comrade May’s Huawei problem.

street urchins

May i(my blog) s a shit leader and i personally think Huawei also has backdoors for everybody to intercept rather than just the nsa (my blog).  Which upsets some for bizarre reason.

So this.

Is yet another damming failure of her rule after all there are other failures of hers (my blog)..      However when one smartphone can generate 800mb of data files in a few days of light use then the problem becomes a quantity one for if you send all that data to a third party then somebody is going to notice.

Our friends in gchq (my blog) also have blood on there hands after all they let it pass.  So nobody here comes off angelic you might even argue that there failure endorses Huawei.  Mind you governments get a bit weird expecting submarines (mmy blog) every thirty years but not willing to buy them or fund the skills required to make them.

pandas in prison

As soon as you start shunting data to china  in quantity means either i am using Chinese servers which as i am not a giant panda  i don’t  – in fact china visits us via ssh most days but not the zoo’s web pages being china is an intranet and censored for most chinese citizens rather than internet i am sure somebody notices this as well.

Can you trust phone companies  – no..

Is there choice well  if an 5g western provider exists its very secret and if the five eyes allowed it to be no choice then they certainly do like there decision making now.

Non exploding lorries – elf & saftey strike again

Professor is moving and told us apes a funny story.  It entails a removal firm who won’t transport a litre of lawnmower oil in a sealed container, paint or the domestic gas bbq cylinder (my blog)

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

He is moving about 1.4 kilometre.  It is perfectly fine for him to move such items.  We admire our risk taking prof.

lost in translation

Eric Blair

Eric Blair

I admire George Orwell (my blog) and his writing which does not just mean two novels, one of which has pigs in.

The other needs no help and has been converted into various posh and chav formats, and even a ballet. Somehow this is oddly newspeak friendly which even made it to tv looked a little like something North Korea might do.

Another problem was the people looked fat, and not shabby which entails the end of war if your a visual type person when i write this Syria looks the part and not the gleaming clean set.

Not to worry – You lot will probably ignore this and the next time some politician wants a back door to your phone and data records you will think that is ok.

Even big brother dances to the tune of morons.  If you missed it was on bbc four last night assuming the bbc have rights to show it.

I wont rate this adaption for reasons of thoughtcrime.

Secret State, Peter Hennessy

public schoolboys only

public schoolboys only

isbn: 9780141044699 is a revised edition which suffers from the old boy network syndrome that british civil servants come from where you have to be one of them (my blog) to do something like this.

Our usual etonian type is taken hook line and sinker that saudis are current terrorists in line with the security theatre industry despite that book deals with the cold war ending in about 1990 ish so trying to be up to date is a fail here as a revised thing.

Generally speaking if your not public school educated then your probably a threat to these people.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Oh you are going to have to take his word on this stuff with much of it off the record and reference to documents. There is also a fair amount of rehash from other media he being that one expert.

It gets amusing when nobody who went to cambridge could never be a spy although those types saw the divisive nature of McCarthyism and limited those types of security theatre professionals. The 1950’s was a weird time and i get an impression many etonians where communists and still collecting pensions from the trade unions.

The good news is that the art in the art galleries would be saved in a doomsday scenario. Which puts this stuff in perspective that art would be lucky.

The book has some insight say on the nuclear deterrent and reliance on others for it and on thinking despite it not being a British weapon, or the communications network but the submarine route is a lot more an international deterrent then planes (my blog). However if it does not work as devised or planned then most of us are screwed anyhow which takes is to machiavelli (my blog) but hey at the least the art is safe.

Earliest portrait of a guinea pigSome interesting stuff here and worth a think on, in visual media try threads (my blog) and this insight on the censorship of the war game (my blog)  is thoughtful.

3/5 duck and cover (my blog) bananas

Ed Milliband the winter killer

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

I don’t like Oxford Uninvesity ppe educatied (my blog) Milliband. Why? well he got our power [gas and electric] deal cancelled via some of his mutterings over the cost of energy, it was one of the better power deals so when banana man talked about regulating the odd world of deregulated power supply he screwed a lot of people in the wrong way.

The bad deals remained.

I really don’t understand why things deemed good* by the ppe’s and that then became regulatory under his parties government and when power supply became a small concern and somewhat apparently monopolistic but also some deals got cancelled being too good and less profitable for the energy firms on the basis of the contract was too confusing with all the worse deals on offer.

So Milliband has probably put the price up for the people he was trying to help.

However spending a little time in this area we discovered that our deal was not the best, and have since moved to a better deal.   I hope that others had the same experience but somehow i doubt that after all no price comparison site has every firm on it and that is where price comparison sites fail..

I do hope Scotland vote for ithe snp rather than him after saying no to independence (my blog).

What also could save many money as the winter daylight saving time clearly favours them and not those of us in the south. I dont understand why a southern and northern timezone would not work

Regardless of intent it will soon be easy to say that David Milliband will be a reason as to why some people will die from cold, or the illnesses that develop from cold via his mutterings.

* carbon credits etc

Labours missing glucose syrup and Mark Lynas gmo debate issue

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

Dont take my picture you evil terrorist picture taker you

corncropFructose made from corn is not a sugar, or ‘evil’ salt as blamed by the labour party for fat.

However Fructose is blamed for a lot of people being fat as the body can not process it according to how people live and its found everywhere.  I wonder who is responsible for ignoring it. Somebody hates farmers and loves the processing companies it seems in the labour party – pro gmo.

Healthy eating might be a good aim but to blame just sugar and salt is a false flag.

For the good of the people – hardly.  I sense a bribe and some incompetent advisor’s advising.  Elite humans have a funny attitude to farming which along as the proles are fed they dont really care about the issue – aka let them eat cake.

While a lot of modern farming is best not described but it does explain why so many americans shoot each other rather than obtain a further hunting licence a further license once they own a gun or guns.

The gmo industry is not the nicest suing farmers for the wind but with the hate Mark Lynas brought to the table who else is going enter it and create ‘not evil’ competition.

Gmo does not get a free pass, or deserves it but with Lynas being a retard along with the organic types means the good or bad is harder to judge as with just blaming sugar and salt for the ills of a fat nation.

buying furniture that i did not

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

With my name (thats bananas) being the registered name on the phone bill (short story it was on the exisitng account billing when it got transferred) i now find that i now get paper based junk email from furniture firms whom i imagine that british telecom then sell to junk mailers, this information was supposed to be for the emergency services.  However i find i am offered an amazing number of furniture items for the monkey house that i apparently even purchased being an existing customer.

Sally bought the sofa not me.

Its amusing and telling that british telecom would probably also send round a pride of lions to eat us apes if they could justify it.  Not quite sure what they do to humans, but some along the lines of evil.  Good old british telecom eh.

NHS still full of nu-labour management crap

We have a volunteer here at London Zoo who also helps the NHS in ‘back office’ for free.

The nhs just sent them a form asking again if they where the ideal

  1. ethnic minority
  2. homosexual
  3. be of the wrong caste

That would make the nhs non racist or something,  after all these facts might just have changed in the last year.  The good news is that this done by a person who is paid and does not volunteer for free.

Clearly somebody is due for the sack but strangely will keep there job.

incompetent civil servants and the bad book.

Loose lips sink Burkas

Dead men risen is not a tale of zombies, but of the living incompetent.  A pro right winger writes a book about Afghanistan and the Welsh Guards who if dont know are soldiers who don’t rust*, he submits it to the mod who do this kind of thing in England for censorship prior to printing.

Months pass and the book is given a clean bill of health, then after going to the printers the government buys the whole first printing and shreds them, then demands huge changes to the ‘approved’ text it okayed.

I’m not making this up either.  Whatever your objection be it cost / morons / censorship. or a bit of all three means.  Its not something i would pickup to read by default but clearly it is notable for the idiots who made it newsworthy.

Clearly not all civil servants are not anti commerce, and are also pro wasting money**.

* joke ** think about it.

The good thing about the end of us net neutrality.

Obama the republican stooge on neutrality

Obama it appears is more a republican than a democrat, this post is not about the problems of a corrupt two party system in America.

The good in the failed promise of Obama’s net neutrality s that the nsa will have a tougher job in intercepting non america communications, they will have to rely more on there allies.

Another plus is for non american hosting firms.  As it effects me – will that game i play from a american host be playable – probably not

A welcome move i think for all of us except the americans.