bbc diversity sjw ‘proms’

Classical music is not sjw trendy and this is what the bbc does.

Music is about music not about the sexual preference of the obese ‘female’ with a nose ring ?

I never want to see a prom not because of nose ring but since clearly the bbc dont care about the music.  I do hope some hot lesbian got sex after this from her – bbc classical music tinder anybody ?.

I am not a classical music snob and if your into classical music see what i see for what it is.

Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


Err um that’s nice dear (eurovision) but a bit too straight.

Oh dear i guess its better than gay airline staff (my blog **),Transvestites from Israel*.  and other one hit wonders who disappear from view afterwards perhaps they shoot them dead afterwards a bit like the hunger games (my blog) did.

After all it is just this weeks tv talent show.   It might not be an important issue but its rather non homosexual and straight for eurovision and the bbc liking so  probably will not be the  ‘winner’ being you definitely need to be on the progressive stack to win or be a corrupt ex russian satellite  state making deals to win.

Really gay and corrupt

Anyhow the monkey house wont be viewing it and if i where a betting ape i probably put a bet on the uk getting null points on being scored in the bottom 1%..

*so much for ‘european’ countries ** most of them are gay

Crazy bames at the bbc – or you have to be both crazy and ethnic to work there

50% of this picture is racist by bbc logic

The bbc (my blog) is very sjw and proud of it so much so even i have been alerted to the fact that the minority stars on the bbc are all telling us there batshit insane with loony bin mental conditions.  Yay

I suppose diversity does dictate that the even the crazy people must be employed by the bbc.

It kind of explains a lot as to why the bbc is rather shit at the moment.   Personally i am looking forward to one crazy bame going on serial killing like massacre at the bbc with either a knife or a transit van.   Perhaps  Shemina (my blog) will get a job with the bbc.

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Contrast this with the ‘controversy’  i read about a show on chav television (my blog) that is deemed cruel to its participants.  It seems like the bame bbc employees are getting a lot better treatment funny that.

So much for equity and diversity.

Medication time.

*bame – black asian anything non white.

a womans place is in the kitchen- bbc ‘diversity and stuff’ gone wrong ?

While i am a genius making banana smoothies (my blog)  I am no potty mouth chef who apparently runs  award winning restaurants but is more likely to be seen on tv selling pre made gravy or cruise ships or jollying it up discovering world food of which the bbc might also be accused of cultural imperialism*.

So i am not sure if this bbc thing is a good thing for women and sjw’s  or not.   If equality means all can do it does this men should be banned from kitchens ?  or jim crow segregation.

I love this triumph of doublespeak so does this mean kitchens are ‘safe spaces’  and men should be denied access to this place?  I do wonder what your first and second wave feminist would think of such a regressive move.

Since the winner is white as well it seems the bbc is still racist and some bonus kinds of ‘phobic’ how dare no tranny has won it.

At least the sjws & npc’s are dismantling the concept  of equality like these people (my blog).

*how dare your pizza not be made by an Italian logic.

the failed sport advertisement on the bbc

Fernando Zylberberg (.ar) shaves his legs and wears a skirt

Bananas (me) just turned on the security office television (my blog) here in the zoo and the default channel being ‘1’ had celebrities dancing for about twelve minutes**.

I have no idea who these people on the television are  but while waiting for the security team to decide on something to watch they said one of them is a famous cricketer who quit, unfortunately the broadcaster could not prove this as the show did not want to pay for rights of the sports for the television coverage that three people and two thirds of dog* saw at 2am live because it was live at the bottom of the world.

It is an interesting view that one broadcaster wont bother to show something if they did not pony up to pay the sports broadcast fee of a clip and if only one  channel can show x doing it there is no benefit to any other channel showing it.

The security office once equipped with tea and us apes with banana found this to be of no interest and selected something else to watch.

seems appropriate

Sport worries about its audience and young players the so called next generation and if your football (soccer to the yanks) you have no problems with who gets the tv rights, but if your rugby, or cricket they are known of but more vague in the minds of the public.

Test time  – name me three badminton professionals (no searching)  times up – Point made

I dont think dancing celebrities on tv has managed to get a football player to do it when i asked the security team they being more wise here than me.  So while the sport ‘has been’ may have been good at it it was no advertisement (free) for the sport and will  not be attracting children to the sport.

I have no issues with that as i hate sport and write this with no actual interest in the ballroom or sports who sell tv rights seem very stupid and the television companies cunning to which it could be a clever way to annoy sporty people who might be rich now but forget that if subscribers do not pay the ability of certain broadcasters to pay what they do diminishes .

I was surprised to notice that american football and its bend the knee protests meant it was on free to air television which i or the security team here have no interest in at all paid or otherwise – sports can fail.

I thanked Charlie (my blog) for the banana and left.

*66% ** normal people cannot dance according to the bbc.

npc bbc ‘news’

So today the wamin at the bbc have great news for us all.

Amputate yourself is the message, below it also a hit piece on non friendly media firms how dare they.

Not sjw enough for you do not fear – there is advice to find lesbian pole dancing club , no swallowing and the very important news that a superhero has super crutches.

Up the women !

Snobby bbc problems

I dislike the bbc (my blog) and while they have a distaste of science fiction i was amused to see that a returning non bbc series (my blog) got competition from the bbc with a french based tv sience fiction series which while not american must mean something to snobs oh which  i happened to chance on it by accident.

It was not on the mainstream bbc channel as it was not ‘diverse’ enough and since it was not local then it is also a fuck you to local media talent. My solution record it first and then record my returning series.   – Could have caught up with it but why do that.

If that is not an up yours to s/f genre at the bbc then what is.

Not sure i will mention it again but with three hundred and sixty four days without it on I am sure that was just a scheduling fuckup  – the fact it ran to a hour as well the same time as the non bbc show must also have been coincidence that two episodes where broadcast together.

Anyhow this is not a compliant but an observation.  How dare that other non bbc channel do something intellectual

its just ‘drones’ – fake mainstream media news agenda from the government

Imagine your a mainstream media journalist  being fed news from a government with an agenda say “drones are bad” rather than investigate and report things

Then this freedom of information request comes along (right).

So the organised hate against drones (the flying things) as reported by your spoon fed journalists seems misplaced.

Yes apparently there is a problem with stuff that should not be in prisons being in them but when one lot of government and outsourced organisations employed in this area actively make money out of not doing there supposed job it must be that one drone pilot’s fault who was hired by the named people below.

Idiots with drones do exist but with one case of a prison drone smuggler i am aware of (as featured in a one hour bbc documentary just for exposure) with the logs from the one confiscated drone  confirming the deed** it seems odd that the hundreds of professional staff are not the problem and could never be according to thinking journalists.

It would be nice if the bbc could reflect that those drone flyers are not all idiots and need to be registered aka papers please but with Lisa Hodgetts, and Craig Hickinbottom (bbc not here) misusing stuff does not mean all are bad.

The monkey house does not have a drone* but this organised hate of anything new by the msm and friends such as the internet is bad/carrots will kill you this week (my blog) /etc means these people see the world through an odd perspective after no prison officer would ever smuggle in drugs would they.

I am sure there are true professionals in the ‘reform industry’ but to ignore a large number of people who interact with people in prison daily and blame that new fangled stuff seems strange but independent thought is a lost art it seems in the media.

Perhaps journalists are the next bad thing that need highlighting.

*if so we might steal bananas from zoo guests ** made in china home of big brother (my blog)