Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed meet jesus two yeas ago

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by four years.

So lets wish Harold (who has yet to return from the dead and so is overdue) and his alive cult believers a happy anniversary.

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

Sally offers more advice on apple mobile phones


mug me

Sally our ape of the mind (my blog) here in the zoo and as an expert on apple iphone mobile phone manners (my blog) was stopped by a shifty lokinghuman near the monkey house and asked a new question.  Sally asked me to make it known to a wider audience.

The question relates to iphone users and if they are fat.  With the new ‘fitness’ stuff she was asked is it ok to mug fat and over weight apple users are clearly there not using those things.

Sally laughed and thought it was a good way to try and get those bulky humans who have yet to get the message that fat people have no business with iphones.

Sally is happy to answer further questions if your iphone question not been answered by her.

Happy Harold Camping Day again!

Harold Camping failed meet jesus two yeas ago

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by three years.

So lets wish Harold who died in December (my blog) and his cult believers another happy anniversary.  Mind you that Harold might be on to something that his followers should also do.  After all having company is thought to be ‘social’.

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

Adventures in the orgasmatron, William Turner

isbn: 9780007181575 is an orwell prize listee, it also suffers from saint sigmund freud disease.    Wilhelm Reich being a johnny come lately to the Austrian ‘science; that is Freudian,  Although there’s more of the saint than herr Reich in the early chapters.

As to Reich, a book judging his views on sex, the marketing of a health box, and the foray into advertising all seems open to misjudgement.  To be honest i got bored with this very quickly and failed to finish this book as jew,marxism and nazism bingo words got added into the tale made me think is the author taking a didion line.

As to an orgasmatron, well that anarchy school with no lessons in Norfolk in England had one, but the perception of a nearby nuclear power plant seems to have stopped it working and that was the end of the quest of the orgasmatron on page 14 and then the saint sigmund crap that probably is in all books about brain theory about him become page filler.

Since im off topic along with the writer of this junk there was a film about the nice brain doctors that i thought looked good, but oddly it never got a release, or i missed the one performance of it.  Then again apparently we are all defective according to mental doctors, see if i am crazy so are you.

smile !

Anyhow there’s a monkey trying to mate with me here in the zoo right now and that’s way more fun. So 0/0 ids for the book.

Reich might have been alive for the flower power 1960’s thingy and be called a guru but if the author insists on hero worship of sigmund freud rather than focusing on Reich whom appears to be a man with a product rather than a theory which the author really wants to do then thats not my problem*.

Now i have a monkey to deal with.  Oook Oook

* Mr Turner writes articles for magazines, which isn’t a good sign.

Once, twice and three times a charm, nope so tell me again.

Tv thinks tv audiences are stupid

January as a month means new stuff* on tv.  I don’t do a lot of tv to start with, but watching live meant there was a short film telling me that the thing i especially sat down to watch was original, then the nice lady told all of you again just in case any goldfish,fleas or people with one second memories missed it and then yet another graphic saying this is new tv.

I think a forth mention was really needed.  Um what was I discussing,  It will come to me I am sure….   ‘Lady’ no that was not it.  Oh well that wont be getting a mention in the review of the year blog post i end up doing because i forgot it

* about 3 hours – less the mentions of new