upgrading python2 to python3

heaven apparently

So my geoip lookups [my blog] where not working properly and partially dumping before moving on.

The script was fine just the input was rejected by the library being wrong something i can rant about here.

Crappy python libraries can be irritating especially if your input is correct but rfc1918 ‘wrong’ .

Anyhow i decided to make the script python3 friendly and found myself a new headache.

  • file gets replaced by open  and file=something issues
  • print is more picky with ()

Somebody has put online a copy of 2to3 a python converter script which sorts out most kinks although probably will not make your python code run as converted.

I am sure i can python like python3 but for now my python remains old school.  Indents can be irritating.

It then took me an hour to figure out the meanings of the issues on the first script and some changes but the script essentially did not alter except for object placement so its quite easy once you know 2to3 wont work out of the box and some objects need help going from 2 to 3.

So its not hard but doable.


we are all going on a cat hunt*

So while i was out and about during covid 19 should you be reading this in the future** a woman shouted if i had seen any cats although i assume not this sort [my blog].

Being sod all traffic and lots of foxes about i bet a fox likes to eat cat when available.

I said no and collected the daily rowandian.  I am afraid to say i have not seen any lycra wearing humans dressed as cats either.  Have you?

If you have then drop a comment

*not to be mistaken for a childrens book which made it to tv and is a christmas thing. **hello you last human

the chaos monster appears

So its early evening and you know it so you like us go find a zoo security office and chill but then a delivery turns up and then some contractors do as well and then there is the aftermath to deal with.

Sometimes you wonder when your day stops why does every-bodies else’s start.  Oh well.

i did’nt do it – where racist cinemas,film reviewers from the msm and metoo collide

Brian Banks [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Brian_Banks_(American_football)] had a film made about his life in democrat controlled California.  Banks may be a name your not familiar with but should be.

I had read about Mr Banks several years ago and while the logic to his methods might be logical on cost issues but to admit to wrong doing when none had occurred was perhaps an idiot move.

I only found that a film had been made about his life which i do wonder in hindsight would it be ever made now being the #meeto movement ? after all no woman would ever make a false allegation

I discovered this from netflix so perhaps cinema owners dont like such content and assuming  that the main stream media did not pick up on this film either perhaps those mainstream media critics are also not worthy of there time as honest or arbiters of film.

Plenty of blame can be laid at the Clintons/democrats door and I wish Mr Banks the best but if you stopped and read the article i do wonder if the left wing state is so hating of black males why then do they keep getting elected.

who happened to make page 15 and 16 of the newspaper.

I read in the daily rowiandian that the clark kent of royalty* only made the back middle of the newspaper than say be front page news.

Since it was of no interest i did not read it but since no news is no publicity i guess that got to be a humiliation if you where once identified as superman.

I have no problems with it but perhaps even less publicity would hurt them even more or even a report after the end of the case being deemed as ‘news’ should have sufficed.

*either wordpress will find the link or your have to search for it.

how dare you not donate to charity businesses

So the corrupt charities are complaining that there six figure salaries are in danger as the uk has stopped giving to charity.

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional charity funded child rapist

Take Vanessa [my blog] and how dare you yes you who is reading this now not help paedophiles, barristers and other nee do wells.

I guess if the west died then  africa too would also die, after all being a billionaire african dictator [my blog] who also runs who [my blog] must mean they have brilliant social welfare systems.

To donate to bananas come and visit us in the zoo which is currently closed –  joke


sinking sinks

Professor told us apes a funny story about a leaky sink that had ‘cracked’ although he and I think user error *  helped it to ‘crack’

It resulted in a lot of bathroom stuff getting chucked that never seemed to have been used so some good came from it

*vigorous cleaning



quiz shows your not supposed to ‘win’.

Years ago a ‘cheat’ on who wants to be a millionaire inspired a film and it was a good one i am surre you have heard of it.  I am sure its since been retold by tv companies many times and yet another retelling by tv companies is now being previewed or so i read in the daily rowandian* .

So i am confused is the tv quiz show as it  is never meant to be won, and if you do win it is a criminal record mandatory afterwards.  In the film imdb: tt0110932 [not a superhero film] it seems cheating was allowed back in the 1950’s.

pandas in prison

If so does it not make all people stupid – for both the television staff and the people who watch them.

It seems as if those who work in tv are bankrupt idea wise and while noteworthy a long time ago perhaps it nullifies that type of ‘entertainment’ .

Perhaps its not a quiz show instead its a crime drama and nobody else has yet cottoned on.

To win a standard prize [and a criminal record] .simply tell me in comments what the film was called.  – enjoy the handcuffs and i do want my used banana skin back.

*not seen