upsetting hplip when reinstalling a printer queue

One of the zoos printers was not working via hplip after i compiled it so i deleted it and set it up again for the new printer (my blog). One has real ink and the other has non hp toner (my blog) in it – hplip the linux driver for printing then refused to tell me any other ink levels -genuine or not regardless of the sorry state of guessing ink quantity by this hp software which is best ignored imho.

I feel so chastised*. – still see no purpose in buying hp ‘genuine’ ink after all .

*when the ink does not print it probably means it needs toner.

‘genuine’ toner

An older printer here in the zoo needed toner so i obtained one for it at a very reasonable price. It works and a couple of days later i decided to look up what ‘genuine’ toner costs.

I nearly fell out of the tree when i discovered a 545% difference in price for 1500 pages. That would have been expensive per page.  The non genuine one i bought is apparently rated for 2000* pages – honestly speaking as long as it lasts about the same time as usual i think that genuine toner has lost the argument.

Perhaps ‘posh’ ink should have it written on every document to impress people – a somewhat incorrect footer might say we paid 500% more to print this page.

Nice to know. *extra toner in the container

Newer hp officejet printers weird setup on Linux

a printer image

The zoo’s hp officejet printer dating from 2007 died when it decided not to print 75% of the things it was asked to do of recent it made some cool grinding sounds indicating something or other. Unwillingly i opted for a newer model (under a hundred in incremental model versiion number) as a quick replacement of which several hours later i am still setting up.

Oddly though the setup was geared up for windows and mac users – no dont work, us linux folk had to use cups to setup basic printing. The printer does not come with a brick to power it just a cable from a plug which from a firm that love there power bricks is different hp power bricks can be a horrible quality.

When the printer is off it is ‘sealed’ inside whether that preserves the ink is a interesting question and an interesting view of a possible design defect solution from hp

The rest of the features like instant ink connecting to its wifi and andriod i gave up on as not important to start with after all printing from our linux pc’s is more important than that.I will come back to that

Hplip (the official linux driver from hp) does not support the printer (and does not show) despite cups getting the printer to do stuff. – is hplip err legacy ? no so i had to compile a newer version from source, ignore qt4 or it will never compile. Then hplip shows the printer that cups can see and scan things.

Perhaps as linux users do not want any more money from us special types ? and I have no idea how you change its default wifi password or join it to our wifi network until i figured out the touch screen with abc as one key and you have to touch the key twice to get a b – not explained in the paper manual but something i eventually figured out wth guessing.

The printer prints in duplex and adds yet another unopened rj11 cable to the zoo’s collection of unused rj11 cables and adaptors for the phone socket since nobody faxes any more.

The paper documentation is thoroughly shit but as long it lasts a long time i guess the zoo will remain happy.

Android printing does work although the eprint app seems very ‘cloudy’* and desiring of optional things not essential if in local range.

Instant ink is another guessing game from hp for us linux folk to figure out and a google link to another link told me that hplip has sod all to do instant ink and is handled by a website that never decide to mention  (i would love to be a mind reader) however within thirty minutes provided you cloud enabled your printer beforehand i had ink setup.  See how that goes in a future post.

hp printer with shit tls

The ink is not as exotic this time and easier to buy outright too.

I suppose i need to find a real manual.  Ho hum it is not to be found on the cdrom disk for macs and windows users.  Sigh. What are hp thinking ?

Despite not being on the disk it is a pdf very much for windows and mac users.  If your me then most of it is useless.

Something also to guess is setting a password for the printers ip address done via a browser with the user name ‘admin’ this feels ripe for to scan and abuse as is there way.

The tls needs an browser exception or no password set.

Five hours later and i think its setup, but not for google print cloud. Oh well.

*not in the sky but internet clouds

A funny story about timeless

timelessTimeless is a tv series where three people chase after one bad guy with all the answers but who cannot stop them, i could not be bothered to watch it on tv so i recorded it.

One evening i caught up, and had to pause it to fix a zoo pc (my blog) that had returned to 1980. Since timeless had adverts in i managed to see both timeless, fix a rubbish hp pc in the time allocated in the schedule.

Apparently that was not a paradox.

Timeless seems a fun exploration of history if perhaps a little too american orientated as the civil war there is not something that animates me with views and something perhaps worth a view even with a basic time machine although the persons knowledge of history seems frighteningly prescient.

I hope you got the humour.

A windows 10 tale of woe and despair including British India

A pissed off zebra

A pissed off zebra

As a last resort the giraffe enclosure here in the zoo sent a message via the bush telegraph to us apes for fix there computer. A microfilter was handed over by us in the monkey house and an hour later i happened to be near so I popped into the giraffe enclosure – bananas is brave like that.

I was presented with a crap NEW hp laptop ruining windows ten which did not ‘work’. God i hate windows 10 and any microsoft (microshit) products.  How the fuck somebody thought that was a great os at ms must have been smoking something amazing

Anyhow …

Email was the main problem, and that was it appears to be a microsoft induced version of hell as a email client, and synchronising stuff took forever thanks to British Telecom but that i think is down to a slow computer as our linux stuff seemed ok.

I was not the first on the scene – family where, a helpful library idiot and british telecom had been and failed to sort things out or change any settings.

But the internet connection was embarrassingly slow and no speed test websites rendered in internet explorer, much to my embarrassment.  The hub gave out an rfc1918 c address

The adverts where horrible.

If i worked for BT i would be ashamed of the service they provided. any view of HP being not negative too is bizarre.

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

However i turned off a few things, got some email that Microsoft had lost back and got printer queue clear.  Which is more than you say for Family,Library or corporate ‘help’.

I suppose it does work but not something i could recommend.  But the money upgrades must be a plus piont for the corporates soon.

If that is the average persons internet experience then both HP and BT plc hate the internet as a thing.

If your an advertiser and wonder why people block adverts then buy windows 10 and run it on a bt broadband connection your soon come to a conclusion.

Printer care and attention.

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

The printers in the zoo where jamming regularly so armed with a pair of pilers i had a look at them, one also needed a toner cartridge (my blog) which naturally did not come from hp and the other printer had a lot of paper artefacts  in and a rather full ink well of wasted ink (my blog).  At least it was discount ink rather than posh ink not that i can tell the difference anyhow i suppose its something you drink?

Samba is pretty, not useful

like this

I also cleaned the rollers who might also be jamming* with water from instructions on a video i saw and they both work like a charm once again although i got a bit of rainbow ink on me like the ladies to your left so if you  visited the zoo and thought you saw a parrot ape that is just printer maintenance for you not a new species.

Quite how all those jams got in there when i thought had got them all out at the time is a mystery

mafia run the british red cross

mafia run the british red cross

I was pleased with my efforts after all new printers are nice but come with mafia schemes for drm ink and no ‘grey’ ink supplies so while i might hate them it is the better option to fix what we have and use grey link which i have absolutely no issues using.

Weeks had past and i have not needed to look at printers since.  The more HP annoy the zoo the less motivation there is to buy newer HP products.

I read more recently that the rest of the world has discovered the scams of hp and that new firmware is to be released ‘tolerating’ our not posh ink.  more on that another time

*not musical – joke

Ouch ‘genuine’ hp toner

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

The monkey house has a crap hp laserjet which has taken us over five years to like (my blog) and just for shock value i decided to find out what hp ‘genuine’ toner costs now.

I nearly fell out of my tree at 40 pounds a cartridge which i think feels like a price increase not that i buy ink often.  There was some kind of cashback offer but its a long way away from the £ 10 ish i paid for fake ink that probably comes from the same factory. I guess that could be considered a bribe.

Anyhow i bet those are the prices paid by pfi contracts (my blog) too.

Staying off the olive cooke lists

The zoo had a dead laser toner cartridge it was really empty and you might just get a page out of it before you had to give it shake for the next page, so i ordered a non original because i hate these people (my blog) and then i wondered what to with the empty instead of throwing it in the bin cause i am that sort of person and with dead bodies being left in camdem (my blog) there must be a better way.

Have you played the overpriced ink game?

bigger than this

A quick google found that the usual suspects used before did not want it, and there was not a chance in hell that i would donate it to the animal loonies (my blog) who wanted it so i asked my ink supplier who mentioned a name from above but who did not want it, i did not educate them on the facts.

So while i was at a library (my blog) and on the way back to the zoo i found a charity shop which was idealogical ok and so i popped in and asked did they recycle such items and they said yes.


arrgh me hearties give us all ya money

So i went back later, and left the zoo again with the toner cartridge.

This is where when i arrive i get the thrid degree from a new female charity employee wishing to extract names addresses and telephone numbers for an olive cooke type assault (my blog) on the monkey houses personal data.

Being wise i left it before the questions got anywhere near mugging the elderly factor but next time its going direct to the bin.   To the local government types sorry but i tried but nobody wants them not even you recycling types.

You live and learn.