Ladies day and beta female apes

pony boy

All the beta female apes are likely to go missing from the monkey house today and will probably end up in the zoo’s security office where the horse racing is on.  Not because they like horse racing but because of the hats.

lizzards mam

The apes in question strangely never wear hats.   If you can explain this bonkers thinking, i offer a banana skin prize which you can collect from the zoo.

I also am aware that hooligans like horse racing recently whether or not there gypsies and there for there usual troublemaking was not specified but when a huge fight  starts perhaps not all is well with the world of betting and horses.

If you can derive any logic from this well your doing better than i am.

a shopping adventure

I was asked to buy shoes once again (my blog) and it pays to be observant (my blog). There seemed to be a shoe shortage (my blog) once again and the shoes that where available cost 50% more.

Rather than going to a famous website instead i visited the site that supplied the original shoes and I did not pay 50% extra for the same item.

The moral is while you think online is cheaper if you go to a brand name website you may pay extra, Go to a less famous site then you may get a deal.

Google was no help either here in the correct area.   Sure they know what i was looking for specifically but bots seem to ignore some sites in favour of others.

None of this took a long time but i was fascinated that a shoe (the same model) could cost 50% more depending upon the website.

Another item i wanted to rectify a mistake i made* (my blog)  i also did not buy, once again a less famous website  saved money both on the item cost and postage.

I learnt something.

*more about it at a another time

Fuck stem when Wakanda is better – sjw logic

Like other segregated safe spaces like missou , and evergreen state college in America the sjw’s have been making certain ethnic people rethink career choices.

Merit and aptitude who needs that when a south african witch doctor living in poverty has the answer to aids/hiv (garlic only provided from Matthias Rath* should you be wishing to know)

So i was amused by this clickbait headline

When sjw’s see something it seems the opposite happens and things go bad – missou lost reputation and money, evergreen is also in a bad place.

Google sacked one google employee for wrong think it seems google cannot keep ‘talented’ employees from leaving (or even joining it – perhaps these people are against the military contracts google signed ?)

Wakanda**  it a place that does not exist  so that is the slavery aspect  thing out of the window so accusations of not being free are a null reason but these sjw’s forget that google is a for profit enterprise rather than a fictional ethno state from an sjw company disney/marvell comics – make believe is ok i guess science meh.

social justice warrior

While i dont care who makes google work thats even before i even mention automation lets hope all those sjw;s who did to missou and evergreen don’t use google after all that would be praising James (my blog) here.

I do not use a service based on how many africans made it but does it work .  I am sure you do too

I did not read further than the click bait headline but when a witch doctor*** knows the answers to the universe who needs stem .

*does not work but dont tell the anc in south africa who think it does ** from a film i know about but have not seen but all the ethno correct journalists ‘loved’ *** this is why africa leads the world in enlightenment and science (joke)

dsl microfilters going boom

The microfilter (pictured) died on one of the zoos telecom demarcation points having tried to resolve it and failing with everything else getting a reboot i decided to replace the last thing being the microfilter.

Then our internet connection stopped intermittently waiting ….. and became something reliable once more.

It does go through a surge adaptor but somehow did not protect it.

There was lightening recently (well when i write this) as our services are mostly underground but the telecoms are not i guess that is what did the damage.

Nothing else got damaged so in a way it did its job and as the filters are not expensive i would rather replace that than have to replace routers.

Road repairs in the wilderness (or the suburbs)

no value.

Professors (my blog) road was being resurfaced – or ‘patched’ after god knows how many years since it was last done four decades or so ago.

Very Bumpy is one way to describe it, the people doing it (no women) seemed to professor to be removing layers and layers of temporarily fixes by the utility companies before recycling the same stuff back on the road.  There is more gain of road stock so maybe that was the reason free stock of road material.

According to professor they have done a good job but once again there are way too many holes to do in the time scheduled.

I wonder how much bad roads cost hospitals ‘extra’ and create waste due to car tyre damage* etc despite the fact that road funding via petrol and car tax motorists pay never seems to get spent** on the roads until deemed desperately needed by some civil servant who probably did it out of self interest.

It makes sense to government for crap roads apparently.  Professor and the monkey house dont understand governmental humans   Idle hospitals wont do, or i suppose everybody should start driving land rovers.   The question then would be why pay road tax

*easy add air to tyre, bad new tyres, ** they prefer aircraft carriers (my blog) for some reason  – since it does not use roads.


Bananas was wondering about in the zoo taking a break from entertaining zoo guests when as that it ape i was called to figure out some weird old employees amazon shopping basket – somehow they had signed up for prime as as occasional amazon humans* I decided to cancel the free trial which appears is a uncheck box thing they missed or was intentionally obscured by your friendly amazon designer who wants you to ? $us 90 a year .. or what ever it now costs

Five minutes later i cancel prime (at least four clicks) and i am back to figuring out why the cart items have disappeared. That also takes five minutes – eventually what they did and what i did resulted in happy zoo employees.

So i saved myself one return job on cancelling amazon prime for them  later on in the month.  As even i do not do amazon for shopping the site seems overly sprawling and not as cheap as others.

Prime is not a money saver but that tale is one for another day


Happy Adof and Eva wedding day

If your in Windsor England today please wish adof (my blog) and eva my best after i read one parent has already been deemed a security risk.   Surprisingly the press have been going on about this mixed marriage so i guess the patriarchy and royalty is fine to sjw’s even though it is not marxism.

I shall be working here in the zoo- the zoo’s vets are also on standby (my blog) just in case.  So come visit the monkey house instead i read somewhere that 60% thought (my blog) the hype made by msm about this was something they did not care for.

the ‘lady’ trying to sell me a deleted domain

Wesley Perkins

You all remember Wesley Perkins (my blog) ?  Well i got yet another mail and so discovered that gmail is domain registrar ([it is not] and i could buy it without using ‘her’.

This via gmail does not mean i will buy it and i have not responded to this scum of the earth domain taster

I suppose a fool would pay big money to this female technical ‘genius’.  Is that what social justice warriors think is a it stem career?

Blocking a netblock because why not

There is an ip address or block whch when i grep-ed**  and wc -l* counted 11000 lines of fail.  Email might be hard but that level of failure deserves a more detailed examination.

Eventually i whois lookup the thing – find it is in Romania and see this.

remarks: *** Abuse Reports to :
remarks: *** This IP block is used for web hosting, ***
remarks: *** dedicated and co-located servers. In ***
remarks: *** case of spam, please only deal with ***
remarks: *** originator IP only. ***
remarks: ************************************************

Not knowing whether i would be playing whack a mole with a secondary mx or more i decided to mallet the whole block (my block) after all 11000 things say where shit at this.

I enjoy funny whois messages this one from iran (my blog) is fun and i guess our new chums at will not be able to help there client until our servers gets a reboot whenever that is.

I did not contact them as clearly its more fun if we dont.

So if your a client of them you know why things dont work.

*nothing to do with a toilet -joke ** not a hollywood rape method