why we get the wrong politicians, Isabel Hardman

isbn: 9781782399735 is a book with a author with a humorous name.  Isabell being a muppet means guilt by association.

As part of the Westminster bubble this is not an honest expose like Orwell did indicating who he thought what parliament members where russia friendly in the 1940’s.

It is sympathetic to would be politicians and tolerant to parties who do not offer much support so any criticism is muted from the author after all access to these people is a journalists goal, not holding these people to account. .  Most of the hard research does not come from her.

Centralisation is a problem for political parties for instance do you vote for may, (my blog) or the person standing locally who the author never covers in the mainstream media (my blog).  I do not like May, but Corbyn  is also a marmite (my blog) like figure.   This is where the media is flawed.

Snap elections also do not help her feelings come in the way as no politician is deemed a bad one, and no woman is a bad mp although  May’s  ‘(my blog) micro managing will be deemed bad that seemed a very hard admission from an author that a woman does not trust anybody.

It is hard to like this book or the people neutered impotent by power who still vote in idiotic law (my blog).

1/5 bananas.


Her talents are wasted as prime minster

street urchins

I do not like  Theresa May (my blog) but while searching for a technical book this genius act of comedy made me do a double take.

Really yes it does exist

I wonder what she will do to fuck up* tcpip like whats going on with brexit.   This woman has a midas touch.  I guess the uk be leaving the internet as well.

As to finding a book  that’s a task for another day.  Comrade May probably hates the internet as well.

Well done Mr Fowler.

*british telecom fucked up the isdn standard.

Municipal dreams, John Boughton

isbn: 9781784787394 deals with the yo yo change in policy on council (social) housing and the lack of building regulations that apply to local government (my blog) ,  Mind you if they think flat roofs are a good idea (my blog) for the english climate it could be argued that no local government should never be allowed to build anything.

Anyhow with that tower block going up in flames* (my  blog)and the change in perception mean this area needs a light shone on it.

The usual suspects include the salvation army, this bloke (my blog) and the health engineers who put the sewers in.  politics mires this admirable idea with short termism and the labour party (my blog) is accused by turning this scheme into a workhouse rather than social engineering and aspirational it was once thought it was in fact gentrification is a word used which does not mean what means now.

The idea that all council houses are the same is roundly mocked as the first built units are better than the last as the money ran out.  Modern housing changed from ideal to something deemed a military goal after all healthy cannon fodder (my blog) is needed.

After the second world war when both money and building material where in short supply naturally any restoration in quantity of housig could not be met by any government so larger schemes with large builders took over taking bribes as well while housing was built its legacy has not lasted if you read some of the links i provided.

As to whether maintenance was lacking or poor initial building by the contractors no one in local government checked on  the politics once again interferes for if you move labour party supporters en mass outside a voting area then what benefit does the  social housing  have for politicians ?  Housing thus became a football.  Short termism thinking began.

As industries moved (my blog( [or became uneconomic] housing began to be in the wrong places something both conservative and labour parties failed to notice.

1977 seems to mark the end of 177 years of ‘council’ housing when the labour party made it female friendly and begins the trend of the single mother on benefits. preference (my blog you get the idea man deserts)   Although some successes there is a lot of failure and the rise of housing associations non local governmental  organisations yes but unable to get away with burning tower blocks and poor buildings which fail all including as an advertisement for builders.

That takes us to 1979 when the wheels fell off the train and the labour bias of the author show though.   He can be highly negative of anything that shows councils as anything but paragons of good, for instance no mention is ever made that lambeth in london  had a rent deficit for several million pounds for social housing, which meant some tenants had rotting and falling apart kitchen units (as seen on tv news) despite paying there rent it was not fixed

While criticism is accepted it seems one side gets more of it than others.   Another thing he forgets is that with the cladding that set fire is also on privately owned buildings as well but i suppose the confutation that only it used on public housing makes it a gas chamber device** has a charge to it but if you lease a property in a private building that’s not a gas chamber.

The UK needs housing but what appears to have happened is the builders are still busy*** even when the economy was in recession but they do not work singularly for the public sector any more.

What the author also forgets is that in the 1940’s the price of property fell and the council tenants where materially richer owning cars and disposable items where mortgage holders did not and had to build better houses and flats due to building regulations

So when people talking of housing shortages it seems that council housing got all the attention during the after war years of austerity.   This means governemt both red and blue can be blamed for not building.

Immigration also does not help is another problem unseen by the author.

So there are faults and this is not an unbiased report- read the links for context 3/5 bananas.

*not the first ** flats with cladding are very hard to sell *** Auf_Wiedersehen_Pet (not here)

Tommy Robinson may have a point


You may dislike him (my blog) but it seems he is right more times than wrong.  The fact that the police and politicians (my blog)  along the left wing news media don’t like it proves something is rather wrong with multiculturalism.

I could bore you with previous examples (my blog) but see little point after all comic book covers (my blog) are way more important than what goes on and might be tactility deemed approved by both police and politicians.

I am sure that i was not supposed (yes you as well) to notice this and so we can all reflect on stuff that goes on.

Naughty boys

I saw this

How dare somebody call May a complete retard [i have no idea what was said] which she is as prime minister when no talent for leadership is known.

When you have to resort to words like cross* it proves that the left wing media and the incumbent in the role is better suited for a job in a private girls school or grammar school teaching poetry (my blog).

How dare he. upset the poetry teacher.

Brexit is a disaster and a conservative branded one.    Oh well with a track record of no majority in Parliament at least next time they will properly loose.

*the monty python film life of brian  comes to my head.

Ben Nimmo and Andrew Philip Cross the witchfinder generals for the internet.

are you shrek ?

In this (not here see blogs i follow) we discover that that the fake news detectors are financed by the military.

With Cross ‘editing’ a bias into Wikipedia (my blog) and  Nimmo flagging them for Zuckerberg it seems once you become a witch with a heavy weight tied to you and dunked in deep pond your guilty of being a witch.

Whatever your view of fake news and both sides has an agenda (my blog) the fact Nimmo is funded by the military is perhaps a sign that genuine news and its bias is perhaps being controlled by a few and so curated like his comrade cross does.

Mind you if you can drown in a deep pond with a weight tied to you then perhaps Nimmo and Cross will too be seen for what they are (wikipedia) one day.   They will not be the first (my blog) or the last

When the military organisations be they either side influence the press* or celebrate the silencing of people (my blog) then the press is censored (my blog).   Truth is it seems a casualty.

*Nazanin Zaghari-Ratcliffe there seems to more to it than is being told.

Islam immigrants in europe and civility

Islam is a dark ages religion and what is concerning is that the civility of europe means it is losing to dark ages fanatics who seem to wish export dark age thinking.

I read that some jihad lovers have been caught in Iraq with tenuous ties to the the uk via kuwait, the death penalty has been apparently approved for these fine terrorists without uk legal interventions.

Let us hope that this change to pro death penalty stance in the uk stops here does not sour the rest of the west precedent wise for instance  Lindsay Sandiford (wikipedia). Who while probably is guilty shows one instance where the dark ages affects the more enlightened in europe – i am sure other example can be found should you seek them out.

The vile scum* in question are certainly not nice people or adverts for multiculturalism but show islams real face it is also an attack on liberal values and now a point to be  against islamic immigration to the west when homosexuality is deemed only 70% acceptable in London by muslims you kind of get the point about these peace loving faith followers.

*a pop band from the the 1960’s