imdb: tt1559549 was on netflix (my blog) and despite a funny issue with the wrong subtitles* was well worth a see as part of the on going Afghanistan conflict.

Set between the border between afganistan and pakistan (my blog) the american troops are met with custom unfriendliness that one expects from such people (my blog).

3/5 bananas this english series did it better.

*subtitles where off – you got them regardless **i’m in insurance and he’s not my guy made the translation unique.  win a used banana skin if you can name the film to collect from the zoo comment to win.

Afghanistan internet favourites

So another .af address (my blog) had a quick chat with the email server.

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the man who became a pig

So lets say a big hello to

address: Neda Telecommunications 13, Esmat Muslim Street,Shar-e-Naw Kabul, Afghanistan

Oddly there pretending to be the zoo – Probably not pork product spam then.

The paradox of cavemen selling art

I wrote a geoip script (my blog) and if you mess about with various log formats it works with many output logs since they all differ to a certain extent and so i ran it aganust our email server.

So i got curious and wondered what Afghanistan was sending….

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No idea but Afganistan selling art sounds wrong based on this (my blog).  I am sure the domain owner would not be welcome in Kabul. -
 H # 263, Shora Street 4, Cart e 3, Kabul Kabul

This ‘Freedom’ seems wasted on Islamic believers, However i guess it might be drugs or something deemed moral after all it been already flagged as spam its certainly not bacon.

The moral to this story do not use godaddy (my blog) who our cavemen are using for a false identity.

The little coffee shop of Kabul, Deborah Rodriguez

isbn: 9780751550405 is the second part to this (my blog). It is should be avoided for being totally unlike the first book and ‘writery’/poetic or in other words i will say fifiteen words to say something like this is shit.  One might say Rodriguez went native.  I aborted in single figures

I maintain my view that the firs book will be refereed to, this either moves towards a very repressed idea of women’s society and perhaps proves that the effort was a waste of time again (my blog).


The Kabul Beauty School,Deborah Rodriguez

isbn: 9780751553769 is a curious book when a hairdresser joins a charity, and finds herself in Afghanistan.So something many take for granted is a hit with those humans seeking grooming.  If she worked with dynacorp (my blog) then she would have seen no natives but an explorer she does the local culture and makes friends and a beauty school is ‘born’.

Ms Rodgizuez tackles what is left of female culture and it will be interesting to see if it survives when the Afghans are supposedly in control. Although the government ministry for that thing is best described as failing even then,

I think this book will be book that will remain on the shelf as an written record way into the future despite some issues with its breezy style and that will annoy and irritate afgans in exile or otherwise.

3/5 bananas.


Return of a king,William Dalrymple

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

vote rigger Karzai (remember Bssh?)

isbn: 9791408818305 is a book about Afghanistan, set during the first invasion in 1839 which was remembered to the Russians in 1979 but curiously forgotten about on the second nato attempt (my blog) in 2001. After all third time lucky seems to be a good mantra for British civil servants when the americans are in charge.

While we all like to think that progress is being made* the same sort of reasons used recently can be applied to 1839.  People who i have heard of make appearances The hIndjua brothers money comes from war finance and not ‘steel’ as Keith Vaz** and there party political donations for the labour party would have you believe.

In fact replace simply the names and history repeats itself.  Within Afghan society there is feuds, family murder just like today and a place where rural links still mean more than ruler of large geographical area.

To make the past even more like the present a blue dossier  existed much to the premise of the dodgy dossier had in more recent times.  Anyhow history tells us that even in 1830 Afghanistan was expensive and bloody and seeds for the indian mutiny where sown.

The book can be a bit heavy going, but the various accounts of how Burnes*** met his end is telling as by then chaos reigned.

This book squarely lays the blame of events at the ruling classes and russian royal family, so essentially a family row which remained after botching up a meeting meant the Crimea in nine years time would be the next battle but not the last family row requiring armies.

5/5 bananas

* crazy right wing christians need not think this ** in case of bad publicity keeps having heart attacks.  *** a scotsman who upset his hosts,  it has good career advice for british civil servants even today

Working in a war zone means you will be shot at.

2001 he won

The charity profession have a new martyr, a female charity worker called Linda Norgrove who in the ‘no its a bush that won it’ land of Afghanistan was killed when she got mixed up in the ‘mission accomplished’ peace zone that has since caused a large number of british military deaths which for a land of happy people, strangely somebody is fighting them.

2009 remember this

Perhaps what is not said is that the worker was probably paid to be there, and unless Linda was mentally insane should have expected to be shot at.  It was her fault.  The msm are having a field day blaming various parties in speculation while not explaining the facts of the case.

‘Little people’ like Norwood should realize that President Bush got a pipeline from Karzai his installed Afgan president  and ex oil colleague, and a continuing supply of illegal drugs to the west (do please read Craig Murray).  Little people will be killed for those efforts.

The term charity* is also a misnomer these days too.  Does it mean ‘government funded/influenced ‘, or a genuine case of people wishing better for others.   In places where backwardness reins ‘help’ can be misconstrued for being wrong for many reasons.

So if you work in a war zone don’t complain when you get shot at.

The last man in europe

This was the working title of 1984 that the author a person by the name of George Orwell thought of before it was renamed. With the British media becoming a censorship machine, or perhaps a historical rewriting service I present you this

‘Protection’ what a noble word. But is there something so ‘bad’ about having a job in the army and serving in either Afghanistan or Iraq ?

By keeping ‘mum’ one might accuse all english media as all being employees of the ministry of truth where history is made up to suit the rulers

If the media is to become a history rewriting machine for the royals, how long until you are asked to airbrush this event ?

6079 smith w (1984) im sure would understand but not I.

101.jpegThe bbc decided that they didn’t want to hear this comment, so i present it hear, Let us all praise the actions of Comrade Ogilvy before the thought police and the ministry of love show us the features of room 101.

I deny this media fact, being as it is fiction needing airbrushing from history. It never happened. For those of you seeking a visual record

And pay attention from 7 minutes.