Burning money (or austerity is for the english only)

dup handmaiden

I note that Theresa May (my blog) is spending a billion pounds of your money on Northern Ireland and her new friends – i suppose the dup will get handmaidens and new orange blower hats.  Maybe a new bagpipe or something to piss off a catholic.

Prudent conservatives – that is another lie.  Power corrupts absoltuety

post election fallout

papist fab! and gay

I note that the ‘liberal’ leader who was a non entity has resigned after failing to do something (my blog) which as a non voter (my blog) does not really matter either way but even i and my disinterest in cheap television* (my blog) picked up on some weird attitudes to religion from this leader during brief snippets of news.

It kind of seems a shock to these prospective leaders that there faith in a society** where belief in a god is continuously reducing*** that such personal beliefs might be seemed as problematic however there minority belief in god continues.   Even when cardinal o brien (pictured my blog) has a gay dating profile it seems that religion and politics to constrain ‘moral’ people seems a bit of a Hypocrisy.

Can liberals be trusted with a religious zealot leader – even though being a small party it is a high probability that any liberal mp will be given that title ? probably not but then no mainstream party should either.

* news commentary is cheap tv even if certain persons are censored (my blog) despite being offered apperances but later are countermanded ** the irony being they let most of these non christian immigrants in (my blog).*** i concluded at age five that god did not turn up.

politicians whom bbq (or freeze) citizens

Unless you live under a rock (or like us look at the sky) it has been probably hard to not notice a tower block fire in London England. Many of the issues (my blog) can be alluded to here (my blog)

Oddly it still passed he fire regulations and planning laws. Oh to be a civil servant bureaucrat. Not the sort of thing non civil servants could get away with oh to be red and blue politician.

Surveyors in the uk are also very shoddy at there ”work’ while they might visit a site sometimes it is hard to discern as to if they get further to inspect it – this certainly was the case in the 1980’s.

But that must be me saying it.

*concrete is not an insulator which is why tall commercial buildings clad in plate glass

English devolution?

There is joke about a successfull small business, to be successful start with a large company.

Take a look at these results from England in June 2016 (ignore the ni,wales (right) and bottom bit of scotland (top))

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Would a conservative advocate devolution (my blog) ? in order to cling to power after all northern ireland,scotland and wales has it.

I believe i stated that I thought it could happen recently making Parliament a body with not much to do.   It will be interesting to see if a conservative will dismember the union in order to rule..


It would make the tories into something the the snp in Scotland who still are the largest party.  Northern Ireland votes according to religion. Wales as a region is an non entity if your Theresa May.

It is one way to call it a success.

The clergymans daughter (theresa may)

street urchins

George Orwell once wrote a book with that title and i have no recollection of it except it was not that good but clergymen daughters see the worst in society (even before payday loans) her inability to argue points without sounding a snob or the thought that your going against jesus and the church of england.

I know this as we knew a woman who saw the same worst people in society being a clergy family*.  Bananas in the Falklands does not particularly care for fox hunting** and also is not a islamic terrorist which May’s solution to is censor the internet rather than blame government (my blog).  The parsons daughter sees and does what she knows rather than engage in critical debate.

There where always two possibilities the first was that with a majority she would destroy Corbyn and toxify the conservatives as well, the other is that her inability to engage would validate Corbyn and de-Tony Blair the left as her brand of conservative is toxic even for blairites to dare suggest.

Since i did not vote (my blog) i am most happy with the result. It shows wiseness by many of whom collectively got it right. Instead of the two s words*** i conclude that citizen May is In-stable and insecure.

*not catholic **most people dont care ***to win a banana skin (fresh) comment with the famous two s words – collect your prize from the zoo.

Comrade May’s eggs and flour shortage

street urchins with terror tools

I note that on a secret* election trip Theresa May (my blog) who is averse to questions and will always reply with two words starting with s caused an eggs and flour shortage somewhere secret which is kind of creepy being she is the capitalist and you expect queues for food in soviet russia (historic) or north korea today provided it is not food aid provided by its enemies..

These eggs and flour items where deemed terrorist bomb making equipment while citizen may was in town secretly and possibly performing as a childrens party entertainer.   Quite what this says about capitalism is left to you the reader to imagine

It becomes rather amusing when politicians failings make news rather than the message with the same two s words in.

I hope nobody starved.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

I offer a free banana skin as a prize which you can collect from the zoo if you wish to comment with the magic words starting with s.  Something Comrade May likes too! assuming she is vegan.

However as banana skins can have a comedic value i am sure a law will be passed by her party banning bananas in the future as is what politicians do .

seems appropriate from chitty chitty bang bang

So if you ever have to entertain Thresa May you know eggs and flour are off the menu. Quite how this clergyman’s daughter** is so intolerant to eggs and flour is an exercise left to you the reader.

*also know as children’s party events ** clergymen see the worst of society a lesson learned by there family members as well.