Keijo! – when sjw’s are free advertising

a sjw in a swimsuit

Keijo is not an anime i would normally watch – in fact it is not even listed where it is officially streamed also the sjw’s of the press seem to be not discussing anime when once they did.  A coincidence ?

I found out about Keijo (twelve episodes in*) as apparently the sjw’s do not like it and the specialist sites have been mum on the issue so it leaked out second hand.and the sjws disliked it.

It is a sports anime with aspects of pokemon creatures (or ? animal kung-fuspirit) of the most ridiculous and damm funny more ‘fan service’ than sports anime but i did like it.   Its sound effects and visual gags are beyond sublime.  Quite how sjw’s get that wrong is something to ponder but since i find it hard to find anime i will support Keijo.

As to why the streaming site does not list it is a question for them.  As to the msm i too find it strange that the anime articles have dried up.

Overall you will not find a message in it but since i have no guidance from the to good anime then i will make a choice myself

If the press and its sjw staff do not wish to write then surely they will become irrelevant.  I am sure those press barons will be happy with that outcome..

*twelve weeks have past




chav sports in there chav home [itv]



As a watcher of twitter* i was surprised that horse racing and wrestling (my blog) where trending and apparently back to the home of chav television (my blog) here in the united kingdom over the new year**.

Betting upon it is the main aim of one although the betting shops i walk past in Camdem seem to have tv although i have never been in one, and wrestling is probably deemed more scripted ‘drama’ rather than a real sport or corruption issues.


Je t’aime

chavIt was surprising as these ‘working class’ sports returned to a free platform rather than on some vague sports channel that i as a rupert murdoch and also a sport hater would never consider buying although its probably steal-able i imagine.

The lesson ? while some might pay for this trite (my blog), for a mass market it has to be on fta tv otherwise it is just a minority sport.   Football and other sports might take note.

I have not heard of any more since but since i do not watch a lot of television to begin with it seems to have been deemed a failure by the accountants.

*not a writer,** this is not an fast and up to date blog

Gay footballers and Crewe Alexandra

Vinny Jones the balls grabber

Vinny Jones the balls grabber

Barry Bennell liked children and as a football scout at Crewe Alexandra had the means to do as he pleased.

There are not a lot of gay footballers in the professional leagues even today – they usually quit and then said something via a great niece i doubt there where any in 1998.

It is 2016 and only now is this case getting msm attention.  I do not give a stuff about football but it would appear there be more gay footballers back then than there are today.

It feels like a cover up and collusion to ignore bad news after all professional footballers must conform to some rules as prescribed by football society.

I am not saying it is ok.  But you might think something is fishy both in media and football circles.


Not inspiring

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

The olympics is recorded but sold for television companies. Then it is like the event never happened afterward, luckily for you lot a doped up medal winner might get there face used by advertising something unhealthy but how they became noteworthy is lost.

Since i hate sport i have no problem with this never happened thing (or orwells memory hole) but as a encouragement tool for humans you have to agree the olympics and sport might as well not happen.

It is also interesting to note that Brazil likes the master race healthy competitors but not the disabled ones (say oscar)- very fascist/nazi a sentiment that reflects that sport is not for all.

television star

television star

I also have problems identifying celebrities so instead of me thinking what product/brand is that the question becomes who are they as this lady proves who is not a sport legend.

Its also ironic when international businesses sponsor national teams – which is either misplaced nationalism, and sport for sale to the highest bidder.

The more you think about sport the more odd it becomes.

Missing critical thought in news media for olympic sport

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Have you noticed that doping and cheat allegations are not reported and broadcast by the television companies at the Olympics.

The msm seems censored take Yulia Chermoshanskaya who had a medal for eight years – i see no news of this from those who pay the ioc for broadcast services.

Funny that