the i-land

imdb: tt9067020 is an netflix thing which is a disconnect and makes little sense until episode four.  Destined to fail is a good summary as bad people are given a chance to redeem but are constantly reminded there mass shooters or child killers and stuff.

There is a fair bit of sjw social engineering going on here and while it has an interesting twist at the end.

It is a bit hit and miss and i much prefer 3% (my blog) Once you know the magic sauce much of the minor characters dont really matter and can be fast forwarded past episode 4 as you know the secret sauce – something the 3% kept you interested in.

3/5 bananas.

Heavy lifting

The handmaids tale (as seen on tv) is slow (my blog) and you need a patience of a saint to sit through it. Season three is filling in the gaps and the source is barely used although it makes a logical exposition of what book hints* at.

It shows a theocracy and while it is not islam the comrades on the left conveniently forget that. Funny that.

Eventually after too many weeks of grind something happy finally happened and while a surprising change of pace it kind of feels done at this point.

Since it is good tv on the whole i shall persist with it, then its on to the books sequel (my blog) as to whether the booker prize desires ‘an as seen on tv accolade’  ** before anybody has read the book will be interesting to see.

* i have read it ** it could be argued that it is not literature

revision edit of the title from lifing to lifting

more Taiwanese netflix

til death do us part is netflix i like (some other .tw examples),

A series of short stories is well worth a find from the cheating wife to the finding of happiness not following communist party rules like no fantasy* mean a more freethinking and worthy see.

Some of these might be deemed gruesome – i never thought cat litter could be even though the nuclear wast industry uses it non traditionally.

Since a lot a netflix is chav  this certainly is not.

5/5 bananas.

*or live live chairman mao sentiments.

Leila – indian netflix

netflix needs subscribers and where better than from India, after all microsoft technical support (my blog) is good from there**.

Since i like stuff with subtitles* i decided to give this a go.   Dystopian with a warning text it correctly points out that indians can be bad and things like the caste system have been maintained by indian society since independence.

This is a book by Prayaag Akbar.  and being it ends after six episodes i decided  to go read the book.

Worth a see, book review to come.

*provided i can read them ** i joke

outlander confusion

skirts and dresses for all

on prime (my blog) outlander (my blog) tempted me but i waited until it was on free tv since its now on free tv, and the episodes did not match up.

I like this but either i got mixed up (doubtful) or amazon put the series together wrongly. So either there is a tv edit or a streaming edit.

On well i am confused as fuck and as the tv episode [with adverts] runs to 1.40 hours – i guess at some point stuff with match up and if it does not then i will be wise about the various edits of outlander.

Still outlander is very well done and worth a see compared to most tv.

Idiots off the port side

Star Trek has few problems of the sjw kind, in fact i have not seen the latest series and netflix has since quit buying crap from cbs.

I read that some retard at amazon bought the post picard series since netflix avoids what cbs has since done to star trek and there wise to it not being it**.

I have no desire to know what captains do after seven series (or four if unlucky) and while Janeway, Picard and Archer is way too white, Sisko is probably a stooge as well in the eyes of sjws and so bad reboot who have also messed up another big franchise.

At least this means cbs will soon loose yet another streaming platform while fucking up Picard.

There are many people who will explain to you* how cbs screwed up star trek and i am not that person.  I hear another word plagiarism (or copyright theft) is also being mentioned again and the jj abrams people are doing the theft.

Let me wish that amazon employee good luck finding a new job a few years on from now.   Americans also will not be seeing this series  either since it is a pay tv thing.

Amazon streaming is something i did not like (my blog) but as prime is more associated with free physical shipping (my blog) than tv its not something worth the price for and thats an eu perspective not an north american one where prime does not have it.

*doomcock ** you ask for a glass of water and get a pink wet substance instead.

lesser superheroes* with cable tv audiences

not Barry, but could be

The zoo gets one murdoch free tv channel and it it full of adverts for comrade Murdoch’s paid crap of channels which this (my blog) explains a lot.

There apparently is a superhero by the name of Barry Allen who i have never heard of i watch two of these and found it boring. If Harry Potter could only fix his glasses, then Allen can run fast although thats all i know of this third tier comic character.

Doing an internet search i discover that this hero has a cohort of lesser heroes as netflix once had (my blog) .

After a couple of days i cancelled the record schedule due to villain of the week thingy. I wonder how all these competing likewise people hinder the market for the sjws in comics are not making them instead turning the flash into a black eskimo half breed who also is transgender.

I only saw it as this first aired in 2014 and nobody sane enough to buy Rupert Murdoch tv apparently will not pay for it no longer.

In the spirit of superhero things there is a prequel thing (my blog) based on before superhero, it was not on cable but on a free to air channel.   I recorded it and watched it later.  There seemed to be more time sent pressing fast forward on adverts than actual series content.

While we all have heard of some superheroes i do wonder when the fatigue will set in or perhaps when the profit expectations fail to impress those who hold the rights and make it.

*more of a jock than a geek

Um ancient bbc science fiction ahoy

crap security

The bbc made blakes 7 (my blog) and recently (several months ago)  one of the villains died, soon after another character died

I found the limited series online and it was cringe worthy in fact after the first series (not too terrible) they should have packed it up which most of the cast did, from the looks of it the second most evil villain was ‘acted’ by three people* in the subsequent three  series.

Then 1980’s multicultural weirdness began and the episodes soon went downhill with exuberant actors pretending to be knights of the round table and other oddness and the show was eventually executed.

Much of the writing made no sense at all but to think it good s/f is not possible and it seems the bbc stilll cannot make s/f even today.

*maybe more?

all at once sigh


Netflix has some good stuff even if they do under achieve (my blog)

Winter was not good for the monkey house, but June comes round and all the good stuff gets dumped for instance 3% (my blog) and Aggretsko (my blog).  While perhaps acquired in taste 3% is on its third series, the other on season 2 and things i like being dumped in the summer worries me.

Its not a problem but perhaps a siign that all is not well.

I like 3% for its thought provoking nature if perhaps slow.

Yet another is Forest of Piano (my blog) which i binged.

I do not see why some of these where not winter releases.

But what do I know ?

edit typo in good

apple content on non apple hardware now that itunes is ‘dead’

great bananas,

I bet you all used banana skin that it will still not work on linux ,windows or non apple smart tv.   Itunes works only on there platform last time i checked – when was the last time you saw a quick time film trailer that needed its own software to play ?.   Leave your answer in the comments

With apple now doing media opposed to telephones (my blog)  it will be interesting to see if non apple hardware like a samsung tv will be able to play the content.   Being that i dont control the software on a smart tv i do wonder how popular the stuff might be after all to get something on a tv it usually has a non apple app  store and somebody usually wants a cut..

Since the monkey house has no apple* products it will be interesting to see if  they force the walled garden on consumers if so they cannot expect the monkey house to consume there products.

If you could only buy netflix with a dedicated netflix television (my blog) i am sure i would not be  subscribing to netflix and you would have walls of screens just like in Fahrenheit 451  or you could read the book.

Perhaps as electronics do not matter as much to apple  they will have to fail first before they make money with media.   I do not do a lot of ecommerce but if i had to own an amazon device** to shop there i would also go elsewhere too.

This is not a compliant but should be taken as a warning that your entertainment conglomerate and silicon valley darling might not see the results you think they get.

*perhaps organic ones you eat ** you get the idea