‘Premium’ online newpaper thought not fit for a paper newspaper

I unexpectedly selected a a url that i do not visit that often in my browser for the bush telegraph (my blog) one ‘premium’ link i noted was an opinion piece that i have not seen deemed worthy of printing by whoever puts the paper newspaper together.

I do not care as to whether i see it or not since it s just one persons view and lets face it opinion is not news although these newspaper types think opinion is the be all and end all be left or right perspective. If that is what goes for online content then it is not worthy of being read being paid content as clearly it did not make it to the paper newspaper at all.

Yeah its the tempest

You could argue it is bonus content but quantity is not quality. So what it is still an unknown quantity.


I hope the bbc gets hacked for disabling the play and pause buttons on iplayer

Jo McCarthy – man who made china a superpower

Result millions of passwords and users to phish elsewhere. If they can hack equifax (my blog) why not the bbc ?.

Well some retard at the bbc disabled the pause, play, stop etc buttons on the bbc iplayer to get these back ‘working’ you have login.  Thus creating a future security problem for capita who administer the license fee (my blog)

That seems idiotic. So lets hope somebody steals your bbc login details after all they do not need them.

Somebody has delusions of grandeur.at the bbc  If they think play and pause remote control buttons are unnecessary i wonder when they demand a camera in the tv and only show you programmes they think you should be watching and if your not then deem it thought crime. .

I look forward to writing a told you so blog post at some point.

Creating and deleting files automatically in shell scripts

I frigging love linux for this shit

appends the date to filename $date + (“%Y%m%d”)


tar -zcf documents.backup.$(date +”%Y%m%d”).gz Documents

locate files of five days and older find * -type f -mtime +5

So there i was creating files and then wondering about the bother in deleting them manually when i thought there must be some way and a bit of thinking meant no human interaction from me with a cron job.

You want to the aim the find at the right place with the delete syntax which i have omitted.

Only moan i now have to delete my calender reminder i set.

the angry chef, A Warner

Yep we all be muppets

isbn: 97817866072160 is about food fads like the people who only eat steamed fish* to avoid getting cancer and who then get cancer.

So this is book that delves into the dubious area of food ‘science’ which has huge number of loonies and hollywood stars (my blog) who somehow get attracted to living on air or smelling there poo (my blog).  It is not particularly well written compared with Goldacre (my blog) but since its dealing with people making money rather than advancing science i suppose it will do.

The blog is written in the same style.  It is not completely useless as i got the low down as to why people think white bread is bad its a mentally retarded view..

Matthias Rath – who causes the death of 300,000 south africans a year from hiv aids.

The sugar chapter is also interesting.

Newpaper reporting gets it in the neck too.

The chapters on cancer (my blog) and autism (my blog) are the usual quacks offering hope to retards which is sad but that’s people like Rach  and ilk for you

3/5 bananas

*even in restaurants when it is not on the menu – such people do exist..

Hollywood cottaging

anti gay toilet in Sochi Russia

Hollywood’s locals are having a few issues, on Tuesday it became interesting as one gay actor got another gay actors series cancelled.   Since the first can be perceived as gay and on a sjw themed tv show i wonder if that will not have a negative effect.

I do not particularly care as to what these darlings do but if the sjw’s unleash there thought police mentality on on the liberal elite then perhaps the rest of you will see the toxic results mirror a certain comic book firm is a good example now.

3rd waver

Whatever the result or the culture allowed it the veneer that it is just pretend is kind of dismantled.

My concern is the continued abuse of copyright not what happens* as one of the two main reasons Hollywood iis where it as in the beginning it had no copyright laws perhaps there is a history of not looking at those who  lawmakers and politicians court .

*cottaging is a term for gay sex activities – that dead singer from wham might come to mind.

Microsoft windows 10 – ransomware removal


The zoo bought some pc’s without microsft windows and when i got to install linux on it I spent a good ten minutes attempting to defeat tpm,secure boot and the windows boot manager for it had a virus on it called windows 10 *.

Quite why the fuck windows 10 has to talk to you and offers no shutdown during setup made me think of ransomware may be i think in original ways that this has never occurred to you before..

The bios really REALLY did not want me to remove the windows boot manager it kept going further and further down the list until it did get disabled – this reminding me of ransomware which happened to vista pc many years ago.

My linux on usb iso image although it worked on my usual device i wrote it to did not on the new pc. so i baked a cd image and that did, Once i installed the cdrom all was well with the universe and the ransomeware was gone from the disk..

In fact to remove the ransomware on that old pc i had to use a cd as well.  Great to see microsoft learning from the crooks.

I repurposed the usb thing for the non gpl hardware drivers.

mafia run the british red cross

It is strange that harddisks come with mafia approved virusware on them automatically , however i did find out the screen was ok, and the sound card worked. Thanks to the mafia at Microsoft.  Really wanted to not know that.

Here is a top tip: So if a new pc does not have sound  you should return it to your retailer immediately after all microsoft have decided its defective.

I wonder what other spyware courtesy of crooks and governments (my blog) was on the disk until i repartitioned it.

*no key sticker from microsoft


sjw entertainment ‘journalists’

gawker journalist

Death note is a japan thing that has been done to my knowledge as manga,film, (twice?),anime,television series so it;s been done many times does it need another well appparently it did.

The sjw (my blog) among the website ‘news’ sites seem to ignore that fact which can also be googled but was not and they still take offense at that something got changed because you know you could probably make a film of all those prior versions and still be bored that nothing is different.

Death note is something the tv and film industry likes as it has prior form with and it is boring to me not because of the concept but i have seen a couple of those interpretations at some point.

As to sjw’s there opinion is useless and if they cannot search or see the irony in what they ‘want’ then clickbait is a pretty good definition of there scribbling.

I did not click on the drivel that the sjw writer wrote or watch the fourth or fifth incarnation of the item which shows a lack of risk taking with the film and television industry something also not picked up on by those strange people.

No surprise there.

opendnssec in debian stretch

Confuses me and i have no damm clue as to how to set it up.  Supposedly it automates key resigning but quite how it works and the less good versions in previous debian mean the jump 1.2 to 2 mean your config files are  rubbish working or otherwise.

Commands have been changed

ds-ksmutil setup
<13>Aug * 13:42:30 ods-ksmutil: The ODS-KSMUTIL command is DEPRECATED and should be replaced by ods-enforcer in the caller with pid 19568: bash
Unable to connect to engine. connect() failed: No such file or directory (“/run/opendnssec/enforcer.sock”)

Having looked at blogs and the documentation in the .deb i was not the wiser.even after gzipping them and it appears that with a version 5 algorithm it is painfully awful or that was my attempt at setting it up from before (jessie) until i got bored.

opendnssec-enforcerstart-stop-daemon: warning: this system is not able to track process names

Sisyphus is still a role model

So i looked at non debian documentation opendnssec was nice to read but fragmented.

It seems opendnssec/* is used by about three people in debian who use the untested version and either it is a compile from source job

Tried and failed again with this software.  I suppose it compiles and runs and as far as debian is concerned it is a runner even if it seems to not function.

Kimiko Ishizaka, Bach,and a film

a goth or a borg

a goth or a borg i think

Kimiko Ishizaka is a performer of Bach’s Well-Tempered Clavier in the public domain rather than what those crooks in the record companies peddle. Its worth a hunt for after Bach has been dead for 250 plus years so he is out of copyright. After all that famous recording in copyright is not available that people mention* although they too probably went to woodstock as well**.

It is the only piece of classical music on piano i can tolerate.

Anyhow i was viewing a film on television with posh british actors pretending to be supernatural things fighting down at heel goths or something like that. Popcorn describes it well and i wont bore you with a imdb or title but lets say it has discarded by Hollywood..

It might be a teen ya book doing the lets redo harry potter thing that hollywood picked up on.

snobsGetting back to Bach i was amused to discover that if you play Well-Tempered Clavier to the undead with there out of tune piano you can detect them.  I bet that will upset the classical musical snobs (my blog) when they discover that Bach was a vampire hunter who associated with goths if you know what i mean .

It may have been er rubbish and i came in half way through but it was well worth that for the laugh at the classical musical industry.

*glen something **everybody went to woodstock and had the front row when they did not

dns zone testers

lets poison the gin

The zoo records stuff and one day i got bored and decided to see who was testing our dns zone transfers.

We also record other ‘odd’ dns behaviour (my blog0

A few lookups later and this is the result for the zone testers.

Attempt whois origin actual entity ip
1 DE sc Closco Ltd
5 FR   ovh.net
5 FR   ovh.net
2 IE   microsoft.com
2 IE   microsoft.com
11 NL gb syn.net.uk
6 SE   pingdom.com
7 US   ucsb.edu
2 US   ucsb.edu
2 US   ucsb.edu
12 US   ucsb.edu
16 US   frantech.ca
36 US   verisign.com
1 VN   fpt.com.vn


So i might be responsible for the versign ones as they do scan our dnssec (my blog) the rest i leave to your guess.

Good see crooked microsoft (my blog) doing something evil.

I dont mind being probed by academics but the sc thing looks a lot like shodan (my blog)

Its not a large list but interesting.