My little suicide bomber star wars toy now with new ak47 accessory (Shamima Begum)

it appears that Shamima Begum (my blog) was issued an ak47 assault rifle and worked for Deash which the sjw journalists failed to mention preferring to think she was a willing ‘comfort/sex worker’ for terrorists i read in the daily rowandian yester’day.

If ‘she’ was a star wars figurine in sjw disney/lucasfilm no doubt she come with a big gun. eg:

Shamima Begum star wars action figure

After all the force is female and as star wars toys are at least 70% off (my blog) when i looked yesterday** it is certainly safe to state Disney made sjw action figures .  If only females, muslims and sjw’s’ bought them.  Which it seems they did not.

I wonder how good she (Begum) is with the ak47 in real life.   She sounds like the perfect kind of New Zealand citizen (my blog).

I would also like to remind you all i am at least two films ‘behind’* and have not been in a cinema for a very long time.   Anyhow that is enough for today.

*eg not something i will pay for. **no i did buy any – disney shareholders be aware

lucasfilm and disney sjws ‘small problem’.

I have discussed the problem of toys which do not sell before (my blog).  You might consider bricks and mortar retail a victim of Disney corporate expectations but for how much longer?

I saw this headline

It is past midnight as post this and i did not read the article.  but it appears that with the sjw’s in Disney that lego cannot sell toys at the suggested Disney retail price.

If you have disney shares do not expect the toy sale rights to be much on the sjw influenced lines on bought brands profit wise.    While i really dont care if a star wars character is intimate with a robot or not i doubt that the toy makers will be making a toy of the happy couples marriage suite  along with a lot of wd40 cans to keep things ‘lubricated’.

I have not seen the current star wars films* and do not consider it a failure on my part

Since i do not buy lego either and i am not an sjw it appears that whoever runs disney seems to be out of touch with children and the  sexual liberation of robots which even some sjws feel is wrong even in left gender politics.

Lets put it this way hot toys command a high retail value, or secondary market.  If lego cannot shift stock  then that toy is not worth the value of the rights that lego bought from disney.

Another story i can tell:

I was in a shop in camdem (near the zoo) recently and  a young  female child was fascinated by a shiney magazine of a recent cartoon by disney while queuing to pay.  The magazine was left on the floor and the child wondered off thus the disney license again did not resort in a sale.

*it has been over a year since i have been in a cinema

American politicians blame law for making them whores and pimps shocker.

Orrin Hatch - been fucked over by Mickey Mouse a ong way before scotus.

Its funny really since republicans have installed mass spying since 9 11, that they then blame the law for ‘reducing’ civil liberties.  Having no doubt forgotten Orrin Hatch –  the Mickey Mouse representative.

So are corporations that evil, or is being a politician a sign of screwing the rest of the population over ?

Go ask Orrin about that.

Charlie muses on High School musical.

Charlie is the head zoo security guy (for those who forget him a reminder) and when we return to zoo from the pub we apes always pop in the security office for a chat, a cup of pg tips tea, and just maybe an after pub banana before we return to the monkey house.

camp than

camp Lucas Grabeel in one of his many hats.

A couple of days ago we started get Miley Cyrus nude spam’s, which the hosts involved were firewalled (we monkeys love iptables on linux) and know she is not a imap mail server but some male human erection magnet for preteens because of an unseen disney film..

So we told Charlie about these, and then he said to us High school musical (that’s the disney film imdb: tt0475293) was on tv tonight in an few minutes time which had the no clothes wearing Miss Cyrus (not an imap server) in. Charlie and his crack team of security staff then all made sure they would be in to see it on the communal tv set.  A banana was handed to myself so i decided to stay as well to see what the fuss is about..

The film is about an american high school where apparently admitting you like cooking, playing a musical instrument, or liking maths is something like being gay, The cast of stereotypes including the very camp Lucas Grabeel all come-out in a big song and dance number, while our misfit heros overcome great odds to sing together with their clothes on.  I was most disappointed with that.

British version of high school grange hill.

British version of high school grange hill - not camp.

Theres a point to this as the american school was perfect, with not a spot of graffiti, or signs of Balitmore (this blog) anywhere to be seen and after the last camp scene (it involves biscuits) Charlie and his team said it’s not like a bog standard comprehensive school like Grange Hill (wiki) which it seems Charlie went to.

I asked why and got the response it was too clean, too nice and beyond reality as even we know human children are beastly to each other.

Alas we never saw a no clothes wearing Miley Cyrus.  It’s odd that a sugar and sweet tale of humans is so loved by people when it appears is nothing like the reality they know.

We however thanked Charlie for the post pub banana and got a better understanding of humanity in return.  More serous posts will return when i finish reading some books which means returning to to the monkey house .