world for handling large quantities of people.

It is an interesting observation of islam which details the crime, abuse of foreign workers that naturally would never happen in Saudi Arabia but would be report in the uae.  The use of statistics is devastating muslims are ignorant and intentionally kept that way as directed by the Saudis.

3/5 bananas

Islam immigrants in europe and civility

Islam is a dark ages religion and what is concerning is that the civility of europe means it is losing to dark ages fanatics who seem to wish export dark age thinking.

I read that some jihad lovers have been caught in Iraq with tenuous ties to the the uk via kuwait, the death penalty has been apparently approved for these fine terrorists without uk legal interventions.

Let us hope that this change to pro death penalty stance in the uk stops here does not sour the rest of the west precedent wise for instance  Lindsay Sandiford (wikipedia). Who while probably is guilty shows one instance where the dark ages affects the more enlightened in europe – i am sure other example can be found should you seek them out.

The vile scum* in question are certainly not nice people or adverts for multiculturalism but show islams real face it is also an attack on liberal values and now a point to be  against islamic immigration to the west when homosexuality is deemed only 70% acceptable in London by muslims you kind of get the point about these peace loving faith followers.

*a pop band from the the 1960’s