Journalists review a book about journalism and see none of their problems

I was reading an online book review about the state of journalism and everybody else was getting the blame for the ills of this ‘profession’ – governments, drugs syndicates,you the readers etc but no mention was made of he who must not be named (my blog) or the fact the journalists writing this where the same ones who smashed up the disk with Snowdens (my blog) list of spying programs in front of the government employees.

I found those an odd omission – after all its not there fault is it that they self hammered a hard disk to bits.

Oddly the book came to no conclusions as to how to fix things – funny that.

I will not tell you the books name since i am sure the newspaper and it’s journalists might deem a mention of it ‘stealing’ so all is well with the world is it not

Symantec leaves the ssl market

mafia run the british red cross

Symantec i read have sold there ssl interests after fucking up ssl (tls) certs with the green bars.  Quite how these security geniuses ended upon such a state is noteworthy but probably leaves many of you with bad unverified certificates rom them and there brands that will stop working.

This has happened before (my blog) so size is no guarantee of administration.  Oddly these are the same people complain bitterly about others and not there own behaviour in the past.

I do not have any Symantec brands of tls but i do not want any of there products in the zoo.

It feels like money trumps integrity.   Most of us do tls once and never have to worry about it it for a year or so but Symantec have other plans for you.

The ‘dark web’ and the federal government

wenlock a policeman

I wonder how many government employees will also be arrested for wondering off with the undeclared proceeds as they did with silk road in this new replacement market they also have shutdown.

I was amused to read that the genius ‘running’ the site had a free microsoft email address and advertised the fact on social media.

politicians whom bbq (or freeze) citizens

Unless you live under a rock (or like us look at the sky) it has been probably hard to not notice a tower block fire in London England. Many of the issues (my blog) can be alluded to here (my blog)

Oddly it still passed he fire regulations and planning laws. Oh to be a civil servant bureaucrat. Not the sort of thing non civil servants could get away with oh to be red and blue politician.

Surveyors in the uk are also very shoddy at there ”work’ while they might visit a site sometimes it is hard to discern as to if they get further to inspect it – this certainly was the case in the 1980’s.

But that must be me saying it.

*concrete is not an insulator which is why tall commercial buildings clad in plate glass

Mummy will be annoyed – or the Megan Stammers saga in the news

I noticed an interest in one of my more elderly posts who it appears i was one of few who actually read a bad book (my blog) on the subject which still deserves its rating i gave it.

Ironically both mum and daughter each now use different surnames and with the runaway writing in a ‘womens’ magazine famous for its sex surveys it appears the jury is still out on the many questions that mothers damaged pride* failed to answer and that is coming from the horses mouth this time.

I don’t read magazines** but the conclusion i got from the bush telegraph (my blog) summary of it yesterday is the title of this post.  Anyhow if they do not know how to think then clearly there is a conclusion to be had from that.   .

Something less boring tomorrow

*also a bread brand **bring back byte

Comrade May’s eggs and flour shortage

street urchins with terror tools

I note that on a secret* election trip Theresa May (my blog) who is averse to questions and will always reply with two words starting with s caused an eggs and flour shortage somewhere secret which is kind of creepy being she is the capitalist and you expect queues for food in soviet russia (historic) or north korea today provided it is not food aid provided by its enemies..

These eggs and flour items where deemed terrorist bomb making equipment while citizen may was in town secretly and possibly performing as a childrens party entertainer.   Quite what this says about capitalism is left to you the reader to imagine

It becomes rather amusing when politicians failings make news rather than the message with the same two s words in.

I hope nobody starved.

citizen may the children’s entertainer

I offer a free banana skin as a prize which you can collect from the zoo if you wish to comment with the magic words starting with s.  Something Comrade May likes too! assuming she is vegan.

However as banana skins can have a comedic value i am sure a law will be passed by her party banning bananas in the future as is what politicians do .

seems appropriate from chitty chitty bang bang

So if you ever have to entertain Thresa May you know eggs and flour are off the menu. Quite how this clergyman’s daughter** is so intolerant to eggs and flour is an exercise left to you the reader.

*also know as children’s party events ** clergymen see the worst of society a lesson learned by there family members as well.

Bizarre questions on a second hand item

photoThe zoo has some ancient photographic equipment which has little value to anybody since you know digital cameras came along.

So it is listed as for sale, (my blog) bizarre question one from somebody was what size is it when it was stated The second question was what kind of glass does it have.

I tried very hard to be sincere but the best i could do for the second question was ask if they wanted me to smash the material to bits so i could tell them.

malletThe item is not a must have hidden gem pg photographic history you all really need should you be an photographic historian , but designed for a specific task so the question what kind of glass does it have is one for association of ancillary photographic manufacturers which no doubt meets every tuesday on a leap year to discuss the standards and best practice of such things which i made up just now.

Or i might locate a hammer and become the founder member, care to join me in the aapm too ?

The silo effect, Gillian Tett

siloisbn: 9781844087570 is my second book by this author (my blog)  This is am orwell prize longlited book too.

it focuses better on the anthropology while pointing out the problems at sony (my blog) and other institutions whom have lost focus.

Anyhow with a mix of both government and business including banks illustrating professional silos and there detrimental effects.

Part 2 is a bit woolly but points out that many ways of managing risk (see the first book) in the past just don’t work making those organisation ineffective be they commercial or public sector. Which is why there are a lot less banks and bankers than there where in 2000.

A lot of the fault here is due to mba’s who while promoting efficiency create structures that weaken companies with greed and compliance so when the good times stop problems are noticed.

3/5 bananas

charity waste – recycle please!

When i write this it is nearly december and the postman delivered a wad of wet paper post, one of which was from the red cross whom if it was email you would describe it as a 419/spam communication with a items that no doubt would illict a donation, along with a future phishing attack .  Such item was not requested c/o the monkey house @ london zoo.

olivecookeCharity like the one i mention has issues (my blog) and no i dont mind recycling but with Olive in the news perhaps it is best that such victim making communications are recycled without a second thought.

If you donated to them then please explain how your help funded that item to us and how did not help people in need or not like in Haiti where half a million dollars bought one small house, or lorries in sri lanka still awaiting import. I await your justification.

I am sure you have a great answer.