a womans place is in the kitchen- bbc ‘diversity and stuff’ gone wrong ?

While i am a genius making banana smoothies (my blog)  I am no potty mouth chef who apparently runs  award winning restaurants but is more likely to be seen on tv selling pre made gravy or cruise ships or jollying it up discovering world food of which the bbc might also be accused of cultural imperialism*.

So i am not sure if this bbc thing is a good thing for women and sjw’s  or not.   If equality means all can do it does this men should be banned from kitchens ?  or jim crow segregation.

I love this triumph of doublespeak so does this mean kitchens are ‘safe spaces’  and men should be denied access to this place?  I do wonder what your first and second wave feminist would think of such a regressive move.

Since the winner is white as well it seems the bbc is still racist and some bonus kinds of ‘phobic’ how dare no tranny has won it.

At least the sjws & npc’s are dismantling the concept  of equality like these people (my blog).

*how dare your pizza not be made by an Italian logic.

zero k,Don Delillo

isbn: 9781509822850 was something i looked up years ago found it was not available in my library but amazon remembered it,* so i looked for it in the library and they had it.

Eventually being not local it arrived and it rather bored me being a clone of Ubik a book by Phillip K Dick.   But snobby book journalists can be excused about knowing about genre after all if Margaret Attwood can be ignored for years until a real ‘literary’ book.

Then its not just me.

No banana rating.

*amazon do the lookups in the library.

Just left wing race baiting journalist click bait nothing serious.

While doing this (my blog) i checked some sjw site and came across this click bait.

I screen capped it and hope it can prove to you that the mainstream media is not worth paying for (my blog).

In context it is dealing with this source (my blog). I did not read the click bait.

So perhaps there value is nothing, it is an interesting lesson that perhaps writing about banal stuff has a value of zero after all if i can write about the stuff seven years ago and only now is it shill media friendly then perhaps i have something that idiots do not have.

How dare somebody not have the correct ultra left wing journalist group  think view – upsetting msm journalist’s must be a crime where the death penalty or perhaps assaulted with a bicycle chain* is the  solution here.    After all its just fiction,

*search for eric clanton

Cultural marxists and the wasteland of nerdy s/f sites

Once upon a time there was ape called bananas who visited geeky websites.

Then it stopped but i suppose being ‘deplorable’ in the eyes of the left meant it did not matter, I mean if black panther is a film pro racial segregation and applauded for it by the left wing i am glad i have not seen it after all apparently only ‘black’ people could see it according to these people.

My views on dr who (who*) also mean i what they like i can not be bothered about it, same goes for there venereal disease (my blog), As to Disney and star wars well i am about three films behind and there not in cinemas to be seen if your a shareholder then take note.

These left leaning people seem to have pay satellite tv but don’t have netflix subscriptions since the zoo hates Murdoch (my blog) this is another gap between them and us in  the monkey  house.

I also like japanese anime and that is totally missing – for instance if I find a list of new things on netflix by the msm many of the titles i binge (my blog) are not even mentioned.   I am often surprised to discover that geek only now means hollywood made according to these people – yellow journalism (not here) ?

I am often surprised to find something amazing that no left wing journalist with a degree in womens studies deems worthy.  I am not a  review site but what the hell do those sjws/npc’s do all day.

So the trends here include wamin (mary sues) , race segregation and anything made by rupert murdoch and family  is fine.

That appears to miss a lot of things out. Mind you perhaps things of a science fiction nature can be deemed so if they have the correct gender and race politics in them by paid shills.

Perhaps this is why they fail

I mean it has no relevance unless your an sjw/npc.

Is life bad without these useless people no, do i miss not having seen star wars tec, no.  You get my point.

*not a joke

Preachy Davos

We apes here in the zoo are not davos delegates but listening to baldy and twenty six trips to the Antarctic veteran makes it sound like a dogma opposed to people with a sense of time (my blog).

While the left wing media probably think this good think despite them being toxic white males  it probably indicates that unless your an a lister Davos probably is not worth the time.

While being green is good, instead of offering solutions it comes across as i know best and who cares how to fix it.

apple hacked by nsa most probable.

Apparently while  the victim used an apple watch.  There are several options either

  • the watch was recovered, (no body was)
  • some saudi arabian embassy employee recorded it and leaked it.
  • somebody in the mainstream media was cc’ed and forwarded it to them but decided not to get the exclusive.
  • the nsa has a backdoor in all apple products

Perhaps it was unwise of the state to tell you (my blog) that your apple device is part of the five eyes network.   Its also revealing the mainstream media do not make more of this.

One is possible however assuming the body is in Saudi Arabia doubtful consider this began in Turkey how did the watch return to Turkey, two unlikely [unreliable], three seems possible but spineless that scoop would have been well valuable and four seems most confident  to me

Make of that what you will.


npc bbc ‘news’

So today the wamin at the bbc have great news for us all.

Amputate yourself is the message, below it also a hit piece on non friendly media firms how dare they.

Not sjw enough for you do not fear – there is advice to find lesbian pole dancing club , no swallowing and the very important news that a superhero has super crutches.

Up the women !