Android on a pc

I was in a library one day when i looked at one of those supposedly  ‘computer’ magazines which are essentially microsoft shills* nowadays rather than real journalism.  Last computer literature i bought was byte magazine but some shit competing publisher bought it and closed it down

It is more aimed at the hardware buyer naturally with a copy of microsoft windows naturally included not choose your own os and no apple products to be seen either – eg tactics the mafia would use.



Anyhow in a fit of weirdness they had an article on (not a neil gaiman book) which is a android on pc os but naturally for ‘older’ pc’s just to keep things you know microsoft friendly.

I tried it and it is basic but has good linux support for hardware but it needs a 8gb usb stick.

You still need to sign in so its not a really different version of andriod but interesting if rather google centric.  An alternative to linux on old pc’s too if your unwilling to try something (my blog) like that and know it via your phone.

I was exploring how it implemented flash and it failed those tests, but if your pissed off with Microsoft try neverwhere if you dont want to try linux which is what the biased journalists where hinting.  It runs off a usb stick to try before you install it.

Anyhow i have said what i wanted to say.

*no criticism is allowed of microsoft by journalists.

an odd reboot

keyboardThe zoo’s server had a weird issue with its keyboard doing [^b [^a etc and so one evening i decided to fix it, fortunately it appears that a simple reboot restored it use without the [^ thing.

The keyboard on the server gets very little use and i am able to shut it down remotely and fix many things that way as well but it is nice to have a functional thing on it just in case.

end of the road for the non duplex printer?

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

Bananas turned on the printer this week, first job was a report a computer made – it went on and on and on.  In email it looked small.

The second was a list of bad urls and that too ran out of paper before i cancelled it.  The zoo would love a duplex printer.  Or maybe we are good with what works but limited printing.

I known you can buy duplex things for simplex printers and its on my wishlist for our next non hp printer the zoo buys since hp printers are encumbered with other issues that make them untrustworthy.

Life.  In the meantime i will limit my printing habits.

r8169 network card mysteries

tube recycle those 1's and 0's

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

I have a 8169 chipset network card (my blog) and i hate it when in this bizarre mode.

Recently it has been playing up, so i decided to disable some restarts of daemons and firewall operations.  The thing still disconnected while the router was happy with another connection, so its been restarting the router to get the connection back so restarting the wrong thing to get the right thing ‘up’.

In the end i regenerate my dnssec and it appears to stay up.  Layers but I really hate that ethernet network card for being awful.

I then explore wol adding a ‘p’ to ug settings (seen with ethtool).

ethtool -s eth1 wol ugp


Supports Wake-on: pumbg
Wake-on: pug

And that appears to still not fix my drop out problem.   I have no damm idea why the card now needs a p setting to retain connection, while other things connected to the router are still working and its debian stable.


Printer care and attention.

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

The printers in the zoo where jamming regularly so armed with a pair of pilers i had a look at them, one also needed a toner cartridge (my blog) which naturally did not come from hp and the other printer had a lot of paper artefacts  in and a rather full ink well of wasted ink (my blog).  At least it was discount ink rather than posh ink not that i can tell the difference anyhow i suppose its something you drink?

Samba is pretty, not useful

like this

I also cleaned the rollers who might also be jamming* with water from instructions on a video i saw and they both work like a charm once again although i got a bit of rainbow ink on me like the ladies to your left so if you  visited the zoo and thought you saw a parrot ape that is just printer maintenance for you not a new species.

Quite how all those jams got in there when i thought had got them all out at the time is a mystery

mafia run the british red cross

mafia run the british red cross

I was pleased with my efforts after all new printers are nice but come with mafia schemes for drm ink and no ‘grey’ ink supplies so while i might hate them it is the better option to fix what we have and use grey link which i have absolutely no issues using.

Weeks had past and i have not needed to look at printers since.  The more HP annoy the zoo the less motivation there is to buy newer HP products.

I read more recently that the rest of the world has discovered the scams of hp and that new firmware is to be released ‘tolerating’ our not posh ink.  more on that another time

*not musical – joke

systemd breaks a laptops suspend as a ‘new’ feature.

Potterang to rename the command cat to dog

Lennart Poettering to rename the command cat to dog

I run debian testing so i see all the fuck ups by Lennart Poettering* who probably one day will change the cat command to dog**, that’s Lennart Poettering for you.

I notice with testing systemd has wiped off suspend and resume hardware features so when i go to a screensaver all my consoles and firefox windows close.

reminds me of

reminds me of

So i have to fire up new terminals and do all this shit again – see what i mean.  Perhaps i was using the wrong browser since Lennart Poettering did not write it and the same can be said for the terminal.

Anyhow Lennart Poettering knows best.

I know its testing not stable but i look forward to running Lennart Poettering’s web browser when he writes one which i guess is one of the joys of such brilliant software.

*pulseaudio is another thing from him ** bark is also choice.

Decommisioning a linux desktop

I removed an very elderly desktop pc* from the zoo’s network it kept forgetting its disk settings in the bios and you would not wish to ask it the time.

I removed x, scp, users and users data, most of the software, and the log directory – I could have wiped the disk but i left very little clues as to what was on this antique.  It boots.

That probably makes it a tricky disk to recover and its not microsoft formatted.  So that probably makes it really hard.



The good news is while linux might not be as ‘popular’ and has lost one, it also is now on an crap hp computer (my blog) which means microsoft lost as computer as an os number.

So we retain linux, and microsoft lost more.  Happy me.

*an early 1990’s pentium processor – remember it is 2016

sd card nightmares

sdhcBananas was doing something with an sd card when the read write tab fell off somehow and the card went read only. I eventually found this tiny bit of plastic only to find that a zoo employee wiped clear the surface i left it on. I spoke rude words

It is an older sd card and been to some hot places and so i tried to fix it. The ‘scotch’ tape over the place (you tube) worked once before getting removed, a second attempt a day later left me with the same results.

Fortunately it was a low gb unit and still readable so easy to replace with a like for like since if that can happen on a small ‘disk’ then it can happen on a large one too.  I rather not damage a device with tape inside it, being more expensive than the media so i ordered one in the hope that i never have go through this again .


Transferring was fast on receipt but i did have an additional card reader at hand.

chainsawAlso noteworthy was the packaging which was paper based rather than plastic (my blog). this is not a moan but an observation and it was nice to be able to open the item without having to use a pair of scissors for a tamper proof case more designed for retailers,  card can be recycled.

Backup pictures, less waste, a non damaged working camera so lets call this a win even if i wish i had not had to do this to begin with.

A learnable event though.

Sticky plastic

stickyBananas once explored bluetooth (my blog) i was not impressed although compromised strikes me as a better description because its for users and people like microsoft (who hate linux)dont want sneaker nets, so that leads me to the bluetooth thing in usb form that has been on a shelf and is now tacky to touch resulting is a ewww sound from both me and the rest of the monkey house.

Nothing else was tacky  in that location.

I can see why bluetooth has a shit reputation – i am happy with wired headphones too* since i have no idea if bluetooth headsets are supported in linux and microsoft have an arrangement that linux support is not mentioned by makers.

Anyhow ewww was the main thing. The fact that microsoft have made bluetooth crap is a bonus.

*better than bluetooth according to many