Totally bonkers Korean drama

I have difficulties with many south korean dramas (my blog) two of those being lets eat and black.

Lets eat does not know what it is supposed to be a mystery/soap/crime drama or food progtamme (my blog)  I persisted until i got confused totally as to what it was supposed to be.  So i sopped watching some point in season 1.

Life has continued without me knowing what happened or the knowledge of the existence of a season 2.

Black is the more bonkers of the two with something for everybody to be found. It is not particularly coherent but hey you have supernatural, idol, corruption,copyright abuse, dead people ,comedy and serial killers then your on your own as to what it is supposed to be.

Its ending which i endured all the way to its finish is similarity bonkers  I still do know what it was supposed to be as it felt .like somebody wrote something and the people with the money kept adding genres to it.

Black is lot better than lets eat for a core theme even if 18 hours mean it can wonder off and return somewhat without too many problems although i i am not sure that was the writers aim.

Anyhow if you watched either and feel differently tell me if you think i am being harsh below.

the good place


imdb: tt4955642is a thing i saw on netflix and is a hoot set in ‘hell’ where ‘bad’ people pretend to be better than they are by a standard.

Morality wise its a interesting look at what people think is good (my blog) and the philosophy means you do not have to spend £12000 for a degree that means your unemployable at the end.

It’s not religious as a cross section of people get set challenges so fun can be poked at all from the thief to the charity organiser – and rightly points out that paradise is a moving human aspiration opposed to say what a 11th century person thought, islam currently thinks its seventy two virgins it does not differentiate between the sexes*.

When you go to a restaurant and get nothing or have clowns as pictures is perhaps a visual clue.  It has comic timing and nuance and is done well being there are a lot traps to something like this and could have been a horrible tram wreck.

5/5 bananas worth seeking out.

*there tolerant i guess after throwing gays off rooftops..

enraged sjw journalists and there rotten tomato problem


altered carbon (my blog) has a bloke with a chinese sounding name – and was ‘stored on a computer’ for two centuries – apparently if your a sjw journalist that means he will always be chinese regardless of the fact he was not born on earth.  That is like the bloke from avatar (the blue smurfs) not needing a mew biology to breath because of the toxic to humanity atmosphere.  anybody for smurf wheelchair tree climbing ?  – so is it ok for a white bloke to go native, but not a chinese bloke to use a body which is not the correct ethnic stereotype.

Every time i read what a sjw journalist thinks and is contrary to the idea of the author, let alone tv series that shit for brains sjw cant get the idea of perhaps the 4th estate should die being irredeemable retards who either cannot read or grasp that if you transcend time, and planets biology and ancestry is rather moot.   Elon Musk will only pack a swim suit when he emigrates to mars wont he.

gawker journalist

This ‘problem’ is also seen with rotten tomatoes where mere mortals disagree with these special people and these people seem most upset that we unwashed do not think the way they think.

I would hope that people (not the sjw’s) would also read the original work – i like the adaption so far*

There are other aspects that i have blogged about but i do not think think anybody needs entertainment journalists with liberal art degrees today.  I do not think these people are essential** the way they think they are to big corporations and might even be toxic to balance sheets.

Anyhow not my problem

*i will review it properly at a later date. **how dare you not see the star wars film we ‘liked’

Philip K. Dick’s Electric Dreams

Is a television series based on five volumes of short stories which i have read – of those nanny, autofac, foster your dead and oh to be bobel are well worth reading.  As with all short stories there are the good, and the bad so It os kind of odd television has taken so long to discover these since they where written from the 1950’s onward.

s/f was short stories until it became popular and Dick is one of the best – if for expressing ideas concisely

Some of these have a good production team and it will be interesting to see if they can impress the value of the words to the screen

First was the hood maker, which is underwhelming in short story form in my honest opinion.but the tension and use meant it had something going for it – its cliff ending was perhaps a mistake.

Impossible planet is another underwhelming story [imho] but has a premise that people will get i did not like the fact that television attempted to give this tale a happy ending although which reality you believe is another hedging it’s bets/

Commuter is story cheap to do based on paranoia.- it was rather drawn out and extended.

Crazy diamond is sales pitch and earth based – the paranoia is missing and the mix of ideas used is whelming making it not sales pitch.  It totally missed the point.

Just like real life which i spent most of the time in fast forward as to who was who honestly i could not have given a stuff that apparently was exhibit piece sans the time travel..A Ronald D Moore misfire.

Human is was at least futuristic, and different to the short story a success although perhaps it took a lot from other short stories.

Some success here but a number of fails as well, part two of the series will continue at some point in he future, The short story collects [five books] are still best.



asian anti corruption television shows

Being an ape i once read about a tv drama from china about corruption which was oddly tolerated by the single party political class in China and it was deemed a hit by locals who only see what the communist party think best.

Professor here in the zoo was telling us apes of South Korean series called stranger (imdb: tt6461346) which he only knew was from there by the local cars driven.

Its good since i do not usually like korean television (my blog) that much suffering from pretty people and an odd reality this has a production quality that means it has non of those faults if they are pretty then i did not notice it.

A future corruption might well be the winter Olympics (my blog) in south Korea happening 2018 after all these sporty types are famous for it.

Stranger is on netflix (my blog)

Quiting dr who

Bananas in the Falklands has decided to quit blogging about dr who (my blog) and watching it for reasons that it serves other interests rather than entertain and i have no objection to multi racial lesbian couples travelling replacing a man in police box although most of us have no idea what a police box is but if your a sjw then its probably a sign of facist (my blog) oppression..

Now dr who should be of universal appeal with monsters, can rather than cannot attitude, and the brutal honest truth now and then but instead it is something else to those who manage it and do not pay for it.

I would guess that the bbc will ultimately cancel the series  but not without giving it many many chances.  It certainly will not be sold to Saudi Arabian t& Pakistan elevision with its latest star in charge of the facist box..

If dr who was a period costume drama rather than genre then i guess none of this would be happening.

So as somebody who is engaged entertaining depressed armadillos (not here) today i will not miss it or bother to save it (my blog) or catch up with it (my blog).

See you all tomorrow.

Netflix tv series

Television series is an area where netflix (my blog) shines being longer** and have a panache for as i am not fan of superhero films and rarely visit a cinema i think they made a good call . Being late to the party you may have seen these.  That is not my problem

big brother in space

big brother in space

The Expanse (two series)

imdb:tt3230854 is well done despite being a polish venereal disease product who usually commissioned sharks with laser beams and wrestlers in there not too recent past. Its science fiction without the retard commissioner who thinks sharks with laser beams is s/f,or fake boxing.

The problem is indicated that they have had to shunt it elsewhere to other than the crap cable channel it was designated for and is a sign of the times.

I have an issue with the screen typography since i sit too far away to distinguish who is who.  However if your drm forces me to watch this via a tv opposed to say a laptop then that’s a design flaw.

Its a worthwhile see although i can wait another two years to see the next season. In book form this (my blog) is quite similar – rather slow.

5/5 bananas


imdb: tt2431438 is the Wachowski’s (my blog) doing there gender stiff. I am on the fence on that series so if you want to see strong females doing stuff then you know where to go.   In six months i have yet to get past 15 minutes…

Jennifer Jones

imdb: tt2357547 a is comic book thing that as somebody who could not care about super heroes is watchable and is longer than ‘basic cable’ running time.  I may not get the meta actors and there shared universe thing but despite being over long it makes a point about heroes.  It has a dark knight Christopher Nolan vibe so there’s no pandering to children here.

4/5 bananas.

Designated survivor

imdb: tt5296406 has that bloke who been in a lot of rubbish pay tv (he who saves the world in a week one day at a time – not seen*), it is battlestar galactica like in concept minus the spaceships.  That probably should piss somebody off in snobby tv land.- something also a bit boring after Trump as president.

Daredevil (two series)

imdb: tt3322312 is generally better than the Ben Affeck film although there be lots of friends from super hero universe in this too.   The Russians and Frank dialog NEEDS CLOSED CAPTIONS or otherwise its mumble mumble mumble, nobody else seems to suffer from mumblings of the Russians

3/5 bananas

The oa

Is a series that took me three months to get through one episode.  Eventually the mundane became compelling and so even though it is a hard start i did better than one mentioned above.#

5/5 bananas – great cast

*his dad is the better actor **provided there made for netflix not bought from elsewhere