as seen on tv (via the library)

As somebody who uses a library and does not have Rupert Murdoch tv due to ethics (my blog) i saw that this unknown book (left) to me was made into a series.

I do not really care but in my unscientific study of requests for it in the library region (bigger than Camdem) then appear to be only 39 people who  read the source.

This is not a expansive survey for the whole country but it seems rupert murdoch clients dont read.  This is confirmed also by this (my blog)  an author i have read before and got a made for tv adaptation.  Library interest again was low in that hard to find book.

Since as seen on tv is generally a not recommendation for me i am also not going to read it.

the failed sport advertisement on the bbc

Fernando Zylberberg (.ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Bananas (me) just turned on the security office television (my blog) here in the zoo and the default channel being ‘1’ had celebrities dancing for about twelve minutes**.

I have no idea who these people on the television are  but while waiting for the security team to decide on something to watch they said one of them is a famous cricketer who quit, unfortunately the broadcaster could not prove this as the show did not want to pay for rights of the sports for the television coverage that three people and two thirds of dog* saw at 2am live because it was live at the bottom of the world.

It is an interesting view that one broadcaster wont bother to show something if they did not pony up to pay the sports broadcast fee of a clip and if only one  channel can show x doing it there is no benefit to any other channel showing it.

The security office once equipped with tea and us apes with banana found this to be of no interest and selected something else to watch.

seems appropriate

Sport worries about its audience and young players the so called next generation and if your football (soccer to the yanks) you have no problems with who gets the tv rights, but if your rugby, or cricket they are known of but more vague in the minds of the public.

Test time  – name me three badminton professionals (no searching)  times up – Point made

I dont think dancing celebrities on tv has managed to get a football player to do it when i asked the security team they being more wise here than me.  So while the sport ‘has been’ may have been good at it it was no advertisement (free) for the sport and will  not be attracting children to the sport.

I have no issues with that as i hate sport and write this with no actual interest in the ballroom or sports who sell tv rights seem very stupid and the television companies cunning to which it could be a clever way to annoy sporty people who might be rich now but forget that if subscribers do not pay the ability of certain broadcasters to pay what they do diminishes .

I was surprised to notice that american football and its bend the knee protests meant it was on free to air television which i or the security team here have no interest in at all paid or otherwise – sports can fail.

I thanked Charlie (my blog) for the banana and left.

*66% ** normal people cannot dance according to the bbc.

Her talents are wasted as prime minster

street urchins

I do not like  Theresa May (my blog) but while searching for a technical book this genius act of comedy made me do a double take.

Really yes it does exist

I wonder what she will do to fuck up* tcpip like whats going on with brexit.   This woman has a midas touch.  I guess the uk be leaving the internet as well.

As to finding a book  that’s a task for another day.  Comrade May probably hates the internet as well.

Well done Mr Fowler.

*british telecom fucked up the isdn standard.

losing the plot with firefox and tls

I was doing some experimenting with mta-sts (my blog) which required a webserver and new hosts.  None of which worked in firefox until i had tls  per host.

After swearing a lot, i even considered a server reboot but a hard restart of the web server eventually got me a site that worked  as  expected even if firefox kept refusing to serve the site.

The thing about mta-sts is it serves one file and firefox can read it it does the user no real point in visiting such a site unless your experimenting like i was.

Once the first was done the other three zoo domains got mta-sts.


goodbye Christopher Robin

oww bump bump bump down the stairs

is a film (imdb: tt1653665) well worth a see but it is not the most recent film.  I like this bear of little brain  anyhow and its adult take on writing it means it can do wrong in my eyes.

Since a lot of you also decided winnie the pooh (my blog*) was the best childrens book i am not alone.

Its been years since i have been in a cinema.

5/5 bananas

*not Xi Jinping

the definition of ‘cheap’,your call will be eventually answered by an idiot and live chat

Sisyphus is still a role model

Amusingly while looking at android phones* via a web search  i discovered that cheap means £150 upwards on a webpage i visited (my blog). That is not the cheapest so perhaps i misunderstand the meaning of cheap.

Suggestions for better words are welcome in comments.

Cheaper phones do exist as phones do get stolen and lost is there a point to a £1000+ phone?

Then when ringing the lost sim card supplier (my blog) i spent half an hour listening to claky music with a nice lady telling me every five seconds that my call would be answered soon.  The dect phone ran out range at twenty minutes of amazing music so after trying again after doing a mundane task

.While bored i found new supplier to batter down any price rise they might suggest, so either i cancel professors old sim when i do get through and also nullify any price hike.

So perhaps it was not wise to leave me to distractions in a focused way if i did not then i might have been receptive to paying more.  Not my problem but one for the phone company..

The chaos caused means anybody who runs there life off a phone sim card is mad imho..

Somewhere here in the past  i ranted about live chat being ran by retards a long time ago. So with a question in mind about this (my blog) i clicked an online chat and was told to phone them despite stating my general question about changes** – it appears he has been grandfathered in plan terms..

Honestly why bother with live chat when that is the end result.

Battled scared from phone attempt one  i gave up and decided to ring early one weekday and i got through easily opposed to the afternoon attempt explained the whole missing mobile phone story  and requested a new sim card while being helpful i also suggested a tariff name i found the previous day whilst listening to clacky music and a lady who was not a lady.

My genius on the phone had never heard of the tariff and despite asking if he was the right person to speak to seemed useless.

In the end i requested the closure of the account.  I did have a backup plan.

Its not me is it?  I mean this is not rocket science and yes i was prepared to spend money getting a workable sim.

*The phone was also bought outright but not from a phone call supplier and did not cost £150+. ** the sim went from 2g to 4g protocol.


Russian government visa forms – verging on bizarre

Expect questions such as are you related to vlad the implaver (dracula) and when did your great auntie bubbles die and was it during the crimean war in 1853-6*.

More modern matters like facebook are also required and lets hope in three hundred years time they will be asking for great auntie bubbles facebook account as well.

Actually apart from the creepy nature it does have a level of comedy to it as rwandian apes i am quite sure we are not related to Dracula, but nobody knows about great auntie bubbles three hundred years ago here in the monkey house.

Its a bit like a vodka hangover without having to drink any – your not sure when auntie bubbles died and your not sure while your thinking about her or having a conversation with somebody else who seems as shitfaced** as you are.

Perhaps the Russians want a genealogy website?(my blog)  If your desiring of a surreal experience get a russian visa applicaton done.

За родителей! seems an apt way to end. Carry on comrades.

* the charge of the light brigade one. ** did your cavemen ancestors invent the wheel ?