bitcoin buzz word tech retards

Bitcion or the blockchain will make you sound cool but not all of these people grok it take this beautiful item of bitcion buzzword retardness from the mail server i have to share.

Reject by IP --------------------------------
1 server.thebitcoinspromotions . com

So whats up with that ?


  1. Its rfc ignorant
  2. server ? err just the one ? clearly a huge startup
  3. Do they even have spf / dkim or anything else – for only the blockchain matters.
  4. Its not my job to determine shit peoples problems – i am glad the mail server is working as i asked it too
  5. sounds scammy
  6. spam ?

So here we have a bitcion ‘business’ who cannot even configure a domain let alone trust them using a blockchain.

I think that speaks volumes about them and the company they keep.  Talk about it being the perfect admission of retardness.

If you invest in bitcoin or businesses based on it beware the hype and that you might not get your money back, a failure to communicate and set up internet is probably a good indicator.

A summary on bitcion

An old person set me off on this topic recently and having not the tech (my blog) or willingness to deal with fools while i think the blockchain technology is good, its full of shysters and crooks like Mark Karples and his ‘missing’ wallets.  I also accuse mt gox of slowing down bitcoin with flashboys like speculation into a hft platform that screams an admission you got to have a dedicated setup simply devoted to it rather than a normal person…

A good idea until the crooks and php software writers joined that party, my issues with gpu’s and weird compilation mean i have lost nothing as it is hardly universal running software.

While it seems ‘easy’* to make magic the gathering magic money, nobody here seems to accept it

I got an interesting spam email recently not so much saying what to buy, but what they penny stock pimper wanted you to buy before they dumped this unknown coin back.  No urls, just “advice” – advised spamcop that it was spam from mexico

I still cannot see a way to spend *coins for material items and with $60 costs to spend them (if your able to) it appears that as curreny its shit.

Suppose you buy a newspaper the daily bonobo** which costs £2 a day imported, and then you have to pay £30 to make the payment via magicmoney.

– so whatever variant of bitcoin it is a bubble.  After all if a penny stock pumper and dumper knows about it then clearly there is a problem

*buy gpu’s or else **rwandas premier newspaper

Goodbye to microsoft windows

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

scumbag spammer Robert Soloway

Was caused by an attachment virus on the only zoo pc with a windows os that i had to deal with my once week preventative fix picked up. It encrypted the files – for the user and no the zoo did not pay mind you my attempt at bitcoin was a failure (my blog) so even if could have i still probably could not assuming that is that the ransom works.

So i am glad i cannot buy bitcoin, or mine them if thats the only purpose.

I did not execute it but it means no more microsoft here in the zoo.

I had reinstall vista to get a working cd drive on the crap computer (my blog) and then went in a non microsoft os since it would not allow me to boot anything but windows – sony corporation (my blog)comes to mind for that just think that they invent ransomware another great sony product!.

We have backups of the files  so nothing was lost.

Who to blame – well it looked a new virus definition, so me partially but i do already deflect a lot of crap, Microsoft for a lot more blame being they designed it that way and the user for opening that thing and compromising it.



I stand by the decision to wipe the computer after all it was compromised and to put not microsoft on it too – so i debricked it called microsoft idiots, and deprived hp of money for new hardware who would have loved the money.

Microsoft windows is a dangerous place, economics wise (tco) it is a not good long term decision.

No more satnav updates (my blog) ever is a downside but if your stupid like they are, or reuse our wga key then clearly then it seems they dont really want you as a customer.

Wifi works- videos play, no files where lost, and the computer is very hard to compromise now being not microsoft.

smile !

smile !

So microsoft and there partners lost a lot.  A good day.despite the effort. Me happy.

Bitcoin is for latest and greatest ubuntu only.

Bitcoin is an interesting idea, which may attract the pyramid scammers (or already has) and worry governments for being out of there domain.

Currency is an interesting idea, and even currencies backed to a commodity run into problems – a good example of this was when in 1918 boats where being sank between the us and europe and the us dollar (backed by gold) could not be transported (my blog) since it might not get there and be deposited on ocean floor.

The other issue of a currency being backed to some thing was quite well done in the overlong book cities in flight  by James Blish.  In that book the commodity that made the universe work crashed in value.

Back to 1918 –  made the dollar as a currency worthless to any risk averse umbrella salesman [think banker] so that made the dollar a very iffy prospect for banks until some human promises where made.  With publicity you cannot buy for bitcoin i decided to try this and found that on Linux i could not run it as i had the wrong compiler.

I then move the binaries on to a debian server – no joy either, Compiling on either seems a bit of a mystery as there be no config file in the src directory, and well  seems to need a fair amount of stuff just to run on anything not ubuntu 10.10.

Sure i could probably install the version of the compiler it needs.  but some detailed technical instructions would be nice and i know that the existing complilers on both the debian and linux desktops i use work.

Could try harder Bitcoin – we dont all run Ubuntu 10.10.