The Ferrero Rocher question

forbidden fruit?

News reaches us that more diplomatic communications have been leaked (my blog) and this time the independence of the civil service is brought in to  question.  I guess if you know other diplomats then your out of touch.

So Sir Kim Darroch is our man of the moment a like Craig Murray was (see blogs i read)

If being able to change your mind is very naughty thing to do then i am not sure how government operates.  Logic if applied to Saudi Arabia  would mean anybody who ever met a bin-ladin should be dead.

Somebody does not like Daarroch and how dare thinking and evidence is a thought crime to journalists after all stalin never murdered millions of people did he, but the orange man bad.

At least we all know whats in the Ferrero Rocher (my blog) now.

Travelling to infinity,Jane Hawking

your average william gibson book

your average william gibson book

is a book isbn 9781846880346 was  first published in 2007 and made into a film, this cost less money than a cinema ticket which means i get to read rather than fund some british luvie’s film charity project that is probably government funded so i will not mention an imdb reference.

Jane Hawking comes across as somebody who mixes only in certain social circles and knowing what you know includes a level of snobbery and unknown is deemed bad.  Intermixed in this is Christian bible verse which i cannot figure out the relevance of.

asbo in an morning suit

asbo in an morning suit

Its draw droopingly snobby.  Anyhow with bow ties on and people already known shit happens as they say.

This reeks of establishment and just about everything i really dont like being a zoo inhabitant.

0/5 upper class bananas