x display woefinder general (further tales of the intel i915)

Following on from this (my blog) it also appears i needed.

apt install mesa-vulkan-drivers

Not the i386 version – Anyhow it appears that the intel 915 driver or software is compiled against vulkan and for some fucking reason nobody tells you this and so your x display hangs at times your never guess why it did you might have this issue.

Female fortune teller with crystal ball, mouth open, portrait

This also affects steam who also do not tell you about it either.  Another tale at a latter date.

Its been a good day without an pc unplug  to reset for my workstation but it appears i need to go to tea leaves and tarrot card lessons since debian and steam are not exactly making it easy.

So debian users who is your tea leaves reader who can decode kernel messages*..  I need your help because i never knew i had to be one..

It still occasionally crashes so more later.

*I am perhaps the Matthew Hopkins from imdb:tt0063285 ?


Intel graphics i915 debian 10 fix

My debian pc has seen a few versions in its time – if your seeing (my blog)

[drm:intel_pipe_update_end [i915]] *ERROR* Atomic update f

in logs then

cat /etc/modprobe.d/i915.conf
options i915 enable_psr=0

might do something for you.   If your x display still freezes as it did for me then

apt remove xserver-xorg-video-intel

Changes the driver to x server to modeset using the firmware-misc-nonfree packaged intel 915 driver which seems to be more up to date.

I do not have to reset by unplugging the power now when the screen freezed

Debian 10 (buster) a quick look on a simple workstation

two dogs

I use debian (my blog) and with version ten out called buster i offered the monkey houses stretch* pc to upgrade it via apt dist-upgrade   Three hours later i am typing this on itin debian ten.

Being a simple pc opposed to a server not too may hiccups

Those being

  • virtualbox [oracle crap]’ has no buster repository
  • minissdp wanted attention – not that i knew what minissdp does i ignored it
  • /etc/defaults/networking was updated [prompted] i kept my file
  • /etc/ssh/ssh_config [prompted] i kept my file

kde works from a brief exploration

Some issues which i discovered and may be user [me] issues

  • ipv6 by default [no ipv4]  until i edited my /etc/network/interfaces file which looks like its been through an exorcism since i have being doing a lot of iov6 work recently.
  • bluetooth sound is controlled via the sounds app in kde on the applications tab so codecs works,
  • cups/ipp needs some help

It took half an hour to download and 2 and a bit hours to extract but this also during dinner in the monkey house so some prompts might have been ignored while the tribe ate its bananas.

Being a SIMPLE pc everything worked opposed to server changes so as a first look on a basic pc no issues.

I have client tls 1.3 support from openssl  so tle 1.3 seems to be finally here.

*the old version 9

Debians intersectional oppression problem

I do not think debian (my blog) is the place for this in my news feed below, if people want pink hair and stuff fine.

Rhonda D’Vine: Lesbian Visibility Day

I was musing whether I should post something for the Lesbian Visibility Day on April 26th. After all, being part of the European Lesbian* Conference means a lot to me. I’ve never felt so much empowered and being part of an event that takes inclusivity to a next level.

And then … there is still a lot of these internalized doubts. I fully stand behind EL*C and its inclusive agenda. I know that the L is accompanied by an asterisk for a reason. Among others, to make it clear that Bisexual peeps aren’t left out. And that trans people are also included. And here I sit, thinking nevertheless, am I allowed to see myself in that spot? Am I enough to take up space in there?

You can probably find the rest of the drivel yourself.

With terfs  about one might argue that the progressive stack is oppressing women.

I really dont care who writes software but when it starts to equal bonus diversity points i do wonder if debian is finished after all is my apache web server sexist being it runs on ones and zeros .

If so is my open source bigoted ?   My email servers could be racist.   Perhaps i run a milter that hates crumpets (my blog) .

This seems a bad move it is not universal.    Should i migrate to a more meritocracy based distro rather then one that celebrates oppressing lesbians.

Comment welcome.

Totally normal systemd behaviour – do not read

Systemd is great software for not working properly outside of debian defaults overwriting my good config systemd thing with broken systemd software and units.

postmulti -p status

postfix/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is not running
postfix-1u/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is running: PID: 6059
postfix-2m/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is running: PID: 6167
postfix-2u/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is running: PID: 6273
postfix-4m/postfix-script: the Postfix mail system is running: PID: 6355

My latest boot issue is our first zoo postfix instance wont load even with postmulti (my blog) oh the systemd script (my blog) stopped working months ago.  – lets try manually shall we as journalctl likes to keep secrets.

postfix -c /etc/postfix start
fatal: mail system startup failed

Due to ?

postfix/master[5223]: fatal: open lock file /var/lib/postfix/master.lock: unable to set exclusive lock: Resource temporarily unavailable

Something systemd is supposed to look after not me – However it might be up as it thinks port 25 on that interface is working.  It has been months since i altered postfix settings

If that is what a debian 9 thinks is good then god help us all – and i am an atheist.

I wonder what debian will fuck up for me next?

debian 9.5 in the wild and the broken virus scanner

UNCHECKED was the magic word that amavis (my blog) added to emails going through it after the upgrade.  Various suggested fixes to amavis in 50-user did nothing and so i delved into clamd the zoos scanner.

It could not share a socket in /var/run, adjusting that config file also did no good so after a afternoon of fun restarting things so i disabled the virus scanner in amavis which does not see a lot of action anyhow.

amavis[*]: (07127-01) (!)ClamAV-clamd av-scanner FAILED: run_av error: Too many retries to talk to /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl (All attempts (1) failed connecting to /var/run/clamav/clamd.ctl) at (eval 98) line 613.\n

my groups already share clamd, and amavis as members for both so that was not the fault I even removed a yara (my blog) file that the 9.5 version that clamd did not like all of a sudden.

Carol Beer little britain says computer said no

It did work in its own user/group but not anymore since it is a low priority and bad files are banned by the mta as well from email (a duplication)  i bet nobody will notice it is gone until it gets fixed.  Not my issue it seems but some artefact of AllowSupplementaryGroups not perhaps getting reflected elsewhere.

My printer server config got wiped away (dbus/systemd shenanigans ?) but i managed to get a kind of print server working for monday and that is a tale for another day as hplip might need an upgrade via a compile and that seems to be not important software in the grand scheme of now.

Overall apart from the whole server room rebooting itself early in the morning debian 9.5 seems a bit problematical if you use it as a server rather than ‘basic’ workstation.

I would have installed it at some point anyhow and i would not rather want to have done this on a monday morning.

So not sure if this is something i can fix.  More fun that way.

raspberry pi fun

Returning to the monkey house raspberry pi adventure (my blog) and having cased it it was time to do something with it.

Having bought a larger memory card of 32gb I had some dd fun writing to an microsd card but soon got something that booted.

Networking was a bit weird using /etc/dhcpd.conf opposed to interfaces or whatever shit systemd networking (my blog) is doing these days.  I hate systemd anyhow

The monkey house uses the pi as a headless server for a couple of tasks and so far it is manageable if a little slow and short on resources once the mouse keyboard and hdmi (my blog) screen are unplugged.   I was able to watch guinea pig (my blog) videos on youtube before i wiped one card and made my new one raspberian.

It also powers a switch (my blog( and a iot heating controller via usb (saving two electrical plugs in the process).  It is not idle.

Raspberian (once secured) feels a lot like debian and a point release behind debian so 9.4 means your be running 9.3 on the pi which is not a problem.

Returning back to networking i got pissed off with dhcpd.conf since that can only do one ip and as ours has two wired ethernet ports (real ones, not virtual) meant i got one or another address neither both.  The person responsible for raspberian networking ought to hung drawn and quartered for that suggestion.

I think that these things have a future and might be the way pc’s go.  Granted it needs more memory and better standard components but it was quite a nice desktop if not one suitable for famous computer games.as hdmi does video and audio. so it certainly competes with android and much cheaper.

How long it lasts,  or the long viability of microsd will be an interesting experiment. Although it looks like DO NOT USE KINGSTON BRAND SD CARDS is good advice and a tale for another day.

opendmarc systemd fun

Had some fun (my blog) with debain 9.4 until  i re-added -p inet:8893:localhost to the systemd file (as marked in bold)

/lib/systemd/system$ cat opendmarc.service
Description=OpenDMARC Milter
Documentation=man:opendmarc(8) man:opendmarc.conf(5)
After=network.target nss-lookup.target

ExecStart=/usr/sbin/opendmarc -p inet:8893:localhost
ExecReload=/bin/kill -USR1 $MAINPID


Check your  groups the group chmod had been returned to read only rather than read write

.Seems to get stuff working but then

&warning: milter inet: can’t read SMFIC_OPTNEG reply packet header: Success
warning: milter inet: read error in initial handshake

Made life fun again.and i think a restart of opendkim will resolve that.

That got opendmarc ready to write to text file for import in sql (my blog) and then reporting via smtp so back to normal – although debain did not inform me that the systemd file got replaced.

I like being a mindreader

ooh err – or testing debian kde

midgetI like kde (my blog) rather than those midgets that come in sevens from Potterang (my blog) and his band of gnome sjw warriors and when the debian testing update for kde came down it was mainly broken even ffmpeg* is is a bit of a state in regard to the back end in kde so i ran lxde in the meantime.

This is not a rant, but when the keyboard does not work, applications work full sized only like the midgets like gnome then thank you and im off to something else.

It comes with the territory.  So one evening i removed all my xwindow and gubbins and reinstalled kde, where in testing \ stretch i found you dont need kdm as it runs non root and my music player changed from once more.

kde works but is radically different to old kde.  Still very compatible once you remove the old.  I like kde and debian.

*another change in progress.

some fun with a python

Python on debian testing and 64 bit is a bit hit and miss, i386 is a lot more easy especially with the apt-get install modules – but i do like an over complex thing since i am bananas in the falklands.

Anyhow i was losing the battle with a geoip lookup output in some bash scripting which brought me to python, as a newbie to python i found an extract that read a file and with a bit of changing put the country and the ip on the same line.  Sounds simple but my attempts before where not usable in a large dataset if it was five records then its not a huge headache but there where way more than that.

Python looks impressive when bash scripting is not up to the job through command output (so not really a bash issue) even with pipes and redirection  (back to plumbing again).  It is worth considering.

The geoip lookup is quite interesting and how it varies from whois data using the maxmind databases in a fast database file.   Who is* right and wrong on the matter is a debate worth having with ‘None’.  although is None and a decision i do agree with

I primarily use the output like a milter (think dkim), before moving back to bash which can do the rest of the stuff easily –  although i am sure i could get python to do the lot if i desired it however with something that takes a list and converts it means i use it with other log files too with the specific input.

It works for the zoo.  So less is more  – I like python.

*not intended as a pun