Our friends in the north

the northern beach

the northern beach

I was reading the other newspaper (which i don’t particularity respect) and things i had missed when a bbc (who the newspaper does not like either) radio drama called borderland was suggested as worth a hear. .

So one day i set my ears to receive left wing centrist bbc bias

Set in post brexit Britannia the immigrants – be they legal or illegal are leaving and while the playwright keeps it fresh with a dose of sports direct working conditions and the calais chaos (you tube) its grasp of devolution politics and peoples north of Watford , and wet ones in the west leaves much to be desired.

It is conveniently forgotten that labour brought in devolution of wales and scotland and neither are now strong labour voting areas.  As to northern Ireland well that’s been reunited with the south in this drama.

If you had not guessed it the scots and the welsh are also racists in this drama but since they did not vote red that must be true after all playwrights never lie,

Eventually our victim (female) gets to Ireland and lives happily ever after and this is where i get confused

spot the police

spot the police not the farmers

For four hundred the years protestants and catholics have had a deep mistrust of each other and as the bbc has reported in northern ireland that if you mix say muslim into that mix (bbc news) then i see a new threat to both not that i believe in the sky fairies

While it might be ‘drama’ why is it not wrong to paint locals as evil for pointing out the problems with an ever increasing population and less money spent on say libraries and health.

If the bbc wishes to paint all of ts white viewers as racist then good for it but by doing so they miss there point.  Not all of us live in Islington, and why does not immigration not mater to non women friendy ireland ?  (my blog)

If walking with a orange band is cause for the riot police to be out most nights  and segration of catholics from protestants is still common somehow to call the irish non problematic seems odd.

Anyhow what do i know. perhaps i should find a zoo in Islington

Violated: a shocking and harrowing survival story from the notorious Rotherham abuse scandal , Sarah Wilson


ambassadors of child sex

isbn: 9780008141264 by Sarah Wilson sounds the sort of thing i have to read after here (my blog) and ask some questions.  Despite it being daily mail friendly or a best seller in chav circles.

Class might come into the post as it did with the hogwarts ‘missing’ kids (my blog).  Another stark contrast is why Megan Stammers [now Williams] (my blog) was treated very differently.

In the age long ago* when policewomen blogged (my blog) not all are equal and if your a habitual one then that might explain part of the contrast but not all if others in civil servant land intentionally dont do stuff to protect children either for reasons of incompetence or being called racist.

So with some background and the assumption that this will not be reviewed in the guardian lets start.

It begins with poverty, an interesting family and a heart condition not before long school is something of a chore with some added expulsions (my blog), and drinking ‘homebrew’ alcohol** and drugs by twelve.

After a few encounters with the police she was written off and being that this might be perceived as racist – nobody in the majority elected labour party gave a stuff either despite colourful language being shouted in the street by locals and hints by both mp’s and stories in the the press later..

lalalaInterestingly enough the data protection act which is a thoroughly useless law and department (my blog) gets an outing when the police refused to look at 177 asian ‘johns’ i suppose i could use the word paedophiles as well

Anyhow what this says about muslim integration or ‘british Pakistani’ multicultural life (my blog) is something for the politicians to think about although they wont but will complain about right wing parties which um is absolutely nothing to do with them or the decisions they made.

Expect an alcohol and drugs binge, one hot race issue potato, and death from muslim honor so Rotherham has it all.

An easy read (no hard words) and straight from the horses mouth 3/5 bananas

* before acpo said they could not, ** non branded

Ed Milliband the winter killer

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

I don’t like Oxford Uninvesity ppe educatied (my blog) Milliband. Why? well he got our power [gas and electric] deal cancelled via some of his mutterings over the cost of energy, it was one of the better power deals so when banana man talked about regulating the odd world of deregulated power supply he screwed a lot of people in the wrong way.

The bad deals remained.

I really don’t understand why things deemed good* by the ppe’s and that then became regulatory under his parties government and when power supply became a small concern and somewhat apparently monopolistic but also some deals got cancelled being too good and less profitable for the energy firms on the basis of the contract was too confusing with all the worse deals on offer.

So Milliband has probably put the price up for the people he was trying to help.

However spending a little time in this area we discovered that our deal was not the best, and have since moved to a better deal.   I hope that others had the same experience but somehow i doubt that after all no price comparison site has every firm on it and that is where price comparison sites fail..

I do hope Scotland vote for ithe snp rather than him after saying no to independence (my blog).

What also could save many money as the winter daylight saving time clearly favours them and not those of us in the south. I dont understand why a southern and northern timezone would not work

Regardless of intent it will soon be easy to say that David Milliband will be a reason as to why some people will die from cold, or the illnesses that develop from cold via his mutterings.

* carbon credits etc

charity ebola, Malala Yousafzai, nazi muslims, oh and Labour’s ukip woes

pukeeThe world is doing its usual interesting things. We have charity ‘staff’ (my blog) complaining and then turning ebola into problem elsewhere from a regional to a world problem. Malala Yousafzai (my blog) wins an award for pakistan despite not being able to live there.

Heywood and Middleton a once safe seat for the labour party was made into a marginal seat by ukip. I wonder what that kind of dynamic will also have elsewhere.  While ebola is not pleasant it does rather make the whole lets not talk about issue because we me might be deemed nasty by people.

The other unexplained elephant in the room is about african debt release.  If the west bailed out africa before, and is now again paying to stop ebola then did the debt forgiveness work at all ?

Mean while British Muslims are blaming the internet (my blog) for radicalising children so it must so be good to be to blame free despite not using censorship tools.


Womens toilets in Scotland


Inspection time for the toilets

Scotland has just had a vote to decide if they want to be independent.

Being an exiled Rwandan ape in London zoo my views on the subject where deemed not important and that’s ok.  But this democracy thing is something everyone can criticise.  Regardless of what happens scotland gets a better deal and all ‘english’ parties want to give them more money that they don’t have.  Even before toxic banks (my blog).  I wonder how many libraries will close in the ‘south’ to fund them as money is only spent once.


Hadrian from Rome view of the scottish

I really have not been following the debate or the logic that may be mired in this (my blog)  but an independent scotland should mean benefits for all and even those of us behind what remains of Hadrain’s* wall.

The end of British Summer time (bst) is a good idea or worth a discussion on.


also scottish

Devolution has been am interesting experience and probably has kept the labour party in power with the minority it has with ideas much as no prescription fees**, and in education until the nationalist’s took them over.

So i wish the scots all the best, and firmly point the blame with Gordon Brown*** and Tony Blair. (my blog) .So i cannot fault the scottish after all if Blair started it and Brown had to keep bribing them why not look after there national interest ?

So if you voted labour [red] then part of the blame lies with you, not me.

Overall i see some benefits from not having scotland. that makes it worth it after all with separate law, bank scotland always was separate..

At least female visitors to scotland wont be queuing for the toilet.

* an ancient roman bloke ** behind that wall in the ‘south’ money is needed *** also scotish

The new villian to the military complex, and government purchasing

windy_villianBananas was watching one of those engineering tv programs that strangely are way to informative.  In this case civilian wind turbines are a new area and while these normally concentrate on the positive it took a defensive perspective to show that these poles with blades actually bounce radar signals which those people in the war theory industry ‘worry’ about.

The thing apparently to do is to make them absorb radar and make them not become enemies to the war people.



There was also a an interesting sideways glance at government bad purchasing (my blog) and making the things good.  It required that a brand new million plus item be disassembled as if the unit had seen many years of service, then had all of its electronics replaced  which left the shell of the aircraft as the only remaining original part.

Learning from failure is good but i wondered if perhaps it might be better just to buy spare parts next time rather than take a  new american made helicopter to bits and pieces and then rebuild it which takes months to do.

Then again it is probably not a good idea to question the corrupt going on’s in Gordon Brown’s head or labour party logic.

Dead men risen, Toby Harnden

isbn: 9781849164221 has a chequered history being pulped as the government before release when they passed it ok for publication.  So this is funded by the ministry of defence when something or other went wrong when they decided to cover up Gordon Browns issues.  The rest of this review is censored as speaking bad of Gordon Brown is not something you should be able to do..




Page 138 sees one apparent ooops shit with further blacked out sections noting the botched censorship that publishers left in throughout we forget to censor that and reprint and with claims that the Iranians pay $800 for shooting dead Brit servicemen. The book also mentions the stuff many war books fail to mention child buggery by the Afghanistan’es (a prior example) and thaat Islam and its madras’es in Pakistan profited from selling hard drugs from Afghanistan which makes the Afgans seem a bit stupid.

Peppered with quotations of long dead peots about prior forarys there the book presents a good regimental hostory and captures the essence of both officers and privates once over that hump the book starts to flow.
5/5 bananas probably not a book that the labour party would want the welsh to read.

If you have issues in reading this text in this post you must select the text.

Corporates & Politics.



The public sector has an image problem, its unglamorous and has bad attitudes but it pays better than being prime minister for some .  It does have benefits which depending on the views of both main parties cost too much,  Although one of those would deny even doing it despite having  an ex minister on the board of one of those corporates (my blog) and being of guardian hating fodder.

Jimmy Mubenga shares some responsibility in the matter

Jimmy Mubenga shares some responsibility in the matter

Many of the contracts are for things civil servants cant do for reasons on no investment that both main parties agreed not to invest in , however if you read this (my blog) before there blog died would point to issues that make overcharging or death of  a human make these contracts challenging.

I will not be defending either politics with its grandee’s or corporates here or point fingers as to why public service is bad (my blog).  My point is that with excess and both left and right politicians getting rich how soon until some of the stench of collusion becomes apparent

You might be ‘for the workers  and vote labour’ but Blair and lord reid (part of g4s) clearly have no concern of those issues so who really is for the people rather than there wallets.

I have ignored issue of practicality here but the question that will pop up in peoples heads one day not that both are bad but the collusion and failure between both can be allowed  Time for different parties i think..

Beyond Watford with Labour and the bbc.

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Watford is famous for being the border between London and the north.  London according to Gordon Brown and the labour party is not in the UK (usually as nobody votes for them) and so the BBC moved past Watford to Manchester to be more ‘regional’ whatever that means*.

Yes  Manchester is a civilised place, it has running water and a sewage system and other attractions.  The cost of moving the bbc north is costing the bbc millions figures i know include 90 million to move staff,, and another 6 million on office furniture – [that’s 41,237 tv license payers]

The bbc is a broadcaster, and while i would never deny them a chair, I do wonder about them making things when they spend six million quid on just that.

faggingOverall somebody at the labour party should get most of the blame.  Why well if the BBC cannot afford to make tv programs** then clearly the bbc while now being a bit more regional than perhaps it was before is now just a brilliant office furniture consumer and making tv and radio programs is just not the thing the bbc is supposed to do.

Thank you Labour party.

* northerners in eastenders perhaps ? ** even those made in Wales