Nobody gets fired for buyng Microsoft

Friends of the nhs

The nhs (my blog) is seen as a nice gravy train by firms like Oracle and Microsoft where there ‘products’ are not up to the job

Microsoft email is thoroughly shit there is the classic story of the large email list in the nhs that if anybody replies to all costs about £300,000.00 per email due to some ‘bug’ in exchange.

Ransomware is the latest find that exploits Microsoft failure to not defend against but since the exploit was known by both gchq and the nsa (my blog and not passed on you could argue that the government is ransoming itself by keeping mum.

I am not saying there is a perfect solution even assuming that this was not an inside job but it points the failure in any reasoning that Microsoft is enterprise software.

Since it is so insecure perhaps the people who buy Microsoft products should be given medals and awards by governments for allowing mass interception of data.

I am sure the management of the nhs would like that

bbc anti ‘secure’ internet fud

The bbc does not like the internet even in programmes that do it for there subject while there motives might be pure it comes across as something else – hero worship of apple producrs or something like that.

The thing to ‘fud’ is a non apple secure email server ‘box’ made with a raspberry pi (my blog) and using ancient wheezy (my blog) and rightly so deserves to be called a scam as apple did not make it.

Take technical issues like  …

End to end encryption is not possible nixed by nsa and gchq hundreds of interment years ago- you need a domain for ssl, not an ip address.

Port 25 blocking is another problem*, and the device had issues with cross site scripting.

This ‘secure email’ was presented as an impossible thing by the bbc – or lets not discuss the limitations or the hard aspects of internet security – however when you can achieve some of it with a proper email server and gnugpg which was not mentioned by the journalists of the bbc

As i am the ape who runs mail servers here in the zoo and probably does not know what i am doing the bbc forgets that while indeed the device is shit – proper mail servers can be achieved on certain terms..

However if the ‘nah no la laa laa atttitude’ continues the bbc could be argued is doing the bidding of both the nsa and gchq looking for those sensationalised headlines rather than the meat and potatoes of the issue.

The panacea in a box did need to be outed as shit but the bbc ‘s conclusion is one of which government propaganda is also in alignment with.

Gee fancy that

Whether facts are too hard (or boring) for the bbc to do is something for you to think on.

*you want spam?

Novell groupwise getting the experience


I hate shodan (my blog) and never really understood the Novelll thing (my blog) but history has ignored Novell.who was being sued by it’s owner Microsoft for reasons best known to themselves towards the end.

Anyhow i notice that the Novell GroupWise Internet Agent 7.0.1 is being used by users to send viruses which our thing detects.

Whether this is really groupwise or not i dont honestly care about but since it is not branded as a Microsoft product i guess its another example of Embrace, extend, and extinguish, or Embrace, extend, and exterminate from our friends at Microsoft.

So if your a non clued in member of shodan and aspiring script kiddie you know what to look for after all that’s the meaning of shodan as i understand it.

vbs attachments in the wild

forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

forget suntan lotion with an nbc suit

It was kind of interesting to note that after this (my blog) my virus scanner got rather bored, one day they where detected and the next boom no viruses.

Anyhow many years past i set up a rule that executable files would be denied being received by the zoo’s mail server,  it was still there and i was unsure if it worked until some genius tried to send a vbs thing.

I do hope they got the memo that technical support scammers are not paying at the moment.

At least i know my filter works as a plus point, and my hate of microsoft is still worth retaining.

It has been months since anybody successfully attempted to send a virus to a real address here in the zoo.  I read that in memory viruses are the thing and they appear to only work in microsoft windows which the zoo is deficient in.

I am not complaining about having a bored virus scanner for email.

Midway through an unscary horror film..



Bananas had finished watching something specific one evening some years ago and was about to turn off the television when a “scary moment” was about to happen in a horror film which never appeared to get a wide cinema release.

It was something to do with tattoo’s hence the picture with the idiot with a microsoft logo tattoo and the moment was too soon to scare as the tattoo was not seen but a grimace on the actors face in a mirror was shown instead.

Perhaps she too had a microsoft tattoo (my blog).

I then turned off the the television.

Windows 10 and cups (ipp)



Bananas had the curious experience of looking at a windows ten pc (my first), it was newish hardware so ‘f-a-s-t’ but it would not scan for ipp printers (that’s cups hosts) on the lan.

It would scan for samba hosts which don’t exist and it reminded me of  windows vista without the bugs, windows help is is still thoroughly retarded i mean how dare i connect a windows pc to a ‘apple’* printer network.

I won’t be buying windows 10 Microsoft. btw and i had access to this pc two minutes.

If you where forced to upgrade like the person who showed us this pc then your life sucks, but that is what microsoft think is best for you including spying upon you then i feel sorry for you. If i where the doj i would ask for more nsa access to the Microsoft network – would  not you? – this non zoo pc took the liberty of using our lan to download updates – so much for the user choice and control.

Being curious the next day i discovered that you have to turn on cups from software features, google knew that which windows help in the two minutes i had would not tell me since cups is evil.

It was also adblocker free i do hope there is no isp quota for you windows 10 humans.

*Linux users read this (my blog)


Microsoft tracking of messages



The zoo got an email from a microsoft domain  its tracking is somewhat scary, and i bet the spy agencies track this too.

Accept-Language: en-GB, en-US
Content-Language: en-GB
x-forefront-antispam-report: :
Content-Type: text/plain; charset="utf-8"
Content-Transfer-Encoding: base64
MIME-Version: 1.0

So apart from spf, it failed all email tests.  I guess i will see a lot of spam being sent from microsoft servers because of a lack of dkim and dmarc soon.  If you use microsoft products then your probably being tracked.

Really dumb Microsoft hosting

retardI really admire retards who use microsoft and pay them to be morons as well.   Our zoo mail server checks for valid domain names.  I run a report daily and just who should appear.

I enclose the section for giggles.

Domain unknown senders

There is another scammer domain about stocks and shares of which also was hosted by your incompetent and scammer friendly Microsoft staff.

One has to admire the idioticness found.

Goodbye to microsoft windows

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Was caused by an attachment virus on the only zoo pc with a windows os that i had to deal with my once week preventative fix picked up. It encrypted the files – for the user and no the zoo did not pay mind you my attempt at bitcoin was a failure (my blog) so even if could have i still probably could not assuming that is that the ransom works.

So i am glad i cannot buy bitcoin, or mine them if thats the only purpose.

I did not execute it but it means no more microsoft here in the zoo.

I had reinstall vista to get a working cd drive on the crap computer (my blog) and then went in a non microsoft os since it would not allow me to boot anything but windows – sony corporation (my blog)comes to mind for that just think that they invent ransomware another great sony product!.

We have backups of the files  so nothing was lost.

Who to blame – well it looked a new virus definition, so me partially but i do already deflect a lot of crap, Microsoft for a lot more blame being they designed it that way and the user for opening that thing and compromising it.



I stand by the decision to wipe the computer after all it was compromised and to put not microsoft on it too – so i debricked it called microsoft idiots, and deprived hp of money for new hardware who would have loved the money.

Microsoft windows is a dangerous place, economics wise (tco) it is a not good long term decision.

No more satnav updates (my blog) ever is a downside but if your stupid like they are, or reuse our wga key then clearly then it seems they dont really want you as a customer.

Wifi works- videos play, no files where lost, and the computer is very hard to compromise now being not microsoft.

smile !

smile !

So microsoft and there partners lost a lot.  A good day.despite the effort. Me happy.

fifteen rounds with horrid tomtom software

retardTom Tom (my blog) make gps things with crap update software for microsoft and apple.

So could i virtual host it in linux keeping the crap updates working.  One day i dug out a very modern copy of windows xp, fired up a vm and had a go so you don’t have to.

The virtual machine was a hefty 80gb [because asus made an 80gb image not my fault] and it eventually ran and by golly this Microsoft os looks horrid now


Firefox was the first thing to be downloaded then Tom Tom home, as the vm had usb support the vm refused to pick up the device that registered in linux as being a filesystem.

I tried usb filters from the gps but alas i had no luck although the really horrid tom tom software ran. It did not work. Another success for tom tom and there great developers.

I would not buy a tom tom gps box.