A summary on bitcion

An old person set me off on this topic recently and having not the tech (my blog) or willingness to deal with fools while i think the blockchain technology is good, its full of shysters and crooks like Mark Karples and his ‘missing’ wallets.  I also accuse mt gox of slowing down bitcoin with flashboys like speculation into a hft platform that screams an admission you got to have a dedicated setup simply devoted to it rather than a normal person…

A good idea until the crooks and php software writers joined that party, my issues with gpu’s and weird compilation mean i have lost nothing as it is hardly universal running software.

While it seems ‘easy’* to make magic the gathering magic money, nobody here seems to accept it

I got an interesting spam email recently not so much saying what to buy, but what they penny stock pimper wanted you to buy before they dumped this unknown coin back.  No urls, just “advice” – advised spamcop that it was spam from mexico

I still cannot see a way to spend *coins for material items and with $60 costs to spend them (if your able to) it appears that as curreny its shit.

Suppose you buy a newspaper the daily bonobo** which costs £2 a day imported, and then you have to pay £30 to make the payment via magicmoney.

– so whatever variant of bitcoin it is a bubble.  After all if a penny stock pumper and dumper knows about it then clearly there is a problem

*buy gpu’s or else **rwandas premier newspaper

Governments not paying there pfi bills

Jimmy and Tony

Carillion is an outsourcer who is not being paid by governments and when the money stops people who profited both ways like Tony to your right mean we will all probably be paying twice while Comrade Blair laughs at you.

That is not to say that there are no problems with pfi’s the London Underground scheme collapsed, schools in scotland had blown over walls* and since most of the deals are commercial the details are very much kept between governments and the outsource firms who have old government chums like lord reid (left) who worked at g4s who fucked up the security for the london Olympics (my blog) and non delivered and is a chum of Tony Blair .

It appears or being told the saudis are not paying there bills but whether that is correct or not is a matter of trust after all when Tony and Reid have both sold and consumed the item perhaps its time that these pfi contracts have served them well and there failure is assured and as a long term means of doing stuff is not there problem any more.

*wolf and three pigs (my blog) had nothing to do with it – joke

this war of mine

Is a steam game that is very different to most war games it could be described as a platformer but is not.

Your a civilian in a war environment and it is well worth a go since it is quite thought provoking.

Its conversion to linux is a bit shit but it is the concept here that interesting rather than settings that dont save and weeny small fonts* which need some setting testing.  I have yet to get those right.

I would not recommend the dlc as i think you should explore the default game first,  the games forced inclusion of the dlc on the front page combined with bad updates mean it is hard to suggest as they are unnecessary.

Font wise it is a tricky game to play and until i survive i would not buy the dlc.  I seem to kill my civilians regularly.

Add ons [free] make the game easier although they increase the difficulty earlier on, not all addons are compatible, newer game versions on stream mean its a whores paradise for dlc something which has a bad  reputation of recent.

Eventually after forty hours i partially survived [50% rate]  being one of 33%  who lived long enough through the campaign – however i do have questions on the ethics engine used in the game – second guessing for future reflections seems a paradox in war that seemed to have civilised reflections on a time where civil society is non existent if i kept mum why was that not factored into the ethics engine.

Why should i pay thugs to protect neighbours is a question of ethics simulation i failed  – suppose everybody else was asked for food by the military .  Another is was it unethical to shoot at looters invading the house ? that was left unanswered.

The use of humanitarian aid drops would also appear to to extend conflicts and the paritsan nature of aid means the government areas get aid where non pro government areas do not – as happens in famiine areas like zimbabwe** and ethopia in the 1980’s.

Eye opening for those of us who do not live in the crimea, Iraq / Syria and the use of ‘aid’.

Not sure i can recommend it due to the font issue but as an experience its worth a go – do not buy the dlc untl you have simulated a victory of some sort – if at all apparently 66% of steam users failed to survive..

The updates to this game are awfull half of the start screen is devoted to the unbought dlc, and breakages in the game are rife, 450mb updates every month (for dlc i have not yet bought) meant i have archived the game to prevent it from upgrading it self as that serves no purpose..

*i still cannot yet read what ills my role players have [bottom right hand] ** 99.9% people voted for mubage.for 37 years

Elon Musk tv

Bananas was wondering about in netflix when Mars piqued my interest but it appears to be mostly an advert for Elon Musk who either is a genius or overstretched dream promiser like Richard Branson who from lofty ideals has become a tv media based empire or runs rail companies.

Musk with his pressurized tunnels, cars, and whatever else seems to not understand thermodynamics [thunderfoot] and so quite how everything musk will become common is a point of contention.

Mars is another Musk thing although mars as a project does have it’s conmen (my blog) and it apparently has paid some dividends as competition in rocket technology has meant nasa can spend a lot less than they used to so i read..

The series is an part fiction, documentary co featuring every bodies man of the future and his non unionised staff and details the problems of living there.  Fiction wise its pretty grim the documentary is could be perceived as an advert for Musk and all he has backed.

It is a lot more positive than some of these netflix mars generation (my blog) and sure yes i also would like a shiny future but i do wonder if the reality will strike him like it did citizen Branson.

It is perhaps more optimistic than most ‘lets go to mars‘ programmes and  so lets hope the hype does not derail the idea.


sports direct ‘ethics’

lets poison the gin

The monkey house was tasked with buying work shoes for a zoo employee. We found a very reasonable pair and purchased them online.

Only later did we discover that they came from a sports direct trading company – a firm of dubious nature although such name was not who they where purchased from.

I was not bothered by this and  it must be said that the sports direct management are rather clever at protecting that brand name for price and clearing old stock via another so it appears that this monster of retailing is probably something we all interact with after all even firms like harrods do not make shoes and probably there stock also too comes from this leisure goods companies warehouses at some point.

That makes the ethics a moot point

Another bad example is if your having chicken for food at some point today did it come from a certain factory in Wolverhampton* ?

It appears that they [sd] have made an effort to be more humane recently after there procedures got unwanted attention but it is strange where america might celebrate say amazon (my blog) us english see the worst in home grown ecommerce.

Point made.

*two sisters – perhaps a bad example.

The talos principle

Is a game that i bought at a great price compared to what it normally costs.  Its premise seems a bit perverse to my brain but like portal (my blog) its puzzles.which are less absolute than the portal series.

It has imagery like this to your left and makes me think.  Some aspects look a little dated but the 2031 date thing is a good catch if your in the know. If you dont then it does not matter.

Some puzzles are infuriating and thoughtful where a virtual you and real you have to work together which is pretty unique for a game – kind of like a macro or script.  Once you get the hang of things it gets clever. fast, i loathe the mines and there timing something best played sober

The double you levels  is hard – this was my portal2 lift shaft moment.  Resetting is a problem through say you need a thing and get it, but then reset or die the item is then gone. – repetition is the only way or a one time run through a level which tells more about a game played by others before rather than a first time.

Screen dumps where a  mystery as they should work but do not i have no idea how i got the one above you on the right.  It is easier in portal also there is no level editor for linux so if your restricted to crappy operating systems and other peoples challenges if that is your cup of tea. It will lose a banana for that for the sync problem – they do exist but its a config problem

Somehow i was unable to do one star level on my first attempt although i did the puzzle dispensers thing first that may have been an procedural issue on my part and although one of three endings the atheist ending is the one I went with – quite how being with the voice in the sky [ remembered by whom?] or a messenger (a elderly version of you) is progress seems a failure but the philosophy was beyond me.

Since most religious people (my blog) are deranged  It is interesting to see how others think.

Bug wise i appeared to turn off the audio diaries at some point so the game appears to be prescriptive on the choices you make not that i cared for the achievement graphic (by blog).  Another issue [fixed by going back a revision]s was i dropped a box over a wall that i needed to stand on.   ..

I also got the ghenna dlc for a cheap price as welll so that will no doubt get a mention at some point.

4/5 bananas  – an entertaining way to spend seventy hours

tls renewal time from the last time i did them

It was tls renewal time once again in the past so i decided to switch suppliers (my third) and go for sslmate after all i you find horrible holes in systemd then you need to be rewarded.  I had no idea what i was letting myself in for but in fact it is way better than letsencrypt (my blog) as it uses email contacts instead of some shit http server to validate.

This is paid for rather than ‘free’ and the sslmate does work nicely as a cli although dont ask it to make a postfix tls instance.  If you use microsoft windows then your not intelligent enough imho.

Once you have an account (a website job) and the software you just ask for mail10.zoo1 and it creates the csr and once validated by the carbon based unit it takes the money and deposits four files on your computer.

Being weird i use mail10.zoo1 for email tls and generally know what i am supposed to be doing but it should work as a www thing if your average.

babymemeComodo issue the certificates and most of my changes worked on the first attempt. Comodo’s new owner is an issue.

That’s basic usage for one host.  You can also specify a spending limit per day so if you have issues like that then a low amount means your get an email saying so.

I need multi host ssl for .zoo and they offer it at a most reasonable price so .zoo and mail10.zoo will all be covered with tls.  Doing this with other resellers would mean an expensive wildcard cert that would unused or two standard ssl certs and while it is not that hard i want something better.

Multi host as an experiment did not work the way i expected and the firm did not respond to my email.  However i have enough brains to work around the issue.

Generally i can do dane (my blog) and so website ssl but only on http://www.zoo not .zoo. it was not worth the extra money to add it but config wise with the extra hosts in the certificate it makes hashing of tlsa easy.

Next year i do not see much point in long term certs as things change say sha1 replaced with 256 so at some point your going to replace the cert with a new one but new hash.   Its still work.

I was able to get a cert and the chain files and adjust configs rather than be inflicted with apache configs and unknown postfix something that other things insist on fixing despite me knowing what i am doing.

Would i do it again – individual is cheaper and perhaps worth setting up say www. and *.zoo so this is not a total waste of time one i will put down to experience despite wasting http://www.mail10.zoo as an unused address.

The more complex the cli command the less intuitive it becomes and the documentation on the website is lacking but kind of guessable.

Maybe i go for a wildcard ssl next time.

Both times i got a pdf invoice.


Don’t mention the Murdochs…

I read Max Clfford (my blog) has died in prison  While Clifford may have preyed on foolish people with a ‘tale to tell’, the Murdoch family (my blog( paid him what they wanted too.

A value statement of dubious value.

Having himself stated

Every day, every week, every month, a lot of the lies that you see in the newspapers, in the magazines, on television, on the radio, are mine.

Mean the Murdoch family and News international are also partly responsible and not the arbiters of the fourth estate he and others there think they be*, although oddly Murdoch can do no wrong but Clifford could.  Funny that.

*Max Clifford news is ‘fake’