google mail everywhere ‘sigh’ an european commision problem – lol

I like email servers but notice that everybody appears to rely on google. Sure they have a url like brainylondonzooapes.tld and also a gmail address rather than use brainylondonzooapes.tld.  Oh well.

Newspapers** also use google for email so it is not unthinkable that if you bring down google then email would be in a very sorry state.   It is kind of ironic that the European union thinks anybody with a gmail account is a sock puppet. for google   Its a shame they have not heard of the zebras (my blog*)

Cloud email has its dangers for instance australian traffic can be forced to be decrypted something our msm comrades don’t seem to mind about after all nobody spies on the journalists do they.

I know why i use google since if used my isp’s email if i leave it is a barrier to entry thus defeating competition strategy in economics ,  I am quite sure any criticism of the eu (my blog) would mean they could soon also call my email domain here in the zoo  and isp email a sock puppet too.

Apparently email must have a country code in (my blog) and how dare you use an non eu domain to email the european union.   I knew it i must be an employee of an american internet giant****

european parliament retard

I know why europe is not an internet powerhouse the politicians hate it. Yes there are isps but google is american.  I mean how dare the eu allow nokia to be sold to the american’s and force us to use android or that cult of religion phones.

Its rather odd also that no decent email service is designed  and operated in the eu too.

All mobile phone users must be sock puppets as well on that eu logic.  Mind you us plebs not in control must be idiots by not using an eu made phone and operating system***.

How dare you criticise the eu i mean you must be a idiot (not here)

but had become mindless zombies hypnotized by an insidious Google campaign

*which was suspended **newspaper firms hate google.  *** do not exist *** it must be true, it has to be true.

as seen on tv (via the library)

As somebody who uses a library and does not have Rupert Murdoch tv due to ethics (my blog) i saw that this unknown book (left) to me was made into a series.

I do not really care but in my unscientific study of requests for it in the library region (bigger than Camdem) then appear to be only 39 people who  read the source.

This is not a expansive survey for the whole country but it seems rupert murdoch clients dont read.  This is confirmed also by this (my blog)  an author i have read before and got a made for tv adaptation.  Library interest again was low in that hard to find book.

Since as seen on tv is generally a not recommendation for me i am also not going to read it.

London Theatre and monkey rapists

chavAfter last years ‘chav’ experience (my blog) the monkey house will not be visiting London theatres tonight. However i double checked what was on and something on the 28th interested me but that’s two days later.

That left a Shakespeare thing that sounded ‘ok but the other apes would say no’  to or a revisit of mozart but that was sold out already here (my blog) probably months ago by three people and a dog.

That left a Wacko Jacko thing who was a monkey rapist (my blog) or other dead people and remakes of films. Think we can do better than that .

No thanks London theatre.

Afternoon tea for chavs

chavcakeNews reaches the monkey house that a bbc tv show about cakes  is now on the move to commercial tv. I have never seen it, apparently moving to itv (my blog).

Afternoon tea is a weird thing and should you be a foreigner is not something the average Briton eats everyday – however with it moving to itv its name alluding to something about drugs and the average iq of there audience i expect that the following will become part of the changed format:

  • lie detectors will be used on contestants
  • cake will have illegal drugs in
  • the police will raid the bake off location for drugs every week
  • there will be swearing and intimidation from all
  • door staff (bouncers) will be needed
Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

Karen Matthews a victim of Harry potters sucess

I look forward to seeing say Karen Mathews  (a real person my blog) say pass off shop bought cakes as freshly baked while an itv presenter confronts the contestant about her past as a kidnapper while taking a dna test as too who the father was of the child*.

Here is the weird thing it sounds a winning combination with a beying mob audience (my blog), its strange that ‘baking’ became a hit show but none of the commercial tv channels bought it when nobody had a clue what it could become.

Commercial television is so screwed complaining about licence fee funded bbc  when all it needed was a large tent, a field and some behind the scenes people.

That’s media studies graduates (my blog) for you. Afternoon tea wont be the same.

* rumoured to be made into a documentary for tv

bbc mainstream propaganda come ‘documentary’

Bbc three (my blog) is closing and as a very minor interest in stuff that is on mainstream bbc a couple of things caught my brains attention with the final conclusion that bbc three did it better.

ourgirlFirst up for comparison is a drama on mainstream bbc called our girl, it was a bit of advert* for the army, and apparently had some person that i had never heard of from a soap opera in it**.  I guess that the acting talent pool must be the size of a test tube. Anyhow that sort of meant a belated visit here (my blog) , and yes bbc three did it better my blog).

Anyhow ….

lifeondeathrowStaying with the institutional on a slight lesser mainstream channel was a program about american prisons, and the bbc three did it better as well (my blog).

I think the bbc is mad to close bbc three, but when like for like is compared the inside bbc jealousy is clear to be seen and the message subverted.  Lets face facts when non-fiction is better than fiction it takes a certain type of retard to think fiction is better.

I would love to compare other things but cannot as i do not watch mainstream bbc.

* an impression ** i read that