Blood on the page, Thomas Harding


isbn: 9781765151040 is about a non fiction murder and secret law trail in the uk apparently we all have to take every-bodies else opinion that water is wet and there is nothing unethical going on.  Smith (my blog) is responsible for the 2006-2017 legal odyssey so in camera trails dont really work for secrecy just like super injunctions and who (my blog) uses olive oil and children’s paddling pools.

Wang Yan v Regina is the case and the murder of Allan Chappelow which is still shrouded in secrecy.   The fact that Wang Yan used Chappelows money is undeniable but since Yan was apparently a small bit part of 4/6/89 events soon makes it mired in censorship for reasons very few know.

wenlock a policeman

It starts with a murder , stolen funds are used and the police get involved eventually a body is found and Wang Yan is found to be a prime suspect through police work of good quality.

Yan is a bit of a crook like this person (my blog)

The evidence is low in quality* but the other alternative motives are also low in quality as well so it comes down to the secret evidence that the first set of lawyers where denied access to by comrade Smith.   It is no advert for secret trails either and although the government appears to not use them it is hard to find out if they are occasionally used.

While the author attempts an Agatha Christie solution with colonel plumb with the candlestick, helped by the servant none of that explains how the money ended up in Yan’s hands.

Ceci Garrett has been helping hoarders, like this one,

An informative book but one no closer to a truth than at the beginning although the limits of what European union rules where being well tested ten years before brexit

One to read regardless 5/5 bananas.

*the victim was a hoarder – there is an interesting and often distressing american tv documentary about these people , and it took three days to find him needing a dog.

this is going to hurt,Adam Kay

Jimmy and Tony

isbn: 97815098586623 is about the nhs (my blog)  and a funny and sad look at the english and the monster called the nhs.   Mumsnet (my blog) has a lot blame here as well.

However as there are quotas on doctors imposed by doctors on themselves there is an element of making the situation worse which continues the woes so both sides are guilty of malice.

Well worth it.

5/5 bananas

Governments not paying there pfi bills

Jimmy and Tony

Carillion is an outsourcer who is not being paid by governments and when the money stops people who profited both ways like Tony to your right mean we will all probably be paying twice while Comrade Blair laughs at you.

That is not to say that there are no problems with pfi’s the London Underground scheme collapsed, schools in scotland had blown over walls* and since most of the deals are commercial the details are very much kept between governments and the outsource firms who have old government chums like lord reid (left) who worked at g4s who fucked up the security for the london Olympics (my blog) and non delivered and is a chum of Tony Blair .

It appears or being told the saudis are not paying there bills but whether that is correct or not is a matter of trust after all when Tony and Reid have both sold and consumed the item perhaps its time that these pfi contracts have served them well and there failure is assured and as a long term means of doing stuff is not there problem any more.

*wolf and three pigs (my blog) had nothing to do with it – joke

Jimmy Salvile renewal time.

Jimmy and Tony

Bananas was minding her own business and entertaining zoo guests when a beta ape out of the blue demanded it was time for the criminal records check (my blog) to be updated which came from some paid employee of the nhs who bosses volunteers (unpaid) about like this ape.

Nice work that .

It is a throw back to Jim and his chum (my blog) seen to your right which seemed to throw this ape into chaos and asked each of us here in the monkey house to read this, open that print it and then they telephone the volunteer manager of whom wanted this shit but could not be arsed to update there records.

In the end the ape got on a bus and saw the very important person as the links and the passwords sent apparently did not work as stated in the printed email.. All of this shit was apparently due to somebody worrying that the nhs is full of isis supporters* after they spent a fun summer blowing up children, killing policemen, raping females in Newcastle and tourists as is islam’s way..

Humanity. – anyhow having had enough of that with withering looks from the ape even about recycling paper they spewed out in several attempts to make sure there not muslim rapists or terrorists the rest of us went back to entertaining the zoo guests rather than dealing with idiots who sucked the life out with idiot dramas..

Speaking of citizen Blair has been in the news recently for getting paid by arabs while being a fully paid diplomat trying to find religious peace – i wonder if that might be considered a supporter of isis or deash.  He did not get a peace deal.mind you who wants to solve cancer (my blog) fixing things hey there’s no profit** in that.

Anyhow that’s what happened.

*i wonder who let them in?  ** Pakistan gave North Korea nuclear bomb know how

Our friends in the north

the northern beach

the northern beach

I was reading the other newspaper (which i don’t particularity respect) and things i had missed when a bbc (who the newspaper does not like either) radio drama called borderland was suggested as worth a hear. .

So one day i set my ears to receive left wing centrist bbc bias

Set in post brexit Britannia the immigrants – be they legal or illegal are leaving and while the playwright keeps it fresh with a dose of sports direct working conditions and the calais chaos (you tube) its grasp of devolution politics and peoples north of Watford , and wet ones in the west leaves much to be desired.

It is conveniently forgotten that labour brought in devolution of wales and scotland and neither are now strong labour voting areas.  As to northern Ireland well that’s been reunited with the south in this drama.

If you had not guessed it the scots and the welsh are also racists in this drama but since they did not vote red that must be true after all playwrights never lie,

Eventually our victim (female) gets to Ireland and lives happily ever after and this is where i get confused

spot the police

spot the police not the farmers

For four hundred the years protestants and catholics have had a deep mistrust of each other and as the bbc has reported in northern ireland that if you mix say muslim into that mix (bbc news) then i see a new threat to both not that i believe in the sky fairies

While it might be ‘drama’ why is it not wrong to paint locals as evil for pointing out the problems with an ever increasing population and less money spent on say libraries and health.

If the bbc wishes to paint all of ts white viewers as racist then good for it but by doing so they miss there point.  Not all of us live in Islington, and why does not immigration not mater to non women friendy ireland ?  (my blog)

If walking with a orange band is cause for the riot police to be out most nights  and segration of catholics from protestants is still common somehow to call the irish non problematic seems odd.

Anyhow what do i know. perhaps i should find a zoo in Islington

The unravelling,Emma Sky

isbn: 9781762392576 is about Iraq and if like me you have never heard of Emma Sky this is reading before a snail called Sir John Chilcot writes an official report that will probably never be read being 100 years late or state that nothing wrong was ever done by anybody despite that still missing wmd*.


Sir John Chilcot

Sky is not a civil servant but academic who volunteered and saw stuff in Iraq (my blog) although post war plans seem missing and after going south, then north a job to which had no description was found.

I came and conquered, and then left itAnyhow i came to rather like the author who despite the failings of a few top politicians (also including Hilary Clinton) into a state that sort of works.

Iraq it appears is pulled like a puppet from the North via Turkey, and the South from Iran so to de Iraqi -ng Iraq means fun for all.  Once Iraq was de Saddam-ed groups came into the mix who those wise political thinkers like Bremer created.

hclintonA bad ambassador choice from the latter Mrs Clinton’s state department  caused the collapse of the independent iraqi state to fail when having a government meant that while it existed it was in name only – i leave you to draw conclusions from that.

So it was left to the army to fix the mistakes of the diplomats again who kept making them while dealing with a civil war, foreign fighters and local politicians.

It is an insightful read, and since that other million pound document is no where to be seen mired in Tony Blairs excuses – so at £20 its a bargain even if you have to buy it rather than get from a library, however snails should not write reports

5/5 bananas.

*that wmd

Surnames from catch 22 (or a return to Rotherham)

loser of book stats

loser of book stats

I was reading a paper newspaper (my blog) early in the year when for a exceptional week* they had a book i deemed worthy of a read rather than one pimped by the advertising department of the said newspaper.

After reading this (my blog) I read that the then unknown to me whistle blower was aptly named Jayne Senior who sounds like she married major major from catch 22 which is both a book and a film merits no further comment.

Oddly our library system had it too so i read it which kind of surprised me since most of our books come from outside of Camdem these days – ‘local’ books from a local library that is a rare event .

lordreidSenior writes isbn:9781509801626 with the title Broken and betrayed. who as a government run charity social worker under Tony Blairs leadership fell afoul of the social justice warriors, and Rotherham’s civil servants and political labour party elite who generally see red at all but ignore this kind of stuff (my blog) for reasons best known to themselves.

It is a harrowing start but Debbie sets the tone where Rotherham came to be the place rather than other towns and cities nearby.  The author comes across as genuine and  disarming when ‘problems’ are dismissed by local authorities as racist back in 2001 so fifteen years ago.

This book has lighter moments and has a Baker Street Irregulars type feel to it, the humour is black with Anita Mckenzie’s box five ticking showing comedy antics that it was totally ok for the yorkshire police to totally ignore half a million pound drug deals with dates and specific time that these bsi’s told her and passed on.  Maybe that’s not worth bothering with in police economics? this war on drugs (my blog) is a funny business.

Years fly by incoherently and with most civil servants ignoring this she plugs away at these pillars of community with not much in the way of success mind you its a hot potato so by 2007 it sort started filtering out with mp”s getting called racist.

In the end of course things turned out right and lights shone in all things Rochdale did not like and its nice to see that one person knew bad.

4/5 bananas

*world holocaust day, and other events take a toll on publishers in the january-april months. **

Disaster capitalism, Antony Loewenstein

117502-darcy-kenrickisbn:9781784781156 sounded interesting but requires a bit of reading from this (my blog) and that (my blog) and also them (my blog)  Once clued in and with its left bias a welcome to the world of ‘diet’ nation states is explored.

Not everything is brilliant is public sector land but that omission is one to ponder.  Our friends dynacorp (my blog) get an mention too for reasons for perhaps acting like the public sector although lite on details of prior scandals.

Then it is off to the world bank (my blog) and Greece (my blog) for reasons of economics which is out of date.

Haiti comes next and is a welcome new stop for presenting newish information rather than things most of us know something of.

lord reid

ex labour politician advised outsourcing and benefits by being on the board of that company

After this the globe trotting stops and we move to the the us and focus on prisons. Prior books (my blog) are name dropped and then we go visit g4s (my blog) whom are a bit useless mind you serco its competitor also likes screw ups and cronyism with lord Ried (my blog) absent from mentions perhaps left wing outsourcing is ok, but right wing outsourcing is not. – go figure.

It is a bit ranty, light on details and directionally focused however this is world that labour and conservative politicians live in or get employed by them afterward something that the author would rather not care to admit.

1/5 state approved bananas.

Womens toilets in Scotland


Inspection time for the toilets

Scotland has just had a vote to decide if they want to be independent.

Being an exiled Rwandan ape in London zoo my views on the subject where deemed not important and that’s ok.  But this democracy thing is something everyone can criticise.  Regardless of what happens scotland gets a better deal and all ‘english’ parties want to give them more money that they don’t have.  Even before toxic banks (my blog).  I wonder how many libraries will close in the ‘south’ to fund them as money is only spent once.


Hadrian from Rome view of the scottish

I really have not been following the debate or the logic that may be mired in this (my blog)  but an independent scotland should mean benefits for all and even those of us behind what remains of Hadrain’s* wall.

The end of British Summer time (bst) is a good idea or worth a discussion on.


also scottish

Devolution has been am interesting experience and probably has kept the labour party in power with the minority it has with ideas much as no prescription fees**, and in education until the nationalist’s took them over.

So i wish the scots all the best, and firmly point the blame with Gordon Brown*** and Tony Blair. (my blog) .So i cannot fault the scottish after all if Blair started it and Brown had to keep bribing them why not look after there national interest ?

So if you voted labour [red] then part of the blame lies with you, not me.

Overall i see some benefits from not having scotland. that makes it worth it after all with separate law, bank scotland always was separate..

At least female visitors to scotland wont be queuing for the toilet.

* an ancient roman bloke ** behind that wall in the ‘south’ money is needed *** also scotish

An expensive day for the nhs – or the Jimmy Salvile factor


Jim fixes it for Tony Blair in fact there are so many with politicians that its hard to pick just  one.

Bananans in the falklands knows of a human here at the zoo who also is a human hospital volunteer on the nhs. They have been doing it for years and despite the ‘equal opportunities types’ looking for that perfect mix of race / transgendered gypsy*** (my blog) as there preferred role model what might happen to upset the apple cart of joy that is the nhs volunteer core ? and make those paid people in charge thnre seeking that ideal person for the big society* or whatever the buzzword is interfere

Jimmy Salvile was a pervert and usually can be found on television on bbc four with his friend Gary Glitter and pals but he knew people (my blog) and even ran a prison full of his type of offender while raping young girls at the same time.  Embedded is a new word for journalism but this tv personalty certainly had it.

Eventually ‘sir’ dies and the scandal unfolds and becomes a problem despite him knowing many of the party political leaders which you can see in an image. Hence the expensive day of crb checks and goose-steeping nhs managing nazis looking for that black transgendered gypsy and that perfect uniformed volunteer who now has to be crime free and also not a child molester ****..

So is our zoo volunteer a criminal ? ot rapist [include charity females here too] (my blog) no or a governmental advisorr (my blog) who might run a prison** – no but those people or the people pictured with our Jim could never be.

You all hear about how things could always be better but somehow there is not the money for something however when a handful of people wreck it with actions or counter actions which i have shown there is money to be splurged..

I do not have a simple solution but who is to say someone who is ok then becomes not ok. making all the uniform and crb checks meaningless.  This also further restricts big society or whatever its next rebranding will be called as the pool of people deemed fit, and of those restrict people willing to go through with this stuff**** that sir salvile would never had to do.

Something to think about.

* not that labour party where also keen on the label but took people on for free much to the unions dislike. ** Jimmy Salvile was a catholic and would have passed a crb check and rail a prison *** the more unique the better. **** i suppose the dream can live on ***** apparently there are also older confidentially documents