getting off this planet is bloody hard

The First imdb: tt7412482 not a bank] is yet another whoopie where pretending to going to mars yet again (my blog) and again (my blog) instead of being on pay tv, it was on fta  television.

It mainly concentrated on a drug addict, accountants, psychologists (my blog) , and soap opera – so even Neil Armstrong types are fucked up.

Oh well dont worry you  are screwed up as well apparently.


Happy is on netflix (my blog)) and outrageous. The story is an ex cop becomes an assassin who has an unknown daughter it is violent and bonkers with the aid of the childs imaginary friend a blue horse who discovers the adult world.

It is funny and dark and works well together

The defenders and the punisher on netflix

Is on netlfix (my blog) and stars your favourite unknown superheroes .

The defenders

It is a short season and even in television once you get past the beginning the combined power does wane but it is fun and while child friendly more than Jessica Jones (my blog) and also cancelled which might be the effect of Disney now owning it.   I have yet to work up any enthusiasm to get through any full second/third season of many of stars listed in this.

I notice they reused a location from kings (my blog) which is no doubt a very well designed place.

4/5 bananas

The Punisher

If you remember we met him  in Daredevil series 2 and had quite a body count was a b story to the above.. Comrade Frank is a useful means to explore war and ptsd in soldiers so perhaps this exploration of ethics is novel.

As an unknown to most character this is a welcome change even if a bit heavy going.

Once again i got a bit bored and as reality (my blog) is more exciting i still have no idea if the heroes won.  But i am sure they did.


Navy recruiting (in the navy we want you…)

Once again (my blog) the royal navy being a little more savvy than the army recruiting had yet another tv series which looks like it is a better recruiting advert than the army with its diversity targets and yes we are friendly to suicide bombers approach i suppose it beats buying hand grenades..

After all conscription (my blog) was more for the army not the navy or air force it is an interesting read that book i have linked to .   If your looking for lyrics (not here) for that song.  I refuse to link to video sites since they age quickly.

This was also evident by the ethnic minorities and  females the media people honed in on or where told to feature – anybody over 25 or white was mostly ignored unless your the lady captain gives you a measure of the reason why the media professionals where aboard.

Being a shortage of boats* (my blog) i understood that even becoming a navy recruit was difficult until recently and there where more admirals than sea going boats and if you cannot do it it is generally ignored as a career and as more experienced ranks leave you can guess why they did what they did  now with the media company as these new boats coming online.

Saudi Arabia – Not pro womens rights

The boat is wondering about the black sea and the mediterranean opposed to whatever navies usually used to do**.

Overall it is a gentile look at the royal navy who it seems lost out when afganistan (my blog) was getting all the attention for all the wrong reasons once again.  Quite what this says about the politicians is one you can also muse on***,

Lets hope this gender bias and stuff seen here does not hurt the navy like it did with the county armies (pals)[wikipedia link not here]  in britian during the 1914-1918 war some time in the future.

Overall you can look at it in two ways a make work scheme or nation states policing themselves.

*money spent on afganistan instead **speed boat chasing in the carribean  *** short termism

the failed sport advertisement on the bbc

Fernando Zylberberg (.ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Bananas (me) just turned on the security office television (my blog) here in the zoo and the default channel being ‘1’ had celebrities dancing for about twelve minutes**.

I have no idea who these people on the television are  but while waiting for the security team to decide on something to watch they said one of them is a famous cricketer who quit, unfortunately the broadcaster could not prove this as the show did not want to pay for rights of the sports for the television coverage that three people and two thirds of dog* saw at 2am live because it was live at the bottom of the world.

It is an interesting view that one broadcaster wont bother to show something if they did not pony up to pay the sports broadcast fee of a clip and if only one  channel can show x doing it there is no benefit to any other channel showing it.

The security office once equipped with tea and us apes with banana found this to be of no interest and selected something else to watch.

seems appropriate

Sport worries about its audience and young players the so called next generation and if your football (soccer to the yanks) you have no problems with who gets the tv rights, but if your rugby, or cricket they are known of but more vague in the minds of the public.

Test time  – name me three badminton professionals (no searching)  times up – Point made

I dont think dancing celebrities on tv has managed to get a football player to do it when i asked the security team they being more wise here than me.  So while the sport ‘has been’ may have been good at it it was no advertisement (free) for the sport and will  not be attracting children to the sport.

I have no issues with that as i hate sport and write this with no actual interest in the ballroom or sports who sell tv rights seem very stupid and the television companies cunning to which it could be a clever way to annoy sporty people who might be rich now but forget that if subscribers do not pay the ability of certain broadcasters to pay what they do diminishes .

I was surprised to notice that american football and its bend the knee protests meant it was on free to air television which i or the security team here have no interest in at all paid or otherwise – sports can fail.

I thanked Charlie (my blog) for the banana and left.

*66% ** normal people cannot dance according to the bbc.

Exit Afghanistan (or lets blame norway today even though they left)

imdb tt3218890 from 2013 is a documentary about handing back (my blog) Afghanistan to its ‘tolerant’ locals*

It features the Norwegians leaving some place i have never heard of or never wish to visit it and the handover to ‘crack’ trained Afghan troops.

Step one by afgans was to whine about the norwiegian base, and the supplies they left [continued below], step two was to audit the stuff as it seems to indicate that what was left was being sold to the taliban by the soldiers from afganistan.

The afgan troops then did not do what norway did when there  – patrol and they stayed in the nice base they criticised and did not protect the locals while the taliban blew up locals for visiting the mosque.  At least the soldiers where safe.

The Norwegians where also blamed for the loss of employment in the town – so the argument that afganistan is best left to afgans seems wrong as they could not run a sweet shop or provide employment.

It seems the Afgans cannot take responsibility and blame everybody but themselves however there all grade a* muslims . – quite how stealing what the norway army supplies left for  afgans to continue  is Norways fault is an open question and sure they must be guilty of that too.

So since afgans dont need help why should anybody help them after all its a paradise for bomb makers.

The level of irony is amazing 5/5 bananas.

Well i learned something.

*not really

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams part 2

Is a television series based on five volumes of short stories which i have read – of those nanny, autofac, foster your dead (my blog) and oh to be bobel are well worth reading.  As with all short stories there are the good, and the bad so it is kind of odd television has taken so long to discover these since they where written from the 1950’s onward.

s/f was short stories until it became popular and Dick is one of the best – if for expressing ideas concisely

Some of these have a good production team and it will be interesting to see if they can impress the value of the words to the screen.

First part was the hood maker, Impossible planet, Commuter,Crazy diamond,Just like real life,Human (my blog)

I was only able to see part 2 with the signing for the deaf on television and the winter Olympics* put it on hold so this viewing (recorded) was sub par as an experience it was bit like the psychptic deaf signer at the nelson mandela funeral who signed death to apes and non crazy people.

In the second part there is the father thing which left me underwhelmed and autofac which kind of bored me and had too many actors in both where fast forwarded and failed to make an impression.

Safe and Sound [foster your dead] was alas for the facebook generation, and not one i know with a cold war theme.  I hated its ending. While more modern and consistent its terror was lost or perhaps since i know about spying seemed unoriginal

I suppose i like the short stories better in text form.

Another was the hanging stranger or kill all others, an underwhelming  story in text and paranoia wise Dick does better but it looked  very un-futuristic.

Not doing very well here.

*I was lazy in posting this

by royal appiontment

Harry Spike

Suits is television series now ended with one of the cast now married to Harry Spike, (my blog) you all saw the wedding in Royal Windsor on the news – well you have two weddings from there so you know of them unless your cave dwelling in Afghanistan.

I do not watch suits but professor tells me that his significant other only watches it for Mrs Spike.

As to the plot, other actors that does not matter apparently.  It seems a vapid reason and an interesting place to find a marriage partner if your a ‘royal’.   One might even feel sorry for the aristocracy  and mere mortals who not be like them and not in the public eye and it seems are unsuitable* to become royal.

With ex-prostitutes  of princes (my blog) ** now married to royalty and the usual debate as to who is really fit to rule it seems those in the public eye are suitable.   Mind you one mad king (my blog) was enough.

*in no way a pun but it could be. ** your great uncle had paid sex with my great niece marry me

Space bleach and time travel, oh no it is Krypton

Krypton is a superhero thing about superman before being superman.   Not being a superman fan it is an odd mix of things i have never heard of.

If your like me and think the the 1977 superman is the standard (i have not seen the newer ones) then it seems that there are lots black people there before it got blown up.

I really dont care but there are no asians in it, perhaps they all left having figured out that the plant was doomed.  Society wise its feudal and kind of pre enlightenment with a pope figure.

I assume that space bleached the inhabitants at some point.

Instead of the crystal look from 1977 everything is black, and visually looks like there is an planet wide light bulb shortage*.

Time travel rears its head, with the famous villain changing colour on return to the past, and an earth person who happens to be our introduction and reminder of what is to be..

Being you cannot upset comic book fans (you can but not sell comics), it appears that the foes also travel back in time and lived before  even though I have no idea how they got there.   If I was wise i might suggest a better storage facility otherwise superheroes are consigned to defeating villians over and over again. Paradox it seems is a good word at this point.

I record this but spend most of it in fast forward mode (it has adverts on fta tv) as they wonder round dark corridors before discovering things from the future that need a villain and a hero to open.   That must  suck.

Plus points go to it for having some dialogue rather than set pieces where robin hood slices the apple in half on the head with the arrow** but hey what do i know.

It is also slow and now scheduled with double episodes  something i  gave up on.

So a few issues.

*who made the light bulbs? ** i joke