ooh err – or testing debian kde

midgetI like kde (my blog) rather than those midgets that come in sevens from Potterang (my blog) and his band of gnome sjw warriors and when the debian testing update for kde came down it was mainly broken even ffmpeg* is is a bit of a state in regard to the back end in kde so i ran lxde in the meantime.

This is not a rant, but when the keyboard does not work, applications work full sized only like the midgets like gnome then thank you and im off to something else.

It comes with the territory.  So one evening i removed all my xwindow and gubbins and reinstalled kde, where in testing \ stretch i found you dont need kdm as it runs non root and my music player changed from once more.

kde works but is radically different to old kde.  Still very compatible once you remove the old.  I like kde and debian.

*another change in progress.

never heard of it – or the monkey house tech firm rename


Trigleypuff – Twiters trust and safety council in the flesh

Bananas was minding her own business when the alpha who was reading the newspaper (my blog) asked if i had heard of snaptext – it is worth billions apparently as snapchat but i had not heard of snaptext out of the context as the alpha said it was called that.

It dawned on me later that i had heard of chat, but not snaptext* and the way twitter is going with sjw (my blog) in charge to call twitter a billion dollar company that also has not made a profit is pause for thought.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceAnyhow I hope i made you laugh.

It shall be interesting to see if chat / sms can span generations or whether each generation will have its own platform for instance snapchat either for generational reasons or through existing sites problems …. say  Twitters censorship is certainly well documented and would fail most free speech tests.   However if you hire sjw’s like twitter do then your not really a tech ipo but a political platform wanting to fail.

The monkey house usually gets its names right but it you want suggestions as to what an monkey would call a famous firm drop us a note on apebook.com**

*sounds like a widget in a photo edit program **joke

a blur of internet adverts….

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

Randal lRothenburg bat shit insane

The zoo had a ‘it’ issue which meant browsing without an adblocker – i had to boot with another linux distro to get files off an unbootable box and i used a copy of firefox that came on the usb stick i had made in the past.

If most of that passed you by in a blur of incomprehension that was the simple explanation.

I asked on the internet if i was doomed in my problem and concluded i was (before i did) and the internet did not help – but the adverts kept loading and loading and loading the status bar never stopped with get and post requests.

The page never finished loading.

Despite being on the zoos lan (or intranet) all day our internet usage was double for uploads and downloads compared to the last week.  That probably was advert content.

I fixed my issue and you can guess what i reinstalled first.  Quite how you all process that meaningless stream of distraction is something you will have to explain to me

When the public library is a non starter even for me

I was reading this (guardian not here) so i thought i would entertain you all with a tale.

It started with me trying to sort a data table by geolocation [not that hard], which eventually after a bit of googling got me to python which is not a reptile but a language which i am not that too clued up on.

I like new (to me) stuff and while i might have used perl before i decided to see if there where any library books – after all  i doubt they would have any perl books

I look stuff up, there is one children’s book with a brief mention of it* within a book on robots contained within a population of several million humans.

So being the zoo has  internet i give on the public library and fiddle to create a basic script which fixes my problem of which i am happy with.

millsandboonI also requested that the library system get some updated subject books in another area recently (i had to visit in person) and eventually they came.  One (both not of my choice)  was ok the other was written by a crook however it beat the 2001 for dummies version that was obsolete.

Mills and Boon is there level.

So next time your wondering why people dont use the library it is because i and they don’t read mills and boon romance novels who the civil servants n charge  seem very willing to buy in bulk romance novels.

In another example i was looking for another technical book in a different langauge and found one copy of it.  Unfortunately the person who had it was not returning it, so once again i i hunted on the internet and found something to get me started . I would buy a book if i knew a good one to buy but i don’t know.

Karen Bradley ignorant fool

Karen Bradley ignorant fool

So next time some govenment person – meet Karen says they want a modern library remember that one childrens book about robots and an book kept by a keptomatic must mean there doing something right after all one person in a million plus demographic benefited.

*i imagine basic.

Kate (a text editor)

somebody also called kate

somebody also called kate who needs a zoo visit and is not a text editor

Kate is a text editor i like and depending upon my version of linux (my blog) i use (my blog) one is not compatible with another, its a bit like minified files (my blog)

So one version can and another thinks there read only files although vi can read and write them. So i edit locally and test remotely.  Ho hum


clownbootBananas is not a fan of amazon (my blog), although they did put a rocket under the arse of libraries and bookshops for the betterment of all. However i decided i needed something (non book) and they had something that was a third of the price in retail shops.

So i had to remember my account and reset the password and buy the item. It needs batteries which the zoo does not have, i bought rechargeable ones which fit with the battery re-charging thing (free) whom came from somebody else a very long time ago when i replaced some dect phone batteries and did not need to use as the phones.charge the batteries.

Neither items came from a amazon warehouse . I may not have it ‘now’ but since i have been looking for months for a specific item and it can wait.

Since i don’t buy stuff from them regularly i am glad amazon exists but it appears amazon is not what it once was, any retailer complaining about them is out of touch.  This is not a compliant but an observation.


The bank that does not do a lot (co-op) or outsourcing



If you cast your mind back you may remember Rev end Paul Flowers, (my blog) his cocaine habit and the rent boy (s) and despite that was in charge of the co-op bank in the UK, despite its left wing bias* its still a bank which is quite an achievement..

If you can get your head around those facts, bankers ok to do drugs, but the priest in charge of a bank, is a good start – your position on the rent boy is something that may depend on where you live (my blog).

News (bbc) reaches the monkey house that the bank is once again is up for sale after another bank** could not sort out the problems so here is what surprised me was this – Quote

Separately, it says it has resolved a key contractual differences with Capita.

Western Mortgage Services, part of Capita, will continue to provide mortgage administration services and new mortgage application processing for the bank and its clients.

Anyhow while outsourcing is not new i am wondering what the staff at the co-op bank did all day it sounds like not much but as most of the problems reported stemmed from there purchase of a building society (not a bank) i guess living the high life means somebody else did the work and damm the numbers as the rent boy comes at 17:30..

A while back there was news story about a child criminal in the uk who got caught after a crime spree and the judge person asked what he wanted to do – his answer was a banker..

Unfortunately i cannot find the item (ret-conned) from the bbc but i do remember laughing at the brazen honesty of the lad from melton mowbray or some place that while crime did not pay banking did.

Bankers and banks come with a perceived image of maths when most of the work is office based.   When an outsourcer runs so much of a bank i wonder if the magic of banking is an illusion.   If i where so inclined it appears that setting up a bank is not as complex as it once was.

*It also trusted trade unions with massive overdrafts ** probably not there fault and this is a bank trying to doi the right thing opposed to say rbs (my blog).

end of the road for the non duplex printer?

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Bananas turned on the printer this week, first job was a report a computer made – it went on and on and on.  In email it looked small.

The second was a list of bad urls and that too ran out of paper before i cancelled it.  The zoo would love a duplex printer.  Or maybe we are good with what works but limited printing.

I known you can buy duplex things for simplex printers and its on my wishlist for our next non hp printer the zoo buys since hp printers are encumbered with other issues that make them untrustworthy.

Life.  In the meantime i will limit my printing habits.