Review of the year

Watch out for deranged muslims – most links my blog unless stated next to them.

January: the wheels of comrade mays brexit thing fell off as predicted (my blog), the zoo was having fun with ipv6 compatible hardware .  Zimbabwe once again became a no civil rights or internet zone.   Jayden Moodie was doing something or other and something was illegal.

Islam had a mental health* terrorist attacking people in Manchester to bring in the new year.

France kept it’s yellow jackets. and exported them too.  It snowed and i escaped from the circus.

February: Passport photos where a thing, 11 Labour and conservatives split over brexit , the suicide bombers now want to return despite losing ‘paradise’.. Left wing press sites lost 19000 jobs apparently a genre film won oscars although its ethnically black cast probably won them it otherwise holywood would be racist otherwise and p&g went woke.

It will be interesting to see if another genre film ever wins again.

March:  Jacinda Ardern went islamic, Michael Jackson the well known paedophile causes us amusement i mean who thought that was untrue.  Saving paintings for the nation does not need money.

April: Brexit came and went. – My little suicide bomber had a an ak47.   Netflix will not showing chic flix films any more. Crumpetism is a thing.

May:  Strong & stable our ‘favourite political party lost 1300 seats,  the other lot failed to gain them. European elections got milkshaky.

Chav television (old) got a bit too hot for tv to explore since its a bit like facebook your the product something the moral busybodies would rather not be seen for exposing lies despite the facts..

June: Brexit continues and a leadership challenge was made to May yawn.

July: It been an nice summer. Everybody got misty eyed about the moon i think this mission was more important (december) Citizen Boris became the man and Iran started pirating ships.

P&G wrote down billions in value after going sjw with razors.

August: Jeffrey Epstein ‘died’. a man with royal connections and as seen in raf air bases with an  female entourage and left winger Ghislaine Maxwell [who’s dad stole** from newspaper employees pension funds] is still alive.. nothing interesting  here then.

Tolerant northern irish folk took there argument over cake (old) to the eu,   With brexit either side can dismiss the result as interference or an attack on intersectional liberties with Canada facing the problem of who should wax Jessica Yaniv’s male genitalia.

Northern Ireland is so tame still worrying about cake. I would not want to was Jessica’s balls – would you.

political chicken

September: I have no idea what is happening and neither does anybody else.  When the politicians can agree that an election is not in there interests it proves how bad the eu is for democracies.

So much for leadership.

Zimbabwe’s and Singapore’s prolific second hand  gucci handbag salesman Robert Mugabe died.  Jeffrey Epstein also left more questions than answers  but when you see a picture of Bill Clinton in a dress what else is there to know?

The spirit of Dunkirk was revived. The bbc do not want to tell you about John Sweeney.

October: Anne Sacoolas an american killed a local and made the thing something all knew about and sinking her husbands spy career at the same time.   Oh well and hello to the nsa who i am sure like my blog.

Islamic turkey decided to have a go at the kurds (not muslims) and rather proves the point that multicultural is a word used in the west and every else laughs at.

Cake was nearly the next topic the northern irish had to think hard about but where not allowed to due to lack of a consensus.

November: Its wet and election time, err and the uk is still part of the eu.  So much for my planning.  Andrew prince of sleaze got the bbc involved to push fake news and it backfired spectacularly.

What do you call a follower of islam with a knife in the city of london – a terrorist.

Prince Andrew – queen and sleep inducer

December: Sleaze continues to rule the roost in the royals.  Its election time again and oddly Boris got in with a brexit mandate funny that i guess everybody is racist sexist and deploarable in the eyes of the media and the politicians.

I got round networking ipv6 and updating stuff and finally got pi hole working,  in fact two of them and Debian 10 was rolled out.

Films:  Another year and two cinema visits although returning 3d glasses perhaps is not a genuine cinema visit.  – Our little sister on dvd was enjoyable, search netflix here in this blog for films instead.

Television I tried (or was forced to get)  amazon prime and it was not an desirable thing, Handmaidens and scottish people where seen on broadcast tv

Books  a bad year but tara westver‘s and this slave book, was interesting – mormons are wacky.

*not a terrorist really according to the police just somebody who liked stabbing non muslims ** as fictionalised in a james bond film where the newspaper owner falls off his boat.

review of the year

strap in ..


January  A builder collapsed part of the blame will go to Tony Blair and his chums. Jordan Peterson made brand name famous after last years antics with Canadian sjws hit big time famous when a retarded msm reporter asked the question why can you offend me and naturally got schooled.

A mentioned before charity thought groping is good idea for fund raising..

The revised snoopers charter (old) – a law passed by both both blue and red parties agreed necessary was deemed illegal in law, Being competent is a start.

February: Being ‘pretty’ is soon becoming a non female job in the west as wimens lib types decide that is wrong for pretty people to vacantly smile at sport events for reasons best known to themselves.  Not that i like sport and dont care so I wonder when the female outrage will hit.  Not important but there was a pot noodle advert (very very old) that took the piss out of the cherrleader type ‘job’.  Never had it but it made me laugh.

The usual winners failed to win medals and got caught doing drugs during the winter olympics.  Nothing special

Derryck John

March It snowed. Russians are brilliant at closing emergency rooms when a spy contaminated with nerve gas a bit like this (old).It is one way to close hospitals, or get them rebuilt even if Carrilion* will not be building them .  Derryck John from Croydon south london became the thug of the year.  facebook got blamed for ‘over sharing’  how dare they [humour].

April: Jesus got crucified earlier than normal.   I had to replace some eu domains due to brexit – which i decided to do now rather than leave it till april 2019 which by the time your read this is not long.

The west bombed syria again for mystery reasons.

Harry Spike

May: The  northern irish continue to trump brexit demands, the south got civilised  that wedding and the media love in eventually happened.  Wikipedia got caught out as biased.

June: Where is Tommy Robinson was a question as it appeared that the Argentine style of disappearing people (old my blog) came to Britain and the main stream media did not care long live Theresa May’s Junta of clowns and children party entertainers.

Mind you a lot of sjw’s would probably like to throw a lot of people out of aircraft with out parachutes which Argentina perfected in the 1970’s**  I mention as Emile Cilliers who used to work for the army tried to kill his wife by damaging a parachute so the British army has the skills although the argentine method is still the best and most zen like and cheap.  Since the americans propped up that regime then i guess i now would need a charity donation or amusement park ticket to keep it fiscally responsible nowadays – i guess disney prisons would be doing it that way

gdpr killed email but not facebook .  We all met Sherman Hopkins jr. Billy Caldwell appears to be a master stroke in legalising some illegal drugs for reasons it appears that no prohibitionist can deny.    If they can find cocaine on submarines then i am sure they could find a reason why it could help build more bombs.

scomrade may with treet urchins

July:  It was hot, and a co2 shortage proved that perhaps british industry was not the model of efficiency it likes to think it was.   nbc suits where a fashion item once again.  Football and other sports kept the chavs busy while politics fell apart.

August: Not that i pay much attention but the crypto currencies lost 75% of there ‘market’ value in seven months, the only people it seems gaining are nvida (my blog) who sold some ones and zeros that appear to be untradable.

Falling off cruise ships became a thing, and debian had its 25th birthday. One ‘pay day lender’ is not faring too well and the first to look like a failure after trading.

The pope had a rather bad  short trip to Ireland after the abortion vote i mentioned above, but waving at empty pavements (reddit) i suppose has it charms.  Paving slabs can now boast they too have seen him.

The bricks and motar retail industry appears to be plagued by burning department stores in city centres.

September: The comedy known as brexit rumbles along and when bmw close down there plant for scheduled downtime clearly shows nobody has a damn clue what is going on.

October: Nothing memorable happened in my opinion newsworthy.

November: Android phone review users are very snobby (here) and  entitled and i thought apple users where awful both these people are retarded.  The creator of spongebob squarepants died.

December: When your being compared to Ted Heath (my blog) your in deep poo. The comics sjw’s (my blog) are nicely summed up here – all is not well there while some corporates might think comics characters are a way to go the other lot do not.

Brexit looks iffy (my blog), the latest Royal is from a really dysfunctional family. and  Patreon (my blog) went sjw

Books:  The library stopped buying books so do not blame me for not reading them of note those that where included where the monk of mocca who tom hanks will no doubt be playing a yemmi woman character when the film is made . Books are being read (my blog)

Films: Never made it to a cinema this year here is a hint why, netflix films impress me like Mute, and since  there is absolutely no hurry to post film reviews i do see you all can wait after all there is more to blog about than that.

Disney continue to screw up a franchise [not seen] after all we all need pansexual midgets in children’s films in the future being a tranny wont be enough your have to be a pre op robot i wonder will a ddos be hate speech ? i am sure the sjws in hollywood will have an opinion on that.

Television: mostly netflix i saw with subtitles – some good documentaries as well as drama although the third division character marvel stuff once beyond the origin story gets a bit boring.  Other stuff included Humans and the Handmaids tale and i caught babylon 5 (old) and house (my blog) on a repeat and still regard that as good although the tv films are meh and i had not seen all of them.

Nothing exceptional really happened while rearranginng the deckchairs (my blog) on the titanic but regardless of how the shit show ends up the zoo has working internet domains that wont disappear come march. I think the zoo is in a better situation than many who have not thought about it yet.

Hopefully more engaging things will be needed next year rather than migrating stuff while shit for brains citizen may (pictured above)) fails.  Ipv6 looks possible.

So how was your year

*pay attention now. ** thrown out handcuffed and you drown in the south Atlantic water.

Review of the year

Here we go. weeee…..

shaimasotJanuary Despite it being ‘jewish victims month‘ Israel diplomat Shai Masot decided that one english politician should be ‘taken down’ – oddly this was not fake news and it is ok for them to do so. Hypocrisy is good it appears.

Referendum chaos continues, and all the films deemed unscheduled having no superheroes in them all year got a release before quickly making way for another non superhero film which where distrubuted by netflix or amazon rather than the usual suspects.

Trump made waves, and the inventor of pacman died


_94673561_may_main_g_976Conservatives picked up Copeland (nuclear) despite the grimance (my blog)  I had a look at Netflix (been a while)

March Milo Yiannopoulos was dumped by the alt-right.  I kind of liked him despite Yiannopoulos ‘problems’ he caused his side being gay which i am fine with but even i could ‘sense’ a mismatch between who he was and the normal message a long time off..  I think he will be missed although his displacement will not be by another majority party (right or left) and illustrates the holes in belief.  If it can happen to him then it might happen to you that red/blue politics as it stands is fucked up.

Islamic terrorism continues, nobody wishes to call it that.

April Mizzou or the University of Missouri is finally reaping what it sowed by the sjw’s losing jobs and money as people avoid it i wonder if this is a start to the expected implosion of higher education.

Youtube (my blog not the site) is having fun and i got a visit from the supreme leader.

May: Tony Blairs peace legacy in Libya (old) left 22 people dead in Manchester.  There was an eggs and flour shortage.  Bonus terrorism events powered by Saudi Arabia also happened.

June: Theresa May lost the election after all horsey people with dogs always vote conservative.  The ‘loser’ looks a winner and certainly has a lot more personality than her with an admission reportedly that this generation of tories are toxic – something may said once too.

Show and Tell terrorism from the Islamic community was repaid back to them when a few decided to pay them back the compliment, they taught them after all if western society pays the price then it is no doubt fair that the ones doing it percieved to be or not get it as well

July Importing hate preachers into the uk became a thing for parents (my blog) who have no idea how repulsive they would be to there lifestyle perhaps they need a handmaiden..

Sargon of Akkad (last year here) had free publicity when a sjw decided to hate speech him.  The lost on sjw’s but thats sjw’s for you. The bbc got into argument with itself over pay it seems to forget that people apparently do watch tv for the people and chav tv (old) does pay more although apparently you can only known for doing stuff on one network not multiple ones.

I am confused by bbc logic and the perception of the organisation doing well or badly by many.

August The americans had a solar eclipse, Jemma Beale seen left and a lesbian was jailed for pretended to be raped by fifteen men.  That kind of upset the sjw’s despite problematic issues.

Schools in the UK discovered that exam cheating was a thing by teachers.which i kind of covered here for context.

Otherwise nothing else really got noticed by the monkey house

September: My usual library sank, Aung San Suu Kyi that hero of the left and ‘democracy’ in what was called Burma did not save Muslims  The msm approach was rather different to your average baying for the head of the right wing leader should they been that persuasion ..

Brexit is to takelonger than expected – i somehow doubt citizen May [mentioned above] will survive as the ‘strong & stable’ pm.

October: ‘independence’ caused spain some problems and the msm where rather shy on the issue for reasons best known to themselves no news means it is not fake news then – best not reported news ?.or not happened ‘honest gov’ news ?.The eu’s response was not pro people but pro government which made a blogger read by me who like me is remain question that position..

citizen may the children’s entertainer

Theresa May became a joke when her conference started to fall to bits and a prankster enlivened the proceedings kind of not the thing to be remembered by.

Harvey Weinstein famous for cutting films so much so he was sent a sword by this bloke (my blog) was fired for doing stuff to actresses which apparently became wrong this year.  Will Weinstien family still censor films probably..

November:  Twitter that paragon of left think got caught deleting Donald Trumps account and later shadow banning bisexual content, i guess there are no bisexual lefties according to twitter.  People are not supposed to notice such things.

hp sauce with its image of the houses of parliament on the label will soon be made less hot and spicy after a number of allegations of lady knee touching* and using parliament computers to buy sex toys.

Apparently nobody working there is an adult or can say the word no.  Although by the next month a fix is in and the women do not like it.   So serous though has been given by elected officials and i cannot blame them if it stops the bbc from getting news exclusives then the people who made the accusations can be blamed for making things worse for there own kind.

Computer game makers using childrens brands got caught out when they introduced gambling mechanics into a well known childrens brand which caused them a few issues and as something already not liked in mobile games also got the attention of politicians and governments as well.  Not what they desired.we thinks.

Love was in the air in england – well the royal corgis apparently got along with a member of the public,  Being me i thought that meant dog food, but if your in need of a matchmaker elizabeth 2nd corgis can either be purveyors of great taste in dog food, or love and as i think there is a tv program like ‘its me or the dog’ clearly the dogs are more important than the human in royal circles..

Jordan Peterson caused a few problems for canadian universities this year when sjw orwellian wrong think was exposed at Laurier University and made public.

Zimbabwe had a few problems this year after forty years of mismanagement caught up with it and while winning scrabble championships is notable it does not mean a lot so whether the new lot are any better than the old one is an issue up for debate.  The Chinese who own .zw seem to be happy.

December: Argentina ‘lost’ a submarine, it appears that none of its neighbours helped indicating how crazy they are perceived regionally. Arlene Foster is the prime minister instead of the childrens party entertainer [see above] so much for a mandate to lead, the uk is being lead by a religious fundamentalist.

Alin Marin age 22 deserves a mention for being both a thief and wearer of body hugging clothes (old) those male Romanians are trendy, Not sure if should award him a fashion prize or crook of the year – he might also be exposed to mobile phone radiation having 53 phones on him.

Catalunya voted twice for independence the first resulting in eu sanctioned takeover of the regional parliament and charges of sedition against leaders.  It shall be interesting to see how they explain that.

In television the bbc did there once a year ‘original’ genre drama ironically based on this in house bbc pervert (my blog), as to the rest of there output well lets say i did not see it. – Otherwise scottish stuff finally made to tv and the handmaids tale was on the whole was pretty close to the book even if it did mix aspects up.  The state also was an interesting see

Netflix impresses me.overall.

Films, I suppose i better list some netflix things since going to a cinema seems to be a rare experience with nothing to see if it was then i was not available to be seen – think i went twice in a year, those will eventually be reviewed and released.

Books of the year included war and turpentine, A wise greek wrote a book where some highlights although books from a library is getting hard work.  Plenty of reviews still to be posted and found in this blog..

Debian caused some fun, pinot grngio terrorised the zoo

So enough of this and see you all same time next year.

*apparently that is kinky in uae too where a Scottish person was arrested for touching somebody.

Review of the Year

Well why not ?

muhammad-in-heavenJanuary, It rained, Ian Murdock of debian association died. Iran joined the world once again after something along the lines of this (old)  A pakistani teenager self amputated a limb (bbc not here) isn’t islam great?

February, Politics got lucky or corrupt (my blog), on the subject of back doors gchq got caught proposing a protocol with backdoors and a puzzle they created was impossible to crack as it was missing information with the usual winners being based on assumptions – clueless. Apple started bricking phones with error 53 which has something to do with gchq and its friends.  bbc three  finally went online.

ttp author and bad man

ttp author and bad man

March some really rubbish hollywood film with black actors did not win an oscar.  One might assume that the mpaa is rewarding tpp negotiators rather than actors or its people.

Howls of outrage where heard as a newspaper stopped printing, its kind of interesting that the updating process of newspapers did not adjust to modern life while they might be more efficient the accountants and mba’s of this world seem to have forgot that journalism is important which seems missing or few in number.

Easter came early rather than late, and the ‘religion of peace’ went terrorism friendly.

April: Its been several months since an eu referendum was announced and its cheap television for lazy journalists.

Panana made the news however people dont yet seem to have got globalisation, sure they know it might be made in China but not that money is not a government policy tool any longer, for instance if you can devalue your currency like china does regularly would you want it in that rather than something that retains value.  Governments and money dont mix well

evil pirates ahoy....

evil pirates ahoy….

Pform (old) finally died who where mildly famous for bribing a policeman, compromising a labour government, and spying on british telecom customers with british telecoms consent.  At least since they did ‘nothing wrong’ legally after bribing police and civil servants but they took all the shareholders cash for no return which must be good since it was apparently ‘legal’.  Unbeatable logic there.

robbieEngland and Wales where kept in the closet with a super injunction when eton john and ‘family’ had real human sex toys combined with olive oil and a childrens paddling pool – perhaps the english and welsh are rather bad at getting erect but the rest of the world gets hard faster.

Shakespeare has been dead 400 years and none of the those ‘he never wrote it’ types of academic fraud got any airtime the censorship i mean (who gives a stuff).

industriaLMay saw a number retail shops close, one of which i have never been in. The steel industry like retail had its owners raid the pension fund.

June  A snail called chilchott wrote an expensive document but i suggest you get it from the source not the snail.  Ratcheting up the politics to 11 an mp died, along with a lot of gay people which ‘peaceful’ islam got the blame for.

July The small minds ‘won‘. England’s professional football team lost to a country i am told with only one footballer.  Turkey had an attempted coo, and politics had a replace everybody moment

August There was a cat fight in Downing street (really).  Drugs and the Olympics was an issue yet again of which none of the corrupt people could not ignore any longer.  All attacks by persons of islamic faith have all become mental health issues according to the police. so i guess Saudi Arabia is a loony bin then.

Terrorist Kadiza Sultana (old) got blown up. and the curry problem i first knew of over five years ago got front page attention.   Judo was called out as a sport for crooks.

corbunSeptember Expect to see a lot more controlling husbands defences after a soap opera wrote a cliffhanger and naturally won although the courts took a dim view of a similar matter (old).   Labour leadership remained with the guy who the party members liked despite there representatives not liking it.

October.    Systemd had a moment.  Oh well.   Theresa May sounded more and more nazi and another rupert murdoch news reporter was found guilty of perverting the course of justice.

350 million extra will not be ending up in health service, so 52% of the uk population where lied too but at Katrina Percy will be well compensated for doing badly.

farageNovember Keith Vaz made the news.  A male (old) won woman of the year. us elections for president was down to two old people of which neither is much merit except for being rich and one who  knows where the toilet is. One of them also appears to have threatened Equador with regime change unless a certain australian was shut up.  The predictions got it wrong too.   Rbs got hacked nothing new then compared with all there problems including another ‘provisional’ 400 million is business compensation.

Farage upstaged May (my blog)  and the opinion pundits got it wrong again.  Ttip (see above if your a goldfish)  was killed by an american and since most of you have never heard of that was quite surprising. Castro died.

December Fake news was a context for twitter and facebook to ignore that Hillary Clinton did voodoo acts and maybe even child abuse.  Fortunately she lost.  Something the bbc wont cover too but then wikileaks is not something left wing journalists would report on.

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

samaranch the nazi who ran sport

The olympics was deemed crooked by a man who works for them,  at least a thousand medals had a chemical aspect to them.  Long live national pride, up the motherland and all that.

This youtube is perhaps the best video of 2016 and sums it up

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

I do not see many women and children.

In books the made for tv writer (old here) failed to produce a book – so hardly a book writer. this was an interesting look at multiculturalism.  The middle east, along with how not to drink a cocktail on the moon made it a fairly lean year for books mostly because the library system was not purchasing them.

I wont link to all the books i did read but this (my blog) i enjoyed

Anime and Japanese television was good although spring,summer and autumn was lean pickings,

Television sherlock returned for a hour, and the quality of the bbc then returned to normal.  Whatever you thought the exploration of the limitations of the source material are well illuminated by that.

Music – I got a demo of google music (my blog). Suzanne Vega was reviewed, and i think for brief time David Bowie was jesus according to all the journalists in the msm who in January and wrecked the music sales statistics in the way that the talented do but the bbc ignore when alive.   The riaa and bpi have a reputation gap between what usually sells and the back catalogue.

I also review a 1970’s album not from anybody current.

Boring stuff tls got a once over, lets encrypt appears useless unless your big retarded hosting firm, somebody sent us a junk fax in 2016 although the fax machine still exists it is no longer connected to the pstn, I explored linux gaming so maybe its not boring

So how was your year

Review of the year.

Blogging has changed here in wordpress land and some strange popular posts i wrote seem to attract the most attention. What that bodes for bloggers is something i cannot really think on as it is a bit depressing.  However its not all bad as i read none of the top fifty books of the year by sales but must have hit a mainstream book in the process.

muhammad-in-heavenJanuary saw irrational Muslims not condemn attacks in the west.and google glass (here old) stopped being a thing and went back into the lab.

Oil tumbled in price although that was thought bad it does follow a certain logic (here) that many economists have yet to clue in on.  You might be surprised how many electric cars [not telsa’s] you see.

#foxnewsfacts was funny when Birmingham and Paris where deemed terrorism hotspots by a fox news ‘expert’.  Louisiana (us state) became french again.

Disney’s theme parks suffered from a measles epidemic (old)

February none of the virgins seen in the image above came from Rotherham although Harriet Harmon (old) and the labour party legalised child slavery and prostitution there.

stupidBanking became a hot subject after lazy journalists decided to read a leak from two or three years ago.  Although the finger pointing always points back to politicians who have misunderstood and misused banks.

Media editorial got an unwanted attention too. Leonard Nimoy died which will make any current rebooted star trek film have a serous plot hole in and cause any half century things to be less impressive.

I came and conquered, and then left it

dont think so

March India is rape friendly and advertised the fact to the world. Terry Prachett died.  Tikrit in ‘Iraq’ where Saddam Hussein was once found and was once again liberated.  Make of that what you will on american foreign policy.

Easter came early rather than late, and Richard the third got a made for tv funeral.  God bless the american terrorism experts at the dhs/tsa caused the death and destruction of a european airplane due to a locked door.

I wonder how soon pilot less or remote aircraft (think this) will be suggested

April was election season and i am unaware of it – expect no change in my green views. Americas latest police hobby is shooting black americans and then releasing the filmed footage. Strange humans.

stockingsA lack of blue skirts and stockings was the latest problem to hit science fiction publishing .  Mind you when publishers completely bypass the genre seem to make ‘awards’ things a fixed game.

May Russell Brand love him or hate him was insightful which is more than can be said for the news.

Milliband s come with rent boys - On your side ?

Milliband s come with rent boys – On your side ?

Banana man brother lost the election as Scotland went nationalist becoming third largest grouping after labour initiated independence , and the liberal democrats lost the confidence of the public.

Olive Cooke a veteran of charity, tripped up the charity sector after dying and leaving an amazing amount of work for some bank to clear up.

pinkcakeIf your northern irish (not as retarded as southern irish) then gay cake rules the roost.  The question is how do know a cake is gay.  Mind you that might explain all those deviant catholic priests got to be that way. A conclusion might be that cake is dangerous.

In sport ‘what scandal is that’ fifa had its affairs looked at by somebody who was not in it for the bribes.

June The Daily Telegraph (a newspaper) blog section is still suffering from a lack of integrity when earlier in the year a scandal enveloped it, see my post on the megan stammers question down in ‘books’ below.

MohammadTurbanBombMuslims continued there journeys to Daesh areas oddly it seems women seem to think there brothers are better, perhaps its better than marrying your cousin which leads to a 31% chance of birth defects which statistic comes from the guardian and happy defective town of Bradford Yet another superhero got a cinema reboot, you cinema types seems to forgot that originally is a thing or perhaps your golffish

July I would not want to be a hotelier in an islamic country. Reddit imploded but then when you mess with the recipe your going to upset someone and switching off stuff that appeals to a small minority of which i never knew existed forgets that it does looks like censorship.

If you voted labour (red) then you voted for the blues while in ‘opposition’.  Your vote does not count. Fake diplomas and the murderous Victorino Chua from earlier on in the year are discussed.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!August Four years ago i refused a google+ account (old) and have felt absolutely no reason to be a member or have a youtube account I standby that and notice that even google now acknowledge there edward snowden fuckup.  Don’t expect me to sign up to either now.

Sixteen months later and mh370 reappears and is still the winner of the hide and seek game.   Sport made the headlines when many of marathon and Olympic winners had strange blood test results.

Josh Duggar one of those crazy bible thumper’s thought pillars of the community (as seen on american tv with 19 kids to groom to rape and counting) kept amusing us apes with child abuse, extra marital affairs and no doubt other stuff when his Ashley Madison accounts (yes plural) where released.

As a model of piety is Josh Duggar who so far apparently is not gay [so far], so there is probably no cake in the diet yet (see above) .

Book awards got pissed off with sjw’s and others trying to make them inclusive to groups of special interests.

Exporting cars is fraught with problems, be it badly loaded ships, or explosive damage.

China still cannot reconcile money and economics when it continues to devalue its currency to continue the good times something the economists will eventually notice as bad one day although it will dent foreign currency values held by China.  That is a thought i have had before

September in the happy land of Paul  Bremer‘s creation and its neighbours drones (both old links) left beta testing and made room for one person in Cardiff..The merits of the case are not disputable but the future has arrived.

Ipv4 went into yet another its going to runout of allocations but for real.

securityPutin (old) love or hate him staged a ballsy intervention in Syria and used the words ‘terrorists’ which nulls any criticism of it by the usual suspects if you play the security theatre game (more old) then Vladimir just beat you at it using your logic.

Catholic propaganda went awry when the argie met a homophobic clerk in the us – so much for being modern world compatible.

loserOctober meant middle aged men went a bit crazy over star wars while wondering if the thing they have not seen is ok for there children to see, symptoms you may have noticed before hand was men in toy shops trying to buy the next jar jar toy which you even may have read about in the press.  I read that at least an hours worth of film has been already seen by these persons.

Talk Talk a ‘phone company’ got hacked for the third time in one year, i suppose third time lucky means something.

November The arabs have a bit of a image problem

December some film got people worked up.  A prescient thought not by me or the monkey house is that there’s going to be a film a year of that from now on.

Jeremy Corbyn had an interesting year if uneven who it might said ideals are not what the party faithful think of him or his new supporters that fail the faithful in not voting for them ala in Tony Blair mode mind you if you thought devolution would increase the labour vote when they introduced it means this mess was created by them so it will interesting to see if he can run england from scotland in five years or not.

Donald Trump made some interesting headlines. Be interesting to see how americans think on that.

In boring stuff phones where replaced, and gnutls proved to very well coded.  Debian got upgraded and i even did dnssec.  Ipv6 was a tale of woe – something to do next year.

Books where not as plentiful due to things like wbd and the jewish hogging weeks of book review selections, where is Palestine book week? Mind you i do read a newspaper that pimps its books rather than review them.

Eventually a book on china materialised after library delays but this (old) got an ranty tale along the lines of ‘how dare you’ I am not sure if that was a wise choice.  Sticking with victim porn this was worth the read. It was not all victim porn and xkcd’s book amused, but you can look at those at any time.

Music got a look in via Philip Glass. American book censorship got a once over with this.

In cinema I caught up with a well known superhero film (not this years) on television and i was not impressed. another superhero got sacked on the way to yet another reboot (not seen).  Steve Jobs had two films made about him which nobody saw and the oscars seemed to be full of films that got one cinema showing if they where lucky.  The token unseen british film naturally won a local award for being just that.  I am reading the book and rather wish i had not.

A film from 2015 but released a couple of years ago i did see in 2015 was this but on dvd as no cinema seemed to show it.

Television also was lean, however the zoo got a new television (my blog) which has more modern features. Thunderbirds got a reboot. I enjoyed Oz mind you many of those people both in front or behind the camera i like for other things until it got moved to the graveyard and i have no idea what happened at the end.  Humans a drama about robots first made by the swedish was good. I did not watch bbc channels this year with the end of top gear and three getting terminated.

Japanese drama was mixed with these and You Taught Me All the Precious Things was a bit wtf.  Dr Coto was great along this anime on netflix which is not my usual place.  Although immersion heaters where deemed worthy of a comment.

Ghostwriter and Detective v Detective where also enjoyed.

That’s about it for this year, and expect more nonsense from your favourite monkey house in the new year. Apes arise!

Review of the Year

blackfish2014 film of the year was blackfish.  The Oscar nominations for last year seemed to be full of films with no cinema release date when announced so i did not see them,  or have no superheroes in either.  Mind you in september this [old] made more money than any film in the cinema oh it was not a film..

January saw the mpaa join w3c which is a very sorry statement on the w3c but with disney already being members confirms the fact of corruption. Going ‘secret’ also means the w3c becomes irrelevant.

The politicians got small minded again.

February started with a bombshell that Harry Potter got a divorce, mind you that from the woman who can’t find lost kids [rather old] and also encourages feral underclass greed. A soggy month where some of the 1970 television presenter  types where found not guilty of sex crimes, quite how anyone is supposed to remember that far back and with faces well known seems ripe for abuse.

In the Ukraine it appears that Jasper Fforde [rather old] was not writing fiction when it had a revolution as to from who and against what seem unclear.  Tony Blair’s legacy became clear when terrorists got immunity from law.  Hariet ‘stabbie’ Harman also had the 1970’s bite her which perhaps shows being around for decades has minus points, strangely the stab proof vest did not help or perhaps assuming civil liberties as safe in any politicians hands is an issue perhaps confirmed.

March Patrick Rock won a prize for being the deviant in charge of porn filters, and we discovered that NIgel Evans gropes prospective conservative mp’s for some reason, i wonder if he groped Patrick Rock as well ?  Gemma Worrall who is @gemworrallx amused with “Barraco Barner” as she has 17 gcse’s and works as a beauty person so must be qualified to speak on such matters.

A plane went missing and is rather good at hide and seek.

Staying on board is the best thing

Staying on board is the best thing

April – a reddit sub got caught censoring stuff so you did not hear about that from here ok,  a boat capsized in south korea with most of its passengers still in it perhaps the lifeboats are just for show.

mr darcy required

mr darcy required

‘Yer wot’ or speaking cornish* became an issue when the bbc lost 2 million viewers with one of those horrid classic dramas it prefers over more contemporary issues mind you it proves that some people knew how to turn on the subtitles on there tv/set top box.

Milliband s On your side ?

Milliband s On your side ?

May Abu Hamza [hooky] got outsourced to America for good, Elections for europe stirred the pot and the green party was thought more labour party than labour [red] So much for that banana waving human

June – Birmingham home to unequal pay for the sexes of which the nec is going to be sold, got caught with Islamic suicide bomb schools.  I suppose having the first also includes the second and is a brilliant example of red versus blue politics at its worst.

The media’s bias on this issue covered both sides of the debate but the facts seem to prove the story although it has been stewing for four years.

As usual only 30% voted at the european elections and ukip did well, a later election saw a higher turnout and bad news for labour and ukip.  It shows that the ep is place people either dont give a stuff about, or feel strongly on and apparently there was a lot of football on.

July The likes and follows of creates humour of an odd kind, and Stan ONeal attempts at privacy backfired spectacularly. .The nsa decided i am an extremist and Rolf Harris probably knows ‘do know what it is yet’/  Parliament showed it’s loyalty to the security services over the elected.  Amusingly a comcast employee lost it when going viral [not here] showed the bad side of monopolies.

While losing one aircraft might seem not good, the same airline then lost another, however this one did not play hide and seek that well.

jowalkerSport continues to repulse me.

Laws for the moral minority [a favourite for the conservative party] got a setback when under a percent of mobile phone and internet accounts chose the family friendly only option as dictated by government.  Mind you if you expected choice from the three main parties drip (that ripa) was agreed and no choice offered – security services [including the nsa] won that with no debate.

August. Happy news abounded with Gaza and ebola in the msm and apparently world war one restarted.  I found a new midget that proves my views about sport.  Iraq failed as a nation state [ancient] and had to ask the americans for help.  Andrej Pejic (old)  went from he to she and gained an a to Andreja .

In chav circles a fridge on a cooking tv show apparently made it controversial when something was interfered with.

OscarPistoriusSeptember a naked sex tape film [not seen], hit reality when salfie photo’s where leaked.  If your going to take naked pictures then perhaps they should not be where they ended up.  Nike advertising is true. Iraq has began to fall apart again.

Scotland’s devolution attempt failed but proved that big decisions matter.rather than the it will not make much difference between red or blue.  Tesco’s world domination came to an abrupt halt with bad accounting which is something i thought would eventually happen. Guessing the alleged mystery person became apparent news.

October.  My hate of sport appears to be catching on when the Olympic committee got pissed off when requests for new personal telephones, free booze 24×7 and other trains running on time and royalty serving the drinks with a billion plus price tag meant that the last civilised non dictatorial sate  pulled out.  Sanity at last and that also confirms that sport is full of nazis.   Anyhow as they shoot down airliners in Russia there must be a hope that these people get blown out of the sky when the event goes to one of funny countries like Uzbekistan.

Ebola and other stuff became the latest governmental nightmares. A ‘spaceship went boom and the UK left Afghanistan once again.

_79167164_79166701November Poppies where a thing. and Emily Thornberry wins the award of best photograph for showing up how out of touch the labour party is.

Vodka went non Russian in branding for a strange reason mind you i understand most of it is made outside of Russia and that move seems to be permanent after the homosexual demographic decided to change drinks on account of comrade Putin earlier but it seems that also applies to all of us now..

Christmas seems to get earlier and earlier although the day before seems to work perfectly fine for me.

December speaking of that thing above the Theresa May and Patrick Rock sex toy enjoyment present was unavailable due to prudes in Parliament.  Instead of the usual agreement from the human sheep this got condemned even by the newspapers.

shrien dewani got off his ‘arranged murder’ charge although at a cost of revealing his sexuality, the failure to arrange future murder and still has the doubt in every-bodies head. While it may not be a best result it certainly has consequences for him.  Speaking of pond life Hachen Mustafa got named and shamed.

If you have been living under a rock the good news is that a us report vindicated Craig Murray [not here] who is a person with a blog that i read.

Sony after hacking us all with rootkits got hacked back and the fallout was spectacular when a treasure trove of documents got dumped including bribery attempts and the mpaa trying to do the dirty on Google.

Yet another aeroplane went missing.

A notable achievement for this blog was that it hit168000 spams, of which most of those i never saw.

mischkissJapanese dramas amused with mischievous kiss and divorce chaser showed another side of life that had a light shone on it, I’m Mita,Your Housekeeper went neighbours from hell, and at times was not a happy j drama but worth it. In anime Gingitsune: Messenger Fox of the Gods was gentle in a nice way and Mushi-shi was amazing.  Prediction wise i was on the banana as almost human got cancelled by evil Rupert Murdoch after being messed about with.

Orphan Black returned, as did In the flesh and did the business.  Although with the loss of bbc three do not expect much in the way of noteworthy stuff next year.

More recent J-Dramas here.

There was more fun to be had this year with ssl, and bitcoin

In non fiction books Alan Moore was a interesting subject, Afghan society apparently defines a threat to all world governments and progress which is a scary thought. Enron was insightful , Fiction works this year included a lot of Japanese books.  South Korean books where also read although hard to find.  Pikketty’s book on economics was also good.

Television I enabled the internet bit of the tv with some newer poe, but soon lost it. Stephen Hawking came over well in a documentary exploring his concepts being that cosmology is an active area, and as books soon date and was a rewarding four hours of tv.

* funny people in the south west of england

Review of the year

complianceCompliance is my film of the year before – that you wont see in a cinema and that should put you off McDonalds of which more on them later. Cinema is odd beast as one film i sort of wanted to see was not distributed.  They then complained about the film that i could not see was not performing very well for a sequel as if it required one.

The Royal Bank of Scotland continues to amaze me about how corrupt and incompetent they are, this time with bad forms and libor rate fixing. Fred Goodwin is an operator.

January also saw April Casburn as the first ‘victim’ of the Rupert Murdoch pay for news stories culture.  Tesco helped many girls dreams come true by giving them a pony with the tesco burger. Lance Armstrong finally said he was a drug taker and that puts him in the sporty cheaters department (all links to my blog).

February saw an ancient catholic give up the job rather than die,  and another sporty murder, and we all mused where the cows went.

March we discovered that newspapers dont want news from Bradley Manning and being homosexual is a requirement for being a catholic .Inspector gadget was censored from blogging and Justin Bieber joins Michael Jackson as an member of monkey rapist club.

chavs fit for the msm

chavs fit for the msm

April began with the chav’s under the microscope when the philpott’s got convicted of murdering there six kids, apparently his numerous tv appearances under there belt and supported by old politicians like Anne Widecombe did not help.  One might also accuse the msm too  of being keen to keep the Philpott’s in there ‘condition’ for other tv appearances.

Mrs Thatcher died who is appreciated here for the Falklands intervention, her legacy is divisive but compared to Paris Brown a different calibre of politician.  Catholics in the usa caught some terrorism but as they have funded terrorists themselves is a case of what goes around comes back.  Oddly they did not like it – cowards.

In May Lee Rigby happened.  Quite how the ‘inteligence’ was used that was ‘announced’ below i leave for you all to muse on.

meganstammersJune saw Edward Snowden finally tells us all i what had guessed. Microsoft found out people do not like drm. The Megan Stammers question got an odd reply [bbc] that the adult was responsible despite a very high level of co-operation between the ‘victim’.  There appears to be an odd perspective since there is fault on both sides from the attempted suicide victim and ignore all the issue from her family..  Anyhow what do i know ?

July saw some interesting blowback over Mr Snowden with aircraft being grounded and threatening calls from the us to all and sundry, and the damage seems to compound. Its an interesting worldview if you do not agree then start reading some books i have read.

Visa began its downwards spiral from being less than universal, although wikileaks should have taught it few lessons which signal a issue to many. Masao Yoshida is my human of the year.

The weather was nice

Microsoft fell into a horrid privacy trap having to admit that there is no privacy and should you be not american then they cant discuss it at all.  Glad i run linux.

August was the month when the conservatives thought the internet needs censoring.

Instead of shooting a Brazilian (not recent my blog) the uk authorities where either doing some ‘comprimat’ over Mr Snowden or a subtle poke at the press about the mater the person concerned had his electronic stuff confiscated.  I don’t think that was supposed to go viral but they got another brazillian terrorist with a wmd dvd player*, oddly they they let him go minus the electronics.

Gina Grey and Bradley Manning tell an interesting tale, one attempted the legal route and got killed by lawyer fees (score government 1, whistle blower 0) the other could not even get the Washington post to return his phone call until wikileaks picked up the ball.   I think that sets Obama’s record straight (score government 2, whistle blower 0) if you are a nazi loving sports fan.

Syria became ready for regime change after the ‘arab spring’ movement decided to show there true colours. Egypt overthrew its ‘winners’ over it and it remains to be seen if the  ‘good guys’  be that or a saudi arabia terrorist funding good idea.

September – nothing much happened

cat_bondOctober this ex microsoft employee seems worth a think on.  Those chocolate frogs child  thieves got an extended airing although it pays to know the right people. A subtle comment on society.  Self publishing got self censored by whsmiths and amazon (replace with the words her sex) and your back in ‘ahem’ business.  Lou Reed died who i saw in concert twice once for magic and loss – gross fans since on leaving i walked through piss and songs for drella which was interesting for his outspoken views and the iffy song with the Warhol’s cats.

November saw the beginning of an court exploration into the methods of Murdoch and some of his employed flunkies oddly no one with the surname Murdoch was in court.

Of interest was the curious case of a Marine who filmed and shot dead a afghan insurgent.   Several questions as to whether war rules apply to such a person, and that the footage exists seem to put many questions into my brain.

walterPaul Flowers aka the ‘crystal methodist’ of co operative fame amused.

December brings the question to the forefront of what do you buy an ape who has both a swing and and a supply of bananas.  The conservative party appears to knee deep in daily mail readers.  Anyhow that is their problem.  I also note an upsurge in email viruses however after not using virus scanning for some years which i had to put back in again.

Fred Goodwin and company of Royal bank of scotland,Natwest, and Ulster bank are a comedic gift that never stops giving, with yet another it failure in a year.  Talk about making all the wrong decisions, and banks are it systems these days as much as the banks will disagree with that assessment.

cameronMandela died, so the future of south africa is up for debate again.  Harold Camping died but he still gets a future date in May as retards and his followers deserve it.  Afganistan was declared ‘safe‘ by David Cameron again after ten plus years and we all will have to see for how long as time marches forward.

The life of the tv chef was exposed as very rock and roll when personal assistants where found not guilty of fraud.  Going lowbrow Mcdonalds  had a series of leaky screenshots on bad budgets/being welfare queens/ and  admitting the fast food is bad for you officially before yanking the site.

Speaking of embarrassing relatives and the time of year the bbc maintains a rather odd relationship with Dr Who at the age of 50 is barely tolerated although grudgingly allowed to continue.  Delia Derbyshire and co got a diminished reputation as the tune we all know was a second choice so much for the ‘swinging innovative sixties’ .

Bitcoin had an interesting year – something i might expand upon next year at some point.

Books over spilled from 2012 into 2013 and most of the books i read in 2013 came outside of my local library system despite volunteers and all that jazz.  A book i wanted to read i discovered i could not and that a kindle reader is still more costly than importing a book from Australia Eventually a charity shop had a single copy and it’s stranger than fiction, The book trade appears to be not the place to buy books and the lawyers delaying books for over ten years perhaps all is not well.

Notable books not censored include thisFanny & Stella says much on human nature and Palahniuk did the business.  Of the many books i read not all where liked and you are welcome to my views abrasive or otherwise.  Some books read in 2013 are be scheduled in 2014 as well.

spacebrothersIn web anime space brothers (my blog) is a piece of work – highly recommended and another 2012 honorable mention. Flowers of evil is a good mix of literature and an anime as a new thing for 2013

Web television (aka streaming) came on in leaps and bounds with Orange is the new black and some Japanese ‘live action’ dramas some of those being amusing at times so there is innovation to be found.

Anime films also fall into the year before with up from poppy hill being an dvd only thing since films are not supposed to be seen in cinemas.  I suppose that must mean all films shown in cinemas are crap and should be avoided.  That’s bananas in the falklands logic for you.

In television – Fringe ended, perhaps the reason it lasted so long because the Torv’s once married a Murdoch.  Being Human returned to bbc [not the us version] for the last time and had its class moments.  In the flesh was also good and had less of the pretty face and bar syndrome. Game of thrones proves that g r r Martin is a scriptwriter and not a book writer, although i hate fantasy the tv version is tolerably better with less walking. Orphan Black also should be sought out.  Breaking Bad finished on a high

Bananas went traveling to meet Robert Terral and it was a great trip. Ssl providers came into bananas spotlight  Resolv.cfg created a few issues.  I successfully upgrade a debian with dist update too and 2013 saw this blog hit 150,000 spams.  The spams we confirm as spam seem a little more tailored [human] to the blog posting, but the url with something like buysomebluepills in it or a variant does give it away.  Anyhow this blog appears is off the spambots list as the junk comments have stopped incrementing at the rate they once where with only 1200 spam comments this year.

I made christmas decorations from linksys routers [belkin] whom deserve an avoid at all costs warning to all.  Dmarc is an interesting idea.

As to next year well there is at least six months of scheduled stuff already.

* I joke

Review of the year.

2012 was Alan Turing year, something that was under the radar.  Next time some cheesy journalist asks what happened to dna month or other science theme, kindly point out that he and she as journalists didn’t think it was newsworthy even if spoon-feed as a pr announcement.

The year started with a bang with Crossely getting suspended, Acta,Sopa and Pipa had a few hiccups with the itu having a go at censoring.  Fred Goodwin lost his title when the world of politics finally realised he was a shit banker that many of us already knew he was all in the area of the intangible. Another notable idiot was Charles Carreon who is an american lawyer was chewed and spat out when his stupidity hit the big time later in the year.

Yep we all be muppets

March was the month in which the Goldman sachs world view was discovered.  The image with the orange hair is what they think of you.  Better check to see if you have a banker up your arse,  I did and could not see a Goldman Sachs employee, but a human in a zoo is easy to spot

The Royal Bank of Scotland fucked a few more bank brands with a 10 day cock up, and all the banks admitted to fixing interest rates in June so most definitely too big to get spotted doing odd things

Fixing interest rates is also the thing for banks to as well.

Continuing with animals a police horse continued to damage and batter Rupert Murdochs evil empire, and more pointedly stopped him from publishing this anyhow with News international wrecking its pay tv competitors i finally deemed the Murdoch’s marxists.

Elections in the US seem to get more oddball, Mind you Willard Mitt Romeny has interesting if incompatible background. New for 2012 is my sports person of the year award, the winners ‘talents’ speak volumes in my series of corruption found in sport in this special year in the summer.. Comedy wise a bus provided some amusement and most strangely of all criminal lawyers employed by the government finally got round to a position where a male pakistani culture can rape and abuse women.

May saw another year event with party hats to celebrate Harold Camping day.

Books now, interestingly enough from non genre authors got me liked ratings, the more foriegn and genre i go the less of those i got, whether thats seo’ing in a form is up for debate and example:

Eugenides and Murikami i liked, although the more ‘normal’ Eugenides was more liked by others instead of the other and something to figure out.  The booker prize did not inspire me either.

In non fiction revelations from the Murdochs made this an interesting read, mind you showing live suicide on tv just shows his willingness to get ratings.  Coffer table books this is a standout art book Plenty of reviews can be found.

Book snobbery continues unabashed with that man who cant write and his acolytes who really dont get the point of modern life, if you have children in your family they are all illiterate chavs, Nice aren’t they.  Mind you when everybody still compares the modern novel to jane eyre perhaps these modern newfangled  book things are not books and still very conservative in the naughty bits.

Computer wise i discovered that my faith in humans and linux is still misplaced when i had to rebuild a server after it started doing weird things.  It was easier in some respects but since idiots whom sell pc’s got not money from us perhaps that encouragement will do something.  I am not confident of that.

Cinema wise a bad year, mind you if you think i am paying for bribes and censorship and opportunity to be shot dead in a cinema  then stop smoking that funny substance.

Films: Ken Russell’s The Boy Friend was rather good and being that it was made in 1971 says much.  I also failed to completely watch inglorious bastards being ponderous.

Television wise – Young soldiers (my blog) did a recap with more old than new,  Oddly everyone it seems came to the same conclusions as i made even those who decided not to join it and where featured.  Bananas issue is not with them or the army but the politics of sending them.  Another take was the Sandhurst documentary which had moments of comedy.  More serous was Our war back for another go at Afganistan. and that was impressive

Its not all army – Of the new Being Human ticked the boxes of one hour scheduling and successfully returned to form after a rather bad prior season.  I also liked mighty ships. Family guy was not as funny as it was as well.   Merlin also came to an end which being well made was one of it qualities.

Lost girl won the fairy tale tv series.  Not everything is memorable and just quite who Leanne Mitchell is also passed us by along with the rest of you humans.

Anime finally came through with space pirates and two other series i documented as liking.

August saw the breif mention of the word trapwire only for it to be erased from the msm.  Funny with the msm was caught telling pork pies about foxconn about the employment conditions and Oracle and Iain Cockburn where smoking something odd and lost there case. Printing pictures of naked princes was one of the new rules of newspaper owners after phone hacking. On bias – the digg site finally died after being hijacked by the right wing and a bad revised site pimping msm properties.

Interesting questions can be found in Megan Stammers, Ched, and Hillsborough and that nobody bothered to vote for elected civil servants.

Review of the year

Andrew Crossley mafia stooge of shell firm acs:law

Film i liked the kings speech (my blog), as i was not into toys and comics or other stuff of Hollywood thinks is ‘good’ and that clears up new american cinema.  Ever observant of me i now declare the film version of World War Z to be a censored dud, and that’s future american cinema dealt with too

Banksy amused me in a documentary, and foreign films impressed with two noteworthy Japanese films see here.

Continuing on that theme – Thanks to Girish Kumar (of AiPlex Software in India my blog) helped acs:law to pack up business with its speculative invoice scheme that the mafia where very proud of Girish who is an Indian genius.  I am sure that carcass will picked over.   That story will run an run.


Theatre and as we forgive them (my blog) was a highlight at Arcola.  If anybody managed to book tickets for Shake spears Globe via there website this year then you did better then me being unusable.  Not that there was anything to write home about this year

In March the world pressed the chaos button on who leads it when that Tunisian fruit seller burnt himself to death, the things burnt fruit made is up for debate as to the merits of it,  it certainly made lurid headlines in the msm easy.  My favourite spammer Robert Soloway (my blog) was released.

Bin Laden also died, and its aftermath has resulted in some surreal press speculation which would seem to indicate that some think it should have been some sort  or set duel with manners and etiquette like ‘pass the brandy old boy please’ before the deed.

Book wise if you have not laughed at Jacqueline Howett then you do need to [trust me its worth it], and since all the books i read will never get mentioned by a certain tv snob it can be generally said that i have no culture, i read none of the booker prize shortlist books just to make my point here..

Details – In Non fiction  To miss with love , Packing for Mars,Felicia Pearson  and Braithwaite where interesting.  Jon Ronson’ psychopath test book was also.mind blowing.

Fiction wise a varied year with a fair amount of misses. World War Z,Charles Yu worth it with a fair amount of Japanese translations read this year some of it good and some not so.

Private Chris Gray

A good year for anime with age of eve, wondering son, and hanasaku-iroha is a thoughtfull look at running a hotel, the girl who leapt through time is definitely worth a view.

Television: Our War on bbc three was very well done, Wonder woman (wetham approved) wore the trousers and got cancelled for womens lib  issues (not wertham ok), and she also went exploited in comic form that also upset the wertham league.  Torchwood got lost extending its episode of meat in 15 extra  episodes of time.

I must mention boardwalk empire as an interesting.

Trailer trash was explored with kids behind bars, not sure what the management idiots at the bbc are doing with doctor who. Chelsea Ives and Howard Stringer amused me,  mind you Sony is amusing for too many reasons.

On the close to the zoo front – the selling of a car provided many blog posts, Fred Goodwin thinks work means sex with his underlings  I had a go at Mr Goodwins old Bank he failed (rbs) for being incompetent too.

More justification if it was ever needed that footballers and actors dont really need fame (or pr for there jobs and product) can be inferred by the number of gagging orders on things known and the newspapers cannot print.  Mind you the Rupert Murdoch newspapers ‘news’ with its means of spying on phone messages makes them both deserving of each other and both worth ignoring.

In July Rupert’s Failure to win the election for one single party in the UK did not help his mind control empire much and caused open season on him.  About time.

Vasco (a security company) got caught with its trousers down and groping a very nice Iranian of indeterminate sex screwed diginotar and Vasco.  At least Iranian cash is good which it seems all you need  to get an ssl certificate white-listed in the vasco/comodo thinking about ssl value.  Nice one Iran with the chickens coming home to roost comes to mind, just a few more to go and Vasco lost its battle as a trusted ssl vendor.

Dennis Richie passed away one of the more worthy of mentioning.

North Korea lost its only Elvis inpersonator, or elvis really did die, a sad day for the entertainment industry who with sopa prove idiots in democracies will take bribes.  Perhaps north korea is more democratic than the us is ? Speaking of Americans Corbyn Alvey was crowned with the honour of retard of the year, congrats on being so special.

I’m not quite sure what the gnome 3 developers are doing or taking and that is a sad thing. That just leaves Bob Parsons of godaddy who not only shot an elephant, but also supported sopa.  Clearly an genius but not as special as Mr Alvey.

Review of the year

Stunning Hotel Medea (my blog), crook of the year goes to Ali the bent cop (my blog), Farewell to Gordon and delusional thinking (my blog).

Sco lost yet again – but the shareholders at Microsoft are now calling Steve Balmers leadership into question since both he and they are linked this will eventually come to a head and keeping obstructing Novell (who since rolled over and died under the incompetent leadershio of a man called Ron Hovsepian.) means Steve has done a great job with his ‘partner’. Plus with  Bilski dodged the question (my blog) but gave advice that using a telephone in a process is not progress – some hope for the retarded us patent lawyers and patent trolls and sco still.

rapist Ivan Payne of Aderdare, South Wales

Interesting books included rape/buggery in the catholic church (my blog), Jasper Fforde, and Scarlett Thomas was a discovery worth the effort, Superfreakonomics 2 (my blog) was fun.

Television wise – being human series two was very good (bbc), caprica sucked, Kings, and Boardwalk empire was amazing – however true blood deviates too much from the books for my liking.  Mongrels (bbc) had some interesting moments and i agreed with Stephen Fry about mainstream tv (my blog).

Kings - impressive

Documentary wise (factual tv) not much i saw however a surprise entry was this welsh as in foreigners [my blog] that  held my interest.

German cinema

A bad year for films, 3d is a waste of time (my blog) but then my boycott of american products because of ‘British Petroleum’ did not help here*.  I would recommend a see of metropolis on dvd (my blog) which is German.  Not being able to see American films has not been a problem, and the films i have seen have been fun and intelligent.

Brian Maupin deserves cred for taking the piss out of apple owners.  The best bad new product name goes to a mouthwash called ‘retardex’ which proves that not all global copyright names work in all countries – bit like the vauxhall no go car although it sounds good in most languages  a no go and car –  go figure it out.

Politics a good year as things i hated such as id cards died with the coalition.  It seems that politics was become slightly reasonable rather than the simple veer from left to right.   Probably a bit too idealistic but i will take it.

Girish Kumar deserves a note too and wins the award for being best idiot of 2010, such genius is rarely seen – Thank you ! Disappointment for 2010 was my inability to see  or even book tickets for  a certain teenage ‘singer’ perform in North Korea.  Perhaps that was for the best after all.

Ngurah Alit deserves a note here for his brief marriage to a cow, although im sure the viral spread of the story left a few embarrassed  folk in its wake I hope he had fun with his wife before becoming bbq.

Person of the year must be Julian Assange who despite recycling a lot of known stuff like the chinese intercepting microsoft operating systems at source code and well as the unknown stuff who has made the msm look like junkies who only print pr exclusives.

I have to like John Goerzen a debian developer and his tales, i suspect you will too. Congratulations should go to Muck and Brass (my blog) for finally getting an arrest over corrupt dealings in a council.

* if you are going to bash the ‘british’ for american mistakes when ‘bp’ employs a large percentage of americans and hires more us firms where the issue happened then an american boycott works for me too.