Eccentric orbits,John Bloom

Yeah its the tempest

Yeah its the tempest

isbn: 9781611855357 feels like an airport mass produced book, if you dont know the type think maybe a fifty shades of shit type author and a team of monkeys with typewriters if franchised.

You know the type patterson comes to mind – lets write a book for people with special forces**/spies/.et al and they will buy it because there at the airport and are non book readers.

This was an economist book pick of 2016  which kind of surprises me as i was never quite sure when the sex was to start or when they found jesus living offspring which happens to airport best sellers.

tomcruiseisabookburnernaziThis book is supposedly about iridium and motorola supposedly but with chapters with the words nerds, nazis and nukes i was starting to wonder when James Bond* turns up and has sex.

This book is written for retards who have no idea what a satellite is.  Getting to page 21 was a miracle.

0/5 bananas – needs more vaginas.

*he always has sex, ** retarded?