ooh err – or testing debian kde

midgetI like kde (my blog) rather than those midgets that come in sevens from Potterang (my blog) and his band of gnome sjw warriors and when the debian testing update for kde came down it was mainly broken even ffmpeg* is is a bit of a state in regard to the back end in kde so i ran lxde in the meantime.

This is not a rant, but when the keyboard does not work, applications work full sized only like the midgets like gnome then thank you and im off to something else.

It comes with the territory.  So one evening i removed all my xwindow and gubbins and reinstalled kde, where in testing \ stretch i found you dont need kdm as it runs non root and my music player changed from once more.

kde works but is radically different to old kde.  Still very compatible once you remove the old.  I like kde and debian.

*another change in progress.

an odd reboot

keyboardThe zoo’s server had a weird issue with its keyboard doing [^b [^a etc and so one evening i decided to fix it, fortunately it appears that a simple reboot restored it use without the [^ thing.

The keyboard on the server gets very little use and i am able to shut it down remotely and fix many things that way as well but it is nice to have a functional thing on it just in case.

Kate (a text editor)

somebody also called kate

somebody also called kate who needs a zoo visit and is not a text editor

Kate is a text editor i like and depending upon my version of linux (my blog) i use (my blog) one is not compatible with another, its a bit like minified files (my blog)

So one version can and another thinks there read only files although vi can read and write them. So i edit locally and test remotely.  Ho hum

debian 8.7

tux_and_beasty_costumesIs released, hplip (my blog) will not show ink levels any longer not that i care but t shows somebody at hp possibly trying to kill the zoo’s network printers with bullshit.

My issue (my blog) with

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/usr/sbin/update-apt-xapian-index", line 97, in <module>

Continues. That is about all.



Game issues with 32 and 64 bit versions in debian testing

portal2My steam games mostly do not work (my blog) and when i tried a long term beta game (not steam)  it had no sound in and poor resolution in 64 bit and crashed before loading, in 32 bit the game ran but crashed in game.

I deleted my steam client but some fun with the demo of life is strange (which never worked) meant i had to su it and delete weird steam crap

/home/bananas/.steam/steam/steamapps/common/Life Is Strange/bin# ls
fontconfig  ??!I@?  ??Q?rA????-???Q?*?P ???20????0???  ???(0?-1???? ?0@??@??!?

Somebody at steam still loves microsoft

I discover a moustache hipster it project in the wild. (moustaches in the mist)


the suspect with a bicycle

I was reading a email newsletter (that i signed up for and not spam/uce) and a git* project sounded interesting.  But it used Docker when i went further than just the name.

OK yes they did have a shared server but the point of the project is made pointless by that do i trust them implicitly ?.

So since i have no idea how to run docker in debian** clearly these moustached it hipsters think i am a bit retarded and i am not running an appliance since your think i cannot set it up, so  get on your penny farthings and get your beards maintained there must be a docker enabled barber, and penny farthing bicycle maintainer  somewhere nearby surely.


I have nothing against moustaches but when you package code as one thing only expect the ire of the monkey house.

* a repo not a idiot, ** i guess configure,make x3  probably but its not a default

some fun with a python

Python on debian testing and 64 bit is a bit hit and miss, i386 is a lot more easy especially with the apt-get install modules – but i do like an over complex thing since i am bananas in the falklands.

Anyhow i was losing the battle with a geoip lookup output in some bash scripting which brought me to python, as a newbie to python i found an extract that read a file and with a bit of changing put the country and the ip on the same line.  Sounds simple but my attempts before where not usable in a large dataset if it was five records then its not a huge headache but there where way more than that.

Python looks impressive when bash scripting is not up to the job through command output (so not really a bash issue) even with pipes and redirection  (back to plumbing again).  It is worth considering.

The geoip lookup is quite interesting and how it varies from whois data using the maxmind databases in a fast database file.   Who is* right and wrong on the matter is a debate worth having with ‘None’.  although is None and a decision i do agree with

I primarily use the output like a milter (think dkim), before moving back to bash which can do the rest of the stuff easily –  although i am sure i could get python to do the lot if i desired it however with something that takes a list and converts it means i use it with other log files too with the specific input.

It works for the zoo.  So less is more  – I like python.

*not intended as a pun

multiarch linux ‘fun’ and drm

bloodThe zoo is an i386 kernel user although its not the processor limitation you think, so one day i went and installed a test amd64 kernel on my daily pc.

Generally it works until you hit web browsers and flash – the i386 version of firefox works. 64bit has a gtk issue, pepper flash is not cross compiled with i386 so pepper won’t work, so your back to the old i386 flash.

I installed an esr version of firefox and that did work but i cant diagnose if its pure 64bit or both – it did moan about about missing 64bit flash – i think you know but i am past caring about it.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceI am happy i dont use flash, since most of this is down to laziness on not cross compiling (google) and the copyright mafia who see things in a perverse way like using a youtube game clip and then dcma-ing it and will make a nightmare for there partners after all it probably is enforced on broadcasters that they must use this flash crap.

So i am using an i386 port of firefox, with a i386 flash  on a amd64 machine, since pepper flash is apparently 64bit only which means the 64bit firefox version cannot access.  If your head hurts sorry.

babymemeGoogle-chrome fails to impress.  I think this 64bit thing is a bit pointless but i got sshfs to work – woo.

Well done everybody for fucking up video to get into this situation that affects more than just the linux os.