the bbc make another guilty by default

What does Cliff Richard and Jamie Acourt have in common ? apparently both where guilty in the eyes of the bbc.

I suspect the bbc  has an previous reason to not like Cliffs (my blog) new chum, and i have no idea if the allegation old or new is true    If you have a inquiring mind you might associate drugs with the first case mentioned which would make the unsolved case a a little less noble*if you think like the bbc but the bbc must be right as it was was with Cliff – alas that too was an allegation.

I see bbc diversity (my blog) also here for the bbc seem to have convicted this suspect twice something the legal process has yet to prove.

I do not live in south london but it seems like the wise bbc know better than the legal profession and the raciist police who obviously screwed up the bbc narrative  but hey the bbc is not really known these days for being unbiased.(my blog).

If the bbc wishes to have a make believe reality then it should be careful because if the facts fit then more legal costs will be incurred by them and they cease to become reporters but fiction writers.    Licence payers love paying for lawyers.

*criminals cannot use the law against each other since the crime was illegal logic


life on death row: the mass execution

Is a bbc online thing which will never see a broadcast after the bbc shut down this (my blog).  So much for bbc ‘promises’

As i have no reason to watch bbc tv but have seen previous episodes (my blog) i decided to watch it after i checked in six months of not watching bbc tv. which technically this still is not.

The series of four and a bit hours covers Arkansas use of its stock of drugs to execute eight people as they where going out of date and having been awaiting completion of sentences for decades some might say the death penalty did not really exist there as the legal system and politicians of both colours that unwilling to enforce law.

There are some interesting sub thoughts on branding and death row preachers.

Four where executed and regardless of your views it was compelling viewing that will never be seen on broadcast television because the bbc are dumb

5/5 bananas – i love the music.

bbc cock locks work

I read Jenny Eels and Kat Harbourne do a naked podcast which seems a bit pointless since its radio/audio clearly it is one way to sex up crap that nobody seems to ‘hear’ and in need of help.

I notice that both these people are white could not the bbc find a mixed race black Eskimo also be naked to promote the bbc in its validation that cock locks work (my blog).

I have never heard of this thing until it was mentioned that clearly means the bbc must be nudist friendly now, the question being are cock locks needed for nudist inclined bbc employees or not.

Somebody please please pull the fire alarm when there in the bbc building they inhabit , come on you know you want too.

Its kind of amazing what you fund the bbc to make, being intelligent seems to be not a criteria, it is like an audio page 3.   I learned something new about the bbc today.

Chastity belts to become a required item of bbc clothing

Chastity belts (my bllog) will be required for all male employees at the bbc i hear from our bbc contact just like north face jackets are with the locks kept by bbc diversity department.

That should keep those evil men in check.  I feel sorry for the chastity belt inspector that no doubt will soon be doing spot checks on bbc employees but i am sure a transgendered african and part intuit with the right heritage will soon be found to do this important licence payer work.

bbc radio drama or quick lets turn it into a soap opera

Many of you have a strange perception of the bbc which either entails a love of some period costume drama, or two hours of a certain fictional detective being the pinacle in broadcasting while ignore the rest.

Being soap operas, hospital dramas which are unseen here in the monkey house.  With the bbc expertise these formats alwo invade radio dramas and one i was listening to (not a soap or set in a hospital) sounded so soap opera -ish that after ten minutes i stopped listening

In fact i knew who was going to live and who was going to die due to the bias from the dialogue of just four people.

mr darcy required

Another thing they also try to do is comedy-fy topics being the wrong sort of fiction (without bonnets and horses) because it appears that its not a period drama and is totally unnecessary.

Its kind of amazing that soap opera conversion shit can neuter an drama with a interesting story to it in less than 10 minutes.  Please note that i wrote this a long time before this (my blog)

BBC pretending to be netflix inconsistently

So since the bcc do not really do genre or look down upon* it i thought this is a slippery slope for the radio player.

Why ? It is interesting to note that digital audio broadcasts do not require a login and password.  Should not all televisions be required to have an email address to access the bbc as well ?

I think that the bbc’s remit is getting weaker and weaker for those of us in the uk.

If you live outside it and think all bbc stuff is brilliant or like sjw doctor who then good for you.  However even the oldest sell-able series** may hit a point where the liker’s of it may wither and make it need of a holiday or your provider stops buying it for lack interest .

Have you not forgotten about top gear (my blog)  that was once bbc

Copying netflix might a form of flattery but i see this as non innovation.  I bet all those user details will be leaked at some point.

*multi million pound classic book dramas are the thing at the bbc ** not all bbc content is ‘exportable’

Lesbian couple dump old man and go travelling alone (bbc diversity and dr who)

Bananas and a few other apes visited the zoo’s security office and with the crack team of security guards and its head Charlie (my blog) we all settled down with a banana to see the end of dr who.  It was not very good but a water/robot lesbian* couple emerged from the end and lived happily ever afterwards boldly going where no pussy has been before..

Not really caring either way – i wonder if bbc diversity is aware of it’s message which seems to be that homosexual couples should leave and go somewhere else.   Well done bbc diversity one might say thats exclusion rather the inclusion.

Anyhow what do i know ? mind you since the bbc dislike genre and the diversity department at bbc seem happy to torpedo something that people pay for outside the uk perhaps this will result in a new series where these two lesbians explore stuff clearly a ratings winner for a porn film.

I am sure that passes as light entertainment for all..   I will leave you with that thought.

*who wears the dildo ?

something about two black lesbians called polly and bill on television.

I am not quite sure why the bbc diversity departmant made me think that dr who is a programme about black lesbians but if your one and work for bbc diversity please celebrate and put on that strap on and do it on dr who please.

I guess bill wears it from the name

It would be a lot more entertaining than dr who.

More tea vicar ?

If you think Polly is wearing the strap on instead leave comments justifying your thoughts, i am quite prepared to change my view of who wears it.

King Charles III (bbc version)

King Charles III was a play that you probably needed to sell both kidneys for to see live (my blog) and the desire to see it meant that it was something i had heard of but did not bother with.

However somebody who did sell both kidneys and works for bbc saw it and made it into a drama on the bbc.

Prince Charles and Diana

Most of my views on Charles* (my blog) remain unchanged from before i saw it and it says what i think eg Charles is not fit for the position to become head of state for his deeds so far..

How much truth here is something i do not know or care about but i enjoyed the output for being thoughtful and provoking.

5/5 bananas go find it.

*Charles (wikipeadia) is an unfortunate name for king’s – I have a film review (my blog) and another that one day i will post.