bbc diversity sjw ‘proms’

Classical music is not sjw trendy and this is what the bbc does.

Music is about music not about the sexual preference of the obese ‘female’ with a nose ring ?

I never want to see a prom not because of nose ring but since clearly the bbc dont care about the music.  I do hope some hot lesbian got sex after this from her – bbc classical music tinder anybody ?.

I am not a classical music snob and if your into classical music see what i see for what it is.


You may not have heard of Kimiko Ishizaka (my blog) but for a very long time i have wanting to hear the goldberg variations made famous some fifty years ago plus and i was unwilling to to find a glen gould recording of this very old music from J.S. Bach in some format of dubiouos quality from somewhere..

Mostly because i hate the music industry and as a long dead composer why should they still profit from this

Another problem i have as a linux user is itunes deems my os (linux) as non supported so buying music is hard as while money might change hands i have no idea if things will play that also goes for most paid sites.

Ishizaka has opened Bach’s music for the academic community as well with music notation so as long as you cite it publishers wont get money for old rope.

Music is not a top priority here for the monkey house but if you can buy music and play it without using a mac or windows pc please tell me as one site i went to changed to a streaming model and i do not want ‘lifetime’ streaming but files.

I think my patience paid off and open music got a long term win provided that facebook and the copyright lobby start banning Bach for copyright abuse..


I am good at predicting this shit (my blog)

Where did the United Kingdom finish at Eurovision 2018? Last The UK’s Michael Rice finished 26 of out the 26 competing countries with his song Better Than Us

If only they ended up like the hunger games contestants then that really would be a thing to see on tv.

Err um that’s nice dear (eurovision) but a bit too straight.

Oh dear i guess its better than gay airline staff (my blog **),Transvestites from Israel*.  and other one hit wonders who disappear from view afterwards perhaps they shoot them dead afterwards a bit like the hunger games (my blog) did.

After all it is just this weeks tv talent show.   It might not be an important issue but its rather non homosexual and straight for eurovision and the bbc liking so  probably will not be the  ‘winner’ being you definitely need to be on the progressive stack to win or be a corrupt ex russian satellite  state making deals to win.

Really gay and corrupt

Anyhow the monkey house wont be viewing it and if i where a betting ape i probably put a bet on the uk getting null points on being scored in the bottom 1%..

*so much for ‘european’ countries ** most of them are gay

amazon music

london stab proof ear defenders

Came with prime (my blog) so i found my summer weight bluetooth things * attached them to my ears and streamed stuff.

Quality wise it worked well and on linux so the drm is not just for windoze users.

  • Mozart on cd streamed sounded awful – my recording is better and i am not an audiophile who buys special $1000 cables (my blog).
  • More (but not a lot of) Brian Eno (my blog) who is always out of stock on his website – i guess you cannot buy his records in any form.
  • I did not listen to popular songs – can’t judge that there is a lot of it
  • I kind of enjoyed Suzzane Vega’s stage thing (my blog) but would not buy it and if i did it would not be direct from amazon – making prime less economic as well.
  • There are some artists i got a better sample of there work – no new favourites
  • Lacking in areas like Philip Glass (my blog).
  • There curated lists and well known jazz seem quite well put together.

The music thing is only part of the content  but i found nothing deemed worthy of paying for on top of.    I am wary that mp3’s wont play and dont wish to deal with idiots who say it works on windoze  only and they have to exist in amazon.

I was entertained for a day during the trial but was not appealing enough to continue with (my blog) after all i did not want prime to start with

I guess if you like autotuned made for tv talent show music (my blog) and ed sheeran  it is probably a good idea but here since i dont like that stuff you know what i think about prime music

If you love Ed Sheeran  then tell me why below, as usual i offer a used banana skin for the best comment which you can collect from the zoo here at the monkey house.

*i have a wired pair that are good in the winter [warmer]

Music – reinterpreted.

I am not a great fan of music  i like wordy songs (my blog) and well performed and thought out. (my blog)

I notice that many songs [four] i like from the 1980’s have been recovered by now famous  acts some famed for controversy or a rehash of the 1970’s satan is on all vinyl heavy metal records played backwards (as one does) type controversy .

The modern sound quality was poor compared to the 1980’s version even by my ears which i rate as poor unless your listening to native ape langauge.

A cover can be an acknowledgement of a great sound and can not be beaten.

Perhaps i have great taste in music but not in what new people do to it.

the definition of ‘cheap’,your call will be eventually answered by an idiot and live chat

Sisyphus is still a role model

Amusingly while looking at android phones* via a web search  i discovered that cheap means £150 upwards on a webpage i visited (my blog). That is not the cheapest so perhaps i misunderstand the meaning of cheap.

Suggestions for better words are welcome in comments.

Cheaper phones do exist as phones do get stolen and lost is there a point to a £1000+ phone?

Then when ringing the lost sim card supplier (my blog) i spent half an hour listening to claky music with a nice lady telling me every five seconds that my call would be answered soon.  The dect phone ran out range at twenty minutes of amazing music so after trying again after doing a mundane task

.While bored i found new supplier to batter down any price rise they might suggest, so either i cancel professors old sim when i do get through and also nullify any price hike.

So perhaps it was not wise to leave me to distractions in a focused way if i did not then i might have been receptive to paying more.  Not my problem but one for the phone company..

The chaos caused means anybody who runs there life off a phone sim card is mad imho..

Somewhere here in the past  i ranted about live chat being ran by retards a long time ago. So with a question in mind about this (my blog) i clicked an online chat and was told to phone them despite stating my general question about changes** – it appears he has been grandfathered in plan terms..

Honestly why bother with live chat when that is the end result.

Battled scared from phone attempt one  i gave up and decided to ring early one weekday and i got through easily opposed to the afternoon attempt explained the whole missing mobile phone story  and requested a new sim card while being helpful i also suggested a tariff name i found the previous day whilst listening to clacky music and a lady who was not a lady.

My genius on the phone had never heard of the tariff and despite asking if he was the right person to speak to seemed useless.

In the end i requested the closure of the account.  I did have a backup plan.

Its not me is it?  I mean this is not rocket science and yes i was prepared to spend money getting a workable sim.

*The phone was also bought outright but not from a phone call supplier and did not cost £150+. ** the sim went from 2g to 4g protocol.


dead musicians

not dead yet

I went through my collection of music files (ogg rips from cd), and i am beginning to amass a collection of dead musicians (for example my blog) who wrote it or performed it.

I went through and dead and no longer making music (no riaa contract) came to my mind.  I also tried to buy a Brian Eno (my blog) song but since the vinyl was not available i could not buy a digital track, that took me to this rabbit hole.

I dont mind that the people i like are dying and i still listen to them but since i cant open a itunes account because of  linux  i do not think that i will be buying music for it being not for sale and times change.

Anyhow the thought crossed my mind one day – how many of yours are dead?