Samsung and the lost free email address

A zoo guest broke an older android samsung tablet, bought another and then demanded it be connected to the monkey houses wifi.  – we obliged

So i got the tale that her new email address had to change since her last one was borked by the defective tablet and apparently nobody could restore it to the new one despite attempts by younger members of her family to transfer it – i was not involved.

I do hope gmail does not run out of email addresses in the way samsung and end users treat it.   Quite what means for social media and marketing is also bad news

Since the device was deemed dead it appears that transferring stuff from one old tablet to another is a lost skill for the average person.  Anyhow that seems to be the disposable culture of android also translated to ‘data’

Not sure many will like that after all is she a new user of the same web thingys or a old returning one.   Leave your thoughts below.

router reorganisation in the zoo


The zoo has ‘optimised ‘ (my blog) its routers and reduced it power bill as well and got a backup router out of it.

While it might sound boring and a bit  incompetent the routers are supportive of 1gb speeds so i doubt that i will need to go shopping soon and support ipv6 and better interfaces.

I had planned on two routers retaining our  twenty year isolated networks schema and did need another to upgrade our lan and hosting to support new features but ipv6 put a number of barriers in the path.   One does the job just fine. There certainly not anywhere near cisco prices either.

So with a backup i can flash a router and be up an running in an hour assuming the worst – rather than dig  out old routers lacking in two technology standards.

While it might have been wiser to not have got a newer router the zoo has learned a lot, kept it’s internet up and so i cannot find too much fault in how it was implemented.

Not quite how i expected it to go be but having a hot swap was an unexpected bonus which saves a number of upgrades in five years.   It works.

smart ethernet switches


Seem to have come down in price but only support ipv4 management wise.

So they have faults (or the cheap ones do) compared to the really expensive ones which i see no point in purchasing after all network standards matter not the name of the brand

Nice to have per connection diagnostics when you need it.  Unnecessary for the average person.

I can experiment with vlans now.

pi-hole revisited

I think i have mentioned (my blog) it before and i decided one sunday to rethink a few things, now owning a pi (mu blog) i decided to install it on iit

Being more complex than the average user  [the pi does other things as well] i had to make an new ethernet interface and point the inerface at that rather than what already existed, then i had a problem with load order but once a resolver is active the module does its stuff.

Then i plugged it into a dns dhcp slot and  all was well with the universe and also less gdpr (my blog) -ish.

Problem wise google is an issue with the shopping links which do not go direct to ecommerce sites.   Not a major issue but something easily fixed if it bothers you.

Its blocking 8% of requests in two days so it may make your life better.

Hive fixed there ethernet problem

Hive (my blog) had an issue that the heating controller would only work on a Ethernet port direct to a router not via a switch to a router


While experimenting with cables recently i discovered that it would now work connected to a switch via  the router.

While this might sound  ‘so what’ at least it is a kind of progress,  they also crippled the unit by supplying a 100mb cable not that i doubt gigabytes of data would ever be sent via it  but who knows with the nsa and gchq (my blog) on the prowl.

I personally feel safer that the hive controller is on  another bit of equipment rather than plugged directly into a router which nost people probably do.

Anyhow tin foil remains in fashion here in the monkey house.  More recently i discovered that i  was also very trendy because of some plants that once again are in fashion.

So better start wearing tin foil hats.  I am stylish after all – more style guru tips tomorrow.

The dsl modem (the quest for ipv6)

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

The monkey house now has a modem and a router to connect to outside world it also can handle newer connections [no contract lock in] and apparently ipv6.

I last had a dsl modem from intel which was pretty awful,  I will not bore you with analogue modems the monkey house has owned.  Feel free to make the atdt sounds* while reading this.

After a couple of demo attempts (you dont get technical support the maker of the device likes to keep ssecrets) i connected it to the new router and it delivered email and stuff something this (my blog) could not.

Many of the features demo’ed are not in the firmware.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

Since it works with ipv4 the time has come to test it with ipv6 so it still go pear shaped.

My review of the router will still be disparaging for being mysterious and non existent technical support.

Since this is attempt 4 at hardware and not many modems exist i have to suck it and see.   It already does twp out of the three things so its a part win but it would be great for me to get a confirmation rather hope it is ipv6 proof.

*buzz buzz eeeek ding ding

beta debian opposed to raspberian on arm hardware.

I have a software issue (my blog) so one day i downloaded the preview debian image (not here) for a raspberry pi (my blog) put it on an iffy microsd card (my blog) and inserted it into the pi*

It booted once, then went into a usb message loop, but it would not turn on my usb keyboard num lock light.

Being a beta it is also a little slow at this point [feb 2019] in time

Quite why it did not like my keyboard (cabled) was not a problem but it looks the beginning of native debian on the pi

I think its going to be doing stuff sooner rather than later.

*not food