female sport, transgender ‘athlete’s’ and broadcasters like the bbc.

Koreliea Ender (my blog)is an interesting case study by east germany into women becoming men in order to dominate say female sport such as throwing balls* in order to praise communism.

Although this was done in the 1980’s and something the ioc (my blog) turned a blind eye towards (my blog) it is now being reversed when beta males are becoming transgender to win female races/sport (not here other articles available).

The merits of such as like Korelia Ender proved make an interesting debate despite was she once a female – yes, is she one now ? no.  So depending upon your woke-ness and acceptance of drugs your get an answer as should female designated sports classes exist.

Since i hate sport and i rate them all as retards  regardless – imagine having to power your car with an sporty idiot.  Even horses are a better solution than humans – that went out with the greeks.

With sport on tv being a thing and men’s sport having migrated to pay tv through cost you could argue that female only sport events on free tv is sex discrimination and as only one gender is suitable (or cheap enough) means there will be no sport on free tv sooner than later,

Somehow i think the broadcasters are guilty of sex discrimination and gender discrimination after all should it not also be on pay tv.  Do you ?

fat lesbian oppressing women

As short term thinking is not a crime it also proves there idiots in tv companies.   As i hate sport i find this amusing.   Free tv will soon be bereft of sport and replaced by something else. Jam today but not tomorrow.

You might also argue that anyone watching or being paid to present such female sports events [usually females on the bbc]  are profiting from the gender pay gap and oppressing other women.  Up the sisterhood comrades.

I wonder what sport next the bbc will promote for being ‘cheap’.

*joke there shotput

‘Non racist’ Azerbaijan’s sport hosting problem

Professional sport means talent from everywhere.    Look if want professional banana skin removers  for your sport leave a comment below.

When that talent is denied entry because of corruption (my blog) you may think how come sport is not racist but places soon show there true colours

Take Azerbaijan with its amazing airport, its ability to bribe fifa  and certain other issues.

Not only is the game in an very hard to get to place but some of the team and supporters will be denied entry because of there race  and where they came from – sport  corruption.

The rony here is the public are told not be ‘racist’ but countries and sports bodies can be racist.

See i told you sport was corrupt and racist.

Judo and people smuggling. Lets ask the judo and smuggler experts like Robert Stilwell.

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Remember Robert Stillwell (my blog) and his Irish friend (my blog) so next time somebody asks what is to be done about migrants in boats (bbc) go and ask the Judo people after all if Stillwell can make money from illegal immigration, and  Patrick Hickey can also make money from fraud then go ask these experts on the problem after all asking a judo professional seems the best thing.

the failed sport advertisement on the bbc

Fernando Zylberberg (.ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Bananas (me) just turned on the security office television (my blog) here in the zoo and the default channel being ‘1’ had celebrities dancing for about twelve minutes**.

I have no idea who these people on the television are  but while waiting for the security team to decide on something to watch they said one of them is a famous cricketer who quit, unfortunately the broadcaster could not prove this as the show did not want to pay for rights of the sports for the television coverage that three people and two thirds of dog* saw at 2am live because it was live at the bottom of the world.

It is an interesting view that one broadcaster wont bother to show something if they did not pony up to pay the sports broadcast fee of a clip and if only one  channel can show x doing it there is no benefit to any other channel showing it.

The security office once equipped with tea and us apes with banana found this to be of no interest and selected something else to watch.

seems appropriate

Sport worries about its audience and young players the so called next generation and if your football (soccer to the yanks) you have no problems with who gets the tv rights, but if your rugby, or cricket they are known of but more vague in the minds of the public.

Test time  – name me three badminton professionals (no searching)  times up – Point made

I dont think dancing celebrities on tv has managed to get a football player to do it when i asked the security team they being more wise here than me.  So while the sport ‘has been’ may have been good at it it was no advertisement (free) for the sport and will  not be attracting children to the sport.

I have no issues with that as i hate sport and write this with no actual interest in the ballroom or sports who sell tv rights seem very stupid and the television companies cunning to which it could be a clever way to annoy sporty people who might be rich now but forget that if subscribers do not pay the ability of certain broadcasters to pay what they do diminishes .

I was surprised to notice that american football and its bend the knee protests meant it was on free to air television which i or the security team here have no interest in at all paid or otherwise – sports can fail.

I thanked Charlie (my blog) for the banana and left.

*66% ** normal people cannot dance according to the bbc.

The disabled lobby – my head hurts

Being disabled is a mindset while you might not be able to do something your a minority and that means weird people helping you campaign like the above. i imagine some deaf people would rather remain deaf than be cured of it /restored or even learn to interact with ‘normal’ people*.   Perhaps even making there offspring intentionally not ‘normal’.

I am sure you can provide extra examples of disabled rights loonies.

The article in the image I did not read for being click bait but i imagine a future where people might walk after being made non independently mobile.   Why are people so regressive and so dumb that a possible future without them in is deemed  a holocaust.

wheres the stanna stairlift

The only immobile wheelchair like s/f i am aware of is the daleks who go about declaring purity of wheelchairs  and declaring genocide on everybody else so i assume the bbc is also being discriminatory here.

Once again the lack of research by the writer is shoddy.

Mind you perhaps the world needs retards who cannot think just to become journalists indeed perhaps it should be a disability in itself

Another example is…

Extreme Dwarfanators Wrestling

To be found on the bbc where midget wrestling was ‘banned’ mind you it does sound like an itv sport (my blog)and actually sounds fun.

Quite why small people cannot wrestle as everybody else seems to be able to according to a charity seems non inclusive.

But what do i know.

*children of a lesser god  (imdb)

losing andriod ‘focus’

Professors significant other had an alert about chelsea footballl club from this (my blog) and lost message input focus.

She could not figure it out  not that she any interest in what Chelsea football club does but the focus from the app.

Perhaps she is wiser and that points to a design flaw in andriod.  I am sure some app designer would point her to some level 55 settings eg sport > football > eu > league > club and settings but since she never  set it up  (nor did i) then the app was not tended to as the addictive nature of apps desired.

I never heard what happened after that phew.

Mating season in Wimbledon

Just before i pressed the netflix button this week (i am really up to date for a change) I noticed that the tennis was on, although with a bottleneck of other sports events** on at the same time i wonder if its appeal is limited now.

The females on or off drugs (my blog) where doing the usual grunting (my blog).

The united kingdoms only hope* quit before it started so it seems tennis is a minority interest sport. Funny that.

*-scottish ** the kgb has yet to round up or hospitalize the england football team.


Nadezhda Sergeeva and Meldonium [sporty crooks]

Meldonium (my blog) seems is also a olympic class drug misused by the Russians (my blog) as well as in tennis  once again as a person who hates all sport i wonder why you people are currently watching druggies do something.

Its not real.in fact and you might as well be watching drug addicts shoot up and go on ‘capers’ in Baltimore (my blog)

As a non junkie for me to know a drug name is impressive and to remember it as well means i really do not understand  (my blog) this sport thing

Perhaps you watch it for the chemical reactions (my blog) ?

chav winter sports to replace olympic events

Ice skating (my blog) is an odd ‘sport’ (my blog) as i note (my blog) here and there (my blog) but i see a competition of ideas from the professional anorexics with celebrities also getting in on the act at the same time as the chav broadcaster (my blog) think that its a ratings winner probably because of  a certain disney film..

I was in the zoos security office one sunday when a beying mob where breify screaming at there favourite soap stars  or something.  None of the presenters where openly gay unlike the bbc who demand that fat gay women present all sport and why not.

I was unaware as to who these people where but when tv does not need sport (my blog) and makes it better without getting mugged by grafters and corrupt sporty people then perhaps being an Olympian is a waste of time – if you asked  the average people to name somebody perhaps the celebrity is will be mentioned.

The tv was soon turned off and nether sport or celebrity doing something like it was cared for.

I assume the tv version is cheaper than the sport version after all somebody has to pay for those free $40,000 gold watches for these sporty worthies all get.