hurrah for royal weddings and scandals at the bbc even thought it is not woke.

Harry Spike

Just after megexit [my blog] i read in the the daily rwandian that the bbc is threatening that royal weddings of the future [mostly remarriages at this point] might be pay per view in the future if our sjw types at the bbc dont get there thought control money.

Oh dear* but with another minor royal called peter divorcing also in the news yesterday perhaps the bbc should make it into a game show royal love island [my blog] where a revolving door of unwed 40+ single mothers complete with spawns of hell compete to attract a royal and we watch it all scandals [my blog] included.

Hopefully perhaps the bbc could get Jonathan [my blog] over from canada just to be diverse too after all intersectional is a thing there and just think of the news it would make.

I think it sounds good for commercial tv too.   I am surprised that only the bbc can report on royal weddings and no other media exists anywhere in the world – by golly without the bbc how the hell would i know** about megexit or hot and spicy pizzas.

Prince Charles and his new catholic wife

These bbc people [my blog] must be really scared about losing there money.  Anyhow what do i know

A happy valentines to you all.

*i do not mean it sarcasm – and quite how will your average bbc employee then get an royal honour for sucking something

** apparently only the bbc can report royal things.

the bbc license fee is toxic [or why i dont mention there ‘products’ here]

The bbc has become a toxic organisation and is biased and is now best described as employment scheme for Islington which is a rather posh bit of london for left wingers.   I really do not watch the bbc and so find it hard it do anything except lampoon it [my blog].

Here is an thought – you probably think streaming services buy anything. However assume that they have more eyeballs than the bbc and minimize the bbc audience.

So perhaps the streamers [not the bbc] have more power only the msm who the bbc are just refuse to acknowledge that fact.

To finish lets say you hate nuts to eat, so you do not purchase nuts.  Then the man from the bbc says you have to buy nuts – you would hate the bbc as well.



bbc diversity and free cinema

The bbc in its infinite wisdom has a diversity department and should you be the wrong type of person but still have a talent  then you wont be working for the bbc.

Mind you its not my idea of a career one minute your told to not report about pervert spies and the next your interviewing royalty (both my blog).  May you infer** what you like.

So the bbc made a film about black gangs sold* it to cinema’s and then gangs then turned up with machetes (bbc) .

This was not guerilla marketing and as none of these people had money the cinemas then stopped showing this film since its a money pit.

So as a moneymaker the bbc failed in its aim to sell things.  Paints local machete users (my blog( in a bad light*** and did not do a lot for cinema attendance.

The bbc will be seen as woke and a success even if no money was made even if the aim to make gangs look like victims was subverted.

Well that went well for the bbc,

** ah 00andrew i’ve been expecting you. *eg not on ‘free’ television. ***its cultural or something.

tbe bbc as a ‘netflix’ competitor lol

I do not watch the bbc but recently i have been called out to ‘fix’ the iplayer’ in the evening which never seems to load here in the zoo – netflix is fine btw so its not us or the zoo’s isp.

Without saying a lot it seems that the bbc output is subpar and with a lot of stuff ruined say that doctor, cake thing (my blog) and that car (my blog) program under new management that the bbc cannot compete* with others either on sjw values (my blog) or diversity reasons.

If it wont load in the summer then i call bullshit on any bbc management thinking the internet will save it.   It perhaps is galling to the bbc (see image) that there solution is failing.

I have recently read there copying netflix with transgendered people on the bbc so much for being original bbc content as the format has been bought in and I think it was on netflix.

*1000 people lost there jobs at bbc enterprises after it moved

bbc diversity sjw ‘proms’

Classical music is not sjw trendy and this is what the bbc does.

Music is about music not about the sexual preference of the obese ‘female’ with a nose ring ?

I never want to see a prom not because of nose ring but since clearly the bbc dont care about the music.  I do hope some hot lesbian got sex after this from her – bbc classical music tinder anybody ?.

I am not a classical music snob and if your into classical music see what i see for what it is.

Have you seen this woman in Plymouth ?

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

Vanessa George, Plymouth a professional child rapist

In this (my blog) i read that Plymouth’s most celebrated child rapist (and a female) is now considered a free woman,

In 2009 and funded by the bbc she raped very ypung children.   Vannessa George is the name via little teds which is something the bbc thought to promote and fund and provide opportunity to abuse.

If you think it unfair to point out her misdeeds when i could mention Olve Cooke, Oxfam and god knows how many other selfless charity workers then let me know who i missed in  the comments


Err um that’s nice dear (eurovision) but a bit too straight.

Oh dear i guess its better than gay airline staff (my blog **),Transvestites from Israel*.  and other one hit wonders who disappear from view afterwards perhaps they shoot them dead afterwards a bit like the hunger games (my blog) did.

After all it is just this weeks tv talent show.   It might not be an important issue but its rather non homosexual and straight for eurovision and the bbc liking so  probably will not be the  ‘winner’ being you definitely need to be on the progressive stack to win or be a corrupt ex russian satellite  state making deals to win.

Really gay and corrupt

Anyhow the monkey house wont be viewing it and if i where a betting ape i probably put a bet on the uk getting null points on being scored in the bottom 1%..

*so much for ‘european’ countries ** most of them are gay

Crazy bames at the bbc – or you have to be both crazy and ethnic to work there

50% of this picture is racist by bbc logic

The bbc (my blog) is very sjw and proud of it so much so even i have been alerted to the fact that the minority stars on the bbc are all telling us there batshit insane with loony bin mental conditions.  Yay

I suppose diversity does dictate that the even the crazy people must be employed by the bbc.

It kind of explains a lot as to why the bbc is rather shit at the moment.   Personally i am looking forward to one crazy bame going on serial killing like massacre at the bbc with either a knife or a transit van.   Perhaps  Shemina (my blog) will get a job with the bbc.

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Contrast this with the ‘controversy’  i read about a show on chav television (my blog) that is deemed cruel to its participants.  It seems like the bame bbc employees are getting a lot better treatment funny that.

So much for equity and diversity.

Medication time.

*bame – black asian anything non white.

a womans place is in the kitchen- bbc ‘diversity and stuff’ gone wrong ?

While i am a genius making banana smoothies (my blog)  I am no potty mouth chef who apparently runs  award winning restaurants but is more likely to be seen on tv selling pre made gravy or cruise ships or jollying it up discovering world food of which the bbc might also be accused of cultural imperialism*.

So i am not sure if this bbc thing is a good thing for women and sjw’s  or not.   If equality means all can do it does this men should be banned from kitchens ?  or jim crow segregation.

I love this triumph of doublespeak so does this mean kitchens are ‘safe spaces’  and men should be denied access to this place?  I do wonder what your first and second wave feminist would think of such a regressive move.

Since the winner is white as well it seems the bbc is still racist and some bonus kinds of ‘phobic’ how dare no tranny has won it.

At least the sjws & npc’s are dismantling the concept  of equality like these people (my blog).

*how dare your pizza not be made by an Italian logic.