Dmarc repeat retards with hosted gmail

Send in the clowns (my blog)

Original-Recipient: rfc822;
Action: failed
Status: 5.2.2
Remote-MTA: dns;
Diagnostic-Code: smtp; 552-5.2.2 The email account that you tried to reach is
over quota. Please direct 552-5.2.2 the recipient to 552 5.2.2

Sigh – why do they bother.

middle class climate protestors in the wild.

Are genuinely a strange lot* with good intentions and have absolutely no clue about direct action.

Taking over bricks and mortar retail areas while notable does not do a lot unless your a boat painter and manufacturer of pink paint so one might consider them harmless and who said people did not visit the high street (my blog) .

Recently they have been threatening drones (my blog) at local airports and the more earnest ones with sjw media friends (my blog) made the local tv news.

With film footage recorded for the msm and the future date set the media hen went to the police who then arrested them for planning to disrupt air travel.

While being green is a good thing i did find it humorous that there left wing sjws in the media companies essentially  shut down the act of protest by green types.  I guess it was not inclusive enough or something**.

I found it amusing.

*apparently when the green revolution comes comrade there will be no need for accountants. ** no transgendered gipsy’s.

Intel graphics i915 debian 10 fix

My debian pc has seen a few versions in its time – if your seeing (my blog)

[drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update f

in logs then

cat /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf
options i915 enable_psr=0

might do something for you.   If your x display still freezes as it did for me then

apt remove xserver-xorg-video-intel

Changes the driver to x server to modeset using the firmware-misc-nonfree packaged intel 915 driver which seems to be more up to date.

I do not have to reset by unplugging the power now when the screen freezed

I hate dental vets

headacheBananas unwillingly visited the dentist which looks more like a solicitors / money lender than a dentist and was again asked for my details – i kind of lost my cool within two minutes after thinking of information leaks and spam.

Anyhow its a waste of whole morning as i grin at the dentist for approximately  two minutes before he tells me to piss off because i don’t have problems.  although the sad state of past dentistry does appear to annoy the current vet.

Then something breaks in the dental hygienists and i loose it.   This is the dental hygienists problem – I decline there services.

Professional social media persons – oh dear

MR POO we presume

MR POO we presume

I am not a professional social media professional – translation not somebody who craves upvotes on reddit or facebook or even on wordpress (my blog however wordpresses social features are mostly an afterthought) and i wonder if those users with upvote tally’s in the 10,000’s plus are the reason why social media is such a toxic place for social media firms.

Its easy to get upvotes that’s a herd like mentality – eg i like bananas.  Crowd friendly and no hot sauce..

After all if numbers mean the world to these strange people then clearly social media is not me.   Its easy to be herd like and liked but then those people are shallow they are a version of a propaganda machine which many countries will be interested in influencing or sock puppetry. Russia has been claimed doing this with people although there is supposed to be software from the nsa’s contractors (my blog) as well .

If i ran a social media site i would hate these type and be mindfull of these few losers with days and days of free time like the sjw’s which is what totals of likes  in the thousands indicates but these users are the creation of those firms.

There are genuine people  with followings and i guess they will become better known provided the left wing media approves of them but as they become more popular with the people the open the envy from the regressive left.

Who lasts the longest the platform (my blog) or the users will be interesting to see but social media as it is now is somewhat biased.  Social media is not that important to me.

opendmarc fix

This (my blog)


seems to be the only way to log messages (my blog) in buster working.

However import has faults

opendmarc-import: failed to insert policy data for 
Field 'locked' doesn't have a default value
failed to insert policy data for Field 'locked'
opendmarc-reports: can't parse reporting URI for domain x

Everything else imported so it looks like an dmarc policy error for these domains but that is life..

debian ten new things

Debian 10 (my blog) is a fast loader even on a server and here a few things different which debian deems un-news worthy.

Its been a week or so

monitor sharing [HARDWARE] – the zoo being cheap has a monitor with three interfaces on it i(vga/dvi/hdmi) n the old version debian would seed control to the thing on the hdmi interface rather than the dvi port on no interaction being debian has a dvi interface, the new version remains on the hardware screen – not a problem since the hdmi interface can be chosen from the screens menu as required.

If the zoo had billions to spend on another monitor it would be a very low priority and probably be an ex-display/return one as well.  The monitor remains turned off 99% of the time anyhow – emergency use case.

Usually we remote into it


tls 1.3  (part of openssl) works and things we use can use tls 1.3, quays tests work and confirm it in browser client and .server


/usr/sbin/amavis-services msg-forwarder
/usr/sbin/amavis-services childproc-minder
/usr/sbin/amavis-services snmp-responder

Since amavis keeps mum on changes these seem to be new binaries i hairy eyeballed.

zombie process


is a bit of a mystery the zoo’s  only non working component – think postfix got grandfathered and if your not doing sockets how it used to so nothing happens

Milters ….


The new config is baffling, our old config works  so damn it i will use that.


Debian reports large memory blobs now and the usual hidden /etc/.java directory returns and deleting it means it gets recreated regardless.  You have cron mail to read every day.

Cyrus imap

No nasty surprises a week in.


Opendmarc [milter] is a no go but everything else appears to work.

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

Ipv4 & Ipv6

I had to add an timeout option to systemd to make a list of open ports to load since we use a miix of static and dynamic ipv6 it seems pretty stable.  Iov4 seems to also work although the boot process still whines i have a bad interfaces file entry but wont tell me where or why.

Patches have been light so far.   The ghostscript patch stopped my desktop (i386)  from seizing in x several times a day.

Apart from our isp losing ipv6 for five minutes a day (everything also does) it does feel like a debian problem as the router is not debian based it soon returns so i am not blaming them for that.

I am not regretting this upgrade.