debian virtual networking – four hours and four lines later

So i did this (my blog) and discovered my example network config did not transfer. Eventually i ended up with a config command of

allow-hotplug eth0:1

And it returned to working order, Debian 8 did not appear to need that.

Yep we all be muppets

A full example

auto eth0
allow-hotplug eth0
iface eth0 inet dhcp

auto lo
iface lo inet loopback

allow-hotplug eth0:1 #<needed per instance
iface eth0:1 inet static

I added back the the dhcp licence which the debian installer also removed. Oh also watch out for /etc/default/networking.

installing Debian Stretch on a laptop

a stretch you may know

Bananas knew that debian stretch (version 9 stable) was recently released.  I offered my laptop as a sacrifice victim  and although this is not a really complex debian install i got out of the temple of experimentation with few issues or wounds

The name is something i found associative with perhaps a odd name in that respect.

The install needed /etc/apt/sources to be changed from Jessie to Stretch and then apt update, and apt full upgrade.

I ran as root in the console [NO DISPLAY MANAGER] and got a few prompts for

  • /etc/issue
  • /etc/

Then systemd packed up the install (as usual systemd would do stupid shit) when it tried to unmount and remount the disk.

I used apt -f full update to get on after being told that was the Potterang way.

More prompts for

  • cups-browsed.conf
  • sddm and kdm ‘managers’

Do read the install notes on screen – networking has been significantly reworked which if like me your going to be doing server upgrades too needs a hairy eyeball.

Three hours later (our lan is rated for 100mb only*) i see

And it mostly works – i had to restart cups to test printing, I am writing this on the stretch os, I also have a caps lock indicator something i lost when debian testing went and died on me months ago.

The install petered out when a couple of server daemons i had not yet configured where deemed a bit too fucked up by the debian install.

Something i liked over debian testing was that startx seems to work rather than have to use sddm – x log files move from /var/log too.

It is early days and while this is a simple upgrade i do not find it step backward a niggle – redshift needs a better kde implementation for plasmoid.  –  At this level not a problem.

A warning networking in debian 9 does not allow for multiple addresses per network card so it may be the case that i have to find another linux os for the zoo’s server

I have mentioned most of the above items in my blog for context if you have no idea what sddm or something else is that is not my problem.

Now i click schedule.

*something i cannot be bothered to upgrade