Netflix in February 2017

Since it might be many months since i schedule this, (my blog) and the subsequent posts here  are some thoughts on netflix which i kind of last looked at in 2014 (i think) In the winter months there can much said about the quality compared to freeview television.  However i dont subscribe to netflix often and have fresh eyes.  Long term subscribers might think meh about choices.

Value for Money/Problems

Netflix is cheaper for me than renting dvd’s from my library however Uzumusza limelight is not in netflix, or some amercan independent film i will not mention that i had an interest in, both of those missing titles is something i can live without seeing or wait for.

I cant’ play netflix on linux (drm) so that’s a minus point from 2014 when i could..



One issue that is not netflix’s is the presentation of star trek tng they have the old television version not the version on dvd which apparently was improved from the source.  Next time some hollywood executive claims remastering is not profitable there not selling ir correctly and …

So it looks a bit odd on a new tv.  – Blame is assigned elsewhere to other persons and not netflix here.

Final Thoughts

Television – including cable is a time sink when you see something runs for thirty minutes you just know you usually double that.   There’s a reason why i record and watch back (my blog) stuff,

I will suggest:(some are older) some titles in further posts.

Overall i like the content on netflix.

the ‘diet’

Professor when in the zoo told us apes a very funny story about his mate and the diet tv program she watched.  I will return to this topic in the future.

Nutrition science so fucked up that apparently burnt toast gets you cancer, chocolate in non fattening and by that logic smoking cigars must be good for you.

As a well known scientist myself i can recommend that cardboard boxes are VERY healthy if eaten raw – to avoid the toast problem do not warm them up.

One diet was a baby food diet which needs a lot of water apparently and other crank ‘methods’ which professor could not believe females would do.    Ironically to call professors mate fat is a bit of a lie but that’s the power of these professional psychological lairs at work.

are-you-serious-wtf-meme-baby-faceBut that’s female humans for you.

The mystery is that she fell asleep for the last twenty minutes so the results as to what kind of cardboard equals the best kind of gross weight loss are unknown both to Prof and her.



Professors new television and the black and white content.

No drm on the old tv sets

No drm on the old tv sets

Professor was ordered by his mrs to get a bigger television when he moved and  he tells me it is bigger and unused by his wife who kept demanding it although we understand it has better sound than elsa (my blog) since that was deemed ‘too small‘ (my blog) for several years.

As a panasonic it will stream channel 5 something none of the samsung apps seem unable to do due to a wrong flash version although prof has no idea how to download an new application to the old tv anyhow.

What was an amusing tale i will relay to you all was that the bbc had a ageing rock star (my blog) reminiscing about the past and all done in black and white on one evening and also the old content was panned and scanned which looked really shit on this new television.

Funny thing progress.


caseCase is an icelandic drama (imdb: tt5038858) worth a see and it is on vod things as the television people seem to have deemed it unschedulable unless you live in Iceland,  Not that i would have found it on television to see.

It has the cliche woman hacker (my blog).

A funny story about timeless

timelessTimeless is a tv series where three people chase after one bad guy with all the answers but who cannot stop them, i could not be bothered to watch it on tv so i recorded it.

One evening i caught up, and had to pause it to fix a zoo pc (my blog) that had returned to 1980. Since timeless had adverts in i managed to see both timeless, fix a rubbish hp pc in the time allocated in the schedule.

Apparently that was not a paradox.

Timeless seems a fun exploration of history if perhaps a little too american orientated as the civil war there is not something that animates me with views and something perhaps worth a view even with a basic time machine although the persons knowledge of history seems frighteningly prescient.

I hope you got the humour.

class – or self aware bbc diversity

British version of high school grange hill.

British version of high school grange hill.

Class is a tween dr who thing online at the bbc since it is not apparently childrens tv (my blog)  or good enough for broadcasting on the bbc.  Go figure.

It reeks of self awareness a script writing test is mentioned within minutes, and has a quota (my blog)  of multicultural types, did i mention media studies ?.

Villains look video game-ish and the kids brood like chickens on heat.  Of what i saw (fast forwarded mode) one villain a week is either stalemated or dispatched (that’s the first two episodes).

Logically there is a flaw to the location that the continuity or dr who legends  that really you should not think about but i did.

Either this is thought of  as the next generation thing but for kids tv rather than mainstream broadcasting not for export or a project failure since bbc three is no longer an attractive thing for talent since its not on tv.

With america featuring in the christmas special of dr who and with a sjw theme it seems to be at odds with snobby bbc management while america might like it the uk side is going childrens tv version.

I wont rate either.

1960’s technology with a hint of mutta

moobbuggyThe monkey house recorded a tv thing about the moon rovers, if the us ever goes futher than the moon then the cars for local things will mostly be of 1960 technology

In Space Brothers (my blog) goes over the most of the content abet in fiction rather than documentary which documented the efforts to make short haul transport for the moon.

To my surprise most of the moon machine technology dates from 1970 and is still touted as good for everything else minus the the gps of which Mutta installed.

The documentary was very american in focus but remains a lasting object which will not rust which cannot be said of earth based cars.  In fact it could be said that only now is the technology on the moon being adapted for earth.

Summer chickens of television talent shows discarded by the public.

guess who this person is

guess who this person is

Bananas had a spare moment when another of those made by talent show series ‘winners’ made some sort of headline and i had never heard of them and apparently they too where replaced like the one in the picture who is my go to non famous person who apparently should have been but you know did not by a version 2 or even better version 10 of them, you get the idea and it seems you humans keep watching that kind of thing  – oh ‘sir alan sugar’ had this problem too.

I like my ignorance about this kind of stuff.  But i am sure by this time next year your be still voting your next star and forgotten about the ones you voted for this year.