Stranger danger in scotland

Scotland is ruled by the scots [my blog] who do not seem to be very progressive ethnically.  Alex Salmond is also a bad white  scots man with women apparently** and now Derek Mackay another scottish man but ‘gay’ is also being investigated for messages to a child.

Oddly the child did not block the messages or the man on the social media site.   If only Mackay had messaged a transgender* child then no harm would have come to him after all gay is low on the intersectional points system.

I am not sure what makes the snp members so randy perhaps it is something in the shortbread*** in the scottish parliament ? there was a gay conservative as well there so may be i am on to something.

Scotland’s snp may be doing it’s version of stalinist like purges and perhaps the snp is looking for a progressive replacement of nicola sturgeon since white men are bad even in kilts.

Surely there must be a islamic trans person in scotland who can take over the snp from comrade Sturgeon after all it does seem all native scotish people must be guilty of some intersectional crime..

Being an ape in London zoo i observe and perhaps power does corrupt.  Scottish Indepence [my blog] will fix it i guess ? as long as there is no eu tax which regionally must be coming to it after all no such thing as a free lunch.

*logic here  is you can castrate transgender children as its the right thing to do according to sjw’s – other children cannot be interfered with. ** miscarriage of procedure admitted by snp and government and court proceedings to come.  *** a sweet biscuit.

colonel mustard with the lead pipe – ohio democratic party shenanigans.

Clinton voodoo rituals attended

I wonder what fun and  games went on in Ohio that led to Biden** being thrown off the bus at the caucuse as the candidate for president.

Sure even i know about the gerrymandering that got Clinton as the official candidate in 2016 through miscounting and ballot / roll deletion is known.   Who then failed by calling all voters despicable*.

If it is new democratic party gerrymandering [expect more to come from them] then this unexpected result does kind throw a curveball – perhaps none of them can beat Trump and so this is a signal to say they are out this year.

*how dare you not vote for a billionaire female. **who definety has links to the Ukraine and corruption.

Brexit stage 1

Brexit stage one is done [my blog] and i moved from the .eu  domain three/four years ago – I see nobody has yet to use the domain names we relinquished so much for advance planning.

Cack handed is good description for those in europe and britian who obliviously could not arrange a piss up in a brewery.

Articles 11 and 13 [my blog – since renamed] will not be law here although i do expect a briitish version that will no doubt be even worse after all with a pervert [my blog] in charge of the porn pass  what could possibly go wrong ?.

Europe could be the tyrant and with the uk being the first to leave and not having the euro it is a more simple task*.   Greece thought about it but had no central bank so i think europe will retain it’s members as a lack of infrastructure now hold them in.

Not all of europe is doing great and perhaps its needs its leadership of say regional, state,  and european delegates pruned back and is an area where it will become toxic and unfeeling towards those whom it rules over.   Politicians dont leave jobs willingly do they.

As to regional independence its not going to help catatonia, and scottish independence [my blog] will also not happen if they want to join the eu instead based on spains response to its region wanting it.

Ireland is a pretty fucked up place with its issues with pink cake [my blog] so maybe it will get rejoined  even though the southern bit is way more tolerant of pink cake than the northern bit – may it wont but gay cake is barometer to watch there progressive values might be fun.

Somehow i expect we will be mired in mechelin stared meals at Brussels for those politicians for a lot longer than you think you will after all its been a while to get to this stage.

Perhaps the english are wise to see what they do and the rest cannot as the nation state has been diminished to an extent where while it exists like Schrödinger’s cat it does not do what it once could.

As an ape i am not with insider knowledge or even a crystal ball but those are the thoughts i have.

*ignoring the george soro’s type who broke britian and the erm mechanism causing an recession/austerity.

the intersectional problem with ethnic brainy people who are not rappers

A couple of years ago a building caught fire and the intersectional sjw’s in the left thought it was a jewish concentration camp by design*.

Those left wing intersectionals are still milking the aftermath and now are consuming brainy people who are not white as white people thus must be the architects of this ‘intentional’ fire as other buildings have yet to do a grenfell.

Benita Mehra is some sort of engineer and is thus guilty of crimes against the people as she once had a job with a charity who took a donation from the firm who made the cladding.

II bet that took some digging through was it is not a direct link – i guess she knew hitler as well by there sjw logic

In a world where trade is global and there are very few producers of say gold and aluminium, or even chocolate bars you may be dealing with a huge conglomerate simply by opening a can of soup – yes you too might be a traitor to soup cans.

It is not all bad news for Mehra i guess some other perfect sjw candidate with the right skin colour will now have to be found and disappoint them when they discover that a fire caused the problem and the building was not designed by the nazi party in cohorts with the fire brigade who probably are racist as well.

gawker journalist

If your having soup for a meal soon please confess your crimes to your nearest sjw as soon as possible and better resign any job you had.  The comrades know best**.

*oddly only the government housing is considered this, private housing is deemed fair game probably since the wrong people live in those ones with the same problem as defined by sjw’s.

If only she where a rapper.

**soup cans have rights too.

Titania McGrath reacts to the election result

Titania McGrath is a character* worthy of reaction and i will cover her in a more detailed post

Overall the takeaway from the result is you do not ignore referendum results when you the professional politician thinks like Titania McGrath that they voted the wrong way since there racist.

*i know it is a parordy.

election day spot the nazi fun and saying goodbye to Keith Vaz

Kieth Vaz lets gets this party started

Oh well this shall be really fun (my blog) and with Kieth Vaz (my blog) leaving to party like he never has done before with no scrutiny*, rent boys and drugs with bribe money from indian steel billionaires i guess little will change for comrade Vaz may the party and rent boys continue for him.

Labour has been taken over by the muslims who hate jews and also pay bribes and so is election fraud which media is best trying to ignore this. Brexit party has imploded, as have the liberals with there cult leader who has a candidate who is close family to the iranan mullahs .

Tactical voting appears to be on the menu de jour.

As to what’s next that is a post for another day. oh and the uk is still part of the eu.

In the words Kieth Vaz:

lets get this party started

Tomorrows post will be delayed due to leaves on the line (my blog) or another bullshit excuse of which you can help me within the commnets.

*not that the press tries with vaz


labours non working free broadband for all – run for the hills

mcdonnell and corbyn aiding and abetting indian criminals

Oh fuck (my blog) if this scumbag gets in you have to have non working british india broadband and write praise comrade corbyn tweets every five minutes providing it works or else the police will come round and arrest the users for labour hate crimes.

At least the indian scammers (my blog) ‘win’.  I guess the refund scammers will start to use this immediately

The meaningless elections

I read spain is on it’s forth election in four years, something that represents not many is having another go at hey forth time lucky and which brings me to brexit [no clue when that is going to happen] .

Let me also bring up independence in catalonia [orwells homage to catalonia for context] Spain (my blog) part of the eu has imprisoned leaders of the region for crimes against the state, the eu kept mum on that.

Is the eu pro independence for regions – based on spain’s experience no, so quite how scottish voters think there be allowed to join the eu after even more votes is interesting thinking.

I think if gay cake (my blog) remains #1 issue for northern ireland its probably possible for a united ireland sooner than later.

Wales i have no idea about.

Paul Crowther, 32, from Newcastle a Rupert Murdoch employee

Independence for the uk regions is  bad for the national parties – take labour in scotland who are losing there.  Brexit further complicates issues here it seems with one choice of

  1. a bad deal, [conservative]
  2. yet another referendum and remain  [liberal]
  3. or lets worry about it afterwards. [labour]

making the election not an election (my blog) and that sounds more like north korean / chinese politics.

David Davis mp – corrupt scum

I do not think democracy is working and George Soro’s and the eu are laughing at the state of affairs .  After all those silly regional and national politicians cannot do anything.

Or maybe one candidate standing because the parties have colluded into At least north korea votes for an elvis inpersonator.