Theresa May’s model Potemkin library (a true story)

Theresa May (my blog) represents a town called Maidenhead which is on the river Thames and has a train station. Her position on nearby Heathrow expansion is best not examined for consistency.

Anyhow there library has a book that professor wants and he can obtain – it is the only copy in the south east of england in a library and it is available.  But…

The only trouble is that due to a procedure they will not release it.

That speaks volumes about the conservatives and her Potemkin village (wikipedia)

So next time some politician (right or left)tells you your not using libraries and they MUST BE CLOSED do remember Maidenhead where the library is just for show not for books.

politicians whom bbq (or freeze) citizens

Unless you live under a rock (or like us look at the sky) it has been probably hard to not notice a tower block fire in London England. Many of the issues (my blog) can be alluded to here (my blog)

Oddly it still passed he fire regulations and planning laws. Oh to be a civil servant bureaucrat. Not the sort of thing non civil servants could get away with oh to be red and blue politician.

Surveyors in the uk are also very shoddy at there ”work’ while they might visit a site sometimes it is hard to discern as to if they get further to inspect it – this certainly was the case in the 1980’s.

But that must be me saying it.

*concrete is not an insulator which is why tall commercial buildings clad in plate glass

Government documents

shitbritishleylandcarProfessor ‘lost’ a number of government documents relating to cars during his move (my blog) so we apes where tasked to find them somewhere before they got sent to the peoples republic of Swansea.



Prof’s new house is really nice and while we all hunted for official government brown envelopes which we found and we then got rewarded with banana daiquiri’s.

That’s living, however it make sense since with austerity charges from government for replacement documents at £20 each it means its worth not losing them to start with and they had been misplaced rather than really lost.

There is not a lot of free when your dealing with uk government forms and that’s avoiding the scams (my blog)

Curry-ing favour (excuse the pun)

Jack Straw

Jack Straw

Bananas noticed that Eric Pickles has finally noted that the curry problem (my blog)  that even i know about is err a bit troublesome.  Mind you i suppose with Rotherham (my blog) and the other corrupt labour local authority did mean it was in rather clear focus.

Be interesting to see how this will be deflected by the political parties.

Fiscal ‘responsibility’ and Scotland

CEILIDHBananas reads (my blog) and so a library is used, I decide to buy a book (my blog) since in an large area of a over million people plus there no copies to hand so a justified purchased in one reason.

Whist shopping I notice a second hand site which i doubt i could not use without registering again or use the thing i used for above but Ipursue some titles i would like to read but cannot via a library for not being available.

I discover that many books i cannot find in england are actually in Scottish libraries and are also for sale legitimately or otherwise. they where published in 2015 and sold on in 2016.  How the other half live.

Commonwealth Games - Team Scotland Kitting Out - University of StirlingIts strange that we ‘southerners’ suffer but Scotland does not. Hmmm i wonder if I can get the male members of the tribe into kilts och!  They know about kinky David Furnish too with his olive oil and paddling pool (my blog)

I dont fancy the learning to play the bagpipes but a library with books in – Golly!

Knowsley and always voting red


mobility for some

Knowsley is a  place i have never been to and i have visited some places beyond watford (my blog).  It is a labour party safe seat with 78% majority, ukip (or the get out of europe party) polled 10% which is an impressive second place. For those of that where not counting leaves 12% who clearly are not anti europe affiliated to the labour party

This (bbc not here) has an interesting observation about education there but who are unwilling to state that the closure is by a labour authority in probably a labour council too.

Strangely it seems that social mobility is not something they can get but out the area they can. But i suppose as long they keep voting the right ‘red’ way that’s ok.

Those other evil lot those blues must be to blame i am sure.

Local government employees and being a mind reader.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I was reading a book that has more than one part*, the second is overdue by a couple of months in the library and being the only copy for tens of thousands of people and so i ask the library people is it lost, i know that it is overdue and on the second attempt i am told that it is overdue of which i knew before i asked and with others waiting for it.

Wish i had not asked, i suppose that confirms this (my blog).

The good news ? i could pay more to get from a real library** which i could have done myself.  Think i will pass.  Thank you library employee of the month.

Another amusing tale from a ‘library’ is of a book that has spent two months travelling to and from libraries which has reservations for but is never collected by those persons.  I suppose it will be read one day.

*like a lot of books these days. **more than one copy.

The new library computer interface system – or lets copy amazon.

emptylibraryThe old library online server is not that antiquated but it certainly does not look shiny like amazon. However it is fully functional unlike the stock which may or may not be available.  There bought in ebook system (another computer)  is a bit more modern but suffers from guess if it has drm or not question.  Since i run linux its a bit of a no go as adobe do not make linux software thankfully as they cant still write microsoft software.

The book reserve system is useable despite being a public sector service and joined to other regional libraries . However some idiot decided it had to look more like amazon so what was on several pages is now in one page.quite why is a question for them not me.

It offers suggestions, and fails flat on its face when you have more that one outstanding reservation on your account.  Most of the stuff has been seen before but the inability of more than 1 book on on loan thinking is a step backwards imho – or am i not supposed to use a library after all councils must close libraries.

mehMeh.  Anyhow it appears that i am self propagating the other borrowers also read section in yet another html 5 gallery. So it does not look that mobile phone friendly

Anyhow i suppose its another revolution that amazon helped make the lazy world of book selling a more modern rather than the same ideas that have been with book sellers since the first gutenburg press started up four hundred years ago.

Its not awful but it is not amazon. Its good that there is progress even on libraries. So not all good and not all bad.

The local government types who really hate there library users


Harry Potter in disguise

Libraries are funny things (my blog) – ‘universal’ means that councils hate them for being non specific or ring fenced,  say being outside of the comfort zone as say unlike child protection where the worst of the humanity is seen and ‘something’* has to be supposedly (my blog) done about it but perhaps not.

Libraries apparently suffer from not enough** people using then and so get closed down, and to visit an open one means less visits since it being further away and so the council can close more down.

So having deemed library users fat lazy slobs as we cannot walk to a local library since it got closed down these jobs worth’s the decide those of us who do visit libraries need to get fit.

I am not joking.   Whoever came up with this genius idea and the funding for sport in libraries i would be very happy to burn them to death for assuming i am a fat lazy slob and also closing down places where a car,bus or use of a broomstick*** is not a required piece of equipment to get a book.

So if your in library management and call me a slob i do hope you have life insurance.

* although that probably wont happen (my blog) and a public enquiry to not change anything will take place. ** who defines this is a secret *** nimbus 2000 ?

The human sized coffin – or council waste disposal

binRubbish is an subject we all generate* but rarely talk about.  The monkey house already has compost bins for our bananas and so our food rubbish profile is limited.  We had a general rubbish bin, and paper, bottle, tin and plastic containers as well.

However with  new collection scheme meant the tin, and glass boxes are now rubbish replaced by one huge wheelie bin. Food waste gets its own small container, and yet another huge bin is for general waste.  So technically we apes here in the zoo can murder two humans a every two weeks** from now on.

Lets hope nobody notices.

Anyhow the recycle bin gets fairly full, the other waste is minimal and the slugs that used to grow in the old boxes are no more and we think Camdem as a locale is bit cleaner as the foxes (my blog) cannot get into the rubbish on collection day.

* even on this blog ** i am sure the civil defense people (mu blog) had a say in this, and there’s a chainsaw somewhere too for efficiency