The Anti-semitic labour party tranny ? or Freedom to think in political parties

Recently Eddie Izzard (right) who apparently was a comediy professional and  ‘famous’ once has been shilling for charities (my blog) for the un (my blog) in a islamic country being attacked by another Islamic country.

He is transgender somehow and also a member of the labour party where such activity might be considered bad/.

So he is probably

  1. eligible for an labour party all women mp constituency short list – no ‘men’*
  2. could be likely killed by some in islam for being different (throwing gays off the roof)
  3. charity while ‘noble’ comes with the issue that does he speak for the labour party, or is this an independent action and not one of the labour party.

It could be deemed anti-semitic and since jews want to control all the debate on say the Israeli question and beyond what does this say on that i hope he asked some jewish people first hopefully British ones .  While this is a left wing thing are any political parties really fit for purpose? can anybody not offend the jewish.

If jews can be wrong like anybody else  on an issue and the person cannot say it is that not censorship.   Izzard while probably a nice human shows a failure in western thinking one by being a face to a campaign, and opens up to criticism that this could be wrong think

I do not have a solution to the Israel question, but know that hard liners exist both in the jewish community and islam until a mindset of you can be wrong is since denied then do not expect one soon. Take this advert below which has been made decent for all with a touch up to keep it moral

Izzard might be more tolerated in isreal than say Saudi Arabia but i wonder what triggers jewish thought crime.

Point made

*would a man vote for a woman (my blog).

we are really nice Saudi terrorists really (compared to the nasty isis ones)

Bananas was watching television one evening in the zoos security office (my blog) when the Saudi Arabians who are recently bombing Yemen as well decided to advertise there new western ideals by telling you worldwide victims of Saudi funded terror that soon there will be segregated* cinemas will be soon open being that cinemas do not exist there currently at all.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

As Iran does not have cinemas suppose that is a one up –  but i do wonder what films they will be allwed to see since not many islamic films get made and certainly not the iran home made films or the ones with jewish actors in.

Maybe its a suicide bomber training hotspot.rather than a cinema? after all training terrorists and funding them is the primary aim.

My desire to visit Saudi Arabia is not on any bucket list i have.

*the sjw‘s (my blog) will like that

Darren Osborne and his bbc influencers that ahem we wont mention…

Darren Osborne is the man who scared a few muslims when he rented a van and drove into a few of them like they have also done* he also picked a place with a bad reputation for jihad one of whom is in prison in the us for being an accomplice (my blog) to 9/11.

He was apparently mainly influenced by the bbc when then did this (my blog) which the better story is to be found here (my blog) I never saw the bbc thing. The bbc which does not radicalise anybody soon omitted this and blamed far right and the internet  – like our children’s party entertainer prime minister after all right wingers must be nazis according to sjw logic (my blog).

It will be interesting to see how the bbc responds to this one person radicalised people charge – i guess no more mainstream news crime stories from northern towns or dramas regardless of reality.

What the result of this will be on the mainstream media is something i can guess but will hurt them in the future.   Not my problem but fake news might be something you begin to accuse the bbc of.

Osborne was a force that responded to and met an growing islamic threat, and hopefully will remind the Saudi paymasters of terror** that monkey see monkey do. Learning from saudi’s was educational for him and while some might consider him a hero he certainly reminded a lot of people of what kills us kills you as well.

*here’s some we did earlier – london, manchester, ** Pakistan and worldwide

Trials, on death row in pakistan, Isabel Buchanan

pak on pak murder victim from scotland

isbn: 9780224102100 was an economist pick of the year once which i eventually got round to reserving.

It appears that the Saudi Arabians in Pakistan like to keep Pakistanis stupid and those expatiates are seen as a threat by the dumb and inbred community (my blog) one way to neutralise a rich expat is to use islam to put them on death row for asking them to paying rent which is good for the squatter and bad for the expat.

Once a compliant is made your about up to speed on the book which is brief but it appears that justice is not a right in pakistan (my blog).  Locals are primarily the focus for this book where time is counted in decades on remand.

When law fears religion then clearly Pakistan is a failed state.

Viruses from Iran

Iranian girls show their hands, marked with the words “Down with USA,” at Tehran.

I was amused to see that our virus scanner getting a small workout when i wrote this and apparently being sent by “apple computer” from a education site in Sahebazaman’s Building – Field of Education – Nourabad – Fars – Iran.

I was amused by that probably it was sent by something using microsoft software and they where attempting to spam the zoo.   It certainly was not iran made software after all there is an american in prison in Iran for writting some common software used all over the internet but his crime was that software was used on a porn site which indicates something like the more repressive the religion the kinkier the porn..

I am not quite sure if they should be chanting “death to america” after all or i should be chanting death to iran so instead i blocked them for a month until the next reboot for the server whenever that happens.

Anyhow if you have an answer for that question above leave me a comment. Quite telling about Iran too.

the state

imdb: tt0130421 and a drama is about deash although mtv’s decision to go sjw mode probably means many of there presenters would happily go live in islamic state land [as funded by Saudi Arabia] who make something with the same name which i did not know until i started bashing this out.

The drama follows four ‘british’ islam believers who burn passports and do the thing perhaps more radically than this chap (my blog) did historically but that is progress. To say these people are innocent but idiots is clearly not true as getting there is convoluted.   Destruction of telecoms is also a choice so they most definitely made a choice

It kind of reminds me of the handmaids tale (my blog) and as i recorded all four episodes it was a distraction free view process. The women’s side of things make those females protagonists look retarded in believing, and the men as bullet magnets but i could have told you that to start with.

Appearing that deash’ is no longer a valid state or something the msm dont want to report on without an army in front of them so either this is a propaganda thing delayed for free tv or a reflection on the Saudi Arabian failed experiment that is ‘is’ is up for debate.

Perhaps in thirty years time those still alive ‘is/deash’ non saudi fighters will suffer the consequences of not being Saudi born like the bloke mentioned above in the link if history should decide to repeat itself.

It’s ending is enigmatic.if not contradictory with the females apparently doing stuff that only the men where seen doing. I think it needed more time to make sense but got Islam in a nutshell and it’s saudi paymasters.

I liked it’s portrayal of the religion (my blog)

A divisive main stream media

Bananas has read the handmaids tale, by this author (my blog) it has had several interpretations and which failed to get the public’s imagination mind you reading a book appears to beyond many peoples ability..

Ironically i find it amusing that Islam (saudi arabia,iran, daesh [aka isis]) did it first, something your mainstream media people and sjw’s feel uncomfortable with stating but that is third wave feminism for you comrades.

As an old book and thus deemed not christian by more liberal religous people who forget that the jews would approve the story, and that apparently anything in the old book and the new book is still gods law according to the bloke who is born about december and dies in april by jewish will.

The press seem most disappointed that Trump is not mentioned by name and the omission or that Hillary Clinton is not working at a nuclear reactor purifying the earth for being a /bribable/not christian/crooked one of those fits both trump and clinton strikes me as odd as those crazy christians and followers i am sure would particicution both Trump and Clinton.

Harold Camping failed to meet jesus

I really do not understand these ‘reporters’ and there biases who seem to want to date the adaptation.

Neither Clinton or Trump is good for womens issues but your average crazy christian like Harold Camping (my blog) would still probably think both person non granta.

The adaption seems close to the book and a bit boring as i have read it

Anyhow if the msm think what they do it does illustrate how shit they are.