google mail everywhere ‘sigh’ an european commision problem – lol

I like email servers but notice that everybody appears to rely on google. Sure they have a url like brainylondonzooapes.tld and also a gmail address rather than use brainylondonzooapes.tld.  Oh well.

Newspapers** also use google for email so it is not unthinkable that if you bring down google then email would be in a very sorry state.   It is kind of ironic that the European union thinks anybody with a gmail account is a sock puppet. for google   Its a shame they have not heard of the zebras (my blog*)

Cloud email has its dangers for instance australian traffic can be forced to be decrypted something our msm comrades don’t seem to mind about after all nobody spies on the journalists do they.

I know why i use google since if used my isp’s email if i leave it is a barrier to entry thus defeating competition strategy in economics ,  I am quite sure any criticism of the eu (my blog) would mean they could soon also call my email domain here in the zoo  and isp email a sock puppet too.

Apparently email must have a country code in (my blog) and how dare you use an non eu domain to email the european union.   I knew it i must be an employee of an american internet giant****

european parliament retard

I know why europe is not an internet powerhouse the politicians hate it. Yes there are isps but google is american.  I mean how dare the eu allow nokia to be sold to the american’s and force us to use android or that cult of religion phones.

Its rather odd also that no decent email service is designed  and operated in the eu too.

All mobile phone users must be sock puppets as well on that eu logic.  Mind you us plebs not in control must be idiots by not using an eu made phone and operating system***.

How dare you criticise the eu i mean you must be a idiot (not here)

but had become mindless zombies hypnotized by an insidious Google campaign

*which was suspended **newspaper firms hate google.  *** do not exist *** it must be true, it has to be true.

‘middle” labour ?

It’s all going wrong in red/blue politics.  Corbyn (my blog) is like May (my blog) are signs that both red and blue parties are far right or far left.

As to what middle labour and is it electable remain questions unanswered.   The days of being a member of two or three parties (winston churchill) have long gone.

The liberals stuck in the middle also have problem to one lot there light blue, and another lot think there light red.

Thus middle labour sounds like a pregnancy stage.

We are screwed indicates the blue monster

If the dutch have no idea, and  nobody here knows what the hell is going on then it really has gone blue and furry (my blog).

yanis varoufakis (my blog) i think is right.    I don’t think comrade May (my blog) and party  is going to be re-elected mind you as a non majority government even now the writing is on the wall.

May (my blog) has f***ed the blues not just in Sunderland.

Weird uk state run economics (or fuck you poor people)

Gordon Brown (my blog) was not a wise prime minister and a man of the people opposed to a tory. He introduced loans and the rest they say is history.

So much for labour being for the average.  That bit them in the rear.

Clearly there is logic there after all if everybody pays it makes sense to do it.


Another is train fares (my blog) .  It is probably cheaper to own a car for some  journeys rather than use a train here in the uk unless you engage in voodoo techniques such as multiple tickets about three months ahead of schedule.  Which is  the same thing with the ‘loans’.

Professor told us that the peak fare doubles compared with the off peak fare which made the car journey economically viable even off peak.

A Bogota bus

That could also be a discouragement to go shopping (my blog).  So also anti social mobility and access to sjw universities is more costly.  Well done Gordon Brown man of the people.

I am not sure a  thirty five year old diesel train is green either in the scale of things but thats another blog post


The labyrinth index,Charles Stross

isbn: 9780356511085 is a book from this series (my blog) and number nine i think so if your looking for objectivity here from me god help you.

So do not start with this book and whatever you do.

Our soe department of magic is no more, and Britain has been invaded by a god pretemding to be prime minsiter o things have moved on and its post brexit.  Expect some of his blog content [see blogs i read ->]  into this book which for me is the more interesting aspect.

As to its story it feels over extended either not to the publishers sjw’s ideals  or overtaken by events its message of compromise is one the left wing will not like

1/5 bananas

why we get the wrong politicians, Isabel Hardman

isbn: 9781782399735 is a book with a author with a humorous name.  Isabell being a muppet means guilt by association.

As part of the Westminster bubble this is not an honest expose like Orwell did indicating who he thought what parliament members where russia friendly in the 1940’s.

It is sympathetic to would be politicians and tolerant to parties who do not offer much support so any criticism is muted from the author after all access to these people is a journalists goal, not holding these people to account. .  Most of the hard research does not come from her.

Centralisation is a problem for political parties for instance do you vote for may, (my blog) or the person standing locally who the author never covers in the mainstream media (my blog).  I do not like May, but Corbyn  is also a marmite (my blog) like figure.   This is where the media is flawed.

Snap elections also do not help her feelings come in the way as no politician is deemed a bad one, and no woman is a bad mp although  May’s  ‘(my blog) micro managing will be deemed bad that seemed a very hard admission from an author that a woman does not trust anybody.

It is hard to like this book or the people neutered impotent by power who still vote in idiotic law (my blog).

1/5 bananas.


Her talents are wasted as prime minster

street urchins

I do not like  Theresa May (my blog) but while searching for a technical book this genius act of comedy made me do a double take.

Really yes it does exist

I wonder what she will do to fuck up* tcpip like whats going on with brexit.   This woman has a midas touch.  I guess the uk be leaving the internet as well.

As to finding a book  that’s a task for another day.  Comrade May probably hates the internet as well.

Well done Mr Fowler.

*british telecom fucked up the isdn standard.