the missing ) duh !

I do not like regex’s but tolerate them and having a regex that should output but does not is infuriating.

It was not essential in the scheme of things but needed doing so one day a week later i checked my regex which did work and then thought about  why it was not working on deep ape reflection i discovered

the bracket. – I only saw one not two. – it then worked



The monkey houses new barbecue.

The alpha ape decided our bbq (my blog) was not in a good condition,, as it used three days a week for six months  even in the rain it is an item that is used rather than a once a year object.

In the winter it is stored and protected by plastic inside as well as outside so the metal does corrode to much.

It is also a bit of a frankenstein contraption with older bbq’s racks and thermometers and covers so its older than it looks.

I tried to order one but that was not in stock on line a tale for another time, so we went shopping for one which was cheaper.

It is a large unit  but not difficult to install since it had most of the internals assembled already and was a case of building a frame and attaching the frame to the unit.   As non expert installs it went well and in two and bit hours*  we had  a new and working bbq.   It is nice to cook this way in the summer (my blog)


game loot boxes

I do not play any computer games with loot boxes this war of mine is the closest (my blog) i got but horribly broken due to crap dlc which you can think of as a loot box.

No dlc purchased then things do not work it is a horrid experience with adverts.

As a natonstates (my blog) player they occasionally do themed activities and such things for a short period.   If you could pay to get better then i would quit it.

If a computer game is no more than a timer, or unlimited money to win then the triple aaa publishers might as well give it away.  Would you want to buy (or have to) dlc in order to play, or find that a title you liked is not playable because all the online servers have been decommissioned from  a year ago.

As a linux user – that’s unlikely to happen but this experiment in ‘loot boxes’ let me see what you windows users and xbox users endure.  No thanks.

Clamav fixing (but losing yara rules)

Sisyphus is still a role model

In this (my blog) the zoo’s virus scanner went bang , after making backups i and failing to fix it i tried clamav-milter to fix but that sucks iand so  decided to remove all clamav and reinstall – as the unofficial scripts was now in debian i used it instead of the homebrew script i had which has been working until recently.

It respected my groups and did not print messages saying no socket.

I noticed no yara rules on reload and had to force a daily.cvd wget action but in a git repo i am led to believe that they are in the existing files.  Not that we get viruses in the email for this to be a high priority

I am not too concerned with the loss of the yara rules (my blog) and can probably get them back if required and some rulesets where more problematic than others like the javascript interpreter having a function was deemed iffy was cause for quarantine..

I have no idea why it now works  when it did not but reloading everything but the yara setup does so i guess it is a win and a bit more maintainable as i notice it even if the files are /usr/share now opposed to once where they where.

Another anomaly was my altered systemd file did not change to the debian default after deinstalling and installing mind you since mine is better its not a issue.    I also adjusted the cron job timing as its not that important.

bbc pro copyright (free for them) but odd fud

The bbc is still pro licence fee and copyright – in fact any descendants of hitler can probably claim the copyright royalties from the 1939-45 war of who George Orwell even wrote about the bbc collecting statistics of use just in case.

Rupert Murdoch (my blog) who is a copyright abuser is a strange bed fellow for the bbc to be working for with fake products as it looked like a third china shift was making ‘counterfeit’ products from the same factory as where murdoch buys them..

I am sure Murdochs purchasing of stuff here is also at fault but when the bbc and murdoch fud together then you cannot trust them on any copyright law.

Quite why the bbc  gets free copyright but nobody else can claim it shows another side where the issue is clouded by who owns that twitter/facebook image or words so the bbc is being unethical mind you with the eu also attempting the taxing url links (not here) and the bbc friends with them it seems unethical is the way to go

Shady and crooked seems a good description.

Shareholder registars employ retard genuises

One ape has shares (my blog) and with a change of domain required*  it meant updating and a letter with a code to unlock the rest of the unneeded features, being the ape had a number of different shares they have no idea what share the code is for.

Technically this is angels dancing on a pinhead until the right account is used so this could go on for weeks and weeks before they get one right along with letters saying the account was accessed wrongly.

Sisyphus is still a role model

If only they put the name of share firm on the letter.

Somehow that code will never be entered i think.   Making electronic shareholder communication irrelevant.

Mind you those three companies that do shareholder services still manage to get there email classed as spam, so email gets nulled.

Special people sigh

*more at another date.

the summer climate

Yeah its the tempest

As an expatriate Rwandan hill ape 23 centigrade is a nice temperature but here in the zoo it is strange that after a spell of good weather 23c feels cold at night.

This is not a complaint, it will soon be cold and the rain will come but it is strange how we perceive ‘nice’ after a time.

I do not object to the british climate.


Mating season in Wimbledon

Just before i pressed the netflix button this week (i am really up to date for a change) I noticed that the tennis was on, although with a bottleneck of other sports events** on at the same time i wonder if its appeal is limited now.

The females on or off drugs (my blog) where doing the usual grunting (my blog).

The united kingdoms only hope* quit before it started so it seems tennis is a minority interest sport. Funny that.

*-scottish ** the kgb has yet to round up or hospitalize the england football team.