Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed  to meet jesus eight yeas ago

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by eight years.

So lets wish Harold (my blog since deceased) and his cult believers a happy anniversary.  Religion….

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

woo isp ipv6 !

The monkey house has ipv6 – It was a bit of a shock and i know where i went wrong ut dealing with the lack of specific instructions via the isp and voodoo router commands.

As i had tunnels before (not reliable)  i also had to about:config and de-list certain sites for ipv6 to work.

It is a bit intermittent so i might have to change isp’s.   Next job servers.


Panasonic thoroughly shit at standards

In this (my blog) i ranted about crappy dect phones, another panasonic thing we have access to is a television (my blog) one visit discovered that it is only ipv4 capable, so if you have an ipv6 (my blog) network your going to get no netflix unless they support ipv6.

Panasonic it appears make for now but not the future.  One might deem both items as early e waste candidates.   If you invest in paanasonic then good luck to you.

As to the economics of using panasonic well good luck on that.


Happy Harold Camping Day!

Harold Camping failed meet jesus seven yeas ago or return as a zombie

Today marks Harold Camping is overdue an end of the world by seven years (my blog).

Happy Harold Camping day everybody

So lets wish Harold (who has yet to return from the dead and so is also overdue) and his alive cult believers a happy anniversary.    Conrade Harold is a fine example of a crook using religion and his retarded followers who clearly have mental health issues.

So next time some respected religious nut job knows the end of the world do remember Camping .

It should be celebrated every year.


bbc cock locks work

I read Jenny Eels and Kat Harbourne do a naked podcast which seems a bit pointless since its radio/audio clearly it is one way to sex up crap that nobody seems to ‘hear’ and in need of help.

I notice that both these people are white could not the bbc find a mixed race black Eskimo also be naked to promote the bbc in its validation that cock locks work (my blog).

I have never heard of this thing until it was mentioned that clearly means the bbc must be nudist friendly now, the question being are cock locks needed for nudist inclined bbc employees or not.

Somebody please please pull the fire alarm when there in the bbc building they inhabit , come on you know you want too.

Its kind of amazing what you fund the bbc to make, being intelligent seems to be not a criteria, it is like an audio page 3.   I learned something new about the bbc today.

New cars of 2017 ‘radios’

Professor finally got his virtual renault (my blog) and us apes got to explore the car of 2017 (my blog) at a later date.  It appears futuristic with built in stuff looking like a prelude to driverless cars and is apparently 85% recyclable although i am sure those scrap metal dealers who dismember broken* cars can do better..

The radio which came with the car and not specified by prof or his significant other is usb port ready but has no hole for ‘compact’ disks. The radio is not a radio but a car computer instead that connects with mobile phones and knows where you also want go if you do not how to.

Since the english drive on the wrong side of the road some of the buttons seem in the wrong location but this brain is well thought out as we apes planned a trip to whipsnade zoo for professor..

Professor is not into music compact disks but this cars choice means it is not going to be popular format for long.  I wonder how long progress was held up by th riaa and others faring piracy perhaps music as a file is now seen as a resale rather than threat – there a bit slow the music industry.  Anybody need a usb drive ? it does not play ogg files for some reason.

I actually used a compact disk for a small backup the other day that too was a rare occurrence..

*door cards, replacement seats, grills, bonnets etc.

capita still shit at spf and computers

Capita (my blog)do various things for both government and business, there still shit at information technology take take this.

Received-SPF: Softfail (domain owner discourages use of this host) identity=mailfrom; client-ip=91.199.12*.*; helo=capita.co.uk;

That ip range is also capita, sent by capita but somehow not captita.

If you can comprehend the yes yes but no by these geniuses then you have learnt something.

giving up on the mysteries of hpkp

Sisyphus is still a role model

Sisyphus is still a role model

I have written about hpkp (my blog) before but find it lacking in useable documentation, quite how you specify a backup cert in say apache i leave as a question to guru’s, buying a cert to not use it seems strange, and how that would affect caa records if say from another supplier is a  mystery it seems i will not bother to figure out for it is bollocks to common sense.  Could one be deemed a fake cert issue that gets the ca removed from say firefox is a problem i foresee if hpkp takes off.

I suppose it could be done but then if the hostname does not match your still going to get grief from firefox about host mismatch problems, forget self signing ssl.  Add the cost of ev certs in too, or the problem a cert with multiple addresses then you still have no backup hpkp.

I think hpkp is a retarded mans dnssec (which the zoo has) but hpkp  still has a cost with the backup certificate which i guess makes the ssl mafia happy financially and who cares if it gets used or not.  they do not.

As i am no hpkp guru, or feel the need to become one and ask the question why is it only for webservers say but not email too,other ports can be utilised too but you get my gripe.

So  i have commented it out of the apache config for if i cannot figure it out then i doubt many others can use it either.

Anyhow not my problem.


Even more fun with capita services (stocks and shares)

Capita do shareholder services and as documented here its a bit iffy.  When i had to do something for real rather than ask how it is done to which i never got a actual response.

hellotmobileA change of address (not banks or stuff like that) was required as one ape was moving to whipsnade zoo in the country  so a lot things say there banana shares need updating. I ring  one day only to find the telephone line is not working – or piss off its the fire drill day and nothing will be achieved for five hours that day via a phone.

So I have to do it online which seems to be working if you do not mind poor ssl from capita, and essentially I am done in a hour with the right bits of paper.  Days later and a mountain of paper post gets delivered to the old address and the new one i am told it must have cost them several pounds in mail charges.

Other share registrars are better and keep the paper trail minimal.

Its rather ironic that the paper generated is huge from online, two letters per address is ok but eight all saying the same thing strikes me as too much.

Mind you who knows how many letters you get when you phone them.  Perhaps it best to not know that

Anyhow the mountain of post from capita seems to have eventually stopped which is a relief as the recycle bin was a bit too full.