Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing sport.today.  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

Stalin and the scientists, Simon Ings

social justice warrior

isbn:9781671290079 is a potted history of odd soviet science, it is not very sciency but it eluded several new famines i did not know of and so is of some interest.  One can argue that science on a political ideal is disastrous.

If you watch one of my youtube recommendations (my blog) this could be a issue for western universities for there is an sjw in south africa who thinks witch doctors might be science. .Which is kind of the thing being explored here.

An interesting book which might predict* the demise of western higher education through a past example of it.

4/5 bananas nice cover

*however sjw universities like missou do have a few problems with reputation and enrolment meaning less staff.


the life project,Helen Pearson

hokeyisbn: 9781848146282 was an economist pick about cohort studies and how people live.  It is a bit buzzwordy and a gentle introduction but the data from 1946 has become more accessible and relevant with modern stuff like computers.

Politicians are as usual unwise and foolish to this stuff and it appears many problems continue and neither red nor blue party really cares for them or takes advice from them unless its part of there party line.

You may know of these large studies by headlines like fat children,divorce and the family in newspapers.and such like

Not all studies work and there is a lot failure  in practice before these things work which is something america discovered.  Oddly a question like how much change from £2 will you get from a item costing 0.64p can tell you a lot about a group of people.

Something worth celebrating as an idea even if politicians see what they want to (failing) and the msm finding a negatives for headlines.

5/5 bananas.

The cadbury failure of leadership

Oompa-Loompa's to be fired by Kraft

Oompa-Loompa’s to be fired by Kraft

Cadbury made chocolate in the UK, it was bought out by americans (my blog) – moved its production to eastern europe and started to mess with its recipes some of which antics upset members of parliament and the people who approved the sale.

I read recently like you may have that Nestle a competitor have a technique to reduce the amount of sugar in chocolate and apparently taste’s the same. I do not see innovation like that from Cadbury’s quaker roots being religious* or its new owners.

Cadbury seem to have made many bad decisions in light of brexit (my blog) and that is there right.  This is not a ranty post about the rights or wrongs of Mondelez International (or Kraft) decisions after all its there’s to do as they wish but it seems Nestle has invested in the science that makes things and can screw with Mondelez in legal patent proceedings.

checkPoliticians post the referendum vote (and the same people who approved the sale) keep on about innovation and stuff like that but if the locals won’t, and the american’s also fail to innovate then clearly these politicians with there free market mantra is clearly some strange reality that is not supposed to hurled back to these leaders.

I see a lot of leadership failure.

Less fat humans ? – we will have to see. * anti-science?

Disappearing Positive Methodology – or for the motherland

LiliyaShobukhovadruggieComrades enjpy sport ? then  Grigory Rodchenkov with help from the russian government lost positive drug tests from “athlete’s” (my blog).

putinLong live comrade Putin! puny scum of the world who will never win gold medals for the glorious leader because you dony do drugs so do you see how nationalism screws up sport if you don’t then your retarded and do not deserve to live.

So the good news is the real result might be announced in four years time.  But who cares then ? not you failures

Love sport on tv ? your being conned but you like drug addicts.

life’s greatest secret,Matthew Cobb

my dna is better than yours

my dna is better than yours naa naa

isbn: 9781781251409 was a guardian pick that sounded interesting.

It begins in 1837 with sheep with the aim to improve the the product so its all those farmers fault a group that the religious loonies ignore. Things get a bit more repressed by the irish catholics (my blog) in 1930, so that proves the Catholics cannot do science mind you i am quite sure ireland would have sent jews to hilter for disposal as well if asked nicely.

However it seems Schrödinger (the man with the cat) was on to something even if the work was published elsewhere since the catholics did not like it.  Anyhow a war intervened and the 1950’s happened where some insights in viruses kick started things.

sheepA lot of people nearly had dna and here lies the problem as should the award be named as well to man who wanted tastier sheep in 1837 too ? or the discovery to the people who found it or to Schrödinger and well as all the science that got it to that point. The feminists also stick a claim in for Rosalind Franklin who took pictures for another group of people who despised her and went and did something else.  Who is to say that if those other people had found it they too would have ignored her? so should they also add Madam Currie as well to the list after all she has a lead coffin and is still radioactive.

That’s a dumb argument.

Disease came to a rescue (my blog) and the beginning of dna where teased out by crick and watson being the most famous. watson is airbrushed from this book for his 2007+ activities.

corncropDna is a place beset by patent problems and revisions.  The books post discovery section is very general and touches on the greed of pro patent lobbyists taking stuff funded by the public and making it payable again for.

Science and industry might bitch and whine about the heathens (my blog) and gmo crops but somehow the mistrust is partially of there making.

While the science is solid, its abuse by crime agencies such as the fbi in overstating evidence and not currently being able to differentiate between twins means much trust in this area could be lost.

Overall an interesting book but an area with it own set of problems mostly to the advantage of a few over the many.

3/5 bananas



what if,Randall Munroe

xkcdisbn:9781848549579 is the guy who does xkcd (my blog) who at times is brilliant and other times goes a bit too american with ‘magic’ 8 balls but thats being an monkey exiled in London zoo for you that’s my problem.

From the sublime to the mad this is a brilliant if useless book

5/5 bananas,


blackfishimdb: tt2545118 is about killer whales in enclosed spaces (aka seaworld) . It is an eye opening expose on the economics and bad science that such places and others preach.

Bananas has been to seaworld many years ago and the ethics behind the idea are not good in this close up.  Mind you getting in a pool with a ten ton whale also strikes me as not a terribly sane thing to do even before the berlin wall fell and that was when i was a chimp.

The documentary deals with the capture, retention (via breeding) and deaths of circus performers whom do not seem to be sciency* types and a hobo who despite cctv 24hours a day and night time staff  got ‘lost’.

Probability is  not an ideal thing when with a forty year timeline and a small group of people interacted with ten ton fish means somebody is going to have an off day.  However blaming ‘experienced’ staff and losing cctv video tape might raise questions.

5/5 bananas

* phd’s etc

Da Vincis Demons

davinciIs a tv series exploring da vinci and city states (my blog) as part fiction and sort of historical thing with flesh..

On watching the doctor from ds9 (my blog) is in it but the rest of the people i have no idea who they are just in case you think i watch for the star rather than the subject*..

Demons has well done look to it despite some iffy cgi in the first episode and the thing appears to have decent writing and people and can pass it off despite ‘sherlock’ moments.

Worth a seek

* astute readers of this blog will notice a lack of Tom Cruise support of projects with him in.  Other examples can also be stated.

Packing for mars, Mary Roach

isbn: 9781851687800 details some of the many millions whom decide what an astronaut needs to be’ the right stuff’.  Simply put with no real proper science done with the moon landings until later which can be viewed as cold war pilot stunts clearly the view of being a pilot and an apple pie american no longer cuts it and might explain why the Americans gave up on moon landings when they did.

Another problem is with the psychologists themselves when the train was new they thought 25kph would kill people.  Replace train and car for spaceship and  congrats your a saint sigmound brain professional.

Space is not an ideal environment simply because we are not used to it, or have developed it much for long term exposure.

The book tries to square the dilemma of the brain doctors and the needs of space science.  Clearly since most humans aren’t capable of going 25kph in train without dying.

It is a fascinating book and shows just how alien space is to humans.

5/5 bananas

This book was not part of a bbc program on book taste and thus makes all readers of it idiots.