Payday loans and traditional tv media personalites who get there sins forgiven

Jimmy and Tony brand ambasadors

Recently a ‘beloved’ television presenter died called Nicholas Parsons who also was selling his charm for payday loans**.   That firm called wonga died a number of years ago.

Wonga had crazy interest rates for ‘borrowing’ money from subprime [my blog] people.  News yesterday means bad news for those deemed worth compensating* as a £1k debt will get 4% of that apparently.

It is not interesting that there is no money when it is hard to recover it when there is no money to recover.   What is interesting that the darling on tv and radio is not sullied by his talents being sold to sell debt by the mainstream media after all everybody loved him supposedly as such mistakes are never mentioned.

Selling your identity to bankers is not always a good deal for the famous.   There was a film critic years ago who did the same thing and that too went sour the bank is a  business and the nice image tarnished not them but the as seen on tv person.

I am sure that bank [or assets of] still exists but the reputation of the critic is still unsavoury.

With wonga [cash slang word] deceased and also parsons being mort one day after that it perhaps was unfortunate that when death came it reminded me that both of them are linked even f the media did not link them.

*think ppi [my blog] **promoting misery and fraud in some cases

dracula goes european and woke but hey it is the bbc

The bbc did an ‘posh’ * version of Dracula [my blog] and it was not bad but very on europe message and woke if it perhaps was not as intersectional as perhaps the bbc thought it might be.

The solicitor was soon killed off and the european influence continued although the white vampire still won until he was persuaded to vaporize himself or something by the white european woman – the eu knows best.

The london time section was very sjw but it appears even dracula is not gay and so not that intersectional after all gay people cannot concieve baby draculas without needing straight people — perhaps sjws are evil. by draculas values   I wonder who dracula is a metaphor for at the bbc.

*eg something that the luvies will give an self congratulatory award to in nine months time.

mainstream media funny fonts and hieroglyph’s

One saturday i was looking for a book to read via the newspaper.  The font colour was a light pink on off white paper.  I decided to stop squinting and not read any books that week.

The other funny was hieroglyph’s in a colour supplement so instead of monkey eats a banana it became a pictograph with some words still being present.

I suppose its nice to have a graphic talent but on paper it kind of looked like the Pharaohs of eqypt was going to take over the word and pyramids will be places to be buried in again.

I am quite sure it looked cool on computer screen.

life without sjw “journalists”

It is nice if you hate certain websites views then do not visit them*

Are broadcasters news  organisations  ? – i would say no instead they are  left leaning propaganda outlets.  A downside less blog things like this (my blog)

However back to back cringe like that  has a very short shelf life – let the media die until they start doing real work,

It is also going to be fun that the Titiania’s (my blog) of this  world have now described those ‘media’ sjws as right wing nazi’s for losing.  Somehow it seems there not woke enough now.

Click bait is unworthy of mine and yours attention.

*including the bbc

The maxells now taking luncheon vouchers

Ghislane Maxwell is part of the Epstein thing going on (my blog) and  friends with 00Andrew ** (my blog).

Ghislane Maxwelll comes from a rather crooked family her Father (my blog) was a Fraudster meaning that name is on a hit list for the press who lost out in the fraud until he fell off a boat in the Mediterranean and was a press baron.*

The latest family move it seems was procuring sex services and as the car crash that is Epstein continues it appears that Maxwell was Epsteins madam who metaphorically took luncheon vouchers*** for sex acts.

Its kind of interesting that the press continues to whine and moan that it is not respected but has been run by fraudsters and crooks whom emptied the piggy bank.

Its kind of sad but i suppose favours and comprimat exceed anything as simple as money.

*as seen in a newer james bond film. **his friends taste is kind of a millionaires club **search for cynthia payne

‘woke’ book prizes and unknown happenings of them.

gawker journalist

You might remember when i read the whole booker prize list (my blog) here for years and years.  Then i got bored of ‘literature’ and quit reading all the shortlist books every year using a library.

Anyhow the other day i wondered who won it for this year.  It seemed to be not newsworthy in the eyes of the fake news mainstream media. (my blog)

I discovered [as you can] that it was about a month ago and two books by women writers won it so a joint prize. Normally they select one.

I guess one was the as seen on tv book,(my blog)  and the other was ‘literature’.   Apparently i am a chav reader but the other book does sound boring like a soap opera/dna test (my blog).

I cannot pass further comment on the merit of the failures for the year.

It seems that #metoo means no men are deserving of winning and probably explains the less voluminosity of books read here by myself** so there must be a gender publishing gap of some sort*.

If only women win book prizes and the press does not even mention it when they do perhaps there is a real problem with sjw’s in publishing and the press. If the booker prize means what it did a few years ago then if i was the sponsor i would be worried.

Perhaps a transgendered person should have won it for the press to get ‘interested’.

Anyhow i am now going return to my Afghanistan cave*

*humour – gilead did fail and since the nazis live in argentina ** i read what sounds interesting not the female version of something a man might have written before.

Perhaps you are more informed of this kind of thing than i am, or perhaps its news to you.

John Sweeney, BBC & activist ‘journalism’ – Nothing to read about honest.

If you made up fake news and got paid by me to make it are you a journalist or an activist? being paid by me through an unwilling bbc tax called a license fee.

Anyhow notice how the bbc do not report this ? and the missing reporting by other reporters a smoking gun anybody ?

If John Sweeney can why not assume others at the bbc do too.  Journalism used to be important and not biased.

Its not who let the cat out the bag, but the proof that Sweeney has a ideology before journalism.

The Ferrero Rocher question

forbidden fruit?

News reaches us that more diplomatic communications have been leaked (my blog) and this time the independence of the civil service is brought in to  question.  I guess if you know other diplomats then your out of touch.

So Sir Kim Darroch is our man of the moment a like Craig Murray was (see blogs i read)

If being able to change your mind is very naughty thing to do then i am not sure how government operates.  Logic if applied to Saudi Arabia  would mean anybody who ever met a bin-ladin should be dead.

Somebody does not like Daarroch and how dare thinking and evidence is a thought crime to journalists after all stalin never murdered millions of people did he, but the orange man bad.

At least we all know whats in the Ferrero Rocher (my blog) now.

Elephant in the room your not being told about

If the main stream media do not care, they must be pro censorship, after all google is bad in news media. So next time some journalist complains about publishing real news * (my blog) ask them is googles censorship here fake news ?

If its ok to suppress them why stop there.  It demolishes there argument for a free press.

*very unwilling to even print that

Journalists [gatekeepers] and ‘chav’ books

the northern beach

So it is june as i read (my blog) and the first of this books to read on a beach lists come out. I usually are dismissive of these kind of things but with six months of books reviews such as

chicken taming in the 1750’s by sir mad percy cockadoodle doo given three pages of adoration by his cousin sir tarqiuin cockadoodle doo.

in the Rowandian bush telegraph you have to understand my lack of desire to read about sir mad percy cockadoodle doo historic activities from his relative ‘working’ on the newspaper.

I also quit reading the guardian book reviews so visiting the library has been a rare occurrence even i noticed the trend that even left leaning books where not being bought.

all of these went public school, ones a royal too

To my surprise the chav books included an booker prize winner and other non sir mad percy cockadoodle doo books.

I know journalists are snobby but this use of gatekeeping sure puts those who rule over citizenry is all on show.

I have mentioned this before with Attwood (my blog) but it s the first time its not just ‘genre’ books.

If you think newspapers are broken then you and i think alike.

Its odd to think booker prize winners are now deemed chav and thus only suitable for the beach holiday.  At least sir mad percy cockadoodle doo does not have that problem which for the two people who read it proves there not chavs.