rpz zones for the few not the many

Bananas was interested in rpz zones which nothing to do with car parking or planning regulations but dns zones, they look quite simple until you try and get one.

seocrookHowever with a bit searching rpz zones could be manually created and work but then its a little out of date, most threat zones are small rather than large so having a good mail server is way more important than a rpz zone blocking a specific url sent in a scammy email say.

bank.barclays.co.uk.olb-auth-loginlink.action. asdasd45.as4d56asdas.da 4s65d46asdasdsd. ta77lia. com _b

Whois says Egypt owner and hosted in DE  and  I guess it depends on how dumb your network users are, how money grabbing and unethical an ssl certificate provider is and how long it takes them to ignore abuse emails to the hosting provider to shutdown something.

Getting bad site data is quite easy once you start but making it rpz friendly is another  Theme and user content directories are popular for bad permissions and like the link above look shady.

Some malware domains just use an ip address so whether or not an rpz zone would work is a little more questionable.  A general and unscientific match of mail server abuse to phlishing domains (a grep) seems that these are tasked to one job only so there is no overlap by domain name.

rpz’s sound great but with freshness and everybody playing catch up perhaps its best that there left as something that just cisco users have.

Microsoft/Cisco and ‘polution’

Walmart customers – did you buy drm’d music ? well do buy it again, because it wont work again.

So yes its a drm post, but why should Cisco and evil chair throwing Microsoft get a mention ? well easy for things you get for free* like film trailers Microsoft and Cisco want to charge you Microsoft users for them.

Why ? well Seinfeild and co dont come cheap and there concept of pollution contains some outrageous terms.

Here’s the problem – the internet is not tv, nor is it radio, yes those things can be be sent via it but not all of us use the internet to watch crap tv and corporate sounds. if pollution means that you have pay to watch youtube what would be your response ?

Beware for when you next upgrade windows – unless you pay for video and sound every time Microsoft (Steve Balmer,Bill Gates, and Seinfeld) consider you evil.

As to cisco I am not surprised to see them here. Cisco are evil and just a brand name i suggest that there’s more to life than cisco routers and stuff, so don’t buy cisco after all when the counterfeiters can steal designs, boxes [all made in china] and ship them to cisco resellers who don’t know there counterfeited then perhaps they should do something else first

Pollution is an ambiguous term, i could argue that any Microsoft os causes more more pollution problems than they solve. To remove problem – just remove Microsoft workstations for the internet – problem solved.

The internet is not tv, or is it a platform to promote only one awful corporate singer who forget to wear panties while getting out of car [adjust your google settings], it is a means communication that both tv and radio fail to understand and wish to make there own.  Beware of the nazis, shaved or otherwise.

* paid for via an internet connection.