Nasty shit on an andriod phone

I was ‘attempting’ to browse web pages not via google on a lollipop (andriod) phone and not having much luck and got an pop up offer for two free phones for an iphone and a samsung* – although it picked up the make and our zoo’s isp i thought this advertising pretending to be our isp was very extremely scam-my.

One offer with a countdown had expired , and they assumed that our location was also wrong. My view of the iphone is on record (my blog) so not I do not wish to join the retards who own a iphone.  I had to terminate the browser as the advert was not designed for mobile phones

So i decided to ring our isp and ask them if these offers where real and got a definite no as i expected.Our user equipment was not to blame but the settings (or lack of them) as a new phone.

Randall Rothenburg bat shit insane

There are people who think ad-blockers are bad (my blog) but perhaps scamming people via popups is good for them.  I suppose thats a judgement call

Anyhow i failed to browse web pages on a android phone or even bookmark a page, however it appears lollipop definety needs an adblocker..

The more i observe i conclude that Randall Rothernburg should be assessed for his mental health since he appears to be missing a lot of screws.

Anyhow it was an interesting look at the ethics of the internet advertising board of which seem lacking.

*free fireworks\burning thing ?


Professors ne’er-do-wel experience

Pretending being a lion

Pretending being a lion

A ne’er-do-wel is somebody who sucks the life out of an experience – some are easy to spot and others have a veneer of fake and Professor here in the told us an amusing story about some seemingly nice people who did not have the same values.

The hire car was done on the cheap, no spare car seats so yes it was car for x people but without anything else in it, and ignore the facts that you also have luggage,  the reputability of the insurance is a point also deemed invalid although it perhaps was best that it was not tested which was a start.

Others involved with Prof soon wised up the the ne’er-do-wel and it soon became tense.

It sounded funny to us secondhand, but i am sure it became grating.

Professor learnt a lesson (at a un-recovered cost) so there’s hope for you humans.

It is something that will not happen again to him.

When Copyright does not create (AEPI )


greek and proud of it

Copyright is supposed to make creative stuff pay, patents too have there issues (using a hyperlink) so i was amused to hear about AEPI  which is an organisation that collects fees and issues them to artists in Greece (my blog).

AEPI (not here)  made some greek’s rich, but as to paying copyright owners there in debt to €42 million euro’s

So copyright it seems does not promote creativity, you shall be glad to hear that the organisers collected the money but then gave it to themselves because who gives a stuff about to artists.

So next time somebody says copyright works (and they will be a politician) please remember our Greek friends to aiding culture.

Olympic Council of Ireland’s judo thug and ticket touts


Patrick Hickey judo thug and friend of ticket touts

In this (bbc) Patrick Hickey (a member of the criminal sport of judo [my blog]) , has been arrested in Rio,Brazil over illegal Olympic ticket sales who sold 800 tickets to a Kevin James Mallon a ticket tout.

Sport is an opportunity to get rich and nothing else. Do not mistake what you see as anything else and it may explain why nobody apparently is seeing the events live there as Hickey wants too much for them.

Judo and its association with crime just gets better.

Royal Bank of Scotland’s continuing Achilles heel

fredgoodwinI read that rbs (my blog) will not be called that any more. It is going local and not buying junk american bonds from the Clinton’s in Goldman Sachs.  After all when you hate sellotape see what happens.

However branded it still has one computer doing the work for the local brands so next time there is an it fuckup at rbs the ‘new’ brands will still suffer.

Fred Godwin has a long legacy and  is continuing and something that still screw things up.  He will screw up those other brands for another twenty years until that single point of failure is removed.

Rearranging the deckchairs on the Titanic.

Curry-ing favour (excuse the pun)

Jack Straw

Jack Straw

Bananas noticed that Eric Pickles has finally noted that the curry problem (my blog)  that even i know about is err a bit troublesome.  Mind you i suppose with Rotherham (my blog) and the other corrupt labour local authority did mean it was in rather clear focus.

Be interesting to see how this will be deflected by the political parties.

Passing the user test

After this (my blog) i created a new non microsoft os (my blog) got the wifi working being one of those strange broadcom chips which even broadcom cannot write drivers for and handed it over.


monopolists ahoy

Initial comments are good being described as more modern and it removes the last threat that microsoft will cause the zoo no further problems be they wga, crap operating systems and giving future money to microsoft and its criminal eco system.

I had a good day.

The ethics of royal bananas (really)

Prince Charles and Diana

Prince Charles ringer

Bananas was shopping for bananas in Waitrose* who sell the said item and you have to careful as bananas come in various schemes like monkey free, american sponsored death squad friendly, (my blog) ‘fairtrade’, etc

Waitrose have duchy bananas which is prince charles (my blog) which just proves some royals are bonkers.  I just eat them and refuse to consume royal bananas, also I do not have my own brand of bananas or a plastic bag with printing on.

Would you buy a banana from me ? tell me below

spot the difference

spot the difference

I wonder how polluting plastic bags got past the prince of talking to plants, marrying his well known catholic whore (an affair in the past makes them old family whores), pro quack/crank medicine (my blog),  along with not being chinese friendly during the latest state visit.  These royal bananas where double the price of normal bananas.

I did not buy bride of chucky bananas for reasons of sanity and for not promoting those weird things one expects from ‘young’ royalty.  After all how ethical is a royal banana.

*a supermarket with ethics and nearby the zoo for a visit when i was out.

Shodan’ed – Konica Minolta bizhub C224 owners are clueless and shodan does not care

£1800 plus vat and used by the retarded

The Konica Minolta bizhub C224 is £1800 plus vat and used by the retarded

The Konica Minolta bizhub C224 is some sort of ‘enterprise’* grade scanner office thing which appears to be a favourite on (my blog) for sending email viruses to us.  I just got it, but i bet you a banana skin** that it was found via our ‘friends’ at shodan

The zoo does not own/run such an crap piece of technology that relays viruses and may i direct you to probe the address for endless fun since the idiots there have no clue about securing it so you can all have a lot of fun at there expense.  If shodan found it then why not tell everybody else too.

Ironically a quick google search on the device  tells me that it has a fingerprint scanner option that can be fitted.  I thought it funny.

dixionsemployeeAs to shodan is it fixing this ? or are they just doing this because dont give a shit I know what i think.

Happy hacking.

*not star trek **collect from the zoo