prorogation this

Paul Crowther, 32, from Newcastle a Rupert Murdoch employee

With the prorogation word being much in debate here is a simple thought put succinctly.

If a referendum can be ignored because 600 remainers dont like it thus overriding millions then do we need a parliament ? – i doubt the present parties would survive and no doubt upset those 600 out of a job jobsworths.

With most of the month for the politicians spent at conference centres and not ‘working’ it is not like there talking to each other,

I think that p word might save the regional parties rather than destroy it.

citizen Boris

Boris Jphnson is the new man of the hour and will certainly be getting the bbc in full antifa* mode sooner rather than later.

He has a charm that May (my blog) never had and while perhaps deemed ‘posh’ is a character.  The marmite factor comes in too but assuming 51% still think leave push come to shove  then he is in a strong position provided it’s delivered.

I have no idea what will happen but if like greace (my blog) the eu causes problems and we get the version four** replacement then you might be correct in thinking europe’s era of nation state tradition is over which proves Johnson’s and the Greek’s point.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

Technical points such as an independent currency, and not being poor make brexit more possible then it was for the greeks so watch this space but the paragraph above is a valid concern – after all rules apply to all not just naughty countries.

Since i have no clue about what is going to happen I will stop here.

*not a black transgendered muslim running the country good think bbc logic (my blog) ** cameron, may, jphnson, <insert name here>

an incovenient death, Miles Goslet

David Kelly – Dead by 007

isbn:9781788543118 Is about Dr David Kelly is died in iffy circumstances.   The inquiry into his death and interference by a seventy year suppression of the outcome  make me think politicians and press had some responsibility.

3/5 bananas

Perhaps neither the 4th estate (my blog) or politicians (my blog) are fit to rule, or watch each other.

peace is valueless ? so politicians are too?

If being shot at is deemed resilient what does that say about politicians who have engineered peace  (my blog) for seventy years.  Are they cowards?

On this logic you can argue that each generation should engage in global war just to be respected.  Not sure the average politician would like to be called a failure on a regular basis.

Since wars are rated as well i do wander if we will run out of words or have to hypen them eg super-valiant, semi- etc

Think on it.


Leave means leave it seems (my blog) and the red and blue (strong and stable) got decimated .  Despite the main stream media smears i do wonder how they will justify giving May and comrade Jeremy  (my blog) a free pass – i wonder how long it will be until the voters are the real nazi thugs for doing what they did.

Labours devolution (my blog) cost then in wales and scotland – the media must class them a nationalists.  Blue is not Teresa May blue, and theres not much red in there either.

Since i could not have voted  i am cool with the result.

threatening messages from out of touch political parties

The monkey house got a leaflet that said vote for us or else despite us doing a shit job as a legacy political party.  Literally that was it. Since when i post this the results of this election will be known it will not be good.

street urchins

Anyhow i laughed and put the a5 sheet of paper in the recycle/threatening message box.

Somehow my voting paper never appeared so i also accuse the politicians of voter suppression i am a voting ape but seems are not for this election .

So when the four people and 51% of a dog validate your vote [which you all voted to leave anyhow] you certainly do not speak for me.

comrade May’s Huawei problem.

street urchins

May i(my blog) s a shit leader and i personally think Huawei also has backdoors for everybody to intercept rather than just the nsa (my blog).  Which upsets some for bizarre reason.

So this.

Is yet another damming failure of her rule after all there are other failures of hers (my blog)..      However when one smartphone can generate 800mb of data files in a few days of light use then the problem becomes a quantity one for if you send all that data to a third party then somebody is going to notice.

Our friends in gchq (my blog) also have blood on there hands after all they let it pass.  So nobody here comes off angelic you might even argue that there failure endorses Huawei.  Mind you governments get a bit weird expecting submarines (mmy blog) every thirty years but not willing to buy them or fund the skills required to make them.

pandas in prison

As soon as you start shunting data to china  in quantity means either i am using Chinese servers which as i am not a giant panda  i don’t  – in fact china visits us via ssh most days but not the zoo’s web pages being china is an intranet and censored for most chinese citizens rather than internet i am sure somebody notices this as well.

Can you trust phone companies  – no..

Is there choice well  if an 5g western provider exists its very secret and if the five eyes allowed it to be no choice then they certainly do like there decision making now.