so you do not want my money, ok

One of the larger chains is advertising that if you do not buy a ‘deluxe’ burger they will not sell you one.

I dislike many things and if they wont sell a normal item then fine.

Paul Crowther, 32, from Newcastle an antifa member and Rupert Murdoch employee

With many of these restaurants going woke on milkshakes and trying to be hip with antifa* it is amusing that up selling means it appears these fast food sellers wish to sell to champagne socialists who use the milkshake to attack opposing views.

It’s not a problem. I got your message.

So lets hope labour nationalise (state ownership) these burger chains and keep the politicians humble.[

*mcdonalds (my blog) and communism do not mix.

lesser superheroes* with cable tv audiences

not Barry, but could be

The zoo gets one murdoch free tv channel and it it full of adverts for comrade Murdoch’s paid crap of channels which this (my blog) explains a lot.

There apparently is a superhero by the name of Barry Allen who i have never heard of i watch two of these and found it boring. If Harry Potter could only fix his glasses, then Allen can run fast although thats all i know of this third tier comic character.

Doing an internet search i discover that this hero has a cohort of lesser heroes as netflix once had (my blog) .

After a couple of days i cancelled the record schedule due to villain of the week thingy. I wonder how all these competing likewise people hinder the market for the sjws in comics are not making them instead turning the flash into a black eskimo half breed who also is transgender.

I only saw it as this first aired in 2014 and nobody sane enough to buy Rupert Murdoch tv apparently will not pay for it no longer.

In the spirit of superhero things there is a prequel thing (my blog) based on before superhero, it was not on cable but on a free to air channel.   I recorded it and watched it later.  There seemed to be more time sent pressing fast forward on adverts than actual series content.

While we all have heard of some superheroes i do wonder when the fatigue will set in or perhaps when the profit expectations fail to impress those who hold the rights and make it.

*more of a jock than a geek

Advertising versus Hollywood sjws

Judy Garland is a gay icon (my blog) although probably straight in the 1940’s was used by an advertising firm here to sell financial products, the merit to selling investments to a drug addict is perhaps not an ideal one but one out of copyright and we all have seen that film with ruby slippers in.

Another advert using a film franchise which is newer by four decades was for a film with a male and female version, the older one was selected by the advertising industry and i cannot blame them as nobody saw the recent copyright version that nobody saw.

I guess advertising is sexist not using a metoo version to cross sell something.

Perhaps in eighty (80) years time they might be deemed cultural icons, mind you when a lesbian actor cannot act a lesbian role for some sjw deemed reason say not fat enough now then who is to say future audiences will tolerate women only films?

At least they can remake them once again.

we are really nice Saudi terrorists really (compared to the nasty isis ones)

Bananas was watching television one evening in the zoos security office (my blog) when the Saudi Arabians who are recently bombing Yemen as well decided to advertise there new western ideals by telling you worldwide victims of Saudi funded terror that soon there will be segregated* cinemas will be soon open being that cinemas do not exist there currently at all.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

As Iran does not have cinemas suppose that is a one up –  but i do wonder what films they will be allwed to see since not many islamic films get made and certainly not the iran home made films or the ones with jewish actors in.

Maybe its a suicide bomber training hotspot.rather than a cinema? after all training terrorists and funding them is the primary aim.

My desire to visit Saudi Arabia is not on any bucket list i have.

*the sjw‘s (my blog) will like that

lipstick and statistics

eyeBananas was watching something with many adverts for make up products and there use of statistics (or something like that) got my brain working over the numbers rather than the wonder product.

One had barely three digits worth of five star reviews [100 not under 9], another product for removal came in three variants and probably comes with instructions to leave it on for a day to get best results but what do i know.

So without finding out how many people hated the product there use of statistics was rather dubious.

Is there a charity that offers a phone line for the misuse of statistics, if not i think it should called statistics anonymous.

Perhaps if human females get stuck in the bathroom by the cosmetics industry might come up alcoholic soap favoured in a strange way after all theres fruit in some shampoo.    See i have insights and a product worthy of an television advert andI am sure somebody would give it five stars.

You would too.

infomercials pretending to be not infomercials

engineeringBananas like engineering porn (my blog) but sometimes they come across as adverts rather than editorial content.  Either way i had no intention of buying what might have been sold which was also advertised in the adverts but i had feeling that apart from being large and the land facilites in need of refurbishment i did not learn a lot.

In fact i think even the producers knew they had this problem. I was glad this was on free to air television, imagine paying to watch this advert.

Sometimes tv does identify these as public relations things but that’s an rare admission.

Mumsnet on itv, dear god no!

Baboons give us a, give us a b and give us a c

Here at the zoo we occasionally get some humans whom watch itv which if your a foreigner is trailer trash television from what is generally known since we dont watch it along with a heck of lot other people.

These people are easy to spot.  They yell that they want to see Baboons.

Something odd happened it appears that the lowest common denonimation (if your brainy think imperial and fractions) seems not to be paying for chav ‘n asbo tv.  So how do they go upmarket apart from only commissioning only one series of downtown abbey? and then being surprised that it appeals to people whom dont watch itv .

Showing some animal arse helps, although not a new format – say ‘Baboons with a human with surname beginning with a B*’, which we assume has a human mooning his arse at some baboons since that’s what baboons are like – I mean look at your average baboon.  I must add i dont watch itv

Secondly you also go prudish – I note as they go daily mail tabloid like ‘enraged’ in a mock asbo level documentary at mass market clothing shops and then blame them and not itv for some human children getting pregnant and stuff or so im told – again this has been done before but not on chav tv.

Readers of the Inspector [see blogs i read] will be probably wondering about the lack of contestants for its Jerry Springer output which they will put out in a couple of years time.  I think a lady called Trica, and somebody called Jeremy do that – never seen it.

Mumsnet go lecture them chav poor people

This is where good old mumsnet comes in who as ‘responsible’ daily mail type adults whom don’t read the sun put across there views to the chav n asbo demographic.  There goes human society after all mumsnet knows best.

Anyhow i am sure its just a passing fad after all blaming television advertisers for sex is no way to run a commercial tv channel so lets have another series of mooning baboons.  After all its got everything going for it and wont upset advertisers or the average viewer of itv.

* Only people with a B surname could present it, example Baboons with Duncan sounds like a porn film.

misnomers: televison and breaking taboo’s

Bananas in the Falklands quickly scanned  a newspaper recently and a director of program said his reality tv programme (a remake if I understand correctly) was a ‘taboo’ buster – no I don’t think so since he did it before. And then ITV management (think rekcus) considers that it makes great classic’s* after all.

Yes its that old original argument, is tv original?  No it can never be original.  ITV has it problems and i don’t watch it since i select stuff rather than watch it because it is there and so have to record it because the the forerunner of the wire – Homicide is on it and this classic 90’s crime drama based on an award winning book. Its on ata god awful time of the morning but is worth a record for it was quite a recognised series that failed to get the rating because you tv watching idiots didnt watch it.

Suzanne Vega gets a song in it and so i have to give this series 4/5 bananas.

So why do I mention Homicide, and the deceased Bionic well ? both of these programs are american and so most of Mr Grades arguments go out of the window since these programs where the only reason bananas watched them.

So is youtube better than itv – most of the time yes it is.

* joke

Rude comedians and alcohol comglomerates

In england there is a ‘rude’ comedian named Roy Chubby Brown, it is not my humour * and despite being ‘controversial’ manages to get his rude dvd’s into the supermakets (unlike this) so how rude it is a matter of ‘distinction’.

England’s/ Britain’s/ the Socialist republic of Gordon Brown** has labeled Mr Brown as ‘Rudest of the comedians’ for I must assume that his low brow comedy. If you like it then great for you, but this is not Bananas in the Falklands making a critical judgement, and by the success he has had has done well and good for him for too make people laugh is a skill undervalued in todays world.

Such a label means media attention , lots of it, and television programs on television exploring the ‘rudeness***’ that is his act. I tell as I just saw a minute of it before i turned off.

It was on a commercial channel and so it had adverts in, but if Mr Brown is rude who associates with the aspirational figure****. Well Southern Comfort drinkers do according the advert / sponsorship thing do

Can a drink be rude ? and if so should not the nanny state ban socal drinkers as well as Mr Brown ? On the edge is something i know about. Alcohol, like cigarettes is a ‘bad’ thing that governments love to tax, wthout the tax on social things would not be as well funded while yes if you screw up your kidneys while drinking and yes theres a large queue of George Best’s (link) in front of you then yes your mega screwed since its a hard to get that spare part.

So perhaps the issue is that while rude and alcohol might not go hand in hand all the time they can change perspectives. perhaps this limelight is something best that should be no associated with so brightly.

Im not against drinking, or Mr Brown but the promotion leaves me with issues

Here end thy lesson, you can wake up now.

* i am sometimes accused of being rude in this blog, however most people just don’t get the point i make, or if they do fail to see its irony. ** share a name with the prime minister too.  ***available in your large corporate walmart uk equivalent, make your own mind as to its rudeness on this fact please. **** Prime Minister and Comedian – i cant see a difference

Human mating tv adverts

No nothing of that ‘nature’ but why is it easy to text human girls with kettles (?love to make coffee?) but not easy to ‘text’ boys and why are they attracted to girls whom own a kettle to boil water in?
I’m doing homicide life of the street (friday evenings), i suppose not many monkeys watch it, which is a shame for it is rather good.  Being that I already watch little tv, and i had to record this, it is faster to record and watch later than it is to watch when it on.