John Sweeney, BBC & activist ‘journalism’ – Nothing to read about honest.

If you made up fake news and got paid by me to make it are you a journalist or an activist? being paid by me through an unwilling bbc tax called a license fee.

Anyhow notice how the bbc do not report this ? and the missing reporting by other reporters a smoking gun anybody ?

If John Sweeney can why not assume others at the bbc do too.  Journalism used to be important and not biased.

Its not who let the cat out the bag, but the proof that Sweeney has a ideology before journalism.

an incovenient death, Miles Goslet

David Kelly – Dead by 007

isbn:9781788543118 Is about Dr David Kelly is died in iffy circumstances.   The inquiry into his death and interference by a seventy year suppression of the outcome  make me think politicians and press had some responsibility.

3/5 bananas

Perhaps neither the 4th estate (my blog) or politicians (my blog) are fit to rule, or watch each other.

The Ferrero Rocher question

forbidden fruit?

News reaches us that more diplomatic communications have been leaked (my blog) and this time the independence of the civil service is brought in to  question.  I guess if you know other diplomats then your out of touch.

So Sir Kim Darroch is our man of the moment a like Craig Murray was (see blogs i read)

If being able to change your mind is very naughty thing to do then i am not sure how government operates.  Logic if applied to Saudi Arabia  would mean anybody who ever met a bin-ladin should be dead.

Somebody does not like Daarroch and how dare thinking and evidence is a thought crime to journalists after all stalin never murdered millions of people did he, but the orange man bad.

At least we all know whats in the Ferrero Rocher (my blog) now.

Hampstead tour guides who do not keep up with history.

Bananas knows somebody arty who went to Hampstead in London and i remembered this (my blog) so i told them and they asked where this place was.

At least three of these guides had never heard of it. I got as feedback from the trip – they took its details and well that is the end of that.

Hampstead has a long history of things but the current history is also important. While a one off the secrecy and ignorance of it could become a problem for society.

Anyhow i thought it dangerous step that the present is not important.

Elephant in the room your not being told about

If the main stream media do not care, they must be pro censorship, after all google is bad in news media. So next time some journalist complains about publishing real news * (my blog) ask them is googles censorship here fake news ?

If its ok to suppress them why stop there.  It demolishes there argument for a free press.

*very unwilling to even print that

Journalists [gatekeepers] and ‘chav’ books

the northern beach

So it is june as i read (my blog) and the first of this books to read on a beach lists come out. I usually are dismissive of these kind of things but with six months of books reviews such as

chicken taming in the 1750’s by sir mad percy cockadoodle doo given three pages of adoration by his cousin sir tarqiuin cockadoodle doo.

in the Rowandian bush telegraph you have to understand my lack of desire to read about sir mad percy cockadoodle doo historic activities from his relative ‘working’ on the newspaper.

I also quit reading the guardian book reviews so visiting the library has been a rare occurrence even i noticed the trend that even left leaning books where not being bought.

all of these went public school, ones a royal too

To my surprise the chav books included an booker prize winner and other non sir mad percy cockadoodle doo books.

I know journalists are snobby but this use of gatekeeping sure puts those who rule over citizenry is all on show.

I have mentioned this before with Attwood (my blog) but it s the first time its not just ‘genre’ books.

If you think newspapers are broken then you and i think alike.

Its odd to think booker prize winners are now deemed chav and thus only suitable for the beach holiday.  At least sir mad percy cockadoodle doo does not have that problem which for the two people who read it proves there not chavs.

peace is valueless ? so politicians are too?

If being shot at is deemed resilient what does that say about politicians who have engineered peace  (my blog) for seventy years.  Are they cowards?

On this logic you can argue that each generation should engage in global war just to be respected.  Not sure the average politician would like to be called a failure on a regular basis.

Since wars are rated as well i do wander if we will run out of words or have to hypen them eg super-valiant, semi- etc

Think on it.

threatening messages from out of touch political parties

The monkey house got a leaflet that said vote for us or else despite us doing a shit job as a legacy political party.  Literally that was it. Since when i post this the results of this election will be known it will not be good.

street urchins

Anyhow i laughed and put the a5 sheet of paper in the recycle/threatening message box.

Somehow my voting paper never appeared so i also accuse the politicians of voter suppression i am a voting ape but seems are not for this election .

So when the four people and 51% of a dog validate your vote [which you all voted to leave anyhow] you certainly do not speak for me.

when sjw’s attack sjw’s and show media failures

During a very* slack moment here in the zoo this bbc reporting was deemed interesting.

The place in question dealt with difficult adults with learning difficulties so mentally disabled.

While the program was full of cheery picked scenes  it was most interesting as the investigation reporters were mostly all ehtnic minorities and women.

The work is low pay and not everyone is a care in the community professor which perhaps did not tell as much as it was supposd to on abuse

Over two months they barely had enough tv content for an hours schedule – it appeared to me as to be two problem people made up most of the shown incidents.

So with sjw eating sjw and while yes some of the treatment was bad it is wrong to characterize all as bad.  Context matters here as to why they where there to start with – a last resort ?

What it also means is the bbc is ill-equiped to report many industries but the low hanging fruit ones like care.

If you think the bbc and the forth estate matter then good luck to you.

Nobody is right or wrong here but many questions are assumed to bad when some questions are taboo and others deny the facts.   Would you want to deal with fat mentally immature adults  daily ? ah thought so.

*very bored