the new £900 apple door stop, featuring apple id, lost details and dodgy windows 10 fixes.


So i got ‘volunteered’ to try and fix some old ladies aged tablet* who is absolutely terrified of covid-19 and tech phobic near the zoo a set of elements that at the best of times you would only have to deal with one of those.

I also had to shout at the lady being deaf a combination that we all ‘enjoy’ dealing with it probably makes Howard Hughes** a dead reclusive millionaire seem a joy to help.

The tablet is an old ipad from apple i later discover was functional for a few minutes after connecting it to wifi then it bricked itself saying the appleid was invalid.

This is a deceased persons old thing so naturally the details where lost but the apple id point to an icloud account as both are blocked a catch 22 situation emerged and one whom even Milo Minderbinder would have been proud of.

itampon by steve jobs

Being i have no idea about ipads i get somewhere until a birthday prompt stumps both me and the human.

Quite how death means your £900 apple product becomes a doorstop is something to marvel at.

A court order is apparently needed by apple to provide said details if you watch Rossmann repair or ipad rehab youtube channels then you also know apple are not here to help.

So i look for other ways and discover a windows 10 thing that looks a bit iffy and i have no idea if it works on the ipad without giving myself more technological problems on the sad windows ten pc nearby [the zoo is a linux shop] and a tech phobic user to further ‘fix’. No thanks to fixing windows ten as well.

itunes on windows was not setup either for this device.

So i ejected myself from the issue after all nobody at apple really gives a shit about the old apple product  or the credentials without a court order.

It makes a £200 android tablet seem a much better deal and palatable.   Perhaps that extra £700 for an apple device is the retard tax [my blog] .

Its nice to be vindicated about apple users.

As an non tablet ape user i was not going to suggest a replacement to the user that is tech phobic and that needs a visit to a showroom place where someone has a thing and they can try it which at possible cannot be done.

In hindsight i suppose i should have factory reset it when i connected it to wifi but that leads to the situation in appleid about the devices prior registration and so if i did re-registering it might without unlocking it have also led to the thing still being a £900 door stop.

As a apple product hater and its associated weird usb sockets i was not the right ape to  help but i have to wonder if anybody could have fixed it as the user had no idea what the id and security questions where before apple security re bricked the ipad.

I wonder how much crap data is in the apple cloud due to dead people and those whom have forgotten passwords.  Quite a lot and i think this is where i run out of things to say about apple and its users.

Anyhow i did not run out screaming but i knew apple had beaten me and in turn the user.

*all the details i was told on the phone. ** a film was made about him and is most famous for being one of the first to use aluminium in aircraft

a weird apple moment

black turtleneck crook Holmes

I do not like apple users (my blog) – no not the fruit.

One of the things i have thought about is streaming tv services and bad hardware support from Panasonic (my blog) and others when the streaming wars hit.  For some us a retard  smart tv has already happened.

So – I got professor a fire tv stick (my blog) and found it can load apple tv on non apple hardware.  That almost sounds a crime in apple group think*.  I mean its like being a Hillary Clinton deplorable.

I pinched myself as this still validates my view that newer streaming services will still  not be available to existing smart tv’s [reducing the market size – yes you could buy a new tv every month to fix but lets be reasonable] but the fact that a  non apple hardware thing loads it is progress.  As a linux user i  cannot even open an itunes account being the zoo has no apple or apple computers there loss not mine by the way and not a whine shows some progress..

This does not mean a subscription** to it will be ever bought for black turtleneck wearing snobs but it marks a change of thinking that will piss off apple snobs but is necessary for streaming tv to be a profitable enterprise for apple.

While not a reason to validate a purchase of the fire tv thing it seems that whoever wins the streaming wars will depend on the flexibility of existing hardware and not a closed eco system.

Such coherence from apple is kind of impressive – that is if it does work and does not go closed again.


Streaming tv is just that, as an apple computer/phone is just the same as a pc or andriod phone in principle.   Apple needs money not snobs which is something apple fans like lee527xx forget.

*it exists and it always the users fault that apple design faults mean its never apples fault (my blog) .** the zoo does not have microsoft or mac computers

the m6116 sata bridge one month in

On from here (my blog) and i can report no major issues with the m6116 sata bridge which with a month of uptime is not reporting kernel errors.

Visually its blue light is strong and so it is not recommended in a room if you sleep in it when it is chugging along but in the zoo’s network closet its a nice indication of activity.

Usb wise after a month of so of uptime it does leak kernal errors and eventually crash the usb, but the 3b+ did also freeze its networking without the sata bridge which may point  to another usb device having the issue.

Cravats apply but this seems to be a winner for us.

running out of usb slots and volts

In the summer it was hot (my blog) in our network closet and i thought about getting some cheap fans to cool it. However I did nothing as it was not an important thing in the scheme of things.

Then i had to rearrange some usb powered items (my blog) in the closet recently and now i could not power the fans with usb without buying a usb hub.

A least i found out that usb is not an ideal power device for many devices and the hub power is limited so while it might sound a good idea the practice is not.


processor upgrading thoughts

The zoo’s server could take an intel i3 or i5 (quad) and at £10/£20 used seems a plausible way to upgrade.

The server is not that busy and copes with what gets thrown at it so its not going to happen soon.   It may be a waste of money. but i as it works here in the zoo its not worth the bother of doing a new server motherboard until it dies its nine years old as well.





all micro sdcard readers are not alike (sdcard musical chairs)

I discovered an spare* microsd card in the monkey house and i think it has debian beta for the arm chipset (my blog) on it – not that it worked.

To find this out the better kingston card reader did not work until i cleaned the contacts, A pi scdard reader with the raspberry printed on it did first time.

Not quite sure what to think about this branding thing as the that park of the zoo is clean and not dirty/cold etc.

Since i like pi’s for tasks it is certainly possible that more might be got and will not be idle.

Part of me is thinking about dd’ing the zero’s sdcard to a disk and using the ‘extreme; class 10 sdcard in the pi with the dd of its images just made.  After all the the class 10 card is now booted via a sata thing.

I have done the dd before it takes an hour.  Not quite sure that is necessary yet and the zero does not get the abuse that the 3b+ gets**.

*If only i remembered it (my blog) for that but they are small and forgettable.   Nice to have a spare just in case (my blog). **you all can connect to it and probe it


raspberry 4 pi’s not economical to upgrade.

I like the pi zero (my blog) and the 3b+ (my blog) but the version 4 needs

  • new case
  • a usb b to c power cable converter
  • some kind of cooling
  • mini hdmi (my blog) converter*

Gigabit ethernet and usb 3 is not enough and per pi that’s £70 per 3b+ to replace each.  I am sticking with what the zoo has.

I feel that the 4 is not quite yet there.

*out of stock at my pi supplier

Raspberry Pi 3b over [under] voltage shenanigans with a Super Top M6116 SATA Bridge

The Raspberry pi 3 is a nice piece of hardware – not sure i can justify a 4 until i put a m6116 chipset on the 3b+ [usb 2].  It gave me under voltage issues.

So i set

max_usb_current=1 in /boot/config.txt

And then it still gave under voltage click sounds.

The m6116 bridge is something you probably own i f your reading this and so  what it is is covered way below.

I have another usb hub on another pi (my blog) and the thing worked immediately on a different pi.

So i plugged one port into the 3b and another into another usb hub on the 3b and no under voltage issues.


Bus 001 Device 027: ID 14cd:6116 Super Top M6116 SATA Bridge

Gah so it works kind of.  If you have 5 volts per usb thing once you go over 20 volts expect weird shit happening to your pi. – i had five devices powered and once down to three things on the usb bus stuff worked like it did on the zero.

This is when you request too many usb devices on the pi it starts giving you issues under voltage is one you will see in logs but the pi will not actually report the issue that too many usb devices cause the issue.  For a cheap computer its liveable with.

I fixed this issue by not using usb plugs for the two things i power off the pi  and as i own another pi they now live on that.

the m6116 thing is a disk box with sata to usb converter. Using an old disk from a laptop i hope to be able to dump the microsd card in the pi and see how it goes.

The old fijiitsu sata used disk not an ssd writes as follows in usb2 using this (not here)

write: 26.9 md/read [cache] 19.8mb/read [no cache] 24.1mb/sec
hdparm: 23.70 mb/sec

The sandisk class 10 microsd card

write: 5.4 md/read [cache] 13.6mb/read [no cache] 28.2mb/sec
hdparm: 22.6 mb/sec

A fair improvement plus more space, boot is slightly slower as it has to look for a usb thing to find first but since my pi does not get booted often 3 seconds is not hard to endure..

I owned the existing disk, so is a low cost upgrade, if i had to buy a disk then i am not sure i would have done this and with the pi 4 not allowing boot deom usb when i write this it seems good for only for the pi 3 .

I dd’ed a copy of raspberian on the sata disk and migration is the problem.  So i will need to setup and shift some data.   A blog entry for another day.

case mod for official pi zero case.

The pi zero case is good but the light when the zero is on is obscured near the usb power wire [black]  on your left.

I borrowed a drill and the case now is informative and reflects when it is on or offi n the case.

It is a simple modification.  The case is understated and does not look like it belongs in transvestites closet which quite a few pi cases for it do.

I was able to document the case so it is not unplugged by other people who dont think its needed in the wild.

x display woefinder general (further tales of the intel i915)

Following on from this (my blog) it also appears i needed.

apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers

Not the i386 version – Anyhow it appears that the intel 915 driver or software is compiled against vulkan and for some fucking reason nobody tells you this and so your x display hangs at times your never guess why it did you might have this issue.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

This also affects steam who also do not tell you about it either.  Another tale at a latter date.

Its been a good day without an pc unplug  to reset for my workstation but it appears i need to go to tea leaves and tarrot card lessons since debian and steam are not exactly making it easy.

So debian users who is your tea leaves reader who can decode kernel messages*..  I need your help because i never knew i had to be one..

It still occasionally crashes so more later.

*I am perhaps the Matthew Hopkins from imdb:tt0063285 ?