fake news or politics power over the msm?

Honestly this is mad – after the media accusing everybody but not them of fake news they then report on fiction.

Is this politics or a media bubble where two types of people who hate each other only need each other ? should you not be a important politician writing fiction or card carrying journalist reporting fiction then your news is fake.

The issue is moot but when politicians need billionaires (my blog)  i wonder.  Is government as a concept broken.

the bbc make another guilty by default

What does Cliff Richard and Jamie Acourt have in common ? apparently both where guilty in the eyes of the bbc.

I suspect the bbc  has an previous reason to not like Cliffs (my blog) new chum, and i have no idea if the allegation old or new is true    If you have a inquiring mind you might associate drugs with the first case mentioned which would make the unsolved case a a little less noble*if you think like the bbc but the bbc must be right as it was was with Cliff – alas that too was an allegation.

I see bbc diversity (my blog) also here for the bbc seem to have convicted this suspect twice something the legal process has yet to prove.

I do not live in south london but it seems like the wise bbc know better than the legal profession and the raciist police who obviously screwed up the bbc narrative  but hey the bbc is not really known these days for being unbiased.(my blog).

If the bbc wishes to have a make believe reality then it should be careful because if the facts fit then more legal costs will be incurred by them and they cease to become reporters but fiction writers.    Licence payers love paying for lawyers.

*criminals cannot use the law against each other since the crime was illegal logic


My head hurts

Compliments of the sjw’s at the guardian.

But what can fruitarians do ? how dare they not consider Vegans too These racist journalist sjws do make me laugh.  – i did not click the clickbait but here is what i think a vegetarian game would look like

It would be called ‘rspca pet genocide*’ where hordes of vegetarians go around killing pets including dogs and cats on the streets because they eat meat.  Once you win  you move on farmers assets for that is the end game of the vegetarian.

*they already do that (my blog)

Darren Osborne and his bbc influencers that ahem we wont mention…

Darren Osborne is the man who scared a few muslims when he rented a van and drove into a few of them like they have also done* he also picked a place with a bad reputation for jihad one of whom is in prison in the us for being an accomplice (my blog) to 9/11.

He was apparently mainly influenced by the bbc when then did this (my blog) which the better story is to be found here (my blog) I never saw the bbc thing. The bbc which does not radicalise anybody soon omitted this and blamed far right and the internet  – like our children’s party entertainer prime minister after all right wingers must be nazis according to sjw logic (my blog).

It will be interesting to see how the bbc responds to this one person radicalised people charge – i guess no more mainstream news crime stories from northern towns or dramas regardless of reality.

What the result of this will be on the mainstream media is something i can guess but will hurt them in the future.   Not my problem but fake news might be something you begin to accuse the bbc of.

Osborne was a force that responded to and met an growing islamic threat, and hopefully will remind the Saudi paymasters of terror** that monkey see monkey do. Learning from saudi’s was educational for him and while some might consider him a hero he certainly reminded a lot of people of what kills us kills you as well.

*here’s some we did earlier – london, manchester, ** Pakistan and worldwide

Spoon fed media journalism



Bananas was reading one of those light content websites when an under the radar thing caught all of these ‘journalists’ off guard.

If i was nice i would say that there not very good at there job, being nasty i would say they are spoon fed this stuff so there not journalists but doing product placement instead.

I naturally wont tell what it was for reasons you can think about.  Um when did ‘news’ become product placement ?

‘Premium’ online newpaper thought not fit for a paper newspaper

I unexpectedly selected a a url that i do not visit that often in my browser for the bush telegraph (my blog) one ‘premium’ link i noted was an opinion piece that i have not seen deemed worthy of printing by whoever puts the paper newspaper together.

I do not care as to whether i see it or not since it s just one persons view and lets face it opinion is not news although these newspaper types think opinion is the be all and end all be left or right perspective. If that is what goes for online content then it is not worthy of being read being paid content as clearly it did not make it to the paper newspaper at all.

Yeah its the tempest

You could argue it is bonus content but quantity is not quality. So what it is still an unknown quantity.


sjw entertainment ‘journalists’

gawker journalist

Death note is a japan thing that has been done to my knowledge as manga,film, (twice?),anime,television series so it;s been done many times does it need another well appparently it did.

The sjw (my blog) among the website ‘news’ sites seem to ignore that fact which can also be googled but was not and they still take offense at that something got changed because you know you could probably make a film of all those prior versions and still be bored that nothing is different.

Death note is something the tv and film industry likes as it has prior form with and it is boring to me not because of the concept but i have seen a couple of those interpretations at some point.

As to sjw’s there opinion is useless and if they cannot search or see the irony in what they ‘want’ then clickbait is a pretty good definition of there scribbling.

I did not click on the drivel that the sjw writer wrote or watch the fourth or fifth incarnation of the item which shows a lack of risk taking with the film and television industry something also not picked up on by those strange people.

No surprise there.

‘independent’ press vs billionaires

monwashThe press is a strange beast (my blog) when its not attacking billionaires or being run by them which might explain why Elton John and his family sized olive oil container does not see a lot of press attention.

So i was reading a website with an article with amazon partner clicks for products thought specific, one book i noted as new was its last ever mention on  the site despite being noted as interesting.

Some weeks passed and i obtained the book from a library, still not a mention of the authors new book on the website.  So despite using a library i am either fast off the mark, or the press site was more interested in amazon commissions.

Michael Jackson bubbles monkey rapist

I have a hunch.that the amazon thing trumps reviews – mind you perhaps if the author changed sex and ethnicity something along the lines of what Michael Jackson became that might be worthy of some article by the site in question other than a commission for a click.

What would be your conclusion?

Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of he who must not be named (my blog) or the fact the journalists writing this where the same ones who smashed up the disk with Snowdens (my blog) list of spying programs in front of the government employees.

I found those an odd omission – after all its not there fault is it that they self hammered a hard disk to bits.

Oddly the book came to no conclusions as to how to fix things – funny that.

I will not tell you the books name since i am sure the newspaper and it’s journalists might deem a mention of it ‘stealing’ so all is well with the world is it not

bbc radio drama or quick lets turn it into a soap opera

Many of you have a strange perception of the bbc which either entails a love of some period costume drama, or two hours of a certain fictional detective being the pinacle in broadcasting while ignore the rest.

Being soap operas, hospital dramas which are unseen here in the monkey house.  With the bbc expertise these formats alwo invade radio dramas and one i was listening to (not a soap or set in a hospital) sounded so soap opera -ish that after ten minutes i stopped listening

In fact i knew who was going to live and who was going to die due to the bias from the dialogue of just four people.

mr darcy required

Another thing they also try to do is comedy-fy topics being the wrong sort of fiction (without bonnets and horses) because it appears that its not a period drama and is totally unnecessary.

Its kind of amazing that soap opera conversion shit can neuter an drama with a interesting story to it in less than 10 minutes.  Please note that i wrote this a long time before this (my blog)