out of stock, and fluctuating cost

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

The zoo needs a new pi (not a circle [my blog]) – joke but every time i try and buy one for the last several months i hit the out of stock roadblock for both the sdcard and the pi, and i checked various ‘professional’ local* pi web shops.

Mind you with the retards at oracle (my blog) making a 1060 pi3 ‘s into a ‘supercomputer’ with there pricing per year** perhaps no wonder it is hard buying such items.

The sdcard while not as hard to buy is out of stock at the place where I usually get them from too.

Stuff generally is going up and down in cost too so while not an urgent purchase ‘computer says no’ is ok for the time being.

*500 miles + radius  ** sacrifice your first born child and pay per core

lowborn,kerry hudson

isbn:97817847423454 is the female version of this (my blog).  Choices are made and some choices (my blog) are long term bad ideas.  You might argue that if a feminist has children she is no longer a feminist and simply along for just government benefits.

Anyhow Kerry (the author) arrives in the 1980’s and we all get to visit her single parent families journey round the uk and six poor areas.  Her mother is a drunk with depression and leaving an area solves all problems and avoids interventions from councils and government help which start from age one for the author.

Hudson is a bit of an sjw now but there’s sex and alcohol (my blog) and  the odd anti brexit sentiment despite many of these featured places being leave strongholds – how dare they its not left wing goodthink.

There is not much reflection here things are stated and then revisits the place and the modern form of poverty – if an alcoholic drinks all there money and dependants suffer then the left complains* (both labour and conservative parties had three terms in power) then nothing can be done that resolves this you then get upset feminists or nanny states.

No answers are given either so this account is mostly non political and if true then feminism and the single mother (freedom to) made this a choice rather than something to be overcome.

Hudson eventually realises this and leaves aged 17-18 and becomes the literature person on the left with the ken loach (my blog) friends in the british council.


So your take away from this is based on your politics, if your red and blue colour blind then you can argue this is a failure of feminism and neither red** or blue politicians can stop an alcoholic drinking and moving six times in seventeen years with kids in tow. Thus is an un-helpable person or one best kept in that situation until the individuals think about it,  so t.

4/5 bananas.

The publishers of this book also appear to be anti libraries urging you the reader to pay*** for this book, so i assume you also need to drink champagne at the same time.

Carry on comrades.

*personal freedom  **red party gets the vote if you read my second link above.  **** i used a library but did not drink champagne.

Fiona Onasanya the Peterborough traitor

I do not like the eu,(my blog)  or the majority view of the uk public (my blog)   but one lying mp Fiona Onasanya who is Labour  has subverted the greek comedy (my blog) known as brexit .

Parliament is supposed to represent the people and her vote means  brexit is not going to happen.  Parliament thus does not recognise the people and Onasanya is a perjured individual who unlike these (my blog) stood down as ‘honourable’ members.

Fiona Onasanya is a convicted criminal and while the labour party might claim ‘nothing to do with us’ there fingerprints are there for all to see.

Does Parliament matter no it seems that we dont need them after all they do represent the people.   Perhaps if the eu took over that would be better, after all that is what Fiona Onasanya  unexpected vote means.

street urchins

This means neither red or blue party can be trusted. – with 51% of the referendum voters not being satisfied i don’t think much of the chances of many members retaining there seats in the future.

tldr: Nobody got brexit

We are screwed indicates the blue monster

If the dutch have no idea, and  nobody here knows what the hell is going on then it really has gone blue and furry (my blog).

yanis varoufakis (my blog) i think is right.    I don’t think comrade May (my blog) and party  is going to be re-elected mind you as a non majority government even now the writing is on the wall.

May (my blog) has f***ed the blues not just in Sunderland.

An experiment with making potato chips in the zoo (or crisps)

Crisps seem easy to make, so one day i invaded the kitchen and had a go. After slicing some potatoes finding a tray and some butter they where mostly done.

Flavouring was an problem, and while you do not want too many of the butter slices (cooked) they did not last

It is more convenient to buy them.  But if brexit fucks up the UK  i know how to.

eu got to be kidding me

citizen may the children’s entertainer

The zoo had some eu domains* and they are to be withdrawn within a year or so was the plan with brexit going sideways with the childrens entertainer at the helm.   Its a lot of work for me and the zoo which i have already done/.

One is basically a secondary mx, the other is used by users.

So I and my users had to

  • buy new domains
  • move email
  • create dns zones
  • sign the zones
  • redirect  mailstores
  • add mail servers
  • web things
  • etc

So all of a sudden i have a shit load of stuff to do.  Domains are more popular then they used to be but i got some good replacements cheaply.  In a couple of hours i got a basic dns zone setup that has a slave which i can change registar nameservers to.

I have to delete a number of zone file records in the existing zones too

Fuck you if voted to leave and enjoy Mays balloon animals.

*since 2008 or whenever they got released.