non sjw news found

I do like loony sjw news [my blog] for click bait and despise crooks in the news business getting omitted but of recent fox/sky news has been something i choose over the bbc.

I am still uncomfortable that the owner nearly made Theranos [my blog] a non story but as a wamen at the helm meant the bbc also would not have run that story afer all no women ever do any wrong in bbc logic.

I do not read murdoch newspapers but the news apppeared to cover the recent-ish poisoning of a russian opposition leader which the bbc did not cover.

Its not perfect but until something better turn up i will try.


Venezuela is missing

Venezuela (.ve) is one of those countries at the bottom of the alphabet who like .zw [my blog] have also stopped visiting the zoo’s internet for some reason. 

Its also missing from news sites like the bbc.    There is no news apparently from these communist paradises even china is deemed non newsworthy by these reporters.

I kind of miss them for trying to send bad traffic our way and me spotting it in the reports but one day i guess they might come back.

James Abbott-Thompson is a loony psycho.

Remember him [my blog] the son of Diane Abbot and racial abuser?  If you have never heard of this then this is mainstream media news your not supposed to know about.

Anyhow this drug addict and racist has been deemed mad and bad with a indefinite hospital order which means no prison but his own very nice straightjacket and free medicine – at least the coat is new.

Alumni of a section 37 ‘crazy’ include a right wing fascist  who tried to blow himself up in a mosque and.Matty Locks, 28, manslaughter by reason of diminished responsibility and was imposed indefinite orders under the Mental Health Act who is bbc notable.

Well i think the alumni say more and  James Abbot-Thompson seems a good fit into that group.

Macau – hong kong’s future ignored.

winnie the pooh for some

Macau is another island off China. it was also leased and Portugal gave it back early unlike Hong Kong.  Nobody mentions it any more but for all the outrage about Hong Kong its future  was predicted by Macau who’s status as a place was ignored by the mainstream media.

The odd film mentions it for gambling and magic tricks but no ‘journalist’  appears to remember it.

Funny that.


who happened to make page 15 and 16 of the newspaper.

I read in the daily rowiandian that the clark kent of royalty* only made the back middle of the newspaper than say be front page news.

Since it was of no interest i did not read it but since no news is no publicity i guess that got to be a humiliation if you where once identified as superman.

I have no problems with it but perhaps even less publicity would hurt them even more or even a report after the end of the case being deemed as ‘news’ should have sufficed.

*either wordpress will find the link or your have to search for it.

shit decisions backfire on the bbc

MR POO we presume

bbc three [my blog] was an attempt to be innovative even if most of the stuff was trashy tv which oddly soon migrated to commercial tv once the bbc decided bbc three was best off air and ‘migrated’ to the internet where i lost track of what it did.

Some examples of good where zombies in the flesh and the mighty boosh who attracted an young audience who the bbc now desperately needs to attract and there not doing tv now.  Non fiction say Life on death row [my blog] which i mentioned here also migrated to commercial tv with a different name.

The bbc is mostly classed as left wing partisan and is pretty much hated for woke** tv and news.  Own a tv then you pay for this crap.

The politicians got fed up with the bbc during the election and so with an aging audience who really do not also like what the bbc does means bbc three is a prime thing to make it license fee* worthy once more as its funding is up for debate.

Another problem is ‘equal’ pay at the bbc which the bbc has now fixed but now is in the unenviable situation of sacking white female presenters as they now cost too much.   I guess thats progress.

Netflix and other stuff is now here not forgetting comrade Murdoch [my blog] so the bbc will need a lot of help becoming youthful and unwoke.

I am sure the bbc will sort of survive but probably wont cost £160 pounds a year as its output goes behind an paywall which oddly the bbc developed just in case with others.

Mismanagement and the bbc’s hate of the internet mean its there fault not the audience that left it.

Ironically even the worst programs deemed awful  on bbc three can be found on commercial tv now.

*no adverts **wheel chair detectives anybody.

Payday loans and traditional tv media personalites who get there sins forgiven

Jimmy and Tony brand ambasadors

Recently a ‘beloved’ television presenter died called Nicholas Parsons who also was selling his charm for payday loans**.   That firm called wonga died a number of years ago.

Wonga had crazy interest rates for ‘borrowing’ money from subprime [my blog] people.  News yesterday means bad news for those deemed worth compensating* as a £1k debt will get 4% of that apparently.

It is not interesting that there is no money when it is hard to recover it when there is no money to recover.   What is interesting that the darling on tv and radio is not sullied by his talents being sold to sell debt by the mainstream media after all everybody loved him supposedly as such mistakes are never mentioned.

Selling your identity to bankers is not always a good deal for the famous.   There was a film critic years ago who did the same thing and that too went sour the bank is a  business and the nice image tarnished not them but the as seen on tv person.

I am sure that bank [or assets of] still exists but the reputation of the critic is still unsavoury.

With wonga [cash slang word] deceased and also parsons being mort one day after that it perhaps was unfortunate that when death came it reminded me that both of them are linked even f the media did not link them.

*think ppi [my blog] **promoting misery and fraud in some cases

life without sjw “journalists”

It is nice if you hate certain websites views then do not visit them*

Are broadcasters news  organisations  ? – i would say no instead they are  left leaning propaganda outlets.  A downside less blog things like this (my blog)

However back to back cringe like that  has a very short shelf life – let the media die until they start doing real work,

It is also going to be fun that the Titiania’s (my blog) of this  world have now described those ‘media’ sjws as right wing nazi’s for losing.  Somehow it seems there not woke enough now.

Click bait is unworthy of mine and yours attention.

*including the bbc

The maxells now taking luncheon vouchers

Ghislane Maxwell is part of the Epstein thing going on (my blog) and  friends with 00Andrew ** (my blog).

Ghislane Maxwelll comes from a rather crooked family her Father (my blog) was a Fraudster meaning that name is on a hit list for the press who lost out in the fraud until he fell off a boat in the Mediterranean and was a press baron.*

The latest family move it seems was procuring sex services and as the car crash that is Epstein continues it appears that Maxwell was Epsteins madam who metaphorically took luncheon vouchers*** for sex acts.

Its kind of interesting that the press continues to whine and moan that it is not respected but has been run by fraudsters and crooks whom emptied the piggy bank.

Its kind of sad but i suppose favours and comprimat exceed anything as simple as money.

*as seen in a newer james bond film. **his friends taste is kind of a millionaires club **search for cynthia payne