renault batteries, breaking websites or shit but clever car electronics

Covid killed some car batteries here in the zoo and left one staff member stuck when the battery lost enough charge to fire it up although the doors still opened.

Then another vehicle had a flat battery again it allowed access which the zoo was able to charge up although being unable to discern where the battery was except for some terminal points.

It was cold and less used which brings me to the website for car recovery in the future and  the users of the car then broke the web site with a visa debit card,

Apparently even now visa means credit not debit cards to some along with the oher issue of validating uk bank cards in france as they use a different validation method.

Oh well it gets worse as the phone app for recovery does not support andriod 5 [which supports ipv6] and is the punchline for this comedy of errors.

While covid-19 caused this non use it is interesting to note how things collapse when its out to lunch.

always a winner

Bananas was mugged by andriod user in the zoo after a popup with a yes prompt only told them they had won 1000 rwandian francs* to spend in some app store.

I discovered it was a survey that probably and takes three years to complete, and killed the window.

smile !

Somehow i think they where not winners but retardswho gave up privacy for tracing.

*much more in zimbabwe.

a funny story about the missing qrcode app.

This will sound like a joke.  It is not.

four people walk into a restaurant when covid-19 still happening.  The menu is qr encoded and needs a reader to see.

  • one [professor] has no phone on hand
  • one has a phone and can barely read the menu on the screen.
  • one has a phone and no qr code app – because google still add apps to a version 5 phone and never delete the failed app services [my blog[ that even google gave up on.
  • one other cannot access the menu for a reason unspecified but had a phone so 3 option might well be plausible here.

Oh well i think you can guess what happened.   Lunch was nice i was told.

So much for a paperless office,

the non working app from the car recovery firm

Professor told us apes a funny story here in the zoo about his andriod phone app for roadside recovery* while chinese covid-19  terrorises us all.

On renewal he was told to update the app and then after doing that the app said no policy. existed   Trying variations on the policy number relented in nope.

So he rang them and was told the app was broken.

Oh well dont update the app on the android phone would seem to be sage advice.

Its insightful while it may exist as a agreement, the same cannot be said about what the app can look at while many of us are un-busy.

*a car with three wheelsl

andriod data clearing voodoo

An android phone was thrown at me [my blog] once more and i was told to fix it as whatapp [not me using it] did not work.   It also had no battery left in it.  Bloody humans

Eventually i discover it had run out of space not that it told you that.  So i had to clean /andriod/dara/com.whatsapp/cache [java namespacing]

It would be nice if it was more verbose, or i did not have deal with that shit to start with..

Andriod is not particularly easy to maintain but i suppose your supposed to upgrade rather than continue with version 5.   Android really is not a operating system.

whatsapp user fuckery and attempting to use google services again

The monkey house got a call about whatsapp not loading from a elderly lady – apparently it sounds like there trying to dump data on on google again (my blog) but with no option to cancel.

So the phone is broken.

Whatsapp wont be used until she comes into the zoo.    I dont think that was facebooks aim but if there going to be cheap and flumox users like her good luck to them.

Facebook shareholders might be wary that app changes kill there platform for several weeks in a year., if its happening to me then others will be in the same difficulty.

Please note i do not use whatsapp, and the phone is currently international and not near the monkey house.

andriod 8 go and burner phones snobbery

Lets conclude the stolen phone saga (my blog) with a review of a android phone not reviewed often by the android reviewer snobs (my blog)

A 2018  andriod go phone seems sprightly, nicely paired down and less crap (my blog) than the example from 2016 – having to use bluetooth to transfer files in version 8 was a chore (what is wrong with usb) but apart from the megalomanic google i want rights for all apps it will do for professor (my blog) who i doubt will be doing that much internet on it.

The phone it self looks fat considering it against the flagship brands but works and still does the same shit as those and if your worrying about that then your an idiot (my blog) – if your a  it must be a thin phone user be happy bending it.  Should it be stolen then at £50* it is not a huge amount to lose opposed to some crap made by apple, and  if it lasts twenty years then its a bargain at £ 50 all in.

Some people also seem to be snobby about less bloatware android go in the android ‘community’ since professor does not want a two or three year old phone that may have issues but has a western brand name is a pointless since the thing is to make calls on, rather than a statement of i  am a retard (my blog) while still being made in china.

I am sure that some crap  android apps that came with the phone these snobs have never used can be fully justified by these ‘experts’ after all it must be wonderful after all Samsung or {insert manufacturer name here} got paid to load it and prevented it from being uninstalled .


The cheapest newish phone i found was £30 and not android was for old people so if the android community feels its only good on $1000 phones it that might be there view but most people dont give a shit if your a retard who says my phone cost 1000 bananas to everybody your probably not worth knowing and probably deserve your phone getting stolen by an ethnic group on mopeds if you live in London.

The android community really seems to have lost the plot and feel entitled to a mind set.

I saw a review of a go version by a hardware channel in it they stated that it could not do map directions wrong, it could with an extra software component [free], does professor need android wear support on the phone  -nope and if you dont own a android watch why does your phone need it? can you turn it off probably not

If a professional reviewer cannot make correct statements then they do not matter. While ‘go’ might be simple and a bit not proper if your a mobile phone snob it is a phone that works for normal people.

One issue that was funny is that the phone came with a case that blocked the phones signal being thick it was rather amusing to discover that signals where being blocked by it.   The case will protect the phone if it is dropped so the idea was good from the manufacturer.

Hardware wise it needed better instructions as to where the sim loading was done , but there is a problem in the mobile phone sector that they assume you know how to immediately.

Overall i like the phone, and so does professor and that is all that matters.

*bought not rented.

Professors new phone (an odyssey)

Sisyphus is still a role model

After this (my blog) which entailed finding a new provider and new phone i thought i would in for a easy ride, i was wrong.

Eventually i found a cheap phone (my blog) , and while doing the phone waiting  game found a sim provider at a very reasonable rate not that i had planned to change sim supplier but that is what on hold music does to me..

The new sim setup was easy, and came first, the phone arrived later from online the only problem being the sim would not pick in the new phone or another one with a nano sim space we did not a nano sim that we knew worked to test..

Herodotus man with beach towel

So after getting the online account access i ask and i being redirected to a retail shop who tell me to activate the sim.  A mystery step and news to me and one day later i manage to do it, but still no action when this is done.

Eventually i request a different sim card, register it once again and its week two of  trying to making the phone make phone calls.

The new phone seems not to be faulty and does wifi and reads micro sd cards (my blog) so does not appear to have issues.

I am getting pissed off by this stage.  I mean its not supposed to be hard like its become.

So while i wait yet another hour to activate the sim card and the second sim does work and once installed works. but talk about make work.

The phone is a burner by most peoples definition as a unknown brand and my thoughts on android 8 go will be a subject of another post.

I still cannot comprehend why people rent phones instead of buying them.

As an ape who does not do a lot of phone stuff it reeks of a few who do it every day competent people (and monkeys) have to still guess the steps .

The good news is it works and is professor proof since i do not want to do telephone stuff anytime soon.

useless andriod tips *#9900# for example.

The tip above does not work and is probably one of many tips that only work on specific handsets.   This makes android unlocking (my blog) and features hard to guess.

It makes android an useless ecosystem full of folklore like tales i  believe *#666# makes satan appear.

It would be nice f these things where documented properly opposed to press next page on a crappy website or youtube video by a user who clearly has no competence with android as a whole..

Andriod seems is plagued by retard ‘experts’ especially in India. many web pages seem to be adverts for phones so make its content void.

I could rant at length but feel no desire to continue if you do think of yourself as an andriod guru pack it in.