clownbootBananas is not a fan of amazon (my blog), although they did put a rocket under the arse of libraries and bookshops for the betterment of all. However i decided i needed something (non book) and they had something that was a third of the price in retail shops.

So i had to remember my account and reset the password and buy the item. It needs batteries which the zoo does not have, i bought rechargeable ones which fit with the battery re-charging thing (free) whom came from somebody else a very long time ago when i replaced some dect phone batteries and did not need to use as the phones.charge the batteries.

Neither items came from a amazon warehouse . I may not have it ‘now’ but since i have been looking for months for a specific item and it can wait.

Since i don’t buy stuff from them regularly i am glad amazon exists but it appears amazon is not what it once was, any retailer complaining about them is out of touch.  This is not a compliant but an observation.


The bank that does not do a lot (co-op) or outsourcing



If you cast your mind back you may remember Rev end Paul Flowers, (my blog) his cocaine habit and the rent boy (s) and despite that was in charge of the co-op bank in the UK, despite its left wing bias* its still a bank which is quite an achievement..

If you can get your head around those facts, bankers ok to do drugs, but the priest in charge of a bank, is a good start – your position on the rent boy is something that may depend on where you live (my blog).

News (bbc) reaches the monkey house that the bank is once again is up for sale after another bank** could not sort out the problems so here is what surprised me was this – Quote

Separately, it says it has resolved a key contractual differences with Capita.

Western Mortgage Services, part of Capita, will continue to provide mortgage administration services and new mortgage application processing for the bank and its clients.

Anyhow while outsourcing is not new i am wondering what the staff at the co-op bank did all day it sounds like not much but as most of the problems reported stemmed from there purchase of a building society (not a bank) i guess living the high life means somebody else did the work and damm the numbers as the rent boy comes at 17:30..

A while back there was news story about a child criminal in the uk who got caught after a crime spree and the judge person asked what he wanted to do – his answer was a banker..

Unfortunately i cannot find the item (ret-conned) from the bbc but i do remember laughing at the brazen honesty of the lad from melton mowbray or some place that while crime did not pay banking did.

Bankers and banks come with a perceived image of maths when most of the work is office based.   When an outsourcer runs so much of a bank i wonder if the magic of banking is an illusion.   If i where so inclined it appears that setting up a bank is not as complex as it once was.

*It also trusted trade unions with massive overdrafts ** probably not there fault and this is a bank trying to doi the right thing opposed to say rbs (my blog).

end of the road for the non duplex printer?

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Bananas turned on the printer this week, first job was a report a computer made – it went on and on and on.  In email it looked small.

The second was a list of bad urls and that too ran out of paper before i cancelled it.  The zoo would love a duplex printer.  Or maybe we are good with what works but limited printing.

I known you can buy duplex things for simplex printers and its on my wishlist for our next non hp printer the zoo buys since hp printers are encumbered with other issues that make them untrustworthy.

Life.  In the meantime i will limit my printing habits.

Discount newspapers and Rupert Murdoch’s poor shareholder return.

The_Sun_(Gotcha)Bananas was in a newsagents one day when the price of newspapers came to my attention.   The price of the monkey houses paper does not change and i know what it costs but if you read a chav newspaper (image to your right) then Murdoch and family varies the price by it seems by 50%.

Being generally unaware and not somebody who thinks good things about the Murdoch family (my blog) this does not concern me but when the human in front of me did not have enough money for a eyesight chart*. The paper was returned unsold.

This i found interesting  that even perhaps a more gullible human found the value proposition a poor one.

So when Murdoch (& family) next complain about newspapers not being profitable remember that he is breaking it not the people who buy it, I could remind you about phone hacking (my blog) and a pay for news culture (my blog) too but i think you know who is the worse offender here after all most of england and wales has yet to hear about watford and olive oil due to his misdeeds as a owner or press baron.

I got our copy of the internation daily bonobo rowandian bush telegraph (a non murdoch paper) and returned back to the zoo however if i was in charge of mergers of television i would make Murdoch and family have to sell tv rights to a new satellite tv operation that he or his family could never own.

*it does look like one

Holocausts and Palestine

Jo McCarthy - man who made china a superpower

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

As time goes by it seems totally ok for a jewish state to exist but not iran, or isis (daesh) upon its establishment.  Daesh [or handmaids tale land] is not a nice place to live but set by a 1948 precedent.

I have been to a concentration camp but it is odd that jews don’t acknowledge that others also suffered and see what they did with america’s help is a model for others to emulate as I write this during a dump your jewish experience in a book via the grandkids and publicised in the newspaper i dont like that I read for new books to read.

I also had an experience with a one jewish commenter here who was bullied by other jews over a perceived wrong view.   She never came back.   Not my problem.

So i dont read those books that validate or promote right wing jewish thinking that could also justify the others i listed above.  I am so glad i dont print jewish books.

kangWhy ? – there is some copyright shenanigans going on with the jewish girl in the attic book set in a european city since it is out of copyright in some regions, apparently yet another version of it is out that has aliens in it who worked with the nazis to discover them  in order to beat copyright.  So i hear.

So the truth to that non fiction could be said to be fiction now, that is if you ignore the censored content that the estates publishers felt not worth publishing for reasons of a party line.

Is public domain that scary for some?

Mind you ‘gaza the holocaust years’ sounds a great line of books  for publishers in the future after all its a proven sales model.

a spotting in the wild. (co hosted with David Attenborough)

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Turn on your crimson forcefield, as shodan (my blog) have moved to fresh scanning pasture.

I was alerted by my cron job with a person pretending to be them does not resolve to address

That’s (who ring a bell my blog) – perhaps there ex hosters now ?

A dig of states.

; <<>> DiG 9.10.3-P4-Debian <<>>
;; ANSWER SECTION: 299    IN      A

picardI suggest a block of too which is a provider called abuse

I am not delisting from the zoo’s firewall hosting shodan is shady to start with.

This has been a public information announcement, nobody wants to be scanned by these scum and villainy be they genuine shodan or fakes.

Have a happy wednesday.  If you work for hello, hope to see you and block more of your ip ranges soon.

Game issues with 32 and 64 bit versions in debian testing

portal2My steam games mostly do not work (my blog) and when i tried a long term beta game (not steam)  it had no sound in and poor resolution in 64 bit and crashed before loading, in 32 bit the game ran but crashed in game.

I deleted my steam client but some fun with the demo of life is strange (which never worked) meant i had to su it and delete weird steam crap

/home/bananas/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Life Is Strange/bin# ls
fontconfig  ??!I@?  ??Q?rA????-???Q?*?P ???20????0???  ???(0?-1???? ?0@??@??!?

Somebody at steam still loves microsoft

Women and the leaky tap

hosepipeOver christmas the monkey house had guests for the day, they naturally got a tour of everything being first time visitors by the older lady apes. One room has a leaky tap and the plug holes where down this met with much disapproval for some strange reason.

Noisy sods it is not like there plumbers

Contactless payments

contactlessI was out and about in the peoples republic of Camdem and i was seven pence short for some purchases of bananas so i used my bank card. To my surprise the contactless thing on it worked where i expected to have to swipe the strip by inserting it into a machine.

tinfoilhatIt was not a shock but quite convenient and i can see why cash machines don’t get the use they once did.

On my list is a rfid blocking wallet device.  Just in case.

London Theatre and monkey rapists

chavAfter last years ‘chav’ experience (my blog) the monkey house will not be visiting London theatres tonight. However i double checked what was on and something on the 28th interested me but that’s two days later.

That left a Shakespeare thing that sounded ‘ok but the other apes would say no’  to or a revisit of mozart but that was sold out already here (my blog) probably months ago by three people and a dog.

That left a Wacko Jacko thing who was a monkey rapist (my blog) or other dead people and remakes of films. Think we can do better than that .

No thanks London theatre.