Never heard of it.

Bananas collects the monkey houses copy of the daily rowandian and was also given a free book of a film i had never heard of.  Not quite sure i will ever read it and it is not a superhero film

I have probably missed the one and pnly  9am showing of the film already being it has no superheroes in.

Oh well i have the book.

post-it notes

The zoo bought something and it came with complimentary post it notes for some reason.  I did not particularly like this item. So i have the name of this firm who makes this shit product on my zoo desk.

Not the thing you probably want if you hate them.  Oh well  hope they enjoy my ‘goodwill’

Current affairs going nowhere you will have to excuse my lack of interest in them, post it notes ist the best your going to get today.

The digital relationship and the traditional product

floodOne newspaper the staff here at the zoo read is deluging them in emails, be it lifestyle surveys dressed up as ‘should we bomb syria’ and questions that should not even be asked being pro big government. Along with consumer product offers.

It’s a step this member of staff is not prepared to make and seems there un-subscribe feature got unintentionally broken for business reasons once again.

While the relationship is worth a lot. This abusing of it by spamming and passing the email to other businesses is also dangerous. I have yet to be asked to block them but that will happen at some point.