The newspaper industry ‘app’ mystery

Yeah its the tempest

The monkey houses newspaper (my blog) also has an online version of which you need a login to and we don’t have them, as i block some things and if you do visit the site it complains about it.  Nobody in the zoo visits the site for the nagging delay and the weird commentators who want world war three or something less doomsday like say who’s multimillionaires daughter has a diet cookery book out and why an eel in your stomach will work wonders which could be a world war three in your stomach i guess if that is not overthinking things..

Anyhow i was not bothered but I had an interest to see if subscribers also got served ads – i guess ‘yes’ if you ask me what i suspect with the extra data the bush telegraph also knows to create a super cookie for nefarious advert use – say buy a hardback book about word war three dieting? – loose weight with Polonium*  But the newspaper who apparently gave us web access never told the alpha ape here in the monkey house how to login.  Not that anyone the monkey house was bothered by this omission.

Then all of a sudden he tells me they reduced the price of the subscription and cancelled the web access for non use. Oh news to all.

The monkey house is not bothered by this but it is something i will not now know.  Ignorance is bliss..I did once try and get a more up to date ‘free’** computer for a beta they where giving away [not me] but neither seemed wiling to do anything about it

The moral to this story if you do not tell customers of a thing they won’t use it.not that my exploration would result in happy customers here paying extra for web access..

Cookies !

*works.** note the exclamation marks

Capitalism and the will of an dead ape

Andress Crossley mafia stooge employee of shell firm acs:law

Crossley bit dodgy laeyer

Joy is an alpha female here in the monkey house and some years ago one of her group died and had a will giving Joy a percentage of a Rwandan hill*.

The other apes are poor so equity release after a number of years was considered however that value set out in the will lost 8% via this scheme.

Joy does not need the money** or has pushed the apes to equity release but somehow capitalism has subverted law.  Which is clever if perhaps unethical if you think about it. The land value has increased since this original legal document too despite the value of money weakened due to quantitative easing and other things since this (my blog).

Does capitalism need laws ?

* it sounds like a 419 (my blog) but is not, the hill is not moving ** she has bananas to eat