hp ‘instant’ e-ink

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Well it seemed a idea worth a test with the new printer (my blog) after all the low quantity hp inks will need replacing sooner rather than later and with heavy document printing in the month it was bought and with some months free its worth at least £26*.  Either way the zoo would have to had buy ink for a printer unless you colllect printers that cannot print..

The instant ink wording is not nice – go over and charges are soon incurred so it probably is not for heavy users (300 pages a month) not that i or the zoo care if the ink is genuine or not (my blog).  Lets face facts even you do not care about retail packaging – you just want ink not coloured cardboard packaging designed for a retailers point of sale displays .

The assumption here is that it theoretically brings down the cost of printing to what we would pay anyhow with non hp ink which is available for the printer.  Savings of 30% are reduced to 10% if you switch benchmarks and use the guide price of non hp ink which is what i did as i am just that sort of ape.    I wrote a spreadsheet so i have a fair idea – if i can ‘profit’ by comparing it to compatible ink then that seems a more reasonable comparison rather than just to hp ink

Duplex printing is accounted as two sheets, as to whether your printing is all colour, or mostly black and white is not a distinction made.  The control panel is not part of hplip the linux driver and separate so another printer is something i am going to keep working and will purchase ink for it outright opposed to ‘renting’ pages.

Do these cartridges last longer than the retail ones ? no idea so far but expect a six day post delay from hp when sending ink – as hp supplied the starter inks and it was government form printing month here in the zoo perhaps instant ink is not as instant. A first impression although ink levels appear ok after minimal printing after those large government documents.

It is nice to have a printer that prints rather than jams so that is another interesting issue as to how jammed pages are charged for.

The delivery of replacement inks is not particularly fast but they also supply recycling envelopes which shows that non genuine ink suppliers have taught hp a thing or too.

einkThe ink cartridges are longer than standard ones if standard one looks like a like van these look like an hgv however the basic hp supplied black ink crapped out at 89 pages, hp instant nk registers as that rather than hp ink  The ink sensor did not detect that there was no black ink left – thats one failing hp have still yet to get right.

I had to replace one starter ink with the hgv sized ‘instant’ ink  It appears that the mandatory test sheet for the scanner  to verify the ink cartridge is counted as a paid sheet even though you did not desire to print it however i recorded it as a charge and then a few days later the counter was less one page. Non printed output is still charged despite the printer not printing the output correctly – something to be careful off.

I have more questions than answers, i imagine that print head cleaning is a costly business with e-ink and not recommended. A long term factor that will prove bad on the economics of instant ink. So i will return to this topic and bore you further! What exciting stuff.

As mentioned I still use a non instant ink laser printer for black and white things where the zoo pays £12 a cartridge.  HP charges £ 60 for a 1500 page unit.  You may see why i still compare non hp ink with instant ink despite the unfairness of the bigger size which is like comparing apples with oranges.

Only a fool would use hp sticker prices and i do not like to be called one of those.

Since i took the screenshot – instant ink has had a website ‘redesign’ which sucks imho.

If you are still awake after reading all that well done your prize is a banana skin which you can collect from the zoo.

*more if you use hp sticker prices – a month is classed as 30 days it appears



‘genuine’ toner

An older printer here in the zoo needed toner so i obtained one for it at a very reasonable price. It works and a couple of days later i decided to look up what ‘genuine’ toner costs.

I nearly fell out of the tree when i discovered a 545% difference in price for 1500 pages. That would have been expensive per page.  The non genuine one i bought is apparently rated for 2000* pages – honestly speaking as long as it lasts about the same time as usual i think that genuine toner has lost the argument.

Perhaps ‘posh’ ink should have it written on every document to impress people – a somewhat incorrect footer might say we paid 500% more to print this page.

Nice to know. *extra toner in the container

Obsolete printers

a printer, not from the zoo

One of the zoos printers was starting to jam more and more often despite attempts at ‘cleaning’ it after nine years i discovered that it could not be fixed and the parts where not made or unavailable even from spare part websites.

It kind of works and looks ok but to bodge fix it meant superglue on cracked gears and a large hole in the bottom of the case (requiring power tools the zoo does not own) of which the results of only apparently worked temporarily should you google hard enough.

It is kind of a shame to chuck it away but second hand printers are not easy to obtain and new printers allow printing from android (my blog) where cups support for older printers is a game of Russian roulette and costs money rather then being a simple will it or wont it to maybe.

The zoo did not complain about it dying which is unusual.  – usually the response is – thats not right can it be … Anyhow its dead and going to where dead printers go.

Its replacement is a tale worth regaling to you which you will enjoy and you will read some point in the future.


Quality bot nets in the wild [hello microsoft]

stupidrobotThe zoo’s mail server* was finally made a little more demanding and so the poorer quality bot nets and some clueless microsoft types (my blog) stopped getting there sending mail to us blocked – only to be replaced by the better botnets ones which even with this (my blog) still have no virus definitions who got noticed more.

It was not a problem but it seems that the virus checking will still be needed.

I am glad to note that if bot net operators can do proper email it does make you wonder about about microsoft system admin people, and even microsoft hosting whom will get there own separate post here on the 1st of april which is a regular thing here and best not missed after all retards who work for microsoft still deserve shaming.


The benefits of being microsoft wga illegitimate.

failIn 2007 Professor bought a compaq laptop, with Vista.  In 2014 it is old.  The battery does not work, it had a new power supply and the connection to the unit is flaky.  It is no advert for HP who own compaq.

Last year on this date in 2013 it stopped getting microsoft updates (my blog) .  Our wga key (my blog) had become invalid.  Now i guess somebody spoofed it, and the newer thing got priority over professors.

I decided to ask for help – the nice Indian at HP  understood the issue but could not help me as i was not american.  So i ring HP [who own compaq] in the UK for help. after all fraud has just taken place.  He gives me a wrong phone number for microsoft and at that point i give up with this help with costly phone lines for shit* i did not want in the first place.

So i run vista without wga updates on professors thing, benefits of this be that the incompetence of microsoft sucking down our quota (my blog) of bits and bytes is now a non issue.  A year has passed it is still good.  Oh professor has been told not to buy HP brands again and his journey to desktop linux** will begin.

Is perhaps seven years too long for microsoft to tolerate a user ? or a license Anyhow with both getting no future sales i feel that somebody else will have to say something about the incompetence at hp and microsoft.

So do you need wga –  no, in fact if the bandwidth for updates is taken as a part of the tco valuation (my blog) then microsoft software has an added cost.

* microsoft crap  ** he uses it already for printing and other stuff

The funny old world of obsolete and not broken

also in beige

also in beige

Bananas has a very old crt computer monitor on a zoo server.  I was thinking of upgrading to a flat screen for it when an upgrade made it useful again (my blog).  So the philips crt from 1999  had a stay of execution being 100% usable than a 50% usable device as a thing as last resort.

Its not that ancient and is energy star compliant at some level and can be turned off as well and since it came from the last century the thing is very robust if although its a beige in colour and might need a clean..

flatscreenThat brings me to a flat screen monitor and unfortunately that is now failing.  Things you assume wont fail do, and stuff you would mind too much keeps going.

Its an odd situation and says something.


So that what it does (crap microsoft code)

Klaba Octaves award

As an linux ape i do not do a lot on or with microsoft pc’s but once a week i use somebodies vista unit to save me work*.

Anyhow my preventative weekly task backfired in a spectacular way when spldr (my blog) was not allowing logins after an microsoft auto update, so i turned it off and rebooted it in the panic mode and the older pc became a lot faster without me doing anything else while trying to load trusted computing module that the thing has not got**.  A couple of weeks later i discover that spldr has something also to do with updates from microsoft.  A topic for a future  date too.

I honestly cannot get my head around the fact that spldr

  1. has a control over user logins
  2. loads tpm (or tries to)
  3. does updates from microsoft

No wonder microsoft is so shit at code.  Generally i am not inclined to turn it back on as the benefits seem to outweigh the disadvantages and works in normal mode.  The updates well as microsoft broke the unit in the first place speaks volumes about those tco experts they so love

* weird logic i know  ** a reason against running microsoft software in general

Ubuntu 9.10 what is all the griping about?

We mostly use debian linux at the monkey house, but some ubuntu for an Pentium 2 (very old) and a remix based on ubuntu (this will become debian though) on a rather nice netbook.

Since the netbook is moving from ubuntu that only left the pentiom 2 pc to upgrade.

Being that this machine is very old it did take 12 twelve hours (on a slow net connection doing too much other stuff) but you could not run windows 7 on it (windows nt, or windows 98 was what the maker supplied it with ten years plus ago.)  Before i resort to some low power distro like damm small linux it still makes a good x host and is ok for spreadsheets and basic tasks.

I’d go use latest debian on it except the sound card isnt supported and to get that back into the kernel requires some plain damm strange magic linux backport stuff that never works when i do it (early etch worked fine)

So the machine does struggle a bit with 9.04, and things do take a bit of time on this old machine but it still has a use in it still with a rather good flat screen display.

Testing of 9.10 indicated most things working except than the x test card test, I had to re-enable the switches on cups to get remote printers to be seen and printed too. That took a minute to fi

The only mickey mouse feature in 9.10 is no gdm screen (on first look)  anyhow quite sure i can live with that for a while until i fix that.

So when people say it karmic koala sucks it does not – try running windows 7 on a Pentium 2, it was pretty awful with windows xp and how long ago did xp come out ?

monkeys_ernestcline.jpgOne happy koala user here.

I mean whats the fuss about ? Im happy with it. Humans sigh

0x4001100200001005 and other tales

OK – so what does 0x4001100200001005 mean?

To HP it means ‘bad dvd disk’ in windows vista when restoring Vista from dvd – and just how would bananas know that ?

Well I was asked to fix Vista after an Microsoft update killed the hard disk of a laptop. Fortunately i had made copies of he backup dvd’s for the user before hand, but the user of the machine (not bananas) lost the users contents.

I mean what a piece of crap Vista is (the machine isnt more than 8 months old and it needs a complete Microsoft os reload. HP need to improve there restore program, and should think about being a little more informative about what 0x4001100200001005 means.

The moral of the tale is that Microsoft are not doing themselves any favours, not having a dvd backup of vista and it dies then congratulations your a new Linux user or do you spend a fortune on another of winblows vista since you be have been running an illegal copy right ?.

So how where the dvd’s (two of them )stored ? the backup dvd’s where stored in individual cd sized envelopes both inside a plastic folder. How they became unreadable ? you tell me

TCO (total cost of ownership) is a means in whiich paid for software is deemed to have a better return then evil open source software. Frankly if you have to reload Microsofts paid crap every six months and spend a day trying to guess what the fuck 0x4001100200001005 means then tco is meaningless by microsofts measure since i had only one copy of the bad restore dvd then the only way forward would have been to load linux on the laptop.

After all if the backups dont work, then what else could i have done ?