an unwoke netflix series that got past woke netflix

away is a series dealing with mars [my blog] and the saint elon’s of this world with and without the bastard children [my blog].

Its premise is that humans and technology can’t work and the diverse crew of a old russian,  lesbian chinese, indian, russian and black english commanded by a american female is a disaster ready to happen.

Yep you guessed right and it does – americans daughter is you average fucked up kid [my blog] and the lesbian chinese person is found out and stirs that pot.

The humour moment for me was when the black man who is jewish english but african spoke about the exodus from Egypt from those oppressive arabs.  Golly!  islam hates them.

That had me in stitches quite how that got past netflix’s woke brigade is a marvel to behold.

Apart from the american being always on the phone to move on to the next crisis it kind of raised a few questions.

Bonus casting goes to the downs actor who replaces the drug taking adult as a bad human on earth in one of those other mars-ish things and the women cannot be science things unless there lesbians.

I was wondering how this series got past the intersectionals at netflix.    Perhaps they only saw the first episode and thought it looked diverse.

It has an anti science bias and for what it is worth entertaining for being woke and so unwoke.

Perhaps a bit overlong but hey maybe your find it humourous as i did.

the missing ‘professional’ job no one remembers

Bananas was switching to netflix on a television some months ago when a tv show about faking a job stuff was on where say somebody who makes clothes in a factory becomes a fashion designer. 

Aka Pygmalion [my  blog].

Instead of the example the episode dealt with professional photographers working with print magazines if you had not guessed the age or time which had past – its been a while.

It had aged badly and yes those professionals do exist still i am sure there is not the demand for it there once was.

In the era of photographs in things rather than a camera as an item its interesting that these people are not counted in the progress war, where say steel making and industrial stuff are deemed victims of progress through mechanisation.  It is kind of weird that a whole career of photographers can go bye bye but coal miners are deemed victims of progress even with saint greta thurnburg now nearing death as an angry iceberg or something attacks her.

warp factor one ready

So if you do not believe me when did you last hire a professional photographer.  How many people see photography as a a career? there was a film recent-ish where an magazine person chased a lost film negative around the world before losing there job which i know  of but have never seen.

The other question is when did you last buy a print magazine.

Some still exist but i hope i made you think.

Say Cheese.

star trek by the fans version better than the cbs version

I do not like modern cbs star trek as defined as jj abrams controlled shite [kelvin] version or 25% extra awful on film and streaming.

One evening i saw on youtube a fan made star trek film featuring the known of captain april who has no stories and is after archer and pre pike and kirk if you have ever read the the tng technical manual as a placeholder in history by the tng staff.  

It had some technical issues but it actually had a story and there was a chemistry rather than the travesty of std or abrams remaking the wrath of kahn among the crimes of unoriginality you can level at the talent making this effluent .

I sat through it and wondered how badly it shows up cbs a corporation who cant make star trek to save its life.

I watched the credits and it was definety not a cbs thing but a fan enterprise and even Seth MacFarlane [my blog] got a shout out  as it respects what star trek is about not that it a mary sue poc thing where no effort is made and star trek is a thing  to bolt on to a mary sue saves the world despite trek never having a diverse cast [my blog]  before the sjw’s got to it.

Star Trek is not easy to make tv and yes there are some poor quality episodes but with so much of it having a chemistry and story means i would take the fan made trek over the crap that neither netflix or amazon would rather not buy.

Do i miss ‘official’ star trek no.

netflix reviewers and subtitles

rilakkuma and kaoru

I am constantly surprised when those things [my blog] only mention western [non english] foreign  languages not south american or asian stuff. 

Take these ignored things of which i like and bore you with.

3% [series 2 3 & 4]

Covered here [series 1] came to an end and nobody above ever mentioned it.  Season 4 tied up the ends abruptly but its depiction of hell and heaven is interesting.

Omniscient [my blog] is the next of interest thing.

5/5 bananas.

Its odd that these subtitled works do not get professional reviewer interest but some crap back to the future film will be notable by them.   Most of the time western subtitles equals porn and so worthy of outrage by ‘reviewers’

Mind you being a professional reviewer is dumb career.  It is also true that while sjw’s do work in film to point out they are pro abuse and other stuff [*my blog] is important i am looking forward for desmond ‘s issue to be made into a film [my blog].  However i kind of doubt that and if it does then it somehow be a train wreck for the left.

I do not like the outrage on either left [for anime] or right for cuties as it shows up both for censorship and while you may think brazilian culture is rubbish you do not have to watch it and watch some censored hollywood film called back to the future** according to these professional reviewers who dont do subtitles unless lurid in nature.

*if beauty contests where once sexist then clearly they can not be now.  ** somebody at netflix did not like a playboy centerfold image in one of those.

walking frame centarian with a mask on screaming black lives matter to win the next britians got no talent

Talent contests are cheap tv and if you know of this woman [left] for failing then tv talent success is not success after all one talentless show follows another..

guess who this person is

Anyhow with the very aged wining talent shows year after year because of there government service some recent seven decades ago i think its time that a walking frame user professional should win the exciting introduction to light entertainment sprinting across the stage with wild applause for using the metal device for being entertaining with a black lives matter message..

So if your watching or retarded enough to enter britian is talentless and not aged ninety (90+) well dont’ bother after all your not old enough yet.

Covid-19 may have fucked up a lot of things but it maybe the first nail in  the coffin of the talent show.   A silver lining perhaps for all after all it proves that whatever skill you might have being old means more in the eyes of the public.

Come on grandpa you can do it.



season 3 is out and as i have covered it here [my blog] so it needs an update.

I enjoyed the short dealing with insragram which you can trace that back from the top link.

We start with a criticism of in game purchases and then go down a rabbit hole of idol bands [my blog].

The subtitles of white on white make them useless but i got the gist.

It has a deflated end. Feels like its going to run out of steam.

3/5 bananas

god help you all – even more Korean netflix

On netflix or korean tv and i like this kind of stuff [my blog].

the king eternal monarch

Set in parallel worlds an ideal korea and the normal korrea mix with a tale of love and royaly.

Its a bit dollish at time  but at four episodes in has not bored me.  Stop and start is an issue as well but has enough secret sauce to stop it being too lovey dovey.

4/5 bananas.

oh no Korean dramas

On netflix [my blog]

Mystic popup bar

Is a likeable series and does not take itself too seriously unlike black [my blog] which eventually ended and i am still unsure what it was.

This is a street restaurant staffed by the undead and a human in touch with that sort of thing – somehow china wont be watching this.

It goes from the sad to the comedic and occasionally breaks the forth wall so it is amusing as the undead fix mistakes.  Bingeable is a word here.

5/5 bananas

Since i have number of k-dramas queued and mystic popup bar is fourteen hours you will have  to keep reading this blog to discover my next which appears to be.

Stranger (series 2)

series 1 [my blog] was good and just starting over.

korean netflix – oh no please stop these posts

I like there good stuff (my blog) – seat belts on. Of likeable is

hotel del luna.

Runs to about 16 episodes most being over an hour and follows a crazy hotel owner who caters to dead people and a small staff of dead and a human who went to harvard to manage things.

Redemption rather than love means there is not too much lovey dovey stuff and a guest of the week gives them something to do rather then flounder.

If it sounds awful it is not but keeps moving and is consistent without adding extra plots to finish.  Not something china is allowed to see.

4/5 bananas if you like that sort of thing.

More south  korean stuff soon if you can keep up.

more netflix series

Buckle up your not in Kansas any more.

altered carbon [series 2]

Its been a while [my blog] and please do not start here but the black people seem shoehorned in after all black lives matter which is something even the access media did not pick up on [my blog].

I prefer the books which yes i did read but some of the nuance was gotten but the black cast seemed an sjw shoe in although they dont get it [my blog].

1/5 bananas

I preferred the anime of altered carbon – resleved instead.


This is a horror thing whom nobody watched and has a very slow start although it looks teen-ish to begin with so its taken even me two years to get through an hour of this series.

Its very slow burn and the teenagers cant act and perhaps its due to them being diverse/native american as the adults get the plot moving.  Plot keeps having to introduce new people as well a sign all is not well although it made some sjw happy.  Five episodes in and nothing has yet happened.

Theres three and a half hours of b roll that could be easily trimmed from this i can decide if i am a horror film/teen drama/ or something somebody famous stars in.

0/5 bananas meh this is fly paper for humans.

The order (two seasons)

imdb: tt8295472 is something i have yet to write about and is magic orientated. Season 1 retcons itself and season 2 takes forever to get started.

If that is the american higher education experience then college is a waste of time.

3/5 bananas – slow and plodding here is to season 3.


A thai series that explores schooling as a dystopia.  Still being rolled out weekly so no banana rating yet.