Scottish nationalism and the delayed american television series funded by the uk lottery and suppressed by all the uk broadcasters

skirts and dresses for all

American tv decided to do a book (my blog) with scottish people in. Some years ago** and i thought it was natural content for british television although why they did not do it is a question to ask the bbc and other local broadcasters who seemed to not know of it too.

How wrong i was – amazon got it and referendums (my blog) for Scotland’s independence made it a no for free-view . Only in 2017 was it being broadcast to the weak and feeble minded people with ‘free’* television .

I have never seen this braveheart version 2 but i find the timing interesting for i wonder how long it has been stored by the broadcaster who was kept being told despite it being fiction by our lords and masters to suppress it for reasons best known to themselves

The zoo’s dvr decided to not record the first episode also for reasons best known to it self** and I caught up with the first – Ronald D Moore (my blog) de-femaled it well and i was quite happy to consider not womens fiction but an interesting concept. However with no second season it appears that Westminster has derailed it as a series. despite being over 5 books being written and published – which puts a certain  tv writer (my blog) to shame.

Latter episodes are quite harrowing and make it hard viewing

The music is good by an composer i regard.

.Perhaps the tax credit for television production is selective as to the will and views of the english civil servants after all and not all ‘creative’ jobs are valued as others despite the lottery funding it (my blog).

I shall let you mull on the matter.

Overall it is worth a see with 5/5 bananas but its funding and broadcast shenanigans make it a curious beast – why is it on now rather than several years ago.

*which costs £ 147 and time wasted for adverts **2014 – even i was late on this one despite being a battlestar producer (my blog) ** never happens 99% of the time – i blame sabotage by ofcom and so gchq know i watched it.

mumsnet (shit parenting skills) v kids television

Censored picture (see link in comment)


Bananas was reminded of a time by some older apes when the trades union conference, liberal,labour and conservative parties would remove all childrens programmes from the bbc and the other lot with adverts.

Today kids tv runs all day and with the closure of bbc three (my blog) they now stretch to 14 hours.  That’s a long way from the two hours or so a weekday of stuff.

I mention this as the mumsnet brigade (my blog) can’t seem to turn off tv’s or computers and that’s not there fault because there ‘special’ being mumsnet types. It shall be interesting to see how it affects the zoo attendance.

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Ivan Payne ex priest rapist living in Aderdare, South Wales

Somehow i do not remember being asked if fourteen hours of kids tv on the bbc was a good idea although i cannot detect homosexual teletubie’s* for an example of my non existent skills in this area and so perhaps it is best that i was not asked. – Ivan Payne can though and i suppose if that is good for him then its good for mumsnet too.

Mind you some older apes here really liked the party political conferences back then with the singing, angry people and unstaged management which can be found on the parliament channel today but be the total opposite of what they once where whensongs like this are never now sang.

bloodThe people’s flag is deepest red, It shrouded oft our martyred dead, And ere their limbs grew stiff and cold, Their hearts’ blood dyed its ev’ry fold. Then

I assume turning off televisions without a remote controller back then was a bloody business.

*catholic’s can

Goodbye to bbc three

being human

being human

The Mighty Boosh, Being Human (my blog), Torchwood (my blog) might not be things you think good but Being Human was remade for america and i knew that naked bloke doing farm work in cornwall before you did being that you only watch costume dramas.

Torchwood had its us and downs but it was not a soap opera.

The mighty boosh was brilliant perhaps a bit hard for stupid people to understand.  There are others (my blog) i can mention.

Private Chris Gray

Private Chris Gray

In factual our war (my blog) and this (my blog) where noteworthy and honest which is not something you can say of bbc news in Afghanistan at the time..

Not everything on bbc three was good but at least it took risks rather than the usual safe output of soap operas and classical drama that the bbc gets away with and you lot think best despite it adding up to six hours of tv for that thing not defined as average and worthy of an license fee despite there being 8760 hours in a year.

Maybe online will be better for bbc three or whatever it becomes since mainstream bbc is rather chav.

I think while you think its rubbish you will be wrong and that will affect mainstream bbc programming being that new talent will be ignored for that soap actor between seasons of some crap soap opera.

Anyhow that’s not really my problem – but yours.

ho ho fucking ho

blackfridayBananas was with the crack team of security staff here in the zoo when during a lull of tiger and elephant shootings by the staff of godaddy and most recenty by an american dentist it was commented that there is now a christmas television channel.

It was the beginning of November.

Rupert MurdochWhat is interesting is the movement from pay tv to fta (free) which kind of illustrates the fact that people who paid to see this are a bit mentally deficient.

Kind of the Rupert Murdoch ideal customer who in america i understand thinks there is a war on christmas which is kind of amusing but i suppose phone hacking (my blog) costs money and what better than a christmas channel to make it.

The missing subtitles on freeview

picardOne evening while i was watching newly discovered star trek (my blog) on one of those vague channels and i pressed the subtitles button by mistake on the tv remote but there where none.

That surprised me after all it seems as if there two sets of rules one for the bbc/itv and another for the sky (my blog).  I wonder how that got past the disabled lobby who hate the bbc when things go wrong when there tea has sugar in (my blog) i guess some kind of bribe get passed to them.

bbc mainstream propaganda come ‘documentary’

Bbc three (my blog) is closing and as a very minor interest in stuff that is on mainstream bbc a couple of things caught my brains attention with the final conclusion that bbc three did it better.

ourgirlFirst up for comparison is a drama on mainstream bbc called our girl, it was a bit of advert* for the army, and apparently had some person that i had never heard of from a soap opera in it**.  I guess that the acting talent pool must be the size of a test tube. Anyhow that sort of meant a belated visit here (my blog) , and yes bbc three did it better my blog).

Anyhow ….

lifeondeathrowStaying with the institutional on a slight lesser mainstream channel was a program about american prisons, and the bbc three did it better as well (my blog).

I think the bbc is mad to close bbc three, but when like for like is compared the inside bbc jealousy is clear to be seen and the message subverted.  Lets face facts when non-fiction is better than fiction it takes a certain type of retard to think fiction is better.

I would love to compare other things but cannot as i do not watch mainstream bbc.

* an impression ** i read that

An update and fail on star trek

Bananas was reading one of those ‘news’ sites when a youtube channerl i had never heard of got dcma’ed by some retarded hollywood lawyer bot which i think may have been mentioned in this (my blog).indirectly. At best it was an advert for the full product.  Why are lawyers idiots ?

Anyhow when i wrote this i discovered that the stuff discussed about was on tv so i did not have to buy the thing which i now could not evaluate as the lawyers dcma’ed it on youtube.



more inside than outside in tos

more inside than outside in tos

The next generation looked rather odd restored on a modern television but was watch-able although it is a very poor restoration. A hunt found the original series on as well with ‘enhanced’ special effects compared to tng.

That was Charlie X and apart from a cleaned up negative the special effects added noting to the restoration although the added green blobs on the screen at the end for people who possibly did not need a space ship* is perhaps what was planned in the 1960’s but the budget failed to deliver for three seconds.

Overall neither desperately needed the newer version imho. But then again patience is a virtue.. The thing i took from the retarded lawyers action was you dont pay for them via buying the restored version – Capisce?.

* go figure


cellistimdb: tt1069238 is a Japanese film form 2008 that is always on too late.  Eventually i commit to a 4am view and deem the late morning worth the inconvenience.

The main character is a cellist who after ‘making it’ in an orchestra gets fired along with the rest of his employees and becomes a Nokanshi .

5/5 bananas well done.


The competing with free problem

checkThe monkey house had a sofa for sale, (my blog) it is in good condition and quite why it is being sold is a question to the alpha ape and Sally not me.  A nominal sum and advert produced and so for several weeks nobody  bit.  Ebay also failed to sell another piece of used furniture from another part of of the zoo [we did not use ebay]

It is interesting to see with the interest in recycling that people are prepared to have second hand* but at zero cost.

Another example is from television  on freeview where an american sold houses building features content like fireplaces, windows, kitchen stuff from very new houses being demolished in america – some of these looked like they had never been lived in.  The prices of the second hand stuff went for 1% of the retail value.  It will be interesting to see how this affects new prices if the trend continues.

Even the british** are in on this act and quite how that will affect the advertisers is an interesting question.  If i made furniture and television was showing how to furnish a house for the cost of a delivery van then i would a bit concerned, or that  s  a cunning move to stop recycling.

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

So is the item worth the money ? no its not 1% of the value of a new one. But as even ebay cannot shift items it shows perhaps that even ebay has a problem in its future.

Time passed and eventually somebody came to the zoo, saw the item and with a tribe of monkeys and the security teams also moved the largish item into a van.

So you don’t have use ebay or its variants.

* with wooden furniture that’s an antique – although trends do change ** might be the last time i use that phrase