plug size bingo

Plugs are annoying i have a euro plug adapter that would work 220 -240 range will not fit because of the moulding of the plastic

version 1

The english plugs need help too depending upon the brick size  Plugs have become the adult version of fit the shape in to the hole toddler toys,

Oh well it keeps me in practice.

post-it notes

The zoo bought something and it came with complimentary post it notes for some reason.  I did not particularly like this item. So i have the name of this firm who makes this shit product on my zoo desk.

Not the thing you probably want if you hate them.  Oh well  hope they enjoy my ‘goodwill’

Current affairs going nowhere you will have to excuse my lack of interest in them, post it notes ist the best your going to get today.

the electric hover

The zoo’s elderly hoover (my blog) died and one day a replacement turned up being a lot more modern than plug version  which stopped working.

Its a lot nicer being battery powered and less heavy (not a dyson)  being there’s no motor and twenty metres of cable inside it.

I had been looking at these devices but the one supplied seems simple but apart from the brand name it was not one i recognised but it seems to able to do what the more expensive ones can do minus  a few nozzles.

So it might be that those larger machines are not needed.

Hive fixed there ethernet problem

Hive (my blog) had an issue that the heating controller would only work on a Ethernet port direct to a router not via a switch to a router


While experimenting with cables recently i discovered that it would now work connected to a switch via  the router.

While this might sound  ‘so what’ at least it is a kind of progress,  they also crippled the unit by supplying a 100mb cable not that i doubt gigabytes of data would ever be sent via it  but who knows with the nsa and gchq (my blog) on the prowl.

I personally feel safer that the hive controller is on  another bit of equipment rather than plugged directly into a router which nost people probably do.

Anyhow tin foil remains in fashion here in the monkey house.  More recently i discovered that i  was also very trendy because of some plants that once again are in fashion.

So better start wearing tin foil hats.  I am stylish after all – more style guru tips tomorrow.

google mail everywhere ‘sigh’ an european commision problem – lol

I like email servers but notice that everybody appears to rely on google. Sure they have a url like brainylondonzooapes.tld and also a gmail address rather than use brainylondonzooapes.tld.  Oh well.

Newspapers** also use google for email so it is not unthinkable that if you bring down google then email would be in a very sorry state.   It is kind of ironic that the European union thinks anybody with a gmail account is a sock puppet. for google   Its a shame they have not heard of the zebras (my blog*)

Cloud email has its dangers for instance australian traffic can be forced to be decrypted something our msm comrades don’t seem to mind about after all nobody spies on the journalists do they.

I know why i use google since if used my isp’s email if i leave it is a barrier to entry thus defeating competition strategy in economics ,  I am quite sure any criticism of the eu (my blog) would mean they could soon also call my email domain here in the zoo  and isp email a sock puppet too.

Apparently email must have a country code in (my blog) and how dare you use an non eu domain to email the european union.   I knew it i must be an employee of an american internet giant****

european parliament retard

I know why europe is not an internet powerhouse the politicians hate it. Yes there are isps but google is american.  I mean how dare the eu allow nokia to be sold to the american’s and force us to use android or that cult of religion phones.

Its rather odd also that no decent email service is designed  and operated in the eu too.

All mobile phone users must be sock puppets as well on that eu logic.  Mind you us plebs not in control must be idiots by not using an eu made phone and operating system***.

How dare you criticise the eu i mean you must be a idiot (not here)

but had become mindless zombies hypnotized by an insidious Google campaign

*which was suspended **newspaper firms hate google.  *** do not exist *** it must be true, it has to be true.

on disgusting beer

We apes here in the zoo enjoy a glass of beer after a trying day and the apes dustable (my blog) know this however instead of normal beer they got us alcopop* beer for christmas.

It was red so something made out of a red grape and slightly bitter**. compared to normal beer it is pretty disgusting.  Reasoning aside its going to be a very long time before it is going to get drunk.

Sometimes i wish the bush telegraph would not divulge information that can fuck up the rest of the year.

*chocolate and vodka, you get the idea ** I have drunk soft drinks that tasted better.

government high quality photograph civil servant code speak deciphered.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

I was asked to take some photos for a passport application and once supplied with the equipment i did so but the government did not like the cameras low quality picture settings,  it came coming up with the bullshit reason ‘cannot see eyes’, or picture is in ‘black and white’ rather than your camera settings are bloody awful in our opinion and try again you moron.

Finding a blank wall was a fun challenge too.

Eventually i cotton on that the camera settings are not government happy and fiddle and change the size to megabytes per photo (expandable to A0 size) and boom the picture is accepted while it loaded up.

It would nice if governments would make there bloody minds up if they want massive amounts of data or minimal data (my blog).  Its a guessing game.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Anyhow i better start learning how to read tea leaves, its a sort of skill set and based on the guess the problem above should help everybody figure out civil servant speak.

Once loaded without ‘computer says no’ professor was happy and i went about entertaining zoo guests once more.

This also meant no visit to a high street (my blog) for overpriced Polaroids which i bet the government dislikes a lot now.  I wonder how long those cameras used will be de-approved  by the civil servants.

gilets jaunes invade my Camdem library

gilets jaunes although common in france recently took a day trip to my library, it was amusing for me as these school children (my blog)in there yellow vest outfits* where supplied by the government.

gilets jaunes also have these and are paid for as part of safety kit for cars i think the renault (my blog) came with some new.  Professor has some and you can buy them in ikea otherwise some nice french policemen will fine** you if your car breaks down  with out them being french.

Alas there was no fire or riot police but apparently the childrens book’s where very misfiled today.  The anarchy of it was perhaps too much for the library staff.

Anyhow i got my book and returned back to the zoo.  I am sure there is a french bureaucrat (my blog) wondering why the hell his heath and safety thing became a challenge to his job.   Somehow i think that rather backfired*** on those who rule

If you thought libraries are boring think again.

*dont run them over. **or amputate four fingers with a grenade and rubber bullets *** see **