Mondelez in the wild

happy Mondelez customer

Some zoo visitor purchased  cabury (my blog) and i overheard some young visitors to the zoo describe there chocolate as horrible with bits of brightly coloured chewable things and a oreo thing of which being an ape i have no idea what an orea is,

While a need to ‘innovate’ is probably good i do wonder that if the brand will survive.



Professors hour in a car park

Professor (my blog) here in the zoo told us apes a very funny story about him and significant other (my blog) trying to pay via a telephone for car parking. Apparently an hour was spent faffing about with payment which both professor and so failed to achieve this modern miracle.being unable to press ‘2’ or something while in a car park.

really uncool

I restrained the urge to laugh when i was told  – although it does sounds comical.however it does show the mass appeal of the mobile telephone not something professor is really into.

Anyhow eventually they left and parked elsewhere – which is one way to sort it out.

identity thief crooks at large in Swansea Wales

The zoo had to deal with the dvla who do driving stuff here, if yur american these people are a bit more professional than your dmv setup.

Some government identity document had to be returned because its the government. But it had to be damaged first as it appears the post office has employed identity theft crooks in Swansea who do not forward the mail to this government department.

I suppose it is a juicy target as the mail has a value but one of which is flawed as the government is the target.

I somehow doubt that there are job openings at the Swansea post office the reasons you can figure out..

the zoo’s Schroedinger’s cat mail server

oh yes they are

Its behind you, no its not makes this post sound like a pantomime thanks to systemd (my blog) i have a postfix instance active (my blog) that postfix even thinks is not active.

Schroedinger would be proud.

So i changed the bind address and server name using .lan tld as .local and corp are now paid tld’s.  Making no sense of up or down an nmap scan says it is working.

I give up at this point and let this paradox be

The next day i notice that the new zoo,lan is sending email  when technically it is not running I am baffled and apart from the postfix instance changes notes  i have not been changing the configuration of it.

Oh well thats systemd for you

Childrens Toy hollywood films

Your citroen It needs new ice skates

Include Michael Bay* and an attempt by others to have there ‘ip’ used to sell things. As to the payoff it is not all success (my blog).

Being that holywood makes crap some of these more recent not successful films have been sent to streaming sites and as i do not intend to visit a cinema but notice the trend in toy films i thought i should at least sit through one non micheal bay film..

What i saw was the origin story, and despite one humorous shout out to another product line it was bereft of swearing, sex and scary bits, they had a go at f****r but think of the children stopped it.

Since i do not visit toy shops (my blog) i have no idea if you can buy discounted toy lines which was as sold by Hollywood.

Popcorn describes it well, i have no idea if sequels are being made or tell what it was and lets leave it there

*some advertising agency did the idea first

The zoo has a marmite abuser

Marmite (my blog) has occasionally come up in this blog  They have clever advertising which takes the piss out of animal charities (my blog) and a downright scary for privacy reasons* dna test which goes to unilever with a dna sample.  You apparently get a piece of paper telling you if your a lover or a hater.

Most people seem to not see that aspect

The monkey houses bottle of marmite was smashed today so clearly i need to ring somebody and inform them that marmite has been abused.  Should you have an unloved bottle of marmite (my blog) please bring it to the zoo care of the monkey house and it will be looked after provided the abuser does not get to it.

*worth money and privacy issue if you think beyond that sound ‘fun’


Celebrity children authors (or chav world book postponed day)

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

Apparently you have to famous television star (being gay helps too) to write a childrens book these days and get it published.   It is kind of interesting that tv stars get a second career with the help of a ghost writer and film types do not appear to get such opportunities.

Only books by millionaire gay and cross dressing celebrities appear are chosen for world book day i suppose being associated with gropers helps (my blog) too..   Being simply an ‘author’ is clearly not enough for childrens authors by publishers these days.  It is kind of weird that the organisers of the ‘day’ and publishers sell any books at all which appears to be aimed at adults who have heard of said star as seen on tv celebrity.

Mind you that’s chav books day (my blog) for you

After the day ends i am sure books by ‘celebrity’ folk shall be forgotten and my library will empty of people who will only visit for one day in a year after all they only read celebrity books.

Celeb book authors do more damage to the publishers than ‘good’ imho but that’s not really my problem.

Dont support your local high street

I read two shop chains gave up the fight yesterday a toy retailer who had corrupt accountants* and a huge pension ‘hole’  while not selling star wars toys (my blog) along with everybody else.

The other was a electronics shop come mobile phone shop that was  not particularly good whether rude staff or high prices caused there demise is something you would have to ask an actual customer and i was not one.

Anyhow let me tell you the tale of …

Snobby shops are interesting places who do not fit the charity shop filled local high street (my blog) after being told to visit them by charity shop makeover persons like comrade Portas – these snobby shops tell you to go else where.  Good examples being interior decoration and bathroom retailers.

queen of the charity shops mary portas

I guess comrade Portas do not want to sell item and prefer those large retail warehouse and online plumbing firms.  After all you got to have to whinge at something.

Anyhow what do i know ?

Online would have been easier best not tell them that – you can keep a secret right ?

*free holidays and houses suppliers to script kiddies are registered in Seattle america so lets extend a warm helllo to and i am wary as to who they are,  I appear to just get script kiddies testing things here say.

smtpd[24268]: warning: Connection rate limit exceeded: 23 from[] for service smtp

It is not the first time i have noticed them and they come in bulk, and so i have blocked them as if you inform them nothing happens – so if your using them to send stuff to the zoo i suggest you get a better provider.

If your looking for a extremely scammy isp seems a good mafiia owned one.

If the zoo needs its security testing then you too might end up with your own blog entry.