Icarus [sports drug doping]

imdb: tt6333060 is about Grigory Rodchenkovand and the doping of the Russian olympics team who still to this day often drop out of events due to testing.   The George Orwell extracts is brilliant at summing up sport and drugs.

Enjoy your druggies performing sport.today.  It is not real.

Better than fiction is the truth.

5/5 bananas

Processor flaws

The ime, spectre and meltdown are issues that affect most processors not just intel’s since amd have those same flaws or different name for there security ‘engine’ which also may or may not be violating an open source license.

This happened to the pentium in the 1990’s too.

I am sure somebody at the nsa is rather sad that these issues have come to light but as all of us are in the same boat it proves that while gentlemen do spy on each other there efforts to spy mean they are as bad as the others and sod democratic ideals.

Baboons give us a, give a b give us a c

While my monkey house screenplay for superape where a monkey flies and saves other apes from disaster is no doubt probably not weapons grade wmd at least the nsa have read it. (my blog)  – is it bird ? no its super ape how dare hollywood not contact me*

It will be interesting to see what happens to hardware post these design flaws, doing an nvida seems the wrong approach so perhaps we might see hardware with open software on the processor something your friends at the nsa wont like

But if they kept mum on the issue perhaps there mission to protect democracy is an false mission and as long as spies seek to undermine all for there career then a rethink is in order.

I kind of doubt that open source processors will become popular, or open firmware will become a thing by looking at routers will tell you that.

I would buy an open processor, being the zoo runs open firmware on its routers, and non fucked up gpus and pci slots (my blog) It shall be interesting to see if it happens. It would be nice to upgrade a video card without throwing away all it if you think about it.

*i joke

stiff upper lip, Alex Renton

eton buggery pioneer who introduced it to Westminster school

isbn: 9781474600545 was a library shelf find (free) even if the library staff at a near non usual library (my blog) where rather petulant to tell me where the dewy class was and then demanded money that they could not deposit and then got back for reasons of bureaucracy i have yet to fathom.

I think i know why people do not use libraries and buy books even when your in the know like i am you can figure that out on your own if your librarian and reading this – hello your doing nothing wrong and make it more time consuming for me.

Anyhow ‘Renton’ is an old boy and part of the old school tie network who details the rise of the school from Wellingtons remark to its more seedier side including Headmaster Udall who introduced buggery* to Eton and then made the practice widespread.

all of thesewent public school, ones a royal too

Sport (my blog) another one of the features of public schools is barely evolved and i think that most schools would prefer to kick paying pupils which involved a death from a member of the landed gentry’s family and so only then became civilised.

Illness also killed.

gay oxbridge spies perfect government employees!

Spying (my blog) has caused the english civil service a few problems but there reliance on public schools for employees is means it is self serving group of people who are all unfit to ‘rule’.  The question ‘where you educated’ probably has a nuance to it that means most of them think of you as uneducated scum.

It is amusing to note that Prince Charles (my bloh) was deemed too posh by his school i suppose being disliked but i guess there is the wrong rich and too rich the extremes are such even within the class.

public schoolboys only

Orwell (a lowly policeman before writing) and Connoly (his friend) get a mention for there modern thoughts on these old schools.  Latter chapters follow up on the result and he meets an abuser although i (and the victim) would disagree on the status on the Stammers case (my blog) which is not about public schools.

As to the future well there is the view that too many foreigners in a school make it a poor experience. It appears to be a funny world.

There an interesting bunch of successful victims and spies which you can conisider either as successful or a disaster to the economy/nation.

5/5 bananas


*gay sex

Nobody gets fired for buyng Microsoft

Friends of the nhs

The nhs (my blog) is seen as a nice gravy train by firms like Oracle and Microsoft where there ‘products’ are not up to the job

Microsoft email is thoroughly shit there is the classic story of the large email list in the nhs that if anybody replies to all costs about £300,000.00 per email due to some ‘bug’ in exchange.

Ransomware is the latest find that exploits Microsoft failure to not defend against but since the exploit was known by both gchq and the nsa (my blog and not passed on you could argue that the government is ransoming itself by keeping mum.

I am not saying there is a perfect solution even assuming that this was not an inside job but it points the failure in any reasoning that Microsoft is enterprise software.

Since it is so insecure perhaps the people who buy Microsoft products should be given medals and awards by governments for allowing mass interception of data.

I am sure the management of the nhs would like that

the woman on the phone

hellotmobileWe where all entertaining zoo guests in the zoo one day when a human answered her phone.  Two hours later she was still on it.

Apparently a move of trees was being planned, somebody needed there teeth to be looked at before something else could start and finally when that call eventually ended her phone rang again and information was yet again relayed.

Three hours pass in which she entertained us rather than we entertain her. Our alpha said its hard for female humans to keep anything quiet and i had to agree with him – mind you its hard to discern who is the attraction sometimes  us monkeys or you humans here in the zoo.

Enjoy your visit but no wonder some humans are time poor.

mums the word

jimmysalvilleThe secret world of spies (my blog) and homosexual spies (my blog) seems to be at odds with the concepts of state of late.

Harriet Harman

Harriet Harman in her safe seat

Those of you living in a cave will be no doubt shocked that Harriet Harman and friends like Lord Janner got away with even threatening policemen with these secret laws.

It will be interesting to see how those lot defend the *** that means they cannot even mention x or even y. That last thing was a secret so please don’t peak or else.

So next time some politician thinks that you need no rights or online rights remember that those laws can abused like its citizenry was.  Remember mums the word.

Configuring ssl is not fun – even before heartbleed

frustratingBefore i start i have cheap ssl (my blog) which may or may not compromised to the nsa – of which they say ‘no’ by the ssl provider*  So much of the subsequent may be pointless.  The quays test on first install gave me a b several months ago , some work got me to a. and additional work months later got extra high scores in ‘failing’areas.

early issues i had with TLS-RSA-WITH-RC4-128-SHA**

Leading to a natural RC4 NOT DESIRABLE so its not all bad as beast is mitigated with tls. but its a vague field and while we all hear of perfect configs finding out how is a bit of a headache inducer.  Like i say i got an A but the config lines in ssl are not 100% my thing.  I am sure there is a way and i would like to have it.

I will nail it one day. After heartbleed patching I got an a+.  Which i like but you might think is grade inflation for doing nothing i did nnot have before.

ssl configuration is near voodoo, while i get good cipher strength getting a perfect 100% over four areas appears impossible for if you disable part that reflects upon others which is a conundrum – I need a newer apache version as well for some of those so it seems a compile is in order for fips and ocsp, assuming that is no compromises and the certificate in use can do stuff .  I use failtoban (my blog) and it appears while not a configuration means it might solve some of the possible issues like beast and rc4 issues.

ev1I see that others have issues to, an example is the extended certificates on wordpress looks good**** but it reports as 50% of the cert strength. See


Security might be great but how it is configured might mean that costly thing is not really doing much except security theater.

Proprietary also gets in on the act with spdy*** so the perfect config will be apples and oranges to another’s banana smoothie (my blog),

So does ssl mean security ? yes – well there is ssl and ssl configs and that is a an area when ssl means maybe it is and maybe it is not.  You experience might vary and as internet explorer**** is not being catered to with my chrome/firefox bias might mean no security at all for some.

checkIts a rabbit hole this one.  Buying expensive ssl certs is no measure of secuirty when the config it runs on gets an F.

I need ssl reconfigured and compiled to get ocsp and other features working, pfs seems to be a thing a few who actually figured out what to do – i am assuming i missing dns records but that is a guess.  I cannot disable tls 1.0  even though its thought to be compromised so perfect security is hard to achieve.

Then when you have a good config heartbeat (not my blog) comes along (test) and the fun begins again.

It is interesting although we all get the probers seeking the holes.

*  being patriots, or targeted data collection with or without others knowledge. ** something which Microsoft seems guilty of liking. *** eg google, i tried spdy and had no success with ssl until i removed spdy from the web server.. Chrome [open source] i liked ****

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

Bob Parsons who shot an elephant in Zimbabwe

I am sure Bob Parsons (my blog) would willingly give the master password and oral sex to the nsa after all he is a ‘patriot’.  So the merits of using godaddy as a supplier seems a discussion worth having. **** It has weakened security

A quest to buy ssl at a reasonable cost

Ssl is a mess.  The industry is crookied , compromised and open to government spying. I had our own monkey house ca but  that makes most browsers freak out as the ssl crooks know that’s bad for business.

I also wanted to do tls on postfix, and was not looking for ‘mythical insurance’

The ssl market is a strange place and is not an accommodating place compared to the world of diy and the flexibility it offers.  Onwards as they say.

ineffectual Obama

Obama the republican stooge

Obama the republican stooge

Obama is an interesting case of a figurehead that while might ‘please’ his supporters seems to be able not to do anything.

That cuban holiday resort (my blog) is still open, obamacare is delayed i read . The attacks on whistle blowers, (my blog) threatening nation states and downing aircraft searching for them show some issues.

Then if i point you to this (my  blog) perhaps i hit the nail on the head. While Obama might be a bit more rational – opposed to his crazy opponent and his views on personal matters (my blog) seems to make the big issues be of no importance.

Its an interesting state of affairs that things dont change..

As i had no expectations i base actions on relativity rather than its a happy sparkly unicorn land  Mind you if the marriage debate and abortion side shows (my blog) are the only debates americans give a toss about then something is wrong or perhaps that is the diversion politician type want.