Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing sport.today.  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

Mad ginger royals and even madder ginger people

what what

Ginger people are odd and there is ginger haired loony called Mark Colborne kept in a secure mental health home for his desire to kill any non ginger haired royals (not here) and anybody else who is not ginger.  I suppose that is being sunshine intolerant for you.

Mark Colborne and it seems his royal idol with the right coloured hair* both seem to have a health problem apparently ‘grief’ – perhaps he should grow crops in Lincolnshire until  sanity returned under the care of Dr. Francis Willis.

Medication time.

It worked in imdb tt0110428.

If you know any ginger people they too might be weirdos

*royals usually are usually not ginger

Summer chickens of television talent shows discarded by the public.

guess who this person is

guess who this person is

Bananas had a spare moment when another of those made by talent show series ‘winners’ made some sort of headline and i had never heard of them and apparently they too where replaced like the one in the picture who is my go to non famous person who apparently should have been but you know did not by a version 2 or even better version 10 of them, you get the idea and it seems you humans keep watching that kind of thing  – oh ‘sir alan sugar’ had this problem too.

I like my ignorance about this kind of stuff.  But i am sure by this time next year your be still voting your next star and forgotten about the ones you voted for this year.

as seen on tv and now please call a charity or else

Bananas was watching a program on tv i usually catch up on demand it is un blog worthy usually although i have mentioned it here as something else.

It differs greatly, and the thing i saw is more adult than the blog content i could compare it tooand that is where my problem lies that at the end a helpline (my blog) was given out for those ‘affected’ by the content.

dontcallmecrazyIt seems as if the sjw’s have invaded tv, and the nuances of the thing have lost with the sjw’s in tv adding the ‘downer’.

While the original was lacking i rather liked the depressing angle in the tv version however badly handled at the end.

My name is bananas in the falklands and i am a banana addict* – you happy broadcast  tv sjw’s ?

*i joke – bananas anonymous does not exist

EU referendums [sigh]


hokey cokey

The eu is a thing not without it’s issues say Greece (my blog), and its use as a dump for failed politicians say the Kinnocks* certainly makes it toxic but a usefull place to dump political failures.

But there are levels in europe and despite the odd scrounger an in out thing hardly makes much sense here is why.

open borders ? – not applicable, nato membership not up for debate, enforced euro (€) conversion not applicable, you get the idea.

Britain might be honest than say the irish, (my blog)  who pay like ‘catholics to rome’ to the eu like the greeks and the irish with there odd views on tax and the shit they get away with but since most of you never had any input into the eu or be ignored by the red or blue national politicians who you voted for (a select few of you)  i see little point in this debate now.  National parties want power, so voting for a national party in europe is pointless.

Earlier on in the year a politician urged all to vote, and then discovered that the most of the uk will be decamping to a pop concert on the day of the vote.

You will find us in the zoo not at Glastonbury (my blog) because the media are downright pissed off because they can’t make the decision for us.  Vile scum these commentators, however the monkey house has lost its poll cards.

There will be a cost in reputation for the media, and the dead member of parliament was perhaps not the audience participation they wanted but they got fear and death returned to them.  I thought politics was peaceful.

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft and crook

Darl McBride, puppet of microsoft and crook

Whatever happens i am sure neither ‘side’ will get what they promised and it did not really mean what you thought they said.

*think Wales, and nepotism.

The silo effect, Gillian Tett

siloisbn: 9781844087570 is my second book by this author (my blog)  This is am orwell prize longlited book too.

it focuses better on the anthropology while pointing out the problems at sony (my blog) and other institutions whom have lost focus.

Anyhow with a mix of both government and business including banks illustrating professional silos and there detrimental effects.

Part 2 is a bit woolly but points out that many ways of managing risk (see the first book) in the past just don’t work making those organisation ineffective be they commercial or public sector. Which is why there are a lot less banks and bankers than there where in 2000.

A lot of the fault here is due to mba’s who while promoting efficiency create structures that weaken companies with greed and compliance so when the good times stop problems are noticed.

3/5 bananas

Local government employees and being a mind reader.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

I was reading a book that has more than one part*, the second is overdue by a couple of months in the library and being the only copy for tens of thousands of people and so i ask the library people is it lost, i know that it is overdue and on the second attempt i am told that it is overdue of which i knew before i asked and with others waiting for it.

Wish i had not asked, i suppose that confirms this (my blog).

The good news ? i could pay more to get from a real library** which i could have done myself.  Think i will pass.  Thank you library employee of the month.

Another amusing tale from a ‘library’ is of a book that has spent two months travelling to and from libraries which has reservations for but is never collected by those persons.  I suppose it will be read one day.

*like a lot of books these days. **more than one copy.

lost in translation

Eric Blair

Eric Blair

I admire George Orwell (my blog) and his writing which does not just mean two novels, one of which has pigs in.

The other needs no help and has been converted into various posh and chav formats, and even a ballet. Somehow this is oddly newspeak friendly which even made it to tv looked a little like something North Korea might do.

Another problem was the people looked fat, and not shabby which entails the end of war if your a visual type person when i write this Syria looks the part and not the gleaming clean set.

Not to worry – You lot will probably ignore this and the next time some politician wants a back door to your phone and data records you will think that is ok.

Even big brother dances to the tune of morons.  If you missed it was on bbc four last night assuming the bbc have rights to show it.

I wont rate this adaption for reasons of thoughtcrime.

Oh my! social media pkzip software

Bananas was tasked with backup-ing a vista pc here on the zoo – yes ancient windows the software available on the pc was wanting i had putty* but no means of zipping directories.

So i get a copy of winzip from Nico Mak of which the zoo has a shareware license for somewhere and its social media enabled – bloody hell you can tweet or something i made a zip file.  Do i get a gold star ?

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

idiocracy fox news in the year 2505

A first attempt it asked for an email address – yes really and i aborted that zip, there are charts too. Are windows 10 users significantly more retarded than ten plus years ago a bit like this (my blog).  Other windows ‘software’ wanted me sign in to things to continue – fuck that.

Anyhow i make my backup of this user and mput the file via ssh to a safe place. Bloody hell social media enabled zip files has humanity gone bonkers ?

Anyhow its good to know that microsoft have totally lost it. Yes i could set up a samba share but since windows is insecure thats a security risk to other things so no way is samba going our linux system.

You do not get that kind of nonsense with linux.

*ask your computer expert what it is and no it nothing to do with window frames