threatening messages from out of touch political parties

The monkey house got a leaflet that said vote for us or else despite us doing a shit job as a legacy political party.  Literally that was it. Since when i post this the results of this election will be known it will not be good.

street urchins

Anyhow i laughed and put the a5 sheet of paper in the recycle/threatening message box.

Somehow my voting paper never appeared so i also accuse the politicians of voter suppression i am a voting ape but seems are not for this election .

So when the four people and 51% of a dog validate your vote [which you all voted to leave anyhow] you certainly do not speak for me.

Doing a John Major

Fiona Locke's biggest fan Theresa May

Fiona Locke’s biggest fan Theresa May

Britian’s new prime minster (my blog) strikes me as trying to do a John Major.   Whether this works or not will be interesting although many in her party seem to wish to fight her reform choices along with these lot (my blog).

If history repeats itself you might expect a run on the currency (example erm but already happened last week) and bonus austerity to balance the cost of the losses (the george soros factor of erm) , a party challenge to her rule which happened to Major too could be a thing, after all what might please some might be soft to others in the party or coalition of those 52%. .

Whether or not vague statements on brexit (my blog) will maintain her rule is a iffy point but her attempts to reform uk society might come to a sticky end if the establishment do not cooperate  (my blog) or positions offered only include the army catering core.

I’m still voting green.  But its nice to see that one side of the political debate is apparently ‘willing’ to spend money on its indigenous population for a change rather than spend it as overseas aid which is subject to corruption and ‘non delivery’.

Time will tell.