What I talk about when i talk about running,Haruki Murakami

Druggie Liliya Shobukhova

isbn: 9780995266155 dates from 2007 and is non fiction from an author i like (my blog) any delay in reading this might have been as I walked to a library.*

mr s from kes a class example of the role model for pe teachers

It is a small book and while ignoring drug cheats it does point out the failings of physical education in schools – most of of which is useless.

If you like Murakami’s non fiction it complements that and while perhaps not the most interesting subject reveals something of the author.

3/5 bananas.

*I walk faster than most runners.

The walking runner


Vandal or a runner ?

Bananas was going about her daily routine which that day involved a post box for sending a letter. So I walked out of the zoo and encountered a runner with all the clothing on that says i’m running duh and also equipped a computer because athletics types are shit at maths and brainy stuff (my blog).

I after being ‘overtaken’ I and the runner then had to go up a hill and that’s when the running stopped for the runner and the walking began for the runner.. I laughed.

In the end i visit the red box and walk the longer way back to the zoo and i pass the runner again on another hill but they again are walking. I never changed pace.

Perhaps the runner was wearing the wrong tights they where flat land tights rather than uphill tights.  Somebody has to sell those right ? – some american firm tried to sell fitness shoes until the advertising standards lot called them out for the ‘fact’

Monkey hair is perfect for both gradients and flat land and being an ape it comes included. monkey hair is trendy too.

The things people do.

It’s a funny old sporting world

china army thug

So see anything different ? no, why how unobservant you are may i help you ? In the old image we see Nazi germany doing its thing (notice the symbol). As you should know Germany lost the second world war, and where did those Nazis go ? to the Olympic commitee silly.Even the Moselys (who the english should know as the english blackshirts) now run Formula 1.

The inference Sport is still run by Nazi thugs Hilter would be proud i would think. It sort of begins to explain the reason why sporting people take drugs, after all they are the master race. if your not part of the master race expect a stint in a concentration camp.

Our shell suited thugs in the blue our the Chinese army. China is invading.

Another observation that aslo be made by Londoners is that the police commissioner Iain Blair is ‘ok’ with with the concept of the police state. he should not be in the post he is in.

New Year Resolutions and Ikea

Bought a new bed mattress the other day (the old one got blamed for my bout of back trouble prior to chirstmas), the samples in Ikea where all pretty soft and I could not detect much difference in all but one of them – well one was sort of firmer but not by a lot, so opting for a ‘firm’ matress meant it was a nice surprise when we got it back – it was firm not like in the showroom

I spent most of christmas working (chickens don’t take christmas off), so we went after after the schools and the christmas break had (we assume) finished.

Ikea tips now: go early – get there for 10am, and not at a weekend, and we had collected the item by 12:00, queues at Ikea ? not if you pick you timing and go midweek. The new mattress seems to have sorted the problem – no more desires to be single cell ameba with sex ‘with a hint of wmd’.

It was ‘wet snowing’ on Saturday – everybody was driving like old age pensioners on the road. I saw a jogger trying to jog/something in the wet snow, its was a great foul january day – gee i wonder why people start things like new years resolutions and never continue them – must be the weather I muse.

I never make them – Aside from that I went to London – Foyles (a famous bookshop) had some computer mice – one with a duck and water in, with the duck floating in the mouse. Did not buy it but i was tempted too alas no new years resolution to buy a new mouse with a floating duck in it

Its a bit silly but thats new years resolution for you.