female sport, transgender ‘athlete’s’ and broadcasters like the bbc.

Koreliea Ender (my blog)is an interesting case study by east germany into women becoming men in order to dominate say female sport such as throwing balls* in order to praise communism.

Although this was done in the 1980’s and something the ioc (my blog) turned a blind eye towards (my blog) it is now being reversed when beta males are becoming transgender to win female races/sport (not here other articles available).

The merits of such as like Korelia Ender proved make an interesting debate despite was she once a female – yes, is she one now ? no.  So depending upon your woke-ness and acceptance of drugs your get an answer as should female designated sports classes exist.

Since i hate sport and i rate them all as retards  regardless – imagine having to power your car with an sporty idiot.  Even horses are a better solution than humans – that went out with the greeks.

With sport on tv being a thing and men’s sport having migrated to pay tv through cost you could argue that female only sport events on free tv is sex discrimination and as only one gender is suitable (or cheap enough) means there will be no sport on free tv sooner than later,

Somehow i think the broadcasters are guilty of sex discrimination and gender discrimination after all should it not also be on pay tv.  Do you ?

fat lesbian oppressing women

As short term thinking is not a crime it also proves there idiots in tv companies.   As i hate sport i find this amusing.   Free tv will soon be bereft of sport and replaced by something else. Jam today but not tomorrow.

You might also argue that anyone watching or being paid to present such female sports events [usually females on the bbc]  are profiting from the gender pay gap and oppressing other women.  Up the sisterhood comrades.

I wonder what sport next the bbc will promote for being ‘cheap’.

*joke there shotput

Judo and people smuggling. Lets ask the judo and smuggler experts like Robert Stilwell.

Robert Stilwell judo criminal

Remember Robert Stillwell (my blog) and his Irish friend (my blog) so next time somebody asks what is to be done about migrants in boats (bbc) go and ask the Judo people after all if Stillwell can make money from illegal immigration, and  Patrick Hickey can also make money from fraud then go ask these experts on the problem after all asking a judo professional seems the best thing.

Nadezhda Sergeeva and Meldonium [sporty crooks]

Meldonium (my blog) seems is also a olympic class drug misused by the Russians (my blog) as well as in tennis  once again as a person who hates all sport i wonder why you people are currently watching druggies do something.

Its not real.in fact and you might as well be watching drug addicts shoot up and go on ‘capers’ in Baltimore (my blog)

As a non junkie for me to know a drug name is impressive and to remember it as well means i really do not understand  (my blog) this sport thing

Perhaps you watch it for the chemical reactions (my blog) ?

chav winter sports to replace olympic events

Ice skating (my blog) is an odd ‘sport’ (my blog) as i note (my blog) here and there (my blog) but i see a competition of ideas from the professional anorexics with celebrities also getting in on the act at the same time as the chav broadcaster (my blog) think that its a ratings winner probably because of  a certain disney film..

I was in the zoos security office one sunday when a beying mob where breify screaming at there favourite soap stars  or something.  None of the presenters where openly gay unlike the bbc who demand that fat gay women present all sport and why not.

I was unaware as to who these people where but when tv does not need sport (my blog) and makes it better without getting mugged by grafters and corrupt sporty people then perhaps being an Olympian is a waste of time – if you asked  the average people to name somebody perhaps the celebrity is will be mentioned.

The tv was soon turned off and nether sport or celebrity doing something like it was cared for.

I assume the tv version is cheaper than the sport version after all somebody has to pay for those free $40,000 gold watches for these sporty worthies all get.


Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing sport.today.  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

Yuri!!! On ICE and the ‘gay’ olympics

kissIs an anime two seasons ago that i did not watch but had most of the ice skating (my blog) community (my blog) in rapture when a couple of gays got together.

At least it confirms a few things about ice skaters.  It will be interesting to see if the openly gay are penalised for there sexuality during and after the event – after all Pence might want a few words with the usa team amoung others.

Gay sporty people – does not sound like an Olympic ideal (my blog)

What I talk about when i talk about running,Haruki Murakami

Druggie Liliya Shobukhova

isbn: 9780995266155 dates from 2007 and is non fiction from an author i like (my blog) any delay in reading this might have been as I walked to a library.*

mr s from kes a class example of the role model for pe teachers

It is a small book and while ignoring drug cheats it does point out the failings of physical education in schools – most of of which is useless.

If you like Murakami’s non fiction it complements that and while perhaps not the most interesting subject reveals something of the author.

3/5 bananas.

*I walk faster than most runners.