A change of search engine

While google is deciding whether or not to be a social justice company (my blog) i decided to give duck duck go a chance once again and on basic searches seems to past muster.

Not sure if it will pass my esoteric and plain weird linux server messages i occasionally find and want to know more-  but those will happen at some point.

So if you do not trust google others exist some even as untrustworthy (my blog) – our webservers are free of google widgets.

The internet is not google something many of you have forgotten.

‘Premium’ online newpaper thought not fit for a paper newspaper

I unexpectedly selected a a url that i do not visit that often in my browser for the bush telegraph (my blog) one ‘premium’ link i noted was an opinion piece that i have not seen deemed worthy of printing by whoever puts the paper newspaper together.

I do not care as to whether i see it or not since it s just one persons view and lets face it opinion is not news although these newspaper types think opinion is the be all and end all be left or right perspective. If that is what goes for online content then it is not worthy of being read being paid content as clearly it did not make it to the paper newspaper at all.

Yeah its the tempest

You could argue it is bonus content but quantity is not quality. So what it is still an unknown quantity.


the monkey house painting adventure

The monkey house had the painters in and some paint got spilled, i was put in charge on the hose pipe on the strict instructions of the alpha here in the zoo.

A hour later spiders webs where decorated white. but most of the spill was gone.  I think that means i can be called a interior designer for spiders.

If you know any spiders who are in need of web design* then i am your ape.

*not html et al in this case

The second stomach

Professor (my blog) had a ‘quick’ surgery to remove something in a leg and ‘quick” sort of became over an hour to remove said object professors other half tells us. He is not eating after a week which makes us wonder if a second stomach is located in the leg.

I know such a thing does not exist but it does make you wonder

Anyhow if professor sees this get well soon.


New cars of 2017 ‘radios’

Professor finally got his virtual renault (my blog) and us apes got to explore the car of 2017 (my blog) at a later date.  It appears futuristic with built in stuff looking like a prelude to driverless cars and is apparently 85% recyclable although i am sure those scrap metal dealers who dismember broken* cars can do better..

The radio which came with the car and not specified by prof or his significant other is usb port ready but has no hole for ‘compact’ disks. The radio is not a radio but a car computer instead that connects with mobile phones and knows where you also want go if you do not how to.

Since the english drive on the wrong side of the road some of the buttons seem in the wrong location but this brain is well thought out as we apes planned a trip to whipsnade zoo for professor..

Professor is not into music compact disks but this cars choice means it is not going to be popular format for long.  I wonder how long progress was held up by th riaa and others faring piracy perhaps music as a file is now seen as a resale rather than threat – there a bit slow the music industry.  Anybody need a usb drive ? it does not play ogg files for some reason.

I actually used a compact disk for a small backup the other day that too was a rare occurrence..

*door cards, replacement seats, grills, bonnets etc.

The wisdom of crowds goes missing

Telephones are the bane of my existence – and i now know more about telephones than i ever kind of desired to know.

The rule of interconnecting any telephones together appears to be a lost art and something the phone company does , Panasonic after two telephone lines told me only there phones work only with other panasonic phones omitting the fact from the crap paper instructions with the wrong phone number on as well.

So it on to pastures new something else i given wrong info on.

Then i had a question a dect repeater of which some idiot who had not a fucking clue what repeater is.

After scouring several web sites i think i can inter connect things but compromises are needed by the zoo.

I am beginning to see why people hate landlines, although i do acknowledge that mobile phones can be lacking in in built up areas and so as they stand are not replacement.

I am sure something else will mean i have to replace the lot. and give me a headache and further complaints from the monkey bouse.   Yeah I love telephones.

opendnssec daemon

opendnssec is a daemon that automatically signs dnssec  zones

the man who became a pig

the man who became a pig

Its a pig, but after some mass printing of pdfs and seemingly billions of google searches..

in /etc/softhsm you need to run some commands to initialise the database but in debian there is a typo /var/car so that will break everything.

I also added opendnssec user and grouip as xml syntax in the /etc/opendnssec/conf.xml

However i was still getting rights issues from the ods contol program with softhsm.conf, so i edited group and gave softhsm and opendnssec rights to each other, then that seemed to pass opendnssec’s tests.

I have one zoo setup and opendnssec actually still did not do key rollover

Once again it seems the stable version might compile but will not work doing what it is supposed to do.  Maybe in anoother three years this thing might work but i doubt it.

no it is a very readable book – sigh

Bananas reads more than a paperback a year and occasionally after reading a book from a library i occasionally will recommend that the alpha reads it as well.

My best for a book is a one pass read so within 24 hours it is returned, the book in question took me three days and as the weeks past it was only in the last week that the alpha started it.

I can be unconventional but i do not recommend books to the monkey very often.


The regular 8am pinot grigio white wine drinker near the zoo.

Near the zoo is a quiet street where somebody always appears to leave an empty bottle of pinot grigo white wine bootle [clear], its a regular occurrence and this bottle always has it’s cap screwed back on.

Oddly the bottle appears around 8am (my blog) on a weekday until the bottle is disposed of by some local citizen or us apes in the proper place should some of us be mingling with the citizenry of Camdem later on.  I think about it and find it funny as clearly somebody does put the cap on the bottle and does not break it before leaving it in the same place week after week.

Wine at 8am is a lifestyle choice not even bananas in the falklands thinks suitable or sustainable in 2017 however if i lived in a time where water kills (my blogs) maybe i would join them being it is processed rather than an unknown quantity.

Anyhow if your that person that leaves empty bottles of pinot grigo about you intrigue us apes since we have yet to meet..I mean it makes us wonder at humanity – it appears not to be homeless humann either.