Netflix religous bullshit ahoy

Since it is supposed to be easter* here lets go have a look a weirdos who believe in a odd world view and what’s on netflix (my blog) for these crazy people.  The title below is kind of known to you either as a book or tv.

If i was being uncharitable one might describe the film below as a chic flick.    For those of you who keep up to date it seems such films are to be banned from the streaming service.

The red tent

imdb: tt3068894 was a view here in the monkey house I was a little confused by its old testament vibe with new testament attitudes dealing with those famous handmaidens (my blog).

Made in 2014 it seems many religious apologists would happily go along with such thinking even today.

Anyhow enough of those gender separating sharing people i think and i am not speaking of mormons (my blog) whom also do this stuff. Utah is a government welfare queen state

I suppose this is an apologists version of the Attwood book.  Still creepy.

*it always seems to move for reasons best known to crazy people

Samsung and the lost free email address

A zoo guest broke an older android samsung tablet, bought another and then demanded it be connected to the monkey houses wifi.  – we obliged

So i got the tale that her new email address had to change since her last one was borked by the defective tablet and apparently nobody could restore it to the new one despite attempts by younger members of her family to transfer it – i was not involved.

I do hope gmail does not run out of email addresses in the way samsung and end users treat it.   Quite what means for social media and marketing is also bad news

Since the device was deemed dead it appears that transferring stuff from one old tablet to another is a lost skill for the average person.  Anyhow that seems to be the disposable culture of android also translated to ‘data’

Not sure many will like that after all is she a new user of the same web thingys or a old returning one.   Leave your thoughts below.

amazon music

london stab proof ear defenders

Came with prime (my blog) so i found my summer weight bluetooth things * attached them to my ears and streamed stuff.

Quality wise it worked well and on linux so the drm is not just for windoze users.

  • Mozart on cd streamed sounded awful – my recording is better and i am not an audiophile who buys special $1000 cables (my blog).
  • More (but not a lot of) Brian Eno (my blog) who is always out of stock on his website – i guess you cannot buy his records in any form.
  • I did not listen to popular songs – can’t judge that there is a lot of it
  • I kind of enjoyed Suzzane Vega’s stage thing (my blog) but would not buy it and if i did it would not be direct from amazon – making prime less economic as well.
  • There are some artists i got a better sample of there work – no new favourites
  • Lacking in areas like Philip Glass (my blog).
  • There curated lists and well known jazz seem quite well put together.

The music thing is only part of the content  but i found nothing deemed worthy of paying for on top of.    I am wary that mp3’s wont play and dont wish to deal with idiots who say it works on windoze  only and they have to exist in amazon.

I was entertained for a day during the trial but was not appealing enough to continue with (my blog) after all i did not want prime to start with

I guess if you like autotuned made for tv talent show music (my blog) and ed sheeran  it is probably a good idea but here since i dont like that stuff you know what i think about prime music

If you love Ed Sheeran  then tell me why below, as usual i offer a used banana skin for the best comment which you can collect from the zoo here at the monkey house.

*i have a wired pair that are good in the winter [warmer]

“PARDON”, or galactic background noise.

galactic background noise.

The security office tv was beginning to play up and even radio sounded like universe had just big banged once again where once there was radio station all there be was hiss.

Then the  crappier tv channels started pixelating weeks before , then the other medium strength dvb signals (my blog) went and then nothing was seen.  Even the fm signal disappeared and as most dab radios (my blog) are shit that would have gone even earlier.

So being a responsible ape I  found our spare signal booster and called a professional being I did not have the right connectors being different to what was there..

It is nice to be able to listen to radio without being very loud as the signal strength was diminished.  To be honest it gives a good idea of value of television when your booster/multiplexor begins to die..


Music – reinterpreted.

I am not a great fan of music  i like wordy songs (my blog) and well performed and thought out. (my blog)

I notice that many songs [four] i like from the 1980’s have been recovered by now famous  acts some famed for controversy or a rehash of the 1970’s satan is on all vinyl heavy metal records played backwards (as one does) type controversy .

The modern sound quality was poor compared to the 1980’s version even by my ears which i rate as poor unless your listening to native ape langauge.

A cover can be an acknowledgement of a great sound and can not be beaten.

Perhaps i have great taste in music but not in what new people do to it.

a womans place is in the kitchen- bbc ‘diversity and stuff’ gone wrong ?

While i am a genius making banana smoothies (my blog)  I am no potty mouth chef who apparently runs  award winning restaurants but is more likely to be seen on tv selling pre made gravy or cruise ships or jollying it up discovering world food of which the bbc might also be accused of cultural imperialism*.

So i am not sure if this bbc thing is a good thing for women and sjw’s  or not.   If equality means all can do it does this men should be banned from kitchens ?  or jim crow segregation.

I love this triumph of doublespeak so does this mean kitchens are ‘safe spaces’  and men should be denied access to this place?  I do wonder what your first and second wave feminist would think of such a regressive move.

Since the winner is white as well it seems the bbc is still racist and some bonus kinds of ‘phobic’ how dare no tranny has won it.

At least the sjws & npc’s are dismantling the concept  of equality like these people (my blog).

*how dare your pizza not be made by an Italian logic.

Paedophile crowd funders

Michael Jackon bubbles monkey rapist

While reading the daily rwandian i read that a man who changed his name to Michael Jackson (my blog) now wants his non paedophile name back.   I must admit i laughed at John Lomas who perhaps should have taken the hint a few years ago my blog) but did not.

Perhaps thats a career that going nowhere fast and not the result of automation.

Oh well perhaps sanity has set in. I must admit hiring a wacko jacko performer has not been a priority here in the monkey house for at least two decades.

pi-hole revisited

I think i have mentioned (my blog) it before and i decided one sunday to rethink a few things, now owning a pi (mu blog) i decided to install it on iit

Being more complex than the average user  [the pi does other things as well] i had to make an new ethernet interface and point the inerface at that rather than what already existed, then i had a problem with load order but once a resolver is active the module does its stuff.

Then i plugged it into a dns dhcp slot and  all was well with the universe and also less gdpr (my blog) -ish.

Problem wise google is an issue with the shopping links which do not go direct to ecommerce sites.   Not a major issue but something easily fixed if it bothers you.

Its blocking 8% of requests in two days so it may make your life better.

Not breaking kitchen equipment.


The monkey houses food preparation area has an extractor fan which when i tried it did not work, some late night troubleshooting failed to spot a simple problem and so next morning i told the tribe.  Eventually I discovered that the fuse isolation (my blog) was turned off by somebody else, and turning it on the fan worked as normal.


The monkey houses kettle was also playing up until a zoo staff member decided to check if it was properly plugged in. Happens to me too (my blog) at least i fix things that others do not.