something about two black lesbians called polly and bill on television.

I am not quite sure why the bbc diversity departmant made me think that dr who is a programme about black lesbians but if your one and work for bbc diversity please celebrate and put on that strap on and do it on dr who please.

I guess bill wears it from the name

It would be a lot more entertaining than dr who.

More tea vicar ?

If you think Polly is wearing the strap on instead leave comments justifying your thoughts, i am quite prepared to change my view of who wears it.

King Charles III (bbc version)

King Charles III was a play that you probably needed to sell both kidneys for to see live (my blog) and the desire to see it meant that it was something i had heard of but did not bother with.

However somebody who did sell both kidneys and works for bbc saw it and made it into a drama on the bbc.

Prince Charles and Diana

Most of my views on Charles* (my blog) remain unchanged from before i saw it and it says what i think eg Charles is not fit for the position to become head of state for his deeds so far..

How much truth here is something i do not know or care about but i enjoyed the output for being thoughtful and provoking.

5/5 bananas go find it.

*Charles (wikipeadia) is an unfortunate name for king’s – I have a film review (my blog) and another that one day i will post.


Our friends in the north

the northern beach

the northern beach

I was reading the other newspaper (which i don’t particularity respect) and things i had missed when a bbc (who the newspaper does not like either) radio drama called borderland was suggested as worth a hear. .

So one day i set my ears to receive left wing centrist bbc bias

Set in post brexit Britannia the immigrants – be they legal or illegal are leaving and while the playwright keeps it fresh with a dose of sports direct working conditions and the calais chaos (you tube) its grasp of devolution politics and peoples north of Watford , and wet ones in the west leaves much to be desired.

It is conveniently forgotten that labour brought in devolution of wales and scotland and neither are now strong labour voting areas.  As to northern Ireland well that’s been reunited with the south in this drama.

If you had not guessed it the scots and the welsh are also racists in this drama but since they did not vote red that must be true after all playwrights never lie,

Eventually our victim (female) gets to Ireland and lives happily ever after and this is where i get confused

spot the police

spot the police not the farmers

For four hundred the years protestants and catholics have had a deep mistrust of each other and as the bbc has reported in northern ireland that if you mix say muslim into that mix (bbc news) then i see a new threat to both not that i believe in the sky fairies

While it might be ‘drama’ why is it not wrong to paint locals as evil for pointing out the problems with an ever increasing population and less money spent on say libraries and health.

If the bbc wishes to paint all of ts white viewers as racist then good for it but by doing so they miss there point.  Not all of us live in Islington, and why does not immigration not mater to non women friendy ireland ?  (my blog)

If walking with a orange band is cause for the riot police to be out most nights  and segration of catholics from protestants is still common somehow to call the irish non problematic seems odd.

Anyhow what do i know. perhaps i should find a zoo in Islington

strictly ballroom?



One of the things the older lady apes here in the zoo ‘enjoy’ on television is strictly come dancing a bbc thing that rupert murdoch has yet to discover along the lines of this (my blog).

So if i am wondering about in the zoo in the evening its scheduled i might see them watching it with the crack team of zoo security staff. Although most of the celebrity they have no idea as to who they are along with myself.

Ballroom has a chequered past on television from weird amateurs and funny  (perhaps sarcastic) commentary to this polished version but with its  dragging people on the floor,lifts (not in buildings type) and gymnastics are supposed to be dance then i did wonder if strictly is ballroom dance or not.  Not that i honesty give a stuff

smile !

smile !

From the very brief extracts i see, and the thirty second performances which i am told about by the seniors and do not see it does look a parody of ‘ballroom’

Some apes like it, but i suppose most people watch it for the celebrity (my blog) over the thing.

Since i rarely delve into popular culture these days i hope you will score me highly for my wit and observation and not ring the rekcus  phone line.   Next week i will blog about something else less chav in case you where expecting that kind of thing here today.

spot the sjw news items at

spotThe bbc has its issues and that’s coming from a green voter, reader of guardian* book reviews and not one who likes much bbc television – for instance not making dr who for two years.

Anyhow even i have noticed that the sjw’s have invaded the news site where on any day there will be a story about charity workers children, females battling the odds and a autistic / disabled story.

There will be some ‘news’ but its intermingled with this agenda which is a shame as the site used to be informative before the sjw’s invaded it.

On the day in question i write this on ‘men’ are sort of taken the piss of for writing a spreadsheet, an american is being accused of being a ‘Falstaff‘, and a political party brawling in public.

I am not saying the Falstaff is not, and the brawl did happen but it is the framing of the story.   I suppose i should hate one group and feel ‘bad’ for the woman who’s child is in a not nice ‘refuge’ camp too for some reason.    But that’s bananas in the falklands for you.

As to the man with the ‘technical’ spreadsheet how dare he.

Suggestions for a non Rupert Murdoch sourced news  are needed.  Please comment with suggestions.  Apologies for being tricky

*also found there

Chasing the censored zeitgeist at the bbc


mary whitehouse

Bananas notes that another talented musician has recently died and if your a media studies person* then it is the only story so there is no other news.  However the bbc forget that they censored (my blog) this artist in its illustrious past and also employed Salvile (my blog) who has a poor reputation with anything from 1960 culture onwards or even commercial radio which is something the bbc resisted..


rapist with murderer

It’s interesting that even the bbc considered this music bad for ‘editorial’ reasons of lyrics in the 1980’s but raping kids on the bbc payroll was perfectly okay.

Whether you liked or disliked the music bbc radio did not like they certainly was on the wrong end of knowing innovative music or talent.

No doubt some selective airbrushing at the bbc will try and forget that they banned the music all in the name of morals after it they are now a music genius and they would not do that would they..

If you will not mention it i will not either.

*no i am not

Goodbye to bbc three

being human

being human

The Mighty Boosh, Being Human (my blog), Torchwood (my blog) might not be things you think good but Being Human was remade for america and i knew that naked bloke doing farm work in cornwall before you did being that you only watch costume dramas.

Torchwood had its us and downs but it was not a soap opera.

The mighty boosh was brilliant perhaps a bit hard for stupid people to understand.  There are others (my blog) i can mention.

Private Chris Gray

Private Chris Gray

In factual our war (my blog) and this (my blog) where noteworthy and honest which is not something you can say of bbc news in Afghanistan at the time..

Not everything on bbc three was good but at least it took risks rather than the usual safe output of soap operas and classical drama that the bbc gets away with and you lot think best despite it adding up to six hours of tv for that thing not defined as average and worthy of an license fee despite there being 8760 hours in a year.

Maybe online will be better for bbc three or whatever it becomes since mainstream bbc is rather chav.

I think while you think its rubbish you will be wrong and that will affect mainstream bbc programming being that new talent will be ignored for that soap actor between seasons of some crap soap opera.

Anyhow that’s not really my problem – but yours.

bbc mainstream propaganda come ‘documentary’

Bbc three (my blog) is closing and as a very minor interest in stuff that is on mainstream bbc a couple of things caught my brains attention with the final conclusion that bbc three did it better.

ourgirlFirst up for comparison is a drama on mainstream bbc called our girl, it was a bit of advert* for the army, and apparently had some person that i had never heard of from a soap opera in it**.  I guess that the acting talent pool must be the size of a test tube. Anyhow that sort of meant a belated visit here (my blog) , and yes bbc three did it better my blog).

Anyhow ….

lifeondeathrowStaying with the institutional on a slight lesser mainstream channel was a program about american prisons, and the bbc three did it better as well (my blog).

I think the bbc is mad to close bbc three, but when like for like is compared the inside bbc jealousy is clear to be seen and the message subverted.  Lets face facts when non-fiction is better than fiction it takes a certain type of retard to think fiction is better.

I would love to compare other things but cannot as i do not watch mainstream bbc.

* an impression ** i read that

Snobby actors and the bbc

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

Bananas was in the zoo security office (my blog) and Charlie had one of those ancient 1970 dr who episodes on that have wobbly walls and never see the light of day on bbc channels remastered or not.

In this episode there was a public schoolgirl who talked posh, a middle aged man helper as well for the doctor.

It all looked a bit crap to ‘new’ eyes.  However that is not the point that 1970’s dr who is err pretty rubbish.

ritaOne thing that ‘concerns’ arty humans is that you have to be posh be an actor  Tenant (think dr who) is a millionaire brewer.  The Redgraves (my blog) are automatically inherited actor roles.

So where does that leave ‘working’ class types ? Buggered if the bbc in the 1970’s is anything to go on.

myfairladySomehow i think that social mobility is a blip in acting.

Anyhow when they make this blog into a film* i want my part to given to a posh actor who went to private school.  I can give some tips for a fee after all they have the cash..

* joking

The bbc license fee and the two party system

twopartyThe bbc is funded by a license fee which means that if we ever watch it (my blog*) then there are no adverts here in the zoo.  Things get a bit more complicated with the bbc international channels where foreigners see adverts.

The bbc is not the sole benefactor of this yearly fee with a television but somehow with the usual suspects (my blog) in charge of politics and media mean that it is a bit of an old boys club.

If democracy is your thing i suggest that television coverage is not a good place to see it.  Sure red and blue get coverage but smaller parties (my blog) don’t get a look in or when they do its a set-up staged by the media.  Journalists of the bbc have super injuctioned (my blog) news too.

It** also likes to sweep problems away for the main parties.  There should be a place for debate and views but with such tokenism at work with an election this year that debate and views are missing in action or skewered after all Kang is Kodus right.

The party i vote for does not get coverage and if it does passes or fails on five second sound bites.  Good to see that democracy is reduced to that.  Mind you if tv news is useless then by not watching it means i relegate those kang or kodus supporters to no influence and that is one way to annoy people whom need the publicity as much as air.

* not recently  **the funding system