‘amazing’ debian uptimes in the zoo

50 days + [my blog]  i do restart services weekly via cron but since kernels are not being upgraded and the uptime would have been more if the metres [my blog] where not had to be replaced.

Stretch the old version was usually up for thirty days before an kernel upgrade required a reboot .  While these times are not that impressive remember i am upgrading software not simply running linux at a certain point of time.

I do not object to server reboots.

a weird apple moment

black turtleneck crook Holmes

I do not like apple users (my blog) – no not the fruit.

One of the things i have thought about is streaming tv services and bad hardware support from Panasonic (my blog) and others when the streaming wars hit.  For some us a retard  smart tv has already happened.

So – I got professor a fire tv stick (my blog) and found it can load apple tv on non apple hardware.  That almost sounds a crime in apple group think*.  I mean its like being a Hillary Clinton deplorable.

I pinched myself as this still validates my view that newer streaming services will still  not be available to existing smart tv’s [reducing the market size – yes you could buy a new tv every month to fix but lets be reasonable] but the fact that a  non apple hardware thing loads it is progress.  As a linux user i  cannot even open an itunes account being the zoo has no apple or apple computers there loss not mine by the way and not a whine shows some progress..

This does not mean a subscription** to it will be ever bought for black turtleneck wearing snobs but it marks a change of thinking that will piss off apple snobs but is necessary for streaming tv to be a profitable enterprise for apple.

While not a reason to validate a purchase of the fire tv thing it seems that whoever wins the streaming wars will depend on the flexibility of existing hardware and not a closed eco system.

Such coherence from apple is kind of impressive – that is if it does work and does not go closed again.


Streaming tv is just that, as an apple computer/phone is just the same as a pc or andriod phone in principle.   Apple needs money not snobs which is something apple fans like lee527xx forget.

*it exists and it always the users fault that apple design faults mean its never apples fault (my blog) .** the zoo does not have microsoft or mac computers

dmarc roulette

evil james bond cat

The zoo got a dmarc [my blog] email as stated it should have from google which reported both the ipv4 and ipv6 authentication results.

Great if your still have a clue what i am going on about but I have no idea if it used ipv4 or v6 to transport it which we have here in the zoo [my blog].  If inbound  its normally probably ipv4, and outbound from us its ipv6 if you have it.

It passed its tests in the zoo good news !, when it got to google then things went interesting as it failed those.

At least dmarc [including spf and dkim] does work but as to specifics well lets call it a success and leave it there.

Hmm well it got there at least.

systemd is awesome but shit because of others – the potterang god complex.

I do not like systemd but i saw a post saying systemd is the best thing since marmite* but its the linux distros who have fucked up systemd – how dare they offend the great and powerful potterang and make his software look bad.

I wrote a funny comment and this was taken as an attack on the god known as potterang and systemd which is naturally perfect.  Quite how you load any other non systemd software seems to be the error here when systemd is trying to replace anything non systemd.

If i was a distro developer i think i would be looking at another init system after all systemd is not good according to its disciples. For instance postfix-systemd, mailgraph-systemd and www-systemd after all anything not written by the greatest potterang is defective.

*marmite is product of beer hops turned into a spread.

debian 10.3

Is out and yesterday before the zoo opened i upgraded [my blog] the monkey houses server.

No disasters to speak of  – prompts for [for me]  on a server

  • /etc/init.d/postfix
  • /usr/lib/clamav/clamav.conf

Cyrus imap – seemed to be ok with this [my blog] when upgrade in /usr/lib/cyrus/bin failed its apt tests prevously.

Since i do not reboot the server often [my blog] it had to do a 220 day fsck which took a bit of time but will not begrudge it that.

Mailgraph [my blog] failed to start for some reason on boot and was dead until i poked it with a big stick and reported stuff once more.

Your experience may vary.

the m6116 sata bridge one month in

On from here (my blog) and i can report no major issues with the m6116 sata bridge which with a month of uptime is not reporting kernel errors.

Visually its blue light is strong and so it is not recommended in a room if you sleep in it when it is chugging along but in the zoo’s network closet its a nice indication of activity.

Usb wise after a month of so of uptime it does leak kernal errors and eventually crash the usb, but the 3b+ did also freeze its networking without the sata bridge which may point  to another usb device having the issue.

Cravats apply but this seems to be a winner for us.

catching up, behind the times or lost the plot

Rick and Morty (my blog) is something i discovered on netflix even if my scheduling here is way off**.  When it takes a month to discover  who won a book prize i am not hot on trends or will not blog specifically about on release..

However last year i found out Rick & Morty was no longer to be on netflix but a local broadcaster on free to air tv this is the streaming wars and if warner brothers cannot do a eu streaming service and not sell to netflix then local tv is perhaps there only viable option.

I am surprised that the old people at the crusty broadcasting company get* rick and morty and they bought it.

Rick i understand uses debian so i cannot fault the character os taste – so yes Microsoft software is uncool.

Netflix will be be retained, and since i am selective in what i see will not justify a subscription to a new service even if available***.  I can do with out rick and morty being the only wb show on netflix i watch.

So who is wise and fool might well be both local broadcaster and the person who hates netflix at warner brothers.

As it now has adverts – i will record it and see it mostly in the way i saw it on netflix.  Another problem is the swearing so it is f***ing awful to watch.   Somehow it also broke there streaming website [not netflix] on the second week.

Rick and Morty is still fun but the nuiance i think is probably misplaced for a mainstream audience i wonder how many people thought of ashley madison (my blog) in the second week.

Then it disappeared from the screens four episodes in.  I hope i remember to remind myself about this being a viewer after all netflix is way more convenient than the vaguarity of tv schedules.

*not the normal thing imho. ** I hit reschedule *2 *** dubious this is trap cbs has fallen into too.

geoip updates in debian buster

Geoip got borked in debian 10 [my blog] when maxmind changed how it could be obtained with the always free country db and other region one which are not the speciific ‘enterprise’ databases

So instead of it getting packaged via debian you sign up for a account and get it from maxmind, say once a month with an automated cron for geoipupdate -v is good enough here for the zoo.

geoipupdate 3.1.1
Opened License file /etc/GeoIP.conf
LicenseKey OpHn...
Skip unknown directive: i#000000000000
Skip unknown directive: *
Insert edition_id GeoLite2-Country
Insert edition_id GeoLite2-City
Read in license key /etc/GeoIP.conf
Number of edition IDs 2
url: https:/?product_id=GeoLite2-Country
url: https: ///databases/GeoLite2-Country/update?db_md5=
No new updates available
url: https: //_getfilename?product_id=GeoLite2-City
No new updates available

It seems a faff but they have ipv6 servers even  if no ipv6 lookups seem possible,

My cron jobs survived ok which you have seen examples of in separate topics where the location is part of the blog topic..

I do like debian and cannot fault them for this perhaps this license change is meant  to  irritate rather than screw up and it seems to be extra hard work for maxmind.

Anyhow  it works.


running out of usb slots and volts

In the summer it was hot (my blog) in our network closet and i thought about getting some cheap fans to cool it. However I did nothing as it was not an important thing in the scheme of things.

Then i had to rearrange some usb powered items (my blog) in the closet recently and now i could not power the fans with usb without buying a usb hub.

A least i found out that usb is not an ideal power device for many devices and the hub power is limited so while it might sound a good idea the practice is not.