Humans (series 3)

In this (my blog) returns for a third season while generally ok it does resort to soap opera  at times and so is bit painful to watch.

Despite its problems its still well done even if it does rehash some battlestar galatica plot points.  As usual some retard designer forgot to earth the robots or even put bloody fuses (my blog) in them*

If you have managed to sit through the prior two seasons then its got something going for it

3/5 bananas


network segregation woes

tube recycle those 1’s and 0’s

The monkey house has several routers and they work but some people segregate there routers into work, home, wifi, and iot networks,perhaps even a guest one too.

One router is fully used and chucks out all the traffic, our internal router handles all of the above stuff however i wonder about the point of doing separate networks.

Sure i have no idea what nefarious things iot’s things could also do but they might in the future

  1. colllect mac’s, network addresses
  2. scan ports
  3. use dns (which they already do)
  4. do something evil – eg ddos another brands thing since its not theres

Since i read the logs surely i would be alerted if 2 and 4 where being done and how I provision our iot printer (my blog) home./work/ wifi when all three could use it – perhaps i should buy more printers ?.

An crap iot device we have needs to be plugged into the router direct otherwise it wont work if i connect it to a switch (my blog – not just that one, all switches)

That means my vlan for iiot needs at least two switch ports. plus a new hardware switch

The wifi is in need of an upgrade but works so does that mean two ssid’s  – i am beginning to need to large port router and maybe double the hardware.

Perhaps as nefarious iot devices evolve routers will also evolve, mind you i can monitor traffic and block it with our existing router so it is not like i do not have any counter measures now.

I think two routers is enough for the time being.  Vlans miight be possible but expensive for the money house.

I could but so far do not see a lot of point to do it

A funny story about bricks & mortar retail

It is grim on the british high street and else where with once famous names withdrawing from the high street/city center.

There not doing great, mind you with identity kit shops, high cost of getting there by bus,train or congestion charge add at least £ 5 to the cost of going there.  I wonder why online and out of town with free parking does better.

It is not all the consumers fault  – toys r us now defunct had  a crooked accountant, although there stock of star wars toys might not have helped (my blog) thanks to disney.

Delivery by shops to homes is not an internet first, america proved (my blog) it as a model with the expanding rail system in the 1800’s   It fell out of favour here in the uk in the 1950’s until mail order got big again.

This actually happened as told by professor to us

So professors s/o went shopping but it was carnival time unknown to her and the car park was soon closed after arriving.    It was decided best to leave before after seeing the official with the key and so no money was spent or otherwise get stranded* for a day or two..

While events like that may bring people in they also drive people out.

So next time you hear a whiny retailer complain…….

*plus parking fines too.

international android phone ‘fun’

Professors significant other visited the monkey house complaining that the phone (my blog) did not work with international calls and data – something i have tried to fix by getting transfer codes but she wont change suppliers or ask the sim card supplier about these problems. – it works locally.

As usual ‘wifi’ got the blame which is innocent, the routers used have no ip blocks or triggered rpz zones (my blog) either.

This is something due to whatsapp not working  but neither the phone or the wifi is at fault. – i have no clue about whatsapp but then i am no smart phone ‘guru’ who if called a genus who charge you $400 to fix an iphone due to bad design.

After being badgered to fix i discovered that the bloody thing was set to airplane mode by them

Is it cynical to laugh ?

Smart phone users sigh.

More Japanese netflix

Since i keep doing these (my blog) let me update you

Million yen women (80170687) is on netflix (my blog) and something i rather liked.

5/5 bananas


imdb: 80175348 is an look at sweets [dessert] in Japan from a manga.  Occasionally funny and informative as fish and rice is not on the menu.

4/5 bananas


Despite white on white subtitles (select to find out but you know) this anime has some fun at Japan and its attitudes.

4/5 bananas.

Amesbury and chemical weapons

Amesbury fashion at the moment

It is interesting to note that chemical weapons (my blog) once claimed as safe and one use only has caused a second problem instead of killing a russian spy nearby it has now gone for some neer do wells somehow.

I am not sure the russian military would be that incompetent (my blog) after all things like that can be traced but it reveals that perhaps these compounds are best not kept by anybody

Politicians might need an villain and insist upon creating them but i do wonder perhaps instead of blaming men in uniforms we instead blame the politicians for there fear of dissent for after all no politician ever is wrong.

It dismisses the states message that one dose of x makes war cleaner* and ready for peace.  The medical effects on the unhealthy interesting  even after the supposed clean up**  but the economic loss to the affected area is something else to think on.

You might argue that chemical weapons have become a bit useless for the design does not appear to do what the thing is supposed to do.   There might be resistance to that from the politician class.

Somebody released it and i bet they knew some politicians.

*gencide now available  in a can from johnson & johnson a family company **these weapons do not usually see use.

Mating season in Wimbledon

Just before i pressed the netflix button this week (i am really up to date for a change) I noticed that the tennis was on, although with a bottleneck of other sports events** on at the same time i wonder if its appeal is limited now.

The females on or off drugs (my blog) where doing the usual grunting (my blog).

The united kingdoms only hope* quit before it started so it seems tennis is a minority interest sport. Funny that.

*-scottish ** the kgb has yet to round up or hospitalize the england football team.


ebay hijacking amazon ads ?

leather sofa at the zoo for all your apple addiction problems.

Sally (my blog) was shoes buying (my blog) for some reason when i got a message that amazon links (search engine ads?) where being moved to ebay who i regard as absolute criminals.

It would not surprise me if ebay and its affiliated partners in crime where doing such scammy and underhand acts because its them and amazon is a good clickbait target.

Maybe its also done by the windows ransom ware sites,  If they can fool google as which appeared to happened then  that is certainly not a limitation for ebay to be unethical.

No shoes have since been bought that way.   I am more specific and would never buy from ebay.